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Design a powerful app like Zocdoc to lessen your hardships of managing the day-to-day operations. Our mission is to create and deliver value to high-priority businesses like yours with our ZocDoc clone app.

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Our Zocdoc Clone Goes With Every Section Of The Healthcare Industry

We aim to increase the reach and the salaries with better medical consultations.

Pros Of Our Zocdoc Clone App

Our solution makes sure to serve both the patient's and doctor's requirements in this throat-cutting industry.

app like Zocdoc
  • app like Zocdoc

    Online Booking

    The convenience of online booking is well-established in our Zococ clone app providing users with 24-7 access to business information and available time slots.

  • app like Zocdoc

    Insurance Checks

    Patients can book with the Zocdoc app store knowing that their visits are covered, and office administrators can avoid uncomfortable conversations.

  • app like Zocdoc

    Filter Profiles

    With our Zocdoc clone app, patients can filter doctor listings by specialty and location, which insurance they accept, spoken languages, and doctor's gender.

  • app like Zocdoc

    Consult & Book

    Patients can quickly lookout for reviews within the Zocdoc clone app to visit the right doctor. Good reviews encourage new patients to make appointments online.

Apart From Our Zocdoc Clone App, How Can We Help You Other Ways?

We are well aware of how much effort and money it takes to build a business, which is why to fulfill your requirements, we provide elements that one needs to keep up with the latest market trends.

  • app like Zocdoc
    Concept & Strategies

    We begin with legitimate strategies and promising concepts especially tailored for your needs.

  • app like Zocdoc
    Design & Deployment

    Developing a top-notch solution is in our forte, complemented by the design & development requirements.

  • app like Zocdoc

    We strive to deliver the solution with utmost perfection, earnest efforts, and worthy output.

Stupefying Features Of Zocdoc Clone App

Our Zocdoc clone app features an advanced medical care search and booking service that helps connect users to local physicians and specialists.

Zocdoc Clone App Development
Virtual Consultations

Our Zocdoc clone comprises built-in VR assistance allowing doctors to take consultations virtually via in-app camera.

Zocdoc Clone App Development
Effective Marketing

Our Zocdoc clone effectively filters out the doctors according to the patient's needs, such as the specialty, location, and more.

Zocdoc Clone App Development
Error Free Records

Reducing the incidence of medical errors by improving the accuracy and clarity of medical records via apps like Zocdoc.

Zocdoc Clone App Development
Telemedicine Services

Eliminate the need for in-person doctor visits and encompass a much broader range of healthcare services with our Zocdoc Clone.

Zocdoc Clone App Development
On-demand Booking

With our comprehensive software, seamlessly update all the consultation updates in real-time as per their availability.

Zocdoc Clone App Development
Electronic Health Records

Patients have an option to preserve their health records electronically that are visible to healthcare and medical professionals.

We Are Revenue Growth Experts With Different Revenue Models

Design a patient-centric model along with highly customizable revenue models with Suffescom.

Benefits Of Apps Like Zocdoc

Freemium Model

You can, however, charge your users for access to the app's premium features. It's a great way to get more users in a short amount of time.

Benefits Of Apps Like Zocdoc

Subscription Model

You can charge users a subscription fee for using your app. These fees can be collected on a regular basis, monthly, or quarterly.

Benefits Of Apps Like Zocdoc

Commission based Model

For booking a consultation through the platform, you may be paid a portion of the doctor's fee as a commission. It's another great way to make a consistent income.

Benefits Of Apps Like Zocdoc

Unique Selling Point Of
Our Zocdoc Clone

Our Zocdoc clone USP will help you shape and focus your marketing goals to successfully set your brand and products apart from your competition.

  • Real-Time Notifications

    Keep the users alerted with appointment reminders, discounts, and more.

  • Analytics

    Boost your operations with remarkably advanced helpful analytics.

  • Track Everything

    Doctors and patients can interact with each other for more straightforward consultation.

  • HIPAA Complaint

    With the highest regulatory standards, our Zocdoc is highly HIPAA compliant.

