Launch A Decentralized Multi-Chain Fundraising Platform Like Trustpad

Launch A Decentralized Multi-Chain Fundraising Platform Like Trustpad

By Suffescom Solutions

December 29, 2022

Launch A Decentralized Multi-Chain Fundraising Platform Like Trustpad

Decentralized exchanges have become extremely popular in the crypto world. The rise in popularity is due to the absence of any governing authority. On top of that, with the introduction of the decentralized multi-chain launchpad, the demand has just amplified. The cryptocurrency exchanges have enough potential, due to which a significant amount of capital can be raised via IDO (Initial DEX offering). Moreover, a fundraising platform like trustpad is more likely to entice the investors due to enhanced security and transparency.

Suffescom Solutions Inc. is a top-notch launchpad development company offering IDO development services with enhanced features and solutions that meet our client's requirements.

Before delving deep into the topic, let’s gain some basic understanding of the launchpad!

Understanding Launchpad

It is essentially a platform underpinned by blockchain that aids in raising funds. Here, the access is provided to the initial stage of token sales prior to its launch in the market. This early launch is kept for bargaining with the investors. The admiration for the launchpad is primarily because of the fundraising projects.

Multi-chain Launchpad

A conventional launchpad is basically of two types. One is a single-chain launchpad, and the other is a multi-chain launchpad. The multi-chain launchpad allows access to a diversity of blockchains. They are more inclusive and provide higher returns to investors. This also supports more than one token and a token bridging facility.

A few examples of multi-chain launchpads are Trustpad, GameFi, Seedify, DAO Maker, FireStarter, and more.

Talking about the multi-chain launchpads, the safest among all is the Trustpad Multi-Chain IDO Launchpad.

Trustpad IDO launchpad

This is a decentralized fundraising platform that helps the organizations in raising funds. It is entirely based on the binance blockchain. The objective of this platform is to eliminate the resistance among the contemporary platforms. The new projects are fully supported to launch their own token. The trustpad is utilized by the large enterprises and the startups for raising the capital. In addition to this, the money is raised in an impartial way with absolutely lesser costs and performing trade at once.

Harness The Potential Of Our Blockchain Expertise And TrustPad Clone App

Suffescom Solutions Inc is well-versed in developing a trustpad clone using Trustpad Clone Script with spectacular attributes. Contact our development team to create a high-tech multi-chain fundraising platform.

Trustpad Clone Script Development Process

Launching a trustpad clone requires in-depth knowledge and the necessary tools and technologies, so various factors must be fulfilled. A few of them are illustrated as under;

Process Ideation

This is the very first step that requires a lot of planning and analysis. Here, the team sits together and carries out ideas that will ultimately lead to developing the desired product. This is the crucial phase, as it starts with numerous ideas, but in the end, the substantial ones are approved with combined brainstorming.

Creating a Roadmap

After filtering out random ideas and sticking to the meaning, it's time to create a roadmap for the product's successful launch. This step includes the strategies and how they should be implemented in the appropriate manner. It also defines the project goals and the ways to carry them forward.

Developing a Whitepaper

After knowing which product needs to be launched, creating a whitepaper is significant. This technical document includes all the product details, from the technology to the tools, programming languages, frameworks, and so on. It accentuates the attributes and qualities of the product/service.

Token Development

The last phase of the trustpad clone development is the token development process. It is a process that builds the tokens across diverse blockchain networks. Our development team possesses the necessary knowledge about token development suitable for your product launch.


After developing the product for the end user, it's time to apply fantastic marketing solutions. This helps in promoting the product on different platforms to capture a large section of the audience. This helps to entice the investors, and this form of marketing technique involves Social media marketing, e-mail, content marketing, digital marketing, etc.

