Idealo Clone: Right Time To Launch Your Business With Idealo Like App

Idealo Clone: Right Time To Launch Your Business With Idealo Like App

By Suffescom Solutions

November 29, 2021

Idealo Clone: Right Time To Launch Your Business With Idealo Like App

Tech-savvies look for ways to cut costs, whether it is on appliances, apparel, or flight tickets online shopping. Therefore, Axel Springer considered the need of present customers and created an Idealo app that allows users to compare prices on a range of products and services from hundreds of shops. AG publishing company launched this website in Germany in 2000, and till date, it is filling the gap between what the customers want and under what prices.

If you are the one who is planning to pump up your business with an app like Idealo. Amazing!! You are on the right track to flourish your business. Why? Because apps like Idealo are in high demand for providing an affordable opportunity to buy anything from the internet. Even the customer sets an alert on the app to provide information about product availability at a specific rate.

Interesting right? The amazing features of an app like Idealo can be a part of your business's success. You just need to focus on choosing an ideal clone app development company like Suffescom Solutions Inc. and start building your dream. Highly skilled experts at Suffescom build apps beyond Idealo.

Let's explore more about an Idealo app;

Launch The Best Idealo Clone For Your Unique Business

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What is An Idealo Clone App?

An Idealo clone app is just similar to the original Idealo app. It has all the features and functionalities of the real app. Users can compare products or services prices from different platforms like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, John Lewis, Currys, and Argo, simultaneously. Customers can find essential details such as available payment options, date of delivery, rated starts, and how many people published their opinions for product rating or reviews from the landing page.

An Idealo clone app, the perfect platform ensures a hassle-free and quick customer shopping process. Not only this, customers can check out product descriptions to know everything in advance. It means the app leaves no stone unturned to provide convenience to customers and higher ROI to the business.

Idealo Clone app Features at a Glance:

Product Search

An Idealo shopping tool allows the users to scan and search products from the barcode and get the cheapest place to buy them. Therefore, users don't have to look for the pricing whims of a single retail outlet.

Product Information

Each product mentioned on the Idealo similar apps contains detailed information such as generic, features, functions, specialty, design, and more that helps to make better understanding through words and visuals.

Filters and Sorting options

An unmatchable quality of sorting options like the product, price, payment options, delivery details, online vendor, etc., ensure easy to buy. Further, you can set price alarm clocks that alert price development at various tenures. You can choose immediate availability or without return-cost products.

Delivery Info

Delivery information helps the users to favorite products. Users can pick from immediate delivery to month-end delivery options. Even if there are product variations, customers can avail product return options in a stipulated time.

Email Alert

If something is missing in the list from your customer's budget, they can set an alert to get messages or emails when the product reaches the target price. It works as a win-win situation for both customers and businesses.

Sharing is Caring

The app, like the Idealo clone, provides an excellent feature of sharing products with friends and family via email or social media apps. The more the customers share promotions and offer links, will benefit your business success.

24×7 Customer Support

Round-the-clock customer care support ensures businesses care for customers' concerns and are ready to share feedback in multiple languages. Even the customers can resolve issues via live chat, emails, or phone calls.

Idealo Clone App Workflow

  • Retailers can create their accounts by signing up and listing their various products and services. Sometimes, the Idealo app gives its logo to certain products to attract more shoppers.
  • Customers to begin with the app have to register with an app. The registration process involves sharing important details such as name, email address, location, contact number, etc.