Perfect Zocdoc Clone App

Enhance Accessibility & Affordability Via Our ZocDoc Clone App

Our Zocdoc clone app comprises the right technology stack backing your business in the healthcare industry.

Zocdoc Clone App
  • Zocdoc Clone App
    Patient Satisfaction

    Zocdoc Clone App provides patients with high-quality care by allowing them pick doctors as per the need.

  • Zocdoc Clone App
    Employer Savings per year

    Employees can reduce co-pays and claims to the employer group healthcare plan by lowering cost.

  • Zocdoc Clone App
    Care of High-Quality

    Zocdoc App store helps patients get quality medical care instantly and grab obligations immediately.

  • Zocdoc Clone App

    With its rising popularity, it has been seen that the number of employers opting for apps like Zocdoc.

  • Zocdoc Clone App
    Expenses in ER

    People with severe injuries or sudden illnesses can get relief when opting for the Zocdoc clone app.

  • Zocdoc Clone App
    Preventable ER visits

    Patients can have an emergency check-up from the doctors, and they can visit emergency rooms anytime.

Enable Your Own Zocdoc Clone App With A Rich Set Of Vital Auxiliaries

Allow your users to find & book consultations online, on-demand.

Benefits Of Apps Like Zocdoc
User-Friendly Interface

Our Zocdoc Clone app is intuitive, responsive, and easy to use, giving your users a satisfactory experience.

Benefits Of Apps Like Zocdoc
Adaptable Calendar

Our Zocdoc clone app provides your clients with your availability in real-time with app data and insights.

Benefits Of Apps Like Zocdoc
Customer Scheduling

Provides clients with a calendar of specialists in an organization so they can schedule an appointment.

Benefits Of Apps Like Zocdoc
Automated Engine

Allows you to immediately confirm or deny an appointment after making an appointment request.

Benefits Of Apps Like Zocdoc
Automatic Reminders

Enables you to send automatic notifications to clients about upcoming appointments.

Benefits Of Apps Like Zocdoc
Search and Filter

With our Zocdoc clone app patient’s can search for doctors in their vicinity, according to the speciality, and more.

Our Zocdoc Clone App Is The Quickest, Easiest Way To Book And Keep Track Of Your Appointments

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Get A Complete Tech Suite For Your Zocdoc Clone App

Advanced and fully customized solutions ensure patients with the best medical care and doctors serve their services the best way.

Patient App

Patients can search for the required doctor and get the virtual experience for the best medical advice.

Doctor App

Doctors can connect with their patients remotely and provide the best care from a single panel.

Admin Dashboard

With the help of a powerful dashboard, healthcare providers can control their entire healthcare business.

Create Apps Like Zocdoc

Launch Your Own Zocdoc Clone App

Launch Your Own Zocdoc Clone App

The days of waiting for long with patience in the doctors’ clinics and queuing in the pharmacy have gone with the arrival of the prestigious ZocDoc clone app. To fit with the technology enhancement, the healthcare industry has also taken its part with serving mobile applications which makes the doctors and patients interact and receive medications on time.

This is not only convenient but also helps to save time, money, and more importantly, lives. In short, the ZocDoc clone app is the right choice to start your doctor on demand appointment booking business.Effortlessly run your own fully furnished website just like Zocdoc, Practo.

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Top-notch Features Of Our Deliverables

Unlock our expertise and get your hand on the patient-centered Telemedicine app that comprises advanced features for each panel.

Patient App

  • Zocdoc Clone App Development
    Book Appointments

    It allows patients to make quick appointments with required doctors by checking their availability.

  • Zocdoc Clone App Development
    Online Consultation

    For best medical care and treatment, patients via an app can request one-on-one video or voice consultation.

  • Zocdoc Clone App Development
    Real-time Chat

    Let patients have an easy way to connect with medical professionals by in-app chat feature.

  • Zocdoc Clone App Development

    Based on the medical assistance received, patients can share their honest feedback about healthcare professionals.

Zocdoc Clone App Development
Zocdoc Clone App Development

Doctor App

  • Zocdoc Clone App Development
    Profile Maintenance

    Healthcare experts can add qualifications, contact information, and availability, among other things.

