WebAR Development : The Next Big Thing In The Technology

WebAR Development : The Next Big Thing In The Technology

By Suffescom Solutions

December 29, 2022

WebAR Development : The Next Big Thing In The Technology

Technology is rising, and with due time, it will explode in all possible niches. The utilization of advanced technologies has made the process hassle-free. There is already a great buzz around web-based augmented reality. It has created the biggest breakthrough in the field of technology due to stimulating inventions and captivating users' attention.

WebAR Explained

WebAR is essentially the latest technology where there is no use of the mobile application. The user just needs to have a smartphone and can have access to real-life experiences. One just needs to have devices like laptops, tabs, and phones with merely an intuitive screen and a high-definition camera to get mesmerizing views.

Recently, there has been a huge demand for independent applications. But the introduction of augmented reality has given sudden fame to the WebAR. The basic reason behind the utilization of web-based AR is that there is no inconvenience to be faced in getting approval from the application stores. This is a significant step where users must keep their phones filled with unnecessary applications.

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Steps Included In WebAR Development

In the case of WebAR, for using it on mobile devices, it is dependent on sensors that are located and monitored in your physical surroundings. Combining computer vision with sensors allows augmented reality applications to provide targets and object detection video, interactivity animations, 3D objects, and much more.

WebAR has a lot to offer, and the future looks even more bright. With mobile browsers incorporating new and exciting features such as magnetometer and accelerometer, developers can add additional interesting functions in the forthcoming years. But for now, let’s have a step-by-step guide.

  • Initially, open the browser on the device and visit the relevant web page.
  • Following this, the data will be loaded, and the user will get to enjoy the AR experience.
  • After that, the user will be asked to give permission for the camera or any other necessary tools.
  • The images/videos captured by the camera are inspected for augmentation. Now, at this step, the application detects the markers present in the visuals and adds virtual elements by analyzing multiple characteristics. These include depth, texture, lighting, color, etc.
  • In the final step, some incredible visuals can be viewed through the browser window. These visuals are an amalgamation of real and virtual components.

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Use Cases For WebAR Development


The most appropriate application of WebAR development is seen in the entertainment industry. As we know, augmented reality is all about the moving graphics instead of the static ones. So, what better option will be to use WebAR to amplify the picturatization. In today’s time of social media, people are keen on making videos that are fully immersed in fantastic visual/animated graphics. On a larger scale, everything is focussed on the artists, so in that scenario, numerous enthralling things can be added to make things look amazing.


Besides entertainment, the other significant use of the web-based augmented reality is in education. The augmented reality in education holds great relevance in the learners' lives. With realistic videos, the students can gain in-depth knowledge of the topics.

Compared to conventional learning, WebAR platforms provide captivating presentations containing information depicted realistically. All these things are based on the collected data, where visualizations play a vital role. They tend to make the students learn about the things based on 3D models that traditional schools can’t provide.


With new technology, brands and marketing companies would definitely want to make the most of it. The job of such agencies is to offer something new to the users that they have yet to see or experience. The pivotal part is to make sure there is an excellent brand connection with the company.

For instance, the biggest soft drink brand ”Coca Cola,” created a space where customers can see themselves in caps and bottles featured in WebAR filters.

Interior Designing

The most stunning application of the WebAR development is in interior design. Initially, people used to find it difficult to choose home accessories. But with AR/VR In interior design, the people can now just realistically view how the items will look in their rooms in real-time. The interior items online store needs to include this AR feature to make things convenient, as it helps visualize the items more deeply and closely. So, whatever modifications they want, it is achieved very conveniently. Its necessity is mostly seen in real estate where the agents can help the customers to view the room after filling it with beautiful home belongings.


Businesses are now all advanced due to the integration of technologies. And talking about companies, we must remember the business cards. They have changed a lot; today, there are 3D-enabled AR business cards with a QR code. On scanning the code, a card appears on the device, through which one can steer through every possible information like phone number, email, social media accounts, etc. These scans have an in-built analytics feature that helps in detecting the figure around detecting the people who have used the QR code.

