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AR Game Development Company | Augmented Reality Gaming Solutions

By Suffescom Solutions

June 01, 2023

AR Game Development Company | Augmented Reality Gaming Solutions

Augmented reality is not a new name in the tech world. It has existed for quite some time now. AR has the utmost potential to create unconventional experiences in various industrial sectors. There is no denying that it's going to revolutionize every domain. But entertainment and gaming are the most popular realms where the implementation of AR technology is stupendous. The AR game development provides a fantastic experience to the players while sitting in the comfort of their homes. The augmented game solutions offer an engaging experience that accentuates the real-world scenario through computer-generated visual and audio components.

Witnessing such an amazing experience in the real world is aided by a leading metaverse game development company. Suffescom Solutions Inc. develops extremely fun games that can be viewed through AR headsets connected to smart devices. Our AR game developers are experienced in developing AR platforms ranging from basic to advanced.

What Is AR Game Development?

AR gaming amalgamates virtual gaming elements with the player’s real environment. This amalgamation allows real-time interaction with terrific 3D graphics. The environment is such that it's impossible to distinguish between real and unreal elements. People often confuse AR and VR, but there is a huge difference between both of them. AR creates certain modifications in the real-world scene, whereas VR completely transforms the real-world surroundings with a simulated one.

AR game development provides a multidimensional space that is the favorite among gamers. Such games are available on smart devices like phones and tablets. There is no boundation for using headsets, and the games are approachable to regular players. The AR games offer various features like multi-players, effective leader-boards, and more. There is a lot that AR games have to offer, and immense potential is yet to be discovered.

Begin Your AR Game Development Process With Us For Diverse Platforms

We will help you develop gaming apps to win the user’s heart. Our AR game development process is applicable across diverse platforms, be it iOS or Android. This is done by employing player-friendly augmented game solutions.

AR Games Based on Different Genres:

The demand for AR games is very high, and this is because of the various categories that they offer. Several famous AR games are Zombies Run, Ingress, Pokemon Go, Neyon Clash, Splitter Critters, etc.

AR Games based on different genres:


AR sports games focus on providing players with a great sports experience. These AR games give the players a real-world feeling. The experience is often akin to the experience of playing the game in the real world. Such AR sports games could be cricket, hockey, soccer, tennis, etc.


Adventure games have different fan bases and depict an interesting story-lines. In such games, the player plays the main character, who is set on a journey to explore new things. There are a lot of hurdles and puzzles that need to be solved to win every level.


Role-playing games are played where the characters are present in a fictitious environment. They are allowed to act as a specific person in a specific scenario. The gamers must follow certain rules and guidelines governing the game. The player needs to make all the decisions based on the situations around the gaming character. Check here for the best Role-Playing Game Development Company.


Racing games involve competition between cars of different racing leagues that are designed with mesmerizing 3D graphics. The entire gaming experience replicates the scenario of a real-world racing event. Players get to experience the thrill of being a part of speed racing. Asphalt, Real Racing 3, and Real Cars in City are some of the popular racing games.

Educational Games

These games are designed for people who want to have fun and strengthen their IQ. Some of the popular educational games are puzzles, charades, bingo, etc. These are healthy for the mental growth of the players, instill in them better thinking abilities, boost skills, and build confidence.

AR Game Development- Top-Tier Features

AR game development comes with a variety of features. This is something that every user looks forward to. These elements are instilled in the application to elevate the players' experience. A few of them are mentioned as under;

Extraordinary Graphics

A great game comes with marvelous graphics. AR games are all about mesmerizing graphics that captivates the player’s attention. The 3D graphics provide a larger-than-life experience that exceeds the realities of the physical world.


AR game development should be basic and not that complex. Our developed games are easily understood by the players while maintaining player engagement. The complexity often leads to confusion, and users will not be excited enough to really play the game. The bottom line is the game app needs to be user-friendly because that’s the only way a massive pool of people will download it.

Quick Loading Time

The app should not take more than 4 seconds to load. This is one thing that can’t be compromised in any way. This might seem like an insignificant thing, but it's a turn-off for the gamers. More loading time automatically allows the players to remove the app.

Sound Effects

The sound effects that we introduce in our apps are of terrific sound quality. This is the important component without which the game will be dull. The suitable sound elements uplift the whole playing experience of the games. Sound effects act as the heart of the game, placing the players' mood in the right direction.

Outstanding Game Play

The game play needs to be amazing, with wonderful controls and functionalities. The visual appearance of the game characters, the audio-visual content, the outstanding story-line, in-game data, the plot, rules, etc., all come under the game play. So, high precision is taken by our gaming experts to make it a huge hit.

