BSCPad Clone Script : Embrace Our White Label IDO Launchpad Service For Your Business Success

BSCPad Clone Script : Embrace Our White Label IDO Launchpad Service For Your Business Success

By Suffescom Solutions

June 24, 2022

BSCPad Clone Script : Embrace Our White Label IDO Launchpad Service For Your Business Success

Recently, technology has grown tremendously. From NFT to Metaverse, something is always making headlines. Sames lies in the crypto industry, finding new ways to outshine ordinary people with platforms like BSC Pad.

Binance smart chain-based fundraising platform helps companies to raise funds through the first decentralized IDO platform. BSC pad is designed to empower cryptocurrency with the ability to distribute tokens and raise liquidity.

If you are planning to build and launch a similar platform instantly, you are at the right place. Technology also paves the way for developing and deploying a quick platform with white-label BSCPad development or BSCPad clone services. BSCPad-like app development from a professional BSCPad Clone script allows you to enjoy all the essential features.

Suffescom Solutions also formed a business advisor corporate body for start-ups to provide free consultancy services. We also proffer mind-blowing rewards for users to support them financially.

Before embarking on BSCPad Clone Development, let’s take a look at some basic but essential things about BSCPad.

What is BSCPad Launchpad?

Binance Smart Chain-based IDO launchpad empowers crypto undertakings to record various stages before they could go for the direct deal. Various financial backers enter into the project through various tiers to participate in the first round of top listings. The platform only lists verified listings and provides complete detail of projects such as pool information, token information, schedules, and allotments on the platform.

BSCPad Clone Development: The Ultimate Solution for DeFi Startups

We offer BSCPad clone development to DeFi startups seeking a reliable and effective solution. Our BSCPad clone development service is the ultimate choice for entrepreneurs looking to establish a successful DeFi platform quickly and efficiently.

What is BSCPad Clone Development?

BSCpad clone development is a pre-modified solution that works with a BSC pad cushion. Our experts follow all the protocols and norms that make this platform useful to design and build your clone solution. Our crafted solutions have the capacity to give remarkable advantages and elements. The solution is straightforward to fulfill transactions in the crypto space with revenue-generating strategies.

Perks of Fundraising Apps Like BSCPad

Instant Trading

Users can check various trading options in one place and get the opportunity to invest as soon as the BSCPad-like fundraising platform lists trading on the platform.

Nominal Cost

BSCPad launchpad facilitates investors to deploy smart contacts for their token representation at nominal cost. The feature also helps new investors to choose a crypto trading launchpad platform.

Quick Liquidity

To improve the conversion on the platform BSCPad like launchpad development, provides swift liquidity. The quick liquidity opinion swiftly ensures tokens to coins and token conversion.

Unbiased Fundraising

BSCpad provides equal opportunity to investors to invest and raise funds. Investors can also enjoy rewards and bonuses by holding certain cryptocurrencies from the platform.

Verified listing

Launchpads are known for their verified listing lies to BSCpad clone script, where you can list only trustworthy listings and gain more audience attention.

Optimised Fund Raising Mechanisms

BSCpad-like platforms are designed with multi-layer protection for fundraising that provides perfect opportunities in fundraising platforms.

Essential Features Of Our IDO Platform Like BSCPad Clone Script

Our designed IDO platform or app like BSCpad is embedded with all the essential features that everyone seeks in their platform.

Suitable For All Blockchain

Our designed launchpad is not only suitable for the Binance blockchain network, but you have the option to choose desired blockchain technology like Ethereum, Polygon, Polkadot, Solana, or more for platform security.

Diverse Stacking Modules

Users can enjoy a diverse set of staking options on a single platform. Investors can also look for the best investment plans from the recently listed open for token acceptance options.

Permissionless Listing

Our crafted decentralized platform, utilizing the Defi smart contract, eliminates the need for intermediaries. The platform strictly adheres to the pre-defined protocols set forth in the smart contracts.

Liquidity Pool

One of the essential jobs of IDO platforms like BSCpad is to manage liquidity on the platform. We craft an extensive admin panel enabling admin to manage liquidity pools.


Admin can verify projects listed on the platform. The verification process may involve origin, legitimacy, and authenticity.