  • Zocdoc Clone App Development
    Manage Appointments

    Doctors can keep track of their patients, upcoming appointments and even add manual ones as per the need.

  • Zocdoc Clone App Development

    This feature makes it easier for doctors to repeat the prescriptions and give the desired medicines.

  • Zocdoc Clone App Development
    Integrated Billing

    Healthcare professionals can bill for services and collect payment from patients for their virtual visits.

Admin Dashboard

  • Zocdoc Clone App Development
    Video calls

    Telemedicine consultation recordings are stored securely after encryption for security purpose.

  • Zocdoc Clone App Development
    Promotions & Referrals

    Setup and manage promotion codes and referral campaigns to enhance business on the platform.

  • Zocdoc Clone App Development

    A financial accounting system helps track earnings for all registered healthcare professionals.

  • Zocdoc Clone App Development
    Ratings & Reviews

    Keep a check on ratings and reviews received by healthcare providers to maintain high-quality standards.

Zocdoc Clone App Development

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How Our Zocdoc Clone App Works
Benefits Of Apps Like Zocdoc

Transform the healthcare industry and strengthen your online reputation with verified reviews via apps like Zocdoc.

Benefits Of Apps Like Zocdoc
Benefits for patients
  • Reduced medical overhead costs
  • Enhancing the Efficiency of Medicines
  • Fewer In-Person Consultations
  • Availability at remote areas
  • Easy access to specialists
Benefits for providers
  • Cuts down on hospital readmissions
  • Increases patient engagement and satisfaction
  • Improves access to health care
  • Reduces patient no-show rates
  • Chops down on costs in health care
Why us?
Industry Experience

We use extensive expertise to assist clients with everything required to develop a successful Zocdoc clone app.

Open Source Code

In our package, we provide clients with open-source code, allowing them to modify the app at any time.


Deliver a seamless experience to your customers by launching a Zocdoc clone app compatible with all platforms.

Scalable Solution

Take your healthcare services business to the next level with our solutions offering unmatched scalability.

Super-Quick Launch

Just feel free to share your unique ideas with us. We will evaluate them and put them to work for a faster launch.

Dependable Support

Get in touch with our technical support team for issues with your app and get them resolved timely.

Our Roadmap To A Perfect Zocdoc Clone App

Our bunch of professional coders works vigorously to uplift your business and meet the customers' expectations with a flawless workflow.

  • Create Apps Like Zocdoc

    We strive to understand these requirements at a deeper level by having a thorough conversation.

  • Create Apps Like Zocdoc
    Planning Stage

    At Suffescom, our team takes time to go through the necessary research and planning steps.

  • Create Apps Like Zocdoc
    Technical Documentation

    Our experts craft a complex manual for your Zocdoc clone app by outlining requirements.

  • Create Apps Like Zocdoc

    Our tech buddies evaluate how the app might develop to correct a misconception.

  • Create Apps Like Zocdoc
    Code Development

    At Suffescom, we will ensure robust functionality in the back-end design of the application.

  • Create Apps Like Zocdoc
    Quality Assurance

    In the end, we will make sure to run you through every test, such as compatibility, interface & more.

Are You Peculiar To Know How Our Zocdoc Clone App Works?

Get to know the workflow of our Zocdoc Clone application and receive a more reliable idea of the entire management.

  • Zocdoc Clone App Development
    Register And Make Profiles

    Users can register themselves on the platform while creating a personalized app experience.

  • Zocdoc Clone App Development
    Search Doctors Online

    Search for a doctor online through a doctor appointment app. Choose a doctor who fits your needs.

  • Zocdoc Clone App Development
    Book An Appointment

    Once you choose the doctor of your choice, you can move ahead and book your appointment.

  • Zocdoc Clone App Development
    Get Desirable Services

    After going through a specific process of the doctor appointment app, get any desirable services and consult.

  • Zocdoc Clone App Development
    Make Payments

    When the doctor makes all the services available, you can pay through a secure payment option.

  • Zocdoc Clone App Development
    Rate & Review

    After the consultation, patient’s can rate and review the doctor in order to improve the experience for other users.

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