Decentralized eCommerce Marketplace Development Cost

Decentralized eCommerce Marketplace Development Cost

By Suffescom Solutions

July 13, 2022

Decentralized eCommerce Marketplace Development Cost

Do you want to be a part of the Blockchain app development platform that has a group of outstanding people? Well, you must go for decentralized e-Commerce marketplace development from the world of blockchain.

Decentralization is counted as one of the emerging themes of the post-Web2 world. Many internet users want to have full control over their data and other internet activities. Blockchain technology removes the traditional intermediaries from the applications, hence, providing a series of blocks (ledger) with a history of records and transactions.

If you're looking for a similar marketplace and wondering about the blockchain development cost, we are here to assist you. The development cost depends on many factors including, the features and the business requirements. Further, we will discuss the marketplace features, development process, and the rough estimation cost to develop a decentralized eCommerce marketplace.

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Blockchain E-Commerce Marketplace Explained

The decentralized E-Commerce marketplace is an evolutionary milestone in the blockchain industry. This facilitates traditional entrepreneurs to take an easy entry into the online market by tapping into the eCommerce channels. E-commerce is the leading industry globally that requires tremendous power and storage to manage large data and other related services. Blockchain technology enhances the superior functionality of this industry and helps businesses to handle data more efficiently.

Blockchain technology is well-known for providing security features to businesses that provide the e-commerce industry with an extra layer of security by cutting down intermediaries. While promoting P2P transactions, users get many added features like quick transactions, fewer frauds, review verification, and product offerings. People can track their orders in real-time and the authenticity of the product with the traceability feature of the blockchain.

Prominent Features Of Blockchain-based E-Commerce Marketplace Development


Security is the core feature of the eCommerce marketplace for doing any transaction on the platform. It saves users from transaction loss and other malware activities.


This feature facilitates users with the article details like ownership and history. These articles are displayed to showcase the product and attract customers.


The sellers can list their products within the decentralized eCommerce marketplace. Sellers can create their listing and add their product details.

Buying and Auction

An efficient buying system is the main objective of the decentralized e-commerce marketplace development. Users can easily add bids, and check the status.


This is the mandatory feature to be added to the ecommerce marketplace. Users need a wallet for sending and receiving cryptocurrency. You can create your own crypto wallet for an amazing experience.


Blockchain development services maintain transaction transparency in the marketplace that can be verified publicly. Blockchain ensures error-free and smooth eCommerce transactions.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are generated through the digital signing of any agreement to prevent any kind of fraud and also eliminate the third parties from the process.


The E-commerce marketplace provides the sellers with the number of people who looked at the file and bid during any auction. With this, buyers and sellers get notified about any new NFTs or any future auctions.


Rating feature helps both buyers and sellers, as people do business with reputable people and this feature helps you from any false representations.

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Blockchain E-commerce Marketplace Use Cases

The E-commerce sector is transformed into a very secure ecosystem with the help of blockchain technology. It enables peer-to-peer transactions while removing all the third parties in between. We employ these use cases to create a real-world app and generate high revenue.

Peer-to-Peer Transactions

P2P is known to be the most prominent feature of the blockchain in the e-commerce industry. Customers and merchants can have direct transactions with the blockchain e-commerce marketplace platform. People can use a mobile app or dApp to send money and to make a more simplified payment.

Supply Chain Management

This feature allows customers to have a complete track of their product from the time of production to the time of the final delivery. Blockchain-based supply chains help businesses to perform goods streamlining to have better customer satisfaction. Customers can have easy transparency and traceability of the product.

Inventory Management

E-commerce firms can efficiently order, store, use, and sell their product. As a result, product management and warehouses are made easier. Inventory management enabled by blockchain enables companies to monitor stock levels and lower the likelihood of running out of supplies.


A blockchain e-commerce platform simplifies product tracing and lowers counterfeiting. Customers may review the product flow from manufacturing to delivery with this feature. The origin of the goods may be easily tracked with traceability.

Management of Data

Blockchain technology can effectively store and organize massive amounts of data in a decentralized network, unlike traditional data management methods that involve too much paperwork and mistakes. Additionally, it provides the stored data with increased privacy and security.

Fraud Prevention

Chargeback fraud is frequent in e-commerce, yet it costs the merchants money. Businesses can implement blockchain to stop customers from benefiting from these replacement and refund offerings. By checking every transaction, it stops fraudulent activity.

Perks Of Decentralized eCommerce Marketplace Development

Product Originality

By ensuring the originality of products at every stage of the supply chain, blockchain contributes to the authentication of products. In the end, this will assist an online store in winning the loyalty and trust of its clients.

No Intermediaries

The greatest option for doing away with transaction intermediaries is to use blockchain technology. Customers no longer have to rely on brokers to confirm transactions or pay exorbitant costs.

Automatic Methods

Once the relevant conditions have been satisfied, smart contracts are used in blockchain to enable rapid and automated transactions. These procedures will produce more accurate results and may also save time.

Improved Security

To reduce or entirely eliminate hacking and other criminal behaviors in an e-commerce environment that involves massive data processing and transactions, blockchain imposes high-security measures.

Quick Payments

Normal transactions take a long time, especially when they are cross-border. However, monetary transfers using blockchain technology are speedy and secure.

Live Monitoring

Customers have access to real-time live tracking of their products. Users of the supply chain can access data about a product at all points in the supply chain with blockchain technology.

