Kraken Clone Script | Launch a Crypto Exchange Platform Like Kraken

By Suffescom Solutions

July 13, 2022

Kraken Clone Script | Launch a Crypto Exchange Platform Like Kraken

There have been tremendous innovations taking place in the digital world. With a transformation like this, people are adopting advanced technologies for multiple purposes. One of the most popular evolution is seen in the use of cryptocurrencies. subsequently, there is a need for the trading of these digital cryptocurrencies. Such a platform is known as the crypto exchange. Kraken clone script possesses all the attributes and functionalities that provide major liquidity options.

Kraken Clone Script

It is a cryptocurrency exchange clone software that includes all the inbuilt features and plugins like Kraken. Along with these features, there are several other characteristics that are useful in creating and deploying a fully workable exchange platform. The design and development of the Kraken Clone software are completely customizable. This helps the entrepreneurs in amplifying their trade volume globally.

Kraken Clone Script | Exchange Clone Script

Dive into the deep end of the crypto world with our kraken clone script, featuring robust security measures and lightning-fast performance.

The Kraken Exchange Clone underpins multiple cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ripple, steller, DASH, ethereum, etc.

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What is Kraken?

Kraken is the most demanding crypto exchange to buy and sell digital currencies. It was established in 2013 and is headquartered in California, USA. It has an extensive volume like OTC options, margin trading, etc. They are commonly known for charging reduced fees and higher security.

What are the Prime Reasons that Allow Crypto Traders to Opt for the Kraken Exchange?

  • High Volume Liquidity
  • Reduced Transaction fees
  • User-friendly Integration
  • Enormous Security features
  • Available all over the world

Working of Kraken Clone Script

  • In the beginning, the user needs to create an account by registering themselves on the platform. The registration is performed with the help of an email Id . After proper verification, the authorization link is sent to the registered Gmail ID. Click on the link and verify yourself.
  • The first step ends and the user can now sign in to the account. After that important details like name, contact number, government-authorized documents, driving license, bank details, etc are submitted for the necessary KYC verification. the KYC verification requires approval from the admin and enables the users to trade in any crypto coin.
  • The next step is if the user wants to purchase any crypto-asset, then they can readily deposit a certain amount of fiat money in their account. Other than that, the user is required to link/connect their bank account along with their credit/debit cards. This is done to deposit and withdraw the amount at any time.
  • After that, the user can select the type of trade and trading consistently in crypto coins. After the crypto trading is completed, the cryptocurrency is automatically delivered to the user’s crypto wallet.
  • Whenever there is a successful crypto transaction, as an exchange's admin , one can collect a specific amount of money as a commission fee.

All these steps justify the way of proper working of the Kraken clone script.

Exclusive Features of the Kraken Exchange Clone Offered by Us

Payment Gateway:

There is a well-defined crypto payment gateway that accepts all bank transfers in the form of credit and debit cards. There is a proper exchange of digital payments while fiat currency is received at the other end. Payments are received from all over the world without any restrictions. It completely diminishes the volatility risk by paying the actual market rate for the tokens at the transaction time.

Referral Program:

There are several referral programs that are conducted by such platforms. Here, a specific referral code is provided to the users. Then, the user needs to share that code with their friends/ family. The final outcome is a percentage discount, a few free currencies, special rewards, and some credit in the account when a complete trade takes place. The user and the referee are paid enormously.

Admin Dashboard:

The most common but essential part of any platform is the admin dashboard. All information related to the everyday operations is shown on the admin dashboard and that too is in real-time. There is a full-fledged insight into the performance of the platform in a more attractive way. The appearance is of excellent quality and every detail related to the operations is shown in a graphical manner. It gives a much better perspective of every minute detail on a solo page.

User Console:

The basic necessity of the exchange platform is that it should have a user-friendly interface. The user console act as an effectual console that holds an entire outlook of data performance. There are customizable access permissions and are controlled by the group assignment. All the necessary authorization is taken from such groups.

Leader Board:

Every detail of the market is made visible on the leader board. The particulars feature who are among the leading gainers and the losers of the market. It also mentions those merchants who make substantial profits in the entire cryptomarket. Besides this, the users can examine the information by integrating assets into their watchlists. Also, the users are able to trade the crypto assets as per the market trends.

Margin Trading:

Margin trading allows the traders to acquire funds. There is an adequate way of utilizing the funds provided by the third party for regulating asset transactions. It provides the insurance fund that protects the account when the equity is less than zero or the assets of the pledged currencies have collapsed. To overcome the issue of excessive trading, margin trading was introduced to act as a cooling-off period. Also, there is absolute security of funds that provides protection against the risks.

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Multi Cryptocurrency Alternatives:

It integrates the diverse Cryptocurrency options into the Kraken Clone Script Software to perform the multi-directional trade options.

Kraken Exchange Clone Script Offered by Us

With our kraken clone script, you can dive deep into the world of crypto and emerge victorious like the legendary sea monster itself.

Security Elements Add-Ons

HTTP Authentication:

This is a transparent and secure way of authentication. It provides security that is of the utmost level as compared to the fundamental authentication techniques. This platform uses HTTP instead of SSL (HTTPS) where the server verifies the client with the help of the client's Public Key Certificate (PKC).

