Launch Decentralized Ecommerce Marketplace Like Amazon

Revolutionizing Ecommerce with A Decentralized Marketplace Like Amazon

By Suffescom Solutions

December 29, 2022

Revolutionizing Ecommerce with A Decentralized Marketplace Like Amazon

You have selected the right moment if you have a great concept that you want to implement and battle with the most profitable industries on the globe. Recent data indicates that e-commerce sales raised 4.28 trillion US dollars globally in 2020. Statistica indicates that online purchasing will continue to grow. In 2022, it's predicted that e-commerce sales will increase to 5.4 trillion US dollars.

For most businesses, blockchain has sparked a new wave of technical transformation. Blockchain technology, which initially served as the foundation for cryptocurrency trading, has since broadened its applications and is currently used in many economic sectors. Blockchain technology, or DLT as it is more often known, has emerged as the main engine of expansion for various businesses, from logistics to e-commerce.

Startups and growing businesses are not just feeling the impact of blockchain; some well-known companies are also jumping into this pool to take advantage of it. Amazon, Walmart, IBM, Infosys, Microsoft, and UPS are just a few of the well-known businesses looking into using blockchain.

Suffescom Solutions Inc., a leading e-commerce marketplace development company, assists its clients in creating the blockchain-based eCommerce platform of their dreams. Suffescom Solutions ensures you are equipped with a team of a Project Manager, Team Lead, and Developers while your Amazon eCommerce like blockchain-based platform is being developed. We also ensure that our team delivers your daily project status and promptly responds to your questions.

This blog covers everything you need to learn about decentralized ecommerce marketplace like amazon. Let's begin this blog post by defining blockchain technology.

Launch Your Web3 Based Amazon Like eCommerce Platform With Blockchain Development Firm

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What Is Blockchain Technology?

A series of transactional data blocks is all that a blockchain is. A ledger, a list of all the transactions, is generated by the body of exchanges. In the blockchain world, every participant in the system possesses a version of the ledger. The ledger is the foundation of a blockchain, but a lot of complexity must be included to allow for flexibility in different blockchain applications. That expenditure negatively impacts performance.

Authenticity and validity are two essential components of the original blockchain architecture. The first indicates that people cannot alter the records that have already been entered. The second demonstrates that every link in the chain can verify the chain.

Logical proofs of the keys used in each transaction are used to do this. Each key has a "hash," a mathematical concept, and those hashes are connected using algorithms that any participant can use. Authenticity and reliability give the model the credibility it needs to function.

Need To Build A Decentralized Ecommerce Marketplace Like Amazon

Over the years, Amazon has been among the most prosperous businesses in the world. Its prominence as an online retailer is largely due to its mobile application. Many companies are eager to enter the fray and develop their e-commerce platforms. It makes sense that they are motivated by Amazon's success, given that the company only produced 386.06 billion dollars of revenue in 2020.

Going further inside the app, it is clear that the foundation of Amazon, the eCommerce app, lies in its credibility built over time, rich usability, and adaptability to emerging innovations. Another major benefit of Amazon's eCommerce apps is that the corporation has introduced several innovative technologies to enhance its operations.

You've come to the right place if you've ever wondered what it requires and how much it takes to build a marketplace like Amazon. We have included all the data you need in this guide to help you launch your Amazon eCommerce-like blockchain-based platform. Let's examine the specifics.

Amazon Is Using Blockchain To Increase Its Efficiency

Amazon has streamlined the challenging process of creating, managing, and comprehending blockchain by automating daily operations.

Amazon will likely lease a blockchain from the supplier. They can spend on running and managing the blockchain system effectively. In the long run, it will save the company money and time, allowing Amazon to focus on its core competencies.

Amazon Coin

Customers can choose from a wide range of online and conventional payment methods through the eCommerce behemoth Amazon. We already know the usage of blockchain-based cryptocurrencies in the e-commerce industry and how they help to speed up and secure payments. It is important to note, however, that the world's largest eCommerce company does not allow users of its site to purchase well-known cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

On the other hand, the Amazon Coin cryptocurrency is a creation of Amazon. Individuals can trade in this exchange and gain from cryptocurrencies by buying them. Additionally, users can use this blockchain-based cryptocurrency to pay for goods and services on the network.

