Blockchain Crowdfunding Platform Development | Launch Blockchain Launchpad

Blockchain Crowdfunding Platform Development | Launch Blockchain Launchpad

By Suffescom Solutions

July 25, 2023

Blockchain Crowdfunding Platform Development | Launch Blockchain Launchpad

Blockchain and cryptocurrency technology have completely transformed the fundraising process for new businesses. Today's entrepreneurs seeking funding for their ventures can consider viable options such as ICOs, STOs, IEOs, and other financial instruments. Projects and startups seek funding in a revolutionized way due to blockchain's ability to improve transparency, security, and efficiency.

Suffecom Solutions, a leading blockcahin crowdfunding platform development company, tailors comprehensive solutions to your needs. We offer solutions that are more flexible and easier to implement.

What Is A Blockchain Crowdfunding Platform?

Blockchain crowdfunding platforms are online communities where people can donate or raise money for projects, businesses, or individuals. The owners of a project or business can reach a wider audience of potential investors while still providing a safe and transparent way for those people to invest their money.

Blockchain ensures the integrity of all transactions by using cryptography in a distributed ledger. This technology improves crypto crowdfunding platforms and simplifies the tracking of the impact of donations by keeping a public record of all contributions and expenditures.

Blockchain-Based Crowdfunding Platform Development

Join the future of crowdfunding! Get started with blockchain-powered platform today.

Role of Blockchain In Crowdfunding

Blockchain technology improves safety, transparency, and efficiency in crowdfunding using cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology will change crowdfunding in the following ways.

Secure Transactions: Blockchain technology provides decentralized and secure cryptocurrency funding, enabling safe transactions without the need for third parties.

Transparency: Blockchain technology improves the openness of the fundraising process by creating an immutable ledger of all transactions. In this way, investors and project owners can witness how they are using their money.

Smart Contracts: Smart contracts, or self-executing contracts, automatically handle many steps in crowdfunding, including creating investment contracts, transferring funds, and distributing rewards to investors.

Tokenization: The process of transforming an asset into a blockchain-tradable digital token is tokenization. Tokenization enables investors to sell a stake in the project or company on cryptocurrency exchanges, facilitating crowdfunding.

Traditional Crowdfunding Limitations

Here are some flaws with the traditional crowdfunding process:

Excessive Fees: Most crowdfunding platforms charge a lot of free for every posted project. Sometimes it is just a precise dollar sum or a percentage of the donors' donation. This is a disadvantage regarding funding availability, as start-ups practically look for every dollar to aid themselves.

Scam Startups: In some circumstances, start-ups are shown to be scams, leaving investors with no choice but to lose their money.

Intellectual Property Risk: Several start-ups fail to safeguard their intellectual property, exposing them to other experienced investors who can steal their idea and enter the market with the resources they have.

Do-It-Yourself Marketing: Instead of spreading the word, certain start-ups require strong advertising and marketing. And this type of promotion necessitates a significant investment, which puts a strain on startup capital.

Rules and Regulations: Not all platforms accept all types of services to be delivered. They have their own set of requirements, and if a start-up fails to meet them, it will face challenges in terms of innovation and business.

Different Blockchain Crowdfunding Model Types


Investors pool their money online to finance a company's growth in equity crowdfunding. The investor will share the company's ownership as a result. They will have a stake proportional to the amount they invest.


Donation-based crowdfunding campaigns do not provide contributors with goods or services in exchange for their donations to support personal/social causes. People's willingness to give money entirely determines the amount.


A new business or crowdfunding concept promises rewards to individuals who make contributions. Donors expect to receive merchandise, services, T-shirts, etc., in exchange for their generosity. The funding size determines the rewards.

Peer-To-Peer Lending

Peer-to-peer lending platforms on crowdfunding facilitate borrowers to access loans from a pool of lenders instead of a single lender. You must repay the loan at an agreed-upon interest rate by the due date.

Real Estate

The real Estate crowdfunding platform model presents opportunities to people interested in investing in real estate projects. Investors can provide the necessary capital. You no longer need to interact with contractors, mortgage brokers, and real estate agents.

Profit-Sharing / Revenue-Sharing

In profit sharing or revenue sharing based crowdfunding model lenders receive the money depending on the financial performance of the company. You can make payments on an annual basis and distribute a set percentage of the profits to each party.