Data Encryption:

The data that is exchanged between the clients and the service providers is encrypted into a coded format. This is done to ensure safety and protect the data. Access to this encrypted data is done with the help of an encryption key.on the contrary, the data is decrypted by using the decryption key.

Email and SMS Verification:

The sensitive information related to the users is sent via sms. It is done to keep the information safe and secure so that it does not get leaked away. Similarly, the important details are sent to the user in the email so that they are not misused by unknown people.

Two-Factor Authentication:

Two-factor authentication by adding an additional layer of security to your online accounts. In the case of two-factor authentication, there is a supplementary log-in credential other than the usual username and password. So, in case somebody wants to acquire access to the account then the subsequent credential is required.

SQL Injection Prevention:

SQL injection is a type of attack where the malign SQL statements are implemented. This can affect any web app/ web page. For this, input validation is carried out. The input is not taken straightforwardly by the application code. every input needs to be rechecked including login or web forms.

Anti-Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS):

Sometimes a lot of requests in bulk are sent that cause traffic at the reject those malicious requests, anti-DDoS is applied. This implements “scrubbing” where all the unwanted requests are declined and the authentic ones are passed.

Server-Side Request Forgery(SSRF) Protection:

In SSRF, the attacker exploits the server’s performance to alter the resources. The application is targeted by the attackers who in turn read data from the URL. This SSRF protection safeguards both the IP address and the hostname.

Functionalities of Kraken Clone Software


The scope of customization is very high in this software. There are modifications allowed for theme, color, design, logo, name, and add-ons as per the business requirements.


The in-built security features are epic. There is no need of getting additional protection features, every characteristic is provided to offer reliability.

Tailor-Made Solution:

It saves a lot of time and effort as nothing needs to be developed from scratch. A readymade solution is available to get the job done in a fraction of a second.

There is a secure way to facilitate crypto transactions without wasting much time.

High ROI:

They are susceptible to earning a huge amount of profit on the investment they have made. The return on investment (ROI) is usually high in this case. Besides this, the surplus is gained in a shorter frame of time.

Economical Trading:

There is an aggressive and investor-friendly fee layout for the trading purposes. The users will have an access to it and subsequently receive profitable rewards on the investment made. A negligible amount of fees is charged by the traders and investors. The trading becomes cost-effective due to the characteristics like staking, derivates marketing, indices, etc.

One-Stop Solution:

There are a diverse set of perks that this platform offers. Here, the user can manage everything right from features, transactions, and security aspects without any obstruction. Also, there is a faster deployment achieved on proper documentation, designing, development, and testing process. Cutting-edge technologies are used that make the development phase of a platform like this extremely responsive and intuitive.

Our High-End Kraken Clone Script Software is Designed with the Help of the Latest Technology Stacks. Check Them Out Now!

Kraken Tech Stacks:

There are diverse technologies that are used in collaboration to develop a platform or any program. These are also known as the “Solutions Stack” which includes frameworks, databases, softwares, tools, and much more. It is these hi-tech mechanisms that make the platform robust and resilient.

Application Hosting:

This allows the application to run on the cloud or on the servers which are hosted by a service provider. There are various application tools that are helpful in application hosting. For instance; Google cloud, Amazon Web Services.

Application Utilities:

The app utilities consist of all the ways that avoid confusion over the development costs, servers, and richly featured platform. The best example of application utility is Shopify in the Kraken software.

Assets and Media:

A seamless media experience is required at the major level that is helpful in delivering quick and steady content delivery. The assets and media safeguard all the media properties from malignant traffic. For example; Cloudflare.

Back Office:

All the essential details of the users are recorded in the back end. It is very helpful in providing flexible resource management and enhanced productivity with full access to expertise and quality. For example; Gmail (Google Cloud Platform) is the best administrative software.


There are many requirements for communication purposes to have a decent exchange of ideas. It is also helpful in problem-solving and enhances the potential for change There are several mediums that are used to build a strong relationship between the venture and the customers. For instance: Zoom and Webex.

Choosing The Correct Kraken Clone Script Development Company

With kraken clone script, you can dive into the world of digital assets and conquer the waves of the market like a true crypto titan.

Development Purpose:

The development purpose uses diverse techniques for ideation, designing, developing, and prototyping. Kubernetes is the system software that is an open-source platform for software deployment, expandability, and management.

Languages and Frameworks:

A compatible set of semantics, and library codes that streamline the programming.

The programming languages play a huge role in defining the interface of the platform such as next.js, bootstrap, javascript, HTML 5, python, SQL, CSS 3, etc.


A multitude of pre-written programs is used to enhance the task without writing the software all over again. Basic Examples of the libraries are; React, Moment.js, Lodash, etc.

Marketing and Sales Tools:

There are advanced levels of tools used for the marketing of the services. This is achieved by the usage of Salesforce and Zapier to skyrocket sales.

Why Choose Suffescom for Kraken Exchange Clone Platform?

We are a renowned cryptocurrency exchange development company that has all the capabilities to meet your business expectations. We have expertise in building white-label crypto exchange. Our team of professionals will provide you with the exceptional Kraken Clone platform with exceptional technical assistance.

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