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Blockchain Based Drug Verification Platform For Drug Traceability in Medicine Supply Chain

By Suffescom Solutions

December 06, 2023

Blockchain Based Drug Verification Platform For Drug Traceability in Medicine Supply Chain

Increase transparency, security, and tamper-proof records of the drug supply chain, identify counterfeit drugs, and more with Blockchain Based Drug Verification Platform. With our expertise in blockchain app development, we develop a feature-rich platform that helps the healthcare industry to transform and be more secure with drugs. Track the entire journey of drugs from raw materials and inception to delivery to patients. Such a platform ensures that there are no more counterfeit, expired drugs that can be the cause of harm.

Get in touch with our experts and develop a drug verification platform powered by blockchain technology.

How Does Blockchain Based Drug Verification Platform Work?

A blockchain-based drug detection platform operates by integrating blockchain technology into the drug supply chain. Each stage of drug production, distribution, and sale is meticulously recorded as a block on the blockchain, creating an unalterable and transparent ledger. Through unique identifiers, every drug batch is tracked, encompassing crucial details like manufacturing specifics, shipment records, and quality control measures.

Smart contracts play a pivotal role by automating processes, ensuring compliance with predefined rules, and triggering alerts for any irregularities. The decentralized and tamper-resistant nature of blockchain guarantees the integrity of the recorded data, fostering a secure and transparent ecosystem. This system enhances traceability, authentication, and overall accountability within the drug supply chain, contributing to a more robust and trustworthy platform for drug detection.

Revolutionize Healthcare With Blockchain Based Drug Verification Platform

Develop a blockchain drug verification platform with us and increase transparency, security, and immutability in the drug supply chain. Identify counterfeit drugs and make the drug certification process more reliable with the power of blockchain.

Features Of Blockchain Based Drug Verification Platform Development

We add advanced and intuitive blockchain-based features to the platform, facilitating transparency, tamper-proof records, decentralization, and more.

1. QR Code

A unique QR code is scanned at each stage of the supply chain to identify and track each drug batch throughout the supply chain. This ensures every drug is accounted for and that its journey can be traced from start to finish.

2. Create Sample

Creation of drug samples with details like manufacture, drug type, test type, and more, enabling quality control measures to be put in place. Samples can be created at each stage of the supply chain, ensuring that the drug meets the required quality standards before it is sold to the end user.

3. Smart Contract

With smart contract development, automate processes, ensuring compliance with predefined rules and regulations. Smart contracts trigger alerts for any irregularities, ensuring that the supply chain remains secure and trustworthy.

4. Traceability

End-to-end traceability of drugs from raw materials to the end user, ensuring transparency and accountability. Each drug batch is assigned a unique identifier, which is recorded on the blockchain, allowing to track the journey of the drug and identify any issues that arise.

5. Real-time Visibility

Track the journey of drugs in real-time, including status, test results, task results, and more, identify issues, and take corrective action before they become major problems.

6. Seamless Dashboard

A seamless dashboard that makes it easy to access information and take action. A complete overview of the drug supply chain, enabling identification of issues and corrective action.

7. Drug Details

Detailed information on each drug, including manufacturing specifics, shipment records, and quality control measures. This information is recorded on the blockchain, ensuring that it is tamper-proof and transparent.

8. Drug Supply Chain

A complete view of the drug supply chain from raw materials, manufacture, distribution, and packaging end-user. Each stage is recorded in the blockchain, reducing the likelihood of counterfeit and falsified drugs reaching patients.

9. Digital Signature

Digital signature is built using the company's private keys to determine the hash values of drug regulators and companies, ensuring the integrity and accuracy of the drug at each stage of the supply chain.

Customized Blockchain Based Drug Verification System Solutions

We design blockchain based platforms as per our client’s needs and requirements. We are here to turn your vision into reality. Contact our experts at Suffescom today!

Alluring Benefits Of Blockchain Drug Verification Platform Development

With the market size expected to reach USD 25.6 billion by 2030, blockchain drug verification platforms offer great benefits to the pharmaceutical industry. From transparency, better access to the drug supply chain, and tamper-proof records, the blockchain drug verification platform is a game-changer for the drug verification process.