Collaborate With Us And Accelerate Your AR Game Development Journey

Take your business to the next level by collaborating with us. We have a dedicated team of strategists, analysts, and game designers with enough knowledge to build phenomenal gaming applications. Schedule a meeting with our experts, and don’t miss the chance to work for a top AR game development company.

AR Game Development Process

We follow a stupendous AR game development process and implement augmented game solutions according to the client’s requirements.

Deciding The Category Of The Gaming Application

The first step to keep in mind is to decide on the type of AR game. There are various genres; it could be either puzzles, sports, adventure, racing, etc. So, it depends on the clients as to which type of gaming app they want. You can also consult our gaming specialists; they know which games are in the trend. Depending upon your liking and interest, we will provide you with the suggestions and the one that suits your preference, go with it.

Designing The Levels

Every level has its own picturization, and the graphics are subsequently different at every stage. To have a distinct design for every level is a strenuous task. The game designers are extremely well at what will make the game a great play. The most important thing is to get into the nitty-gritty of the events, actions, surroundings, a little bit of enhancement in the character's look, props, etc. The fundamental thing is that the game's design at every level should be easy to understand.

Technological Stacks

Tech stacks correspond to the amalgamation of the technologies that are helpful in building an application or platform. Whatever components are required, they should be in coherence with the operation of the AR game development. So, the tech stacks include both the front-end and the back-end elements.

These include the browser, either desktop or mobile, programming languages, databases, frameworks, operating systems, servers, etc. Certain kits are developed to implement augmented game solutions in the AR app. You must select the tools and frameworks wisely to boost the AR game development process.

Integrated Features Of AR Game Development

Features are the essential elements of AR game development. There are several gaming games that are coming up with every feature to entice gamers. The top AR game development company will want to execute terrific augmented game development solutions in the game app.

Features are added according to client requirements. Our gaming experts will also help you out with the gaming characteristics. These are integrated into the game to enhance the beauty of the app. Some of the features are mind-blowing sound effects, GPS maps, multiplayer functionality, sharing milestones, etc. The features should add value to the app that will aid in player engagement.

Develop And Test The AR Game App

After deciding what essentially will be included in the app, it's time to have a practical implementation of all those things. Our developers have core skills in building intuitive gaming applications. After developing the app, it is tested to eliminate the irregularities that could hamper the performance. This phase is significant, and the utmost attention must be paid for smooth operation.

Launch And Maintenance

The tested app is launched in the market for public usage. The work doesn’t end here. There is a lot of feedback that the users suggest. Our team looks at those things and sees they actually synchronize with the gamer’s needs. If any technical glitch restricts the app's working, then steps are taken to resolve that.

How Much Does It Cost For AR Game Development?

AR game development typically costs between $50,000-$120,000. Now this range is for the games that come with the basic features. When the gaming character is built with high-level characteristics, then the cost level may rise up drastically. So, with more functionalities, the prices will surely get shot up. The features are not the only things impacting the AR game development cost. Some of the factors are mentioned below;

  • Project Complexity
  • Development Size Of The Company
  • Experienced Professionals
  • Geographical Location Of The Gaming Company
  • Level Of Design And Graphics
  • Technological Stacks

Hire Our AR Game Developers!

Hire our game developers and utilize their tech prowess in building out-of-the-box gaming platforms integrated with mind-blowing features that will take your gaming journey to the next level.

What Makes Us The Ultimate AR Game Development Company?

Suffescom Solutions, one of the top AR VR Software App Development Company, has been in the gaming realm for a while now. We have come a long way from developing traditional games to immersive AR gaming apps. We deploy augmented game solutions that are helpful for players in predicting how the game will be played.

Here we have mentioned some reasons to tell you why we are the first choice for the businesses.

Committed Team Of Developers

Our development team is specifically dedicated to building AR game apps. Our professionals are responsible for completing the tasks as assigned and helping to accomplish all the milestones.

Project Updation

We are devoted to our work, and it's our responsibility to keep the clients updated on the project's progress. All information is provided in real-time.

Creative People On Board

Creativity is something that we can boast about. Our team is filled with creative people that are open to adopting innovative technologies and solutions to provide users with an amazing user experience.

Top-Class Gaming Design

We have a fantastic pool of 3D artists, AR game developers, and game designers that are pros at building games. High-grade features are added to uplift the aesthetics of the game play.

Guaranteed Success

We work with all our dedication and make sure that the project becomes a huge success. Our key to success is our result-oriented approach that is in sync with the client’s expectations.

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