Multi Wallet Integration

The customized multi-wallet feature helps users to switch to any desired wallet platform. We are a reliable multi currency crypto wallet development company that can design and develop tailor-made wallets in blockchain technology.

Upcoming Projects List

Admin can also add upcoming projects to be listed on the BSCpad clone script. It enables users to understand the next lucrative investment options.

More features of Our white label BSCPad

We do not end here to support you. Here we have more features defining your platform.

  • Multilanguage support
  • Detailed Project info
  • Calendar to Schedule
  • Your allocation
  • Open/close Staking details
  • Various projects are listed in one place
  • Wishlist
  • Quick Notifications

BSCPad Clone Script: The Key to Unlocking DeFi Potential

With our BSCPad clone script solution, entrepreneurs can launch a feature-rich DeFi platform quickly and easily, without the need for extensive technical expertise or resources.

Working Scenario of BSC Pad Clone

Our designed BSCPad clone works on two rounds.

Round 1: Allocation Round

Round1 is based on the BSCpad token held by token holders. Investors can hold a minimum of 1000 BSCPad tokens depending on chosen tier among Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. These tokens help your investors to participate in the pool depending on pool weight. Holders with higher tiers can enjoy more investment options and participation in buying and trading tokens.

Round 2: The BSCPad First Come – First Serve (FCFS) Round

Round 2 is available only if there are unsold tokens available in round 1. At this stage, the tired member can also buy tokens by paying an additional amount. At the same time, the buying window keeps open for investors until the last token is sold.

The two-round feature helps you sell tokens in tire holders and others.

Various Blockchain Networks To Develop BSCPad Clone

BSCPad is developed on Ethereum blockchain technology, but Ethereum is not the only option for your BSCPad clone platform. We are a top enterprise blockchain company that can power your platform in any selected platform.

  • Ethereum
  • Binance smart chain
  • Solana
  • Cardano
  • Polygon
  • Hyperledger

Revenue Generating Model of BSCPad Clone

Generating income from a platform is the core strategy for any business. Here we have listed a few options that help to boost platform revenue.

Plans Subscription

List various subscription plans on the platform as per your business strategy. To illustrate, BSCPad integrated 6 tire plans like Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Blue Diamond that users avail to enjoy round 1 trading. The ultimate feature boosts the trading process as users already have minimum tokens to invest.


Another way to generate income from the platform is to charge a commission on every transaction. It can be on buying, selling, or transferring transactions. The option can generate huge revenue for your business.

Listing Fees

Blockchain technology involves certain costs, such as gas fees, minting fees, or listing fees. The company can charge a fee for every new business listing. The charge could be nominal but can help you handle platform costs effectively.

Create Your Own DeFi Platform with BSCPad Clone Development

Our team of experienced developers and blockchain experts work closely with clients to ensure that their BSCPad clone development project meets all their requirements and delivers exceptional results.

What can you expect from the BSCpad Clone App Development Company?

Building a BSCpad-like platform involves two ways - one, you can start from scratch, and another is to go with a clone solution. The former solution could be time-consuming but let you deliver effective results. On the other hand, if you choose a White label BSCPad like app development solution you can enjoy 100% customized features with all the essential features at minimum cost. Moreover, the platform can be delivered on time.

Here we have some reasons to choose us:

  • Complete customization
  • Pre-developed and tested script
  • Multiple blockchain support
  • Post customer support
  • Technical advice
  • On-time delivery

How Much Time is Required to Develop an IDO Launchpad With BSCPad Clone?

Building a BSC pad-like platform may take 1 week to 2.5 weeks and it totally depends on customization and technology choice. Choosing platform construction from scratch will take time, whereas white label solutions with 100% customized features are quick to develop and deploy.

What will be the Cost to Launch BSCPad Like Launchpad?

The custom launchpad like BSCpad will cost you near $85000 and launching whitelable BSCpad will you near $45000.

There are numerous factors that affect BSC Pad costing. These mainly involve innovative features, functionalities, technologies, and frameworks used to design the front and back end. You can also approach our experts for free project estimates.

Will I Need Maintenance or Upgrading Platform Support After Launching of BSCpad Clone App?

With the rapid advancement in technology, every platform requires maintenance and upgrading services from experts. It ensures a secure platform and complies with all the industry and business norms. For this, we provide one-month platform maintenance and upgrading services.

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