Metaverse Development for Manufacturing | Industrial Metaverse Services

Metaverse Development for Manufacturing | Industrial Metaverse Services

By Suffescom Solutions

March 19, 2023

Metaverse Development for Manufacturing | Industrial Metaverse Services

Metaverse is a virtual space that is in buzz right now. It's not a new world but has existed for many years now. The adoption of this incredible technology on a large scale has popularized it further. Various high-profile tech giants have started taking this seriously and successfully created a realm with numerous use cases. One such application that has captured the market is the manufacturing sector.

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Metaverse in Manufacturing Market

There is a variety of application that exists in the industrial sector. As we know, the metaverse is related to the digital characterization of business operations, in which manufacturing plays an essential role. Manufacturing is one domain that requires cautiousness at every stage. Everything should be aligned properly, so there is no confusion in meeting the people's demands.

The concept of building digital twins is the heart of the metaverse. This feature helps in achieving massive productivity and security in the relevant sector. All this happens without causing any obstruction in production and worrying about the safety of the workers. The idea of the digital twin has been used in manufacturing for a long time and has shown tremendous effectiveness.

How Will The Metaverse Influence The Manufacturing Sector?

The metaverse can potentially change how people will interact with one another. The businesses are taking cognizance of the matter and have taken steps to make it a reality. There is an excellent role for innovative technologies that are highly user-friendly due to the massive adoption of portable devices.

The manufacturing market needs innovation more than anything else. There is the huge market for supply chain management. This is an important issue that requires proper validation and verification at every step. Therefore, ultra-modern solutions, such as VR/AR head-gears, 3D modeling equipment, and a breathtaking virtual experience, are required.

The greatest influence of Metaverse in the Manufacturing Market makes on-boarding and training easy. The new employees face difficulties in the beginning in understanding the functioning, business operations, mission, services, and values offered by the company.

They are trained using VR equipment that does not harm the person performing training. The physical form of utilizing the tools and equipment that could be dangerous. The futuristic advancements in the metaverse help the new employees in configuring devices, setting avatars, getting HR, and payroll, getting help in troubleshooting, and understanding the company’s policies.

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Overview Of Supply Chain Management

The main component of the manufacturing industry, which involves resources, organizations, people, and technology, is "supply chain management." The primary function of the supply chain is to systematically deliver the raw materials from the supplier to the manufacturer and then eventually to the customer. There is a step-by-step procedure related to the supply chain management process.

  • Requirement planning
  • Production planning
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing
  • Packaging
  • Goods Inventory
  • Distribution
  • Logistics/Transportation
  • Customer support service

Challenges Faced By The Supply Chain Management

  • Lack of transparency
  • Poor production cycle
  • Not meeting customer expectations
  • Delay in transportation

Technological Stacks We Use

Distributed Cloud

Improves scalability of the system.

Virtual Assets

Offers a repository for the virtual assets.

Digital Twin Technology

Provides real-time tracking and enhances decision making.

Immersive AR/VR Platform

It gives an incredible user experience and amplifies customer engagement.

AI Platform

Provides intelligence to the digital entities.

Front End

Native clients are utilized in unity/unreal in HTML5, which enables high performance in the decentralized platform.

Back End

Servers are made secure to allow smooth payment transactions.


A huge amount of data, usually in terabytes, is generated that requires massive space provided by the metaverse platform.


Futuristic technologies involve hardware that is compatible with the latest blockchain world.

Exclusive Features in Metaverse Enabled Supply Chain Platform

WebMe Metaverse

It encompasses interactive AI, digital twins, and an ultra-modern world capable of adopting human-centric behavior in supply-demand. This technology senses the consumers' demand with its "knowable" attribute, and the supply obstruction is removed.

The Unreal Model

Artificial intelligence enables fresh ways to conduct planning and use data to carry out plans more accurately and precisely.

Configurable Programmed World

The in-built product programming creates a more responsive supply chain behavior with a fantastic customer experience.

Advanced Computations

The planning and optimization are achieved by powerful computation techniques that reduce prices and meet customer demands, offering sustainability and flexibility.

Metaverse in Manufacturing Market

Outstanding Product Design

AR and VR technologies are used to enhance product design in the virtual world of the metaverse. It will build a virtual showroom allowing the product designers to drag and drop the assets into a digital twin simulation. This will provide a convenient approach to identifying the assets, which is much safer and more efficient. It will also avoid the need for performing physical testing and will avoid unnecessary time and effort.

Even the digital twin has perks corresponding to the replica of anything (product/individual) present in the physical world. Everything is connected with the IoT (internet of things) that collects the data from the real world and transforms it into a virtual representation in the metaverse via computer applications.

  • Planning, Testing, and Developing calculated products.
  • Figuring out problems that could possibly transpire in the physical world.
  • Developing products in collaboration.
  • Brilliant product life cycle by integrating quick and responsive feedback.

Training Workers

Companies have already initiated the utilization of the manufacturing industry metaverse. The adoption of immersive experiences inculcates relevant information for the new hiring. It also streamlines the knowledge transference among the team members. There is no chance of skill leakage.

For instance:

There are various manufacturing films like Honeywell and the Hyundai Motor Company, and other companies use metaverse to enhance their training efforts. The workers use AR/VR headsets to perform operations in the virtual world. This modernized technology even allows field workers to fix the equipment using mixed reality(MR), a combination of AR and VR.

Enhancing Quality Control

Quality assurance is an integral part of any manufactured product. So, from time to time, inspections are required to detect damaged or defective products. This is done by applying extended reality (XR) that accurately spots any issue present in the product before transforming it into the bigger one.

For example:

  • Airbus, the most famous European aerospace company, and HeroX are finding ways to uplift the traveler's experience. It will also enhance the immersive shopping experience by allowing the passengers to try the products virtually. Another airline company Qatar Airways has launched a program that enables passengers to have a look inside the aircraft before buying tickets.
  • Fashion is another realm that requires quality control. Various brands like Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Balenciaga, and Adidas have created virtual rooms for showcasing the end-products to the customers. Firstly, the avatars are created via modernized technologies, and the appearance entirely depends upon the manufacturers that come in various shapes and sizes.

The implementation of AI and AR/VR allowed for to creation of opportunities for the latest business models. It has created an outstanding virtual collection of the clothing line with a 360-degree turn via 3D digital runways, virtual showrooms, and avatars.

A popular luxury brand like Louis Vuitton has launched a game where fashion products are authenticated by NFTs and has considerably created engagement among the luxury players.

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Optimizing Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing companies must look for multiple methods to improve the production quality issues that require testing. Physical testing is the long route to solving such problems.

In situations like this, automatic ways need to be adopted. Thus, AR technology is the best technique that helps technicians to perform their job efficiently. Famous vehicle manufacturer company BMW has service centers that use AR glasses to repair complicated issues. Such glasses give a hands-down video demonstration, connecting them to the experts to work on the issue.

BMW also has a digital factory which is the exact replica of the real production to ensure that every operation is performed seamlessly before in the real factory.

Building Physical Products via Digital Designs

Metaverse has immensely bridged the gap between the physical and the virtual world. The virtual space has all varieties of technologies that help build a product initially virtually and then implement the same design in the real world. The futuristic advancements ease the design and development time, possibly taking months and years. In reality, it could only take a few days.

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