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eLearning has gained momentum among students of all strata- be it schools, colleges, or workplaces. With the current influx of eLearning platforms in the market, now is the right time to be a part of the list of modern educators.

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Unacademy Clone App: Launch Your eLearning Platform

Unacademy is one of the best online learning platforms that offer video lectures for the CBSE/ICSE curriculum, competitive exams, language study, and more. Learners can enroll themselves for free in the classes of top-notch instructors. With a boom in online learning, it is forecasted that revenues will reach $18 billion by 2022.

The Unacademy clone app has ranked at the top of the market table across the globe and has proved that going to school is not the only way to impart quality education.

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Why Choose To Get Unacademy Clone App Developed?

The growing popularity of the Unacademy app is attracting numerous entrepreneurs, and it seems like many of them will develop an app like Unacademy.

Features that must be included in the Unacademy clone app will give you all the right reasons to get it developed.

uber like app solution
Intuitive Course Builder

Easy course building interface with the advanced lesson and section manager makes it easy for educators to create courses for learners to enroll.

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Public Instructor

Instructors can sign up and sell courses publicly. Learners can buy the given courses, and the selling revenue is then paid to them by the admins.

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Quiz Test

Educators can easily create a quiz with a single click and add unlimited questions with answers to them for the learners to take quizzes.

uber like app solution
Interactive Messaging

Instructors and students can interact with each other and resolve issues via interactive messaging available on the online learning platform.

uber like app software
Multiple Lesson File Types

Educators can build lessons conveniently from YouTube, Vimeo, HTML5 video, text, PDF, documents, and image files to the learners.

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Payment Report

The platform offers a detailed payment report that mentions course selling revenue and instructor commission payment in a comprehensive manner.

Solutions To Expect From Unacademy Clone Script

The Unacademy clone app will turn out to be a solution that will house numerous features to benefit your business.

uber clone app
Turnkey Solution

Right from the concept to development, everything is customizable while developing the Unacademy clone. The solution can be customized for a variety of audiences.

uber like app solution
Interactive Admin Dashboard

An eLearning platform like Unacademy comes with Merchant Mobile Wallet integration that provides a better and seamless checkout experience to the customers.

uber like app software
Scalable Product

Admins can choose to have the most current eLearning options at the top of the home page. It will reach more users and provide better eLearning options to learners.

uber like app software

The Unacademy clone app that we develop is cost-effective and saves time. Our solution helps save time and money of the clients by providing ultimate solutions.

uber like app software
Native Mobile Apps

We provide native app solutions for both Android and iOS. To improve app performance and attract users, we ensure to market it amongst Android & iOS users.

uber like app software
Whitelabel Solution

We create a white-labeled Unacademy clone script that will contain your company’s logo and name displayed on it and you will be the sole owner of the platform.

Indispensable Components Of The Unacademy Clone App

Rich features of the Unacademy clone script make it the most popular option amongst the entrepreneurs.

  • Instant Registration
    Students can register themselves on the app by providing the necessary details such as name, email, address, country, educational qualifications, and more. Besides, they can also register using other social media accounts.
  • Online Assessments & Quizzes
    Students can undertake assessments and quizzes for evaluation upon the completion of a particular course. The feature helps them assess their knowledge and understanding level.
  • Payment Options
    Integration of multiple payment gateways gives students the liberty to choose the most convenient payment option. The most popular payment methods available are debit/credit cards, UPI, and net banking.
  • Easy Onboarding
    A competent Unacademy clone provides ease of registration to the instructors where they can sign up by providing their basic information like email address and mobile number.
  • Course Management
    Instructors can create or modify courses by adding/deleting relevant study material. The content gets uploaded after the admin verifies it.
  • Video/Text Chat
    The most vital feature of the Unacademy clone script is the video/text chat that allows instructors and students to come together and communicate for tutoring. In case of a technical glitch, they can switch to the text chat feature to facilitate the smooth conduct of eLearning.
  • Students & Instructor Management
    Admins can access the students’ database and can export it for quality assurance purposes. Additionally, the admins can view instructors’ details and can block their profiles if the given details violate the app’s security regulations.
  • Analytics
    Admins can analyze the app’s performance as well as the performance of the learners. The given analytics lets them improve the quality of education.
  • Promotions Management
    Admins can improve their business by choosing and conducting suitable marketing campaigns.

How Can You Earn Through The Unacademy Clone App?