How Decentralized Blockchain Help E-Commerce Marketplace Industry?

Blockchain transforms any business into a revenue generation powerhouse including a eCommerce marketplace platform. The E-commerce sector has revolutionized the industry by serving its customers with all their needs. Have a look at some blockchain applications for the E-commerce marketplace:

Inventory Management

One of the major reasons for a successful eCommerce business is efficient inventory management. Decentralized Blockchain-based eCommerce businesses manage their inventory to maintain item thresholds. It automates the inventory order process to ensure ecommerce businesses will never run out of products and maintain inventory above their limit.

Supply Chain Management

Efficient supply chain management is the major area for eCommerce and other types of businesses. Blockchain lets eCommerce businesses keep track of the supply chain and enhance transparency within the system. It also ensures that vendors stick to their agreed criteria which makes it easy to manage the supply chain.

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Warranty Management

Blockchain relaxes the customers with no receipt loss. The sale and purchase are stored on a decentralized ledger of a blockchain-based eCommerce platform. With this decentralization, anyone within the network can have warranty coverage in a few minutes.

Reward System

Blockchain-based e-Commerce marketplace platforms allow businesses to serve their customers with a plan of rewards rather than a single reward system. The business owners can keep track of every customer's purchase history to offer them any discounts to buy more.

Delivery Management

Delivery management is an easy task for any eCommerce platform with blockchain technology. The owners can track the exact time to deliver the product and customers can track their product from manufacturing to delivery. The stored data will be analyzed to give the exact delivery time.

Identity Management

The growing demand of eCommerce businesses results in more usage of these online platforms to buy products. The customers leave their digital footprints as they provide information like bank details, card details, and personal details to complete any transaction process. The information is stored on an internet database, making it safer and more secure.

Cost-Driving factors Of Decentralized E-Commerce Marketplace Development

There are several elements that are responsible for getting the estimated cost of blockchain eCommerce marketplace development. Cost estimation is an important factor that demonstrates the project goals and hiring the best blockchain development company. Let us discuss the different components in the final marketplace pricing.

Decentralized E-commerce projects consist of two unique marketplace requirements:

  • Modern features are a must in current e-Commerce market websites.
  • Features that are not present on any website till now.

If you add the features that are currently present, there are chances that a ready-made solution will provide these in-built features. However, if you want to add new features that are not in the current market, you need to customize any software solution to add those features.

Developer Experience

It is a very important factor to choose when finding the decentralized e-commerce marketplace development cost. As Blockchain is an evolving technology, those who are working on these projects are still searching the new tech variants. More experience requires more cost; it is better to check the past experience of the developer.

Complexity Of Marketplace

Blockchain e-commerce marketplace development cost also depends on the complexity included in the platform. Some user-oriented features in the marketplace architecture lead to a simple user experience. You might contact the leading blockchain development firm to help you find the marketplace potential. You can check the designing, developing, and managing of the e-commerce marketplace projects by consulting the best blockchain developers.

Team Strength

You need to add more funds if you require more resources for the decentralized e-commerce marketplace development. You can choose any firm to provide you with the resources in terms of their quality and quantity. For a small project, you need to have a team of around 8-10 experts, but, for a large project, you need to set up a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

Marketplace Business Model

Choosing the e-commerce marketplace depends mainly on the business model you need to follow and the choice affects the overall project costing. For instance, if you want to create a B2B or B2C marketplace, you can choose free, open-source, or SaaS options. However, if you need to develop a marketplace like P2P, you just need to go for an open-source clone script.

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So, these were some factors that are responsible for finding the exact blockchain eCommerce marketplace development cost. Consult our experts to have the exact development cost.

Decentralized Blockchain-based E-Commerce Marketplace Development Process

Gathering of Ideas

Our project development team will contact clients for a brief overview of the project and will attempt to obtain as much feedback from them as possible. Our team will proceed to the project analysis stage after receiving the necessary inputs.

Project Evaluation

Following that, our blockchain specialists will thoroughly examine the project based on the first inputs and share with the client the optimal tech-stack, solutions, and budget estimation. To satisfy client expectations, the team will generate extensive documentation on the development objectives and tech stack.

Stage of Development

Next, our team will move on to the development stages to make your ideal Decentralized Blockchain-Based eCommerce Platform a reality. Our team will break down the entire project into small development milestones, allowing clients to track the project's progress.

Phase of Testing

Suffescom employs rigid testing procedures to verify that the final product functions as intended. We ensure that the e-Commerce project is bug-free, safe, and highly scalable at this phase.

Post-Deployment Support

Suffescom Solutions Inc. provides post-deployment maintenance and support services to address minor bug issues or provide timely upgrades that directly affect platform performance. As a result, our customers won't have to bother about technical assistance and can instead concentrate on their e-Commerce business.

Suffescom Solutions - Experienced Decentralized ECommerce Development Company

So finally, you are clear about the decentralized eCommerce marketplace, its features, benefits, and cost factors. Choosing the best blockchain development company helps you to develop an eCommerce platform to meet your business goals and generate your revenue.

The blockchain experts at Suffescom Solutions Inc. have years of experience in the tech industry to deploy cutting-edge solutions for business domains. Consult our experts for the blockchain eCommerce marketplace development cost and get free advice about your business requirements.

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