1. Improved Transparency

Enhances transparency across the entire drug supply chain, providing stakeholders with real-time visibility into the movement and status of pharmaceuticals.

2. Reduced Counterfeiting

Mitigates the risk of counterfeit drugs by implementing secure, traceable, and tamper-resistant systems that authenticate the origin and journey of each drug batch.

3. Enhanced Patient Safety

Ensures the authenticity and quality of drugs, ultimately improving patient safety by reducing the likelihood of patients receiving counterfeit or substandard medications.

4. Efficient Recall Management

Enables quicker and more precise recalls in the event of a product quality issue, reducing the impact on patients and minimizing potential harm.

5. Streamlined Compliance

Automates compliance processes through smart contracts, reducing the administrative burden and facilitating adherence to regulatory requirements seamlessly.

6. Data Security

Utilizes blockchain's cryptographic principles to secure sensitive information, protecting against data breaches and unauthorized access to critical data.

7. Cost Reduction

Increases operational efficiency by automating various supply chain processes, reducing paperwork, eliminating intermediaries, and minimizing the financial impact of counterfeit drug incidents.

8. Market Access

Builds trust within the pharmaceutical market, potentially opening up new market opportunities as consumers, regulators, and stakeholders gain confidence in the integrity of the drug supply chain.

9. Faster Response to Issues

Enables swift identification and response to issues or anomalies in the supply chain, preventing the spread of unsafe drugs and reducing the potential for harm

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Blockchain Drug Verification Platform?

The cost of developing a blockchain drug verification platform varies between $10,000 to $250,000. The cost can increase or decrease depending on the platform's complexity, technologies used, features added, tools, functionalities, developer’s location and expertise, quality assurance, and more.

To know the exact cost of developing a blockchain drug verification platform, contact our blockchain developers at Suffescom. They will provide you with a free estimation based on your platform requirements, needs, and budget.

Our Blockchain Drug Verification Platform Development Process

At Suffescom, we follow an agile and strategic development process to provide accurate and top-notch results with maximum productivity.

Requirement Gathering

Firstly, we outline the specific requirements for the blockchain drug verification system, including data integrity standards, traceability features, and access controls. This phase sets the foundation for a system that aligns with regulatory standards and industry needs.

Technology Selection

We have expertise in multiple types of blockchain platforms, including PulseChain, Hyperledger, Ethereum, Solana, and more. Choose a preferred blockchain platform and consensus mechanism based on the project's scale, requirements, and desired features.

Smart Contract Development

We develop smart contracts that encode the logic for drug verification. These contracts facilitate secure and transparent transactions, ensuring that each step in the drug supply chain is recorded on the blockchain.

Front/Back End Interface

An attractive, user-friendly, and captivating interface ensures that the platform is easy to use for handling and tracking the status of the drug supply chain and ensuring drug accountability.


We develop blockchain drug verification platforms on your chosen blockchain platform with the right technologies, desired features, tools, and functionalities.

Testing And Deployment

We conduct thorough testing to identify and address vulnerabilities, ensuring the system's robustness, scalability, and accuracy. Once validated, we deploy the blockchain drug verification system across various platforms and devices.

Maintenance And Support

We regularly monitor and update the system to adapt to evolving challenges and technological advancements.

Blockchain Powered Drug Verification Platform Solutions

 The blockchain powered drug verification system enhances security, provide transparency and chaincode-based transactions for pharmaceutical companies. Tracking the entire journey of a drug, from raw material production, supply chain and production inception lastly its delivery to patients.

Choose Suffescom For Blockchain Based Drug Verification Platform Development

Suffescom is a leading blockchain development company with years of expertise in developing blockchain healthcare platforms with advanced features and functionalities. With a track record of successful projects and a force of innovation, we demonstrate the capability of building a blockchain drug verification platform that helps the pharmaceutical industry to increase transparency in the drug supply chain. Here’s a glimpse at how we are an ideal technology partner for your next project.

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