Entrepreneurs across the market are seriously considering getting an app like Unacademy developed to try their luck in the world of eLearning. The reason is the potential of the platform to generate revenues.

Freemium-based Model

Under this model, you can offer free as well as paid courses. Learners can pay for in-depth tutor lessons and study material.

Corporate-based Model

The corporate-based model offers corporate companies to purchase bulk courses for their employees and upgrade their skills.

Paid Certificates-based Model

Upon the completion of a course, the students receive certificates. Users can pay for certificates that they will get after course completion.

Affiliate-based Model

Users can download study material and ebooks and pay for each downloaded material that is available on the eLearning platform.

In-app Advertising Model

Once your app gets the desired traction, you can allow other companies to promote their brands or services by advertising on your Unacademy clone script.

Govt Restricted Order Quantity

Customers can't order beyond the limits. You can set the no. of bottles or the volume of alcohol that the driver can carry.

User Application Flow Of Unacademy Clone

The flow of our Unacademy clone app is simple and easy to understand.

Splash Screen

The app includes attractive and user-friendly splash screens.

Home Screen

Users can enter the home screen of the Unacademy clone.

Login Options

Users can log in or sign up on the application.

Select Course

Users can select the course they desire to join.

Forgot Password

Users can use this feature if they forget the credentials.

Email Verification

Users can check their registered mail to reset the password.

Home Page

The users then enter the home page of the application.


Users can take their tests for assessing knowledge.

Begin Assessments

Users can begin taking the assessments.

End Assessments

Users can conveniently end their assessments.

Next Level

Users can choose to proceed to the next level.

Side Menu

Users can choose more options from the side menu.


Users obtain rewards after completing their assessments.

Leader Board

The leader board displays the assessment scores.

Switch Accounts

Users can also switch accounts accordingly.

Social Sharing

Users can share the app on multiple social media platforms.

New Account

Users can add a new account on the app.

Teachers List

Users can view a comprehensive teachers’ list.

Parents List

App provides the option of adding parents list.

Topic Selection

Users can select the topic of their interest.

Profile Creation

Users can create their profiles by adding relevant information.

View Profile

Users can view their personal profiles and check details.


Users receive notifications and updates from time to time.

Edit Profile

Users can edit their profiles whenever they wish.

Must-have Features of Unacademy Clone Script

uber like app solution
Wallet App For Merchants

Customers can enjoy a better checkout experience with our integrated Merchant Mobile Wallet apps.

uber like app clone
Wallet App For Users

Customers can add their personal and bank account information for faster transactions and save various payment methods.

uber like app service
Bluetooth and iBeacon

Users can transfer money without using a credit card using the iBeacon which is a Bluetooth-based payment system.

uber like app software

Various mobile payments systems, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay use NFC to create access tokens.

Our Distinguishable Offerings

Suffescom comes up with discernible offerings that can help organizations make a mark in the world of eLearning.

  • Mobile Apps

    We build customized Android & iOS apps to enhance the app’s reach.

  • Web Apps

    We develop feature-rich web apps that are easy to use.

  • Payment Options

    Multiple payment gateways allow users to make payment easily.

Our Unacademy Clone App Development Process

We develop the Unacademy clone app by enriching it with features and follow a step-by-step process to bring the desired results for the clients.

  • 1
    Project Discussion

    We get on a call with the customers to know if we can assist them with the development of the Unacademy clone app.

  • 2
    Business Insight

    At this stage, we decide the team members and put forward suggestions for app design & development.

  • 3
    App Wireframing

    The wireframe is the pillar for any application/website and helps you to understand the flow of the system.

  • 4
    UI/UX Design

    We get in touch with the clients to understand their choice of color scheme and design. We then prepare app's up-front design.

  • 5
    App Development

    At this stage of the process, our developers get into action who prepare an app development plan along with the milestones.

  • 6
    QA Testing

    When you decide to create a new app, you cannot miss checking its quality and performance because fixing bugs is imperative.

  • 7
    Launching The App

    We assist our customers in uploading their applications to the App Store and Play Store without any hidden charges.

  • 8
    Support & Maintenance

    We provide post-production support and maintenance to upkeep the app’s working and functioning.

In the recent decade, the education industry has seen significant transformations. Apps for eLearning are an essential component of this growth.

Many players have undoubtedly left their impact in this field. However, new service providers have a huge chance to enter the market and make it more competitive.

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