Embrace The Blockchain Revolution & Build Blockchain-Based Crowdfunding Platform

Enjoy maximized fundraising opportunities with Blockchain crowdfunding platform development solutions. 

Blockchain Crowdfunding Platform Development Services

Suffescom Solutions, an industry leader, offers a full suite of services for creating a Blockchain-based crowdfunding platform. This allows startups to launch their projects with minimal hassle. Our company provides a wide range of services for creating smart contracts, crypto wallets, tokens, and crowdfunding apps on the Blockchain.

Types of Blockchain Funding Solutions We Provide

There are several types of blockchain crowdfunding, each with its advantages.

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

Cryptocurrency exchanges host token sales on behalf of a project team through an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), a form of crypto crowdfunding. The exchange facilitates the sale of the project's tokens to interested investors in an initial exchange offering (IEO).

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

A company raises capital by creating and selling its digital token currency on an ICO, a crowdfunding platform. You can purchase tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges with either cryptocurrency or fiat currency.

Security Token Offerings (STOs)

STOs, like initial coin offerings (ICOs), back real-world assets or revenue streams and undergo stricter regulatory oversight. Backers can make a profit and cast a vote, similar to equity crowdfunding.

Initial DEX offering (IDO)

IDO , a decentralized and permissionless crowdfunding platform, help new projects launch their coin or token sale via decentralized liquidity exchange. Despite being relatively new, people have already used it in various productive ways.

Features Of Our Crowdfunding Platform Development

Smart Contract

Our company offers adaptable Smart Contracts that ensure a steady flow of capital with minimal risk.

Social Media Integration

Through our developed crowdsourcing platform, you can reach a massive number of people via social media.


The blockchain-based crowdfunding platform supports multiple languages, allowing you to communicate more easily with your intended audience.

Private Messaging

Backers can securely communicate with each other on the blockchain crowdfunding platform.

Inbuilt Search Module

The users of our developed crowdfunding platform benefit from a handy in-built search function.

Online Payment

Our developed crowdfunding platform includes the electronic payment portal script for credit and debit cards.

Hire Experts For Decentralized Crowdfunding Platform Development

It is the good news for businessmen who are ready to start crowdfunding platform. Suffescom Solutions Inc. is here with brilliant blockchain developers.

Common Roles Of Blockchain Crowdfunding Platforms

Check here the most common roles of blockchain for crowdfunding.

Multisig Contracts

Contracts that require multiple signatures are known as multisig contracts. It enables users to make decisions as a group. Users can establish the required signs for transactions or other actions approval.

Capped Contracts

Capped contracts require a minimum amount of money to make a project profitable. If this goal is not met during fundraising, all money is returned to the investors. It's comparable to the IEO process because investors won't lose money on non-profitable projects. By combining crowdfunding and blockchain, you can provide your users with the protection and guarantees blockchain technology offers.

Freezing Tokens

If a project has raised more than the required funds, it can freeze the leftover tokens. These tokens can be used for future initiatives or to donate to others. You'll be able to build the internal currency for the blockchain-based crowdfunding platform and encourage people to invest in projects in this manner.

Time Vault Contracts

Time vault contracts allow you to define time limitations after which a user can no longer withdraw tokens. If an investor wishes to withdraw funds, they cannot do so once a particular period has passed. Blockchain is redefining crowdfunding by providing this degree of security to both parties.

Working Process Of Crowdfunding

When a creator proposes a new product initiative, interested parties can opt to support the cause and gain early access to the product. Each supporter deposits the needed amount in a stable coin into an escrow wallet controlled by a smart contract. The creator can begin manufacturing when the total cash in escrow reaches the target within a certain time frame.

Why Suffescom Solutions for Blockchain Crowdfunding Platform Development?

Domain Expertise

For over 5.5 years, our blockchain development team has been providing innovative solutions to clients worldwide.

Creative Solutions

We stay abreast of the latest technological developments to provide you with the most effective solutions for your company.

No Hidden Cost

We only charge our clients for the time and effort we put into developing their blockchain solutions, and we strictly adhere to a pricing policy to prevent any hidden fees.

Long-term Assistance

We offer reasonably priced post-deployment services designed to keep your solutions up-to-date and free of technical issues.

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