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Benefits Linked With Web-Based Augmented Reality


WebAR can help you save resources compared to developing a Native Application, either iOS or Android, to use Augmented Reality (AR). The constant efforts in maintaining and updating your application on a regular basis is a time-consuming task. This makes things easygoing as one need not spend on the hefty app development process. Much money is spent on app development, which is extremely laborious. The process of avoiding app development is definitely an excellent business decision.

Higher Reach

The WebAR development ensures the development of a three-dimensional model that creates synchronized experiences. After it is developed, it is then uploaded onto an AR platform. The WebAR experience is now ready to publish, freeing your time and expense.

No Coding

Web AR development is a hassle-free process. There is no requirement for coding, so a lot of time gets saved.

Easily Accessible

According to various surveys, it is estimated that more than 90% of the world's population uses smartphones. This vast penetration opens an entirely new realm of possibilities. In contrast to the other AR technology, WebAR is the most efficient technology to take advantage of this area.

Fast And Straightforward

The deployment of the WebAR is extremely quick and simple. One just needs to create the 3-D representation of the experience developed and upload it onto the AR system. In this way, the WebAR experience is ready to publish in a swift time and with lesser expenses.

Wider Reach

WebAR Technology is compatible with most of the smartphones available worldwide. It is acquired across almost every platform (iOS and Android). This ensures a wider reach to the brands as compared to any other application.


Web-based AR provides excellent experiences while working with a variety of web browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, and others. They can also be used on operating platforms like Microsoft's Windows, iOS, Android, and more.

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Features of WebAR Development

Face Tracking

The AR face tracking allows mobile devices to track the movement of a person’s face. It is primarily used to create realistic 3D models with hi-tech AR filters and can be customized accordingly. The face is twisted at various angles that capture users' attention.

Background Removal

Background removal is the process of concealing, modifying, or removing unwanted elements altogether from the background. Using WebAR technologies, background removal can be conducted in a few clicks, making it a highly customizable feature.

Video Integration

The Web-based AR technology instills video in the content. There is also the inclusion of sound effects or voiceovers that makes the generated content look simple yet remarkable.

3D Support

The out-turn is more realistic and intuitive as the images/videos have a complete 3D touch that gives an immersive look to the content. It also provides a complete 360𝆩 view of the products to the users.

Lightning Adjustments

The AR objects are subjected to multiple lightning adjustments that can be smoothly fused into the already existing content.


  • Banuba Face AR

  • 8th Wall

  • XR.+

  • Blippar

  • Gravity Jack

Future Of WebAR Development

WebAR has made the process of accessing any information seamlessly. It helps create an interactive 3D ecosystem that helps ease people’s lives. By looking at the current scenario, AR has shown its importance in various industries such as healthcare, military, real estate, etc., taking a cue from that, in the future, its role will only be magnified.

Looking at the stats, we can see that over 90% of phone users (both android and iOS) support this technology. Moreover, more than 95% of luxurious brands utilize AR solutions. Following the same even small-scale businesses follow the same to achieve effective results.

For Example;

In the future, the data will be accessible without looking for any QR code scan in such an immersive environment. It applies to the map systems that will create directions behind the real environment. In case of being present at the railway station, people can even scan the empty railway tracks to detect which train will arrive.

AR has become a necessity in gaming as it gives a modernized and absolutely real outlook to the games. The same goes for the teaching realm, where students can grasp knowledge and learn about the topics more effectively. All this is possible with the help of simulations that are not only affordable but also create a protected environment.

Bottom Line!!

Web AR development is a modernized technology that uses specialized tools, techniques, and programming languages. Various organizations look forward to implementing this great technology as it provides a smooth, ingenious, and entertaining way. By looking at the data, it is crystal clear that the WebAR has more adaptability than the conventional one. It can reach more people and helps boost the return on investment.

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