Amazon Managed Blockchain and AWS

As part of its strategy to diversify outside eCommerce, Amazon provides the cloud computing platform known as AWS (Amazon Web Services). The business employs AWS for its eCommerce procedures and uses the innovation to store information in the cloud safely.

When combined with Amazon Web Services, Amazon Managed Blockchain provides the eCommerce behemoth to uphold data safety and confidentiality and guarantee that all transactions made on the system are kept safe.

These are two of the most widely used blockchain applications in the eCommerce industry. Therefore, whether you intend to create a decentralized ecommerce marketplace like amazon, employing blockchain technology can help your company reach new heights of success and expansion.

AWS Blockchain Templates

The business can swiftly set up blockchain networks associated with Ethereum or Hyperledger Fabric. The AWS Blockchain components are fully accessible. It enables quick and simple blockchain provisioning. This will assist in building their decentralized network following the company's preferences. The key point is that the AWS framework makes it simple for clients to handle and keep an eye on their shared blockchains. AWS blockchain development aims to build a trustworthy business environment for associates and investment firms.

It is clear that blockchain applications are becoming more popular. It now serves a range of other purposes in addition to its initial one of enabling monetary operations. New expansion and growth prospects have been made possible by the blockchain. The efficacy, productivity, time savings, and cost-effectiveness of business processes will increase.

Amazon’s Blockchain Roadmap For 2023

The business never fails to impress with its creative concepts, demonstrating its dedication to crypto advancement. As a result, the sector may eventually attract additional investment opportunities, allowing blockchain developers to create even more effective options for widespread use.

Because blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are still in their infancy, there is still room for increased consumer comfort. Convenient merchandise and services have a tonne of space to grow and prosper. From inception through execution, the staff's mission will be to concentrate on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Amazon has already expressed a desire for blockchain technology. The corporation has also placed numerous advertisements recruiting crypto and blockchain expertise to build an internal team of specialists on such initiatives. What precisely Amazon will do with cryptocurrency is still a mystery. Still, there is a good likelihood that something significant will happen soon, given all the low-key moves toward virtual currencies.

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Launch Your Best-In-Industry Platform With Blockchain Development Firm

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Benefits Of Having Amazon Like Platform Development In Blockchain

Higher Data Security

One of the top issues facing the eCommerce sector is data security. It is undeniable that consumer data is confidential and extremely personal, even if it is vital for e-retail enterprises. Primarily, blockchain technology is renowned for its high level of security. Due to the decentralized aspects of technology, it is very difficult to obtain information safeguarded via blockchain through unethical means.

Transparent Supply Chain

This need is met by blockchain, which also enables companies to guarantee supply chain transparency. The supply chain is subject to the technology's ability to record every operation. However, to be more honest and answerable to their customers and provide strong and unchangeable proof of their supply chains, current e-commerce enterprises are widely utilizing blockchain technology.

Lowered Delivery Fees

The management of the shipment can benefit greatly from the deployment of blockchain technology and its services. To further explain, logistics and freight companies may use blockchain to oversee the delivery process from beginning to end with effective tracking (using distributed block technology), minimize human inaccuracy, and ensure the confidentiality of transportation data.

Getting Rid of Intermediaries

Businesses may go away with middlemen and streamline transactional tracking with blockchain technology. Blockchain can automatically log transactions and store them as separate blocks of data. These documents are kept trustworthy and reliable since they are very secure and cannot be withdrawn or changed. This improves an eCommerce company's effectiveness and integrity while lowering operating costs.

Smooth Delivery

Customers get dissatisfied due to retailers' struggles to provide a flawless purchasing experience in light of the rising demand for e-commerce. In this situation, eCommerce companies can benefit from and enhance their delivery services by utilizing technology like blockchain. To further explain, real-time order tracking can be accomplished using blockchain technology and other technologies like IoT.

Rapid Checkouts

Digital payment is one of the main benefits of internet shopping. Customers no longer need to always carry actual cash and money with them, making purchasing items simpler. Today, many online retailers have adopted blockchain-based payment processing, enhancing online buying speed, security, and convenience.