Workflow Procedure Of Trustpad Clone Script

There is a step-by-step procedure of the workflow process that is illustrated as under;

  • Initially, the owner of the project needs to sign-up on the platform and fill in the appropriate details.
  • It is then followed by inspecting the integrity and reliability of the crypto project. This is done to add extra security purposes.
  • Following this, the project is then listed on the trustpad clone platform. The investors should purchase the native tokens and trade them with the latest project.
  • Then comes the whitelisting, where the investors are allowed to participate in crowdfunding. Finally, as per the crypto project, the investors are rewarded with tokens.

Features Associated With The Trustpad Clone Script

A trustpad clone script comprises stupendous features that enhance the working of the trustpad decentralized multi-chain fundraising platform like trustpad. Have a look at some of them below;

Staking Modules

Our trustpad clone script allows users access to multiple staking modules that are compatible with their requirements. The integrity of the blockchain is maintained via validators. By staking modules, the project owner does not require a validator while taking part in the consensus process.


The developed trustpad clone script is fully compatible with all the existing blockchain networks. Our decentralized multi-chain fundraising platform should be congenial with multiple chains that provide safety and elevate project capital.

Wallet Integration

One of the essentials of this fundraising platform is integrating the wallet that is useful in placing the cryptocurrencies and other assets. It then depends upon the owner and which type of digital wallet they want to link with their platform.

Two Factor Authentication

This two-step verification process provides a secure environment for businesses and investors. This is done to eliminate the unauthorized access, reducing hacking attacks, thereby making the platform extremely effective.

Immediate Token Allocation

Whenever the tokens are allocated on the platform, they should be conveniently accessible to the project owners and investors. The crowdfunding process should be simpler and enable the investors to acquire the rewards on time. This is only possible when there is a swift allotment of tokens.

Reduced Gas Fees

We charge lower gas fees while developing such a launchpad. This makes it easier for the project owners to participate in the whole process without thinking much about the budget.

Launch Your Decentralized Multi-Chain Fundraising Platform Like Trustpad With Us

With our expertise, launch a decentralized multi-chain fundraising platform like Trustpad that supports various cryptocurrencies and blockchain networks.

Advantages Of The Multi-Chain Launchpad


The crypto market is going up, and this ecosystem is set to expand in due course of time. Therefore, integration is a must that gives rise to the multi-chain launchpads. The ultra-modern solutions help in merging the market by providing safe cross-chain access.


Another advantage of the multi-chain launchpad is its scalability. This allows the accommodation of more users without any breakage. This characteristic is helpful in increasing the capacity of the platform.

Extended Market Access

Crypto projects must reach numerous users and discover investors to enhance the token utility. All these considerations can be perfectly met with a multi-chain launchpad that helps amplify visibility.

Cost Estimation

The overall cost estimation of the trustpad clone depends upon multiple factors. Some of them are shown below;

  • Location of the developers
  • Attributes to be included
  • Any type of customization
  • Security elements inclusion
  • Complications involved in the project
  • Availability of the resources

Start Your Own Fundraising Platform with Trustpad Clone Script

Let us help you create a secure and user-friendly decentralized fundraising platform similar to Trustpad that allows seamless token sales and investments across multiple blockchains.

Why Should You Choose Suffescom Solutions For Your Trustpad Clone?

Experienced Team

We have a proficient blockchain development team that knows their job well. The designers, developers, and marketers are skilled in their respective work. We have been in the business for over 10 years and have expertise in blockchain technology for 6+ years.


We serve every project with utmost transparency, whether workwise or while assigning the budget. All the team members have to-the-point details about the project.

Post Maintenance

Our company believes in the swift development of the product. In case of any issue, our team of developers also provides post-maintenance services after the platform's launch.

Use Of Blockchain Technology

The biggest edge we have against our competitors is the tremendous use of blockchain technology. This has helped us gain massive clients in the form of investors ready to build fully secured platforms.

24/7 Customer Assistance

Our customer executives are available constantly with their services. They offer exceptional technical support to clients whenever they face any challenge or issue.

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