Enhanced Corporate Efficiency

Efficiency in business operations is essential to every e-retail company. At this time, achieving procedural and productivity improvement is the only option to be profitable while competing. Blockchain is one of the best and most often utilized technologies in this area. Many eCommerce companies now use blockchain technology for various procedures that improve process improvement.

High-quality Payment Processing

Blockchain technology makes payment processing extremely safe, which records every operation. All parties have access to the decentralized accounting records that contain the operations' records. As a result, blockchain technology-enabled payments have no room for fraud or identity theft.

NOTE - Amazon doesn’t accept Bitcoin yet. However, customers can still utilize BTC payment to buy stuff from Amazon in a roundabout way to purchase prepaid Amazon gift cards online.

Cost-Driving Factors Of Amazon Ecommerce Like Blockchain-Based Platform

The estimated cost of Amazon-like platform development in blockchain depends upon various elements. Cost estimation is crucial in determining the project's objectives and selecting the best blockchain development company. Let's discuss the different factors that go into the final market pricing.

Unique Specifications

Two distinct market needs apply to decentralized e-commerce developments:

  • Websites for the present e-commerce market must have contemporary features.
  • Features that have yet to be found on any websites.

A ready-made solution will likely offer these characteristics if you add the ones already there. However, any software program must be customized to add new features that are currently out of stock.


Developers convert the concepts into functional e-commerce goods once the UI/UX design is complete. The following are the primary determinants of price:

  • Complexity of interfaces
  • Technology used
  • Responsiveness or adaptability of websites


Back-end development is the main procedure establishing the complete system's operation and supporting all the functions. More significantly, the product's quality is influenced by the server-side code. Despite not being visible to users, this stage is typically the most costly and time-consuming. The following are the main variables that affect average cost and development time:

  • Including third-party services
  • Processing data in a unique way
  • Advanced questions

Complexity Of The Market

The cost of developing a blockchain-based e-commerce platform also relies on how complicated the platform is. The marketplace design has certain user-friendly characteristics that result in a straightforward user interface. To assist you in identifying the market potential, you could get in touch with the top blockchain development company. Speaking with top blockchain developers, you may examine how decentrazed e-commerce marketplace cost are designed, developed, and managed.

Team Potential

You must add more money if you need additional resources for the decentralized e-commerce marketplace development. You can select any company regarding the quality and quantity of its resources.

Industry Business Model

Your decision regarding the e-commerce platform impacts the total project cost and mostly depends on the business strategy you must adhere to. For instance, free, open-source, or SaaS choices are available if you want to build a B2B or B2C marketplace. However, you only need to use an open-source clone script to create a P2P global market.

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Let's Dig Deep Into The Decentralized eCommerce Platform Development

We can help you develop a decentralized eCommerce platform that enables secure and transparent transactions without intermediaries. Let's collaborate and revolutionize the way you conduct online business

Steps To Build An Amazon-Like eCommerce Platform

Include Necessary Elements

You should outline all the specifications and characteristics the final product must meet before beginning any project's execution.

Hire An Expert Team

The secret to producing successful goods has a staff that focuses entirely on the product and works on it comprehensively.

Project Specifics

The tasks the team is expected to complete can be defined with thorough specifications. An established strategy is believed to give the team direction, so everyone knows their responsibilities, procedures, and deadlines.

Select the Appropriate Technologies

Once a list of features has been agreed upon, the prospective e-commerce product's technology stack is chosen. Choose the tech stack based on the project's scale, deadline, and available resources.

Designing UI/UX

User attraction begins with the design aesthetic. You should ensure the website looks user-friendly to attract visitors to stay on it longer and provide a satisfying user engagement.

Develop MVP

A minimum viable product entails creating just the essential features to address a particular issue and appeal to early adopters. An MVP is the most basic version of the product that has been market evaluated.


control the testing before deployment. Professionals in charge of quality assurance are in order of testing and guaranteeing the solution is error-free.

Launch and Assistance

Promote the platform among the customers and the vendors, two of your target markets, for a successful launch. The most obvious way to start promoting would be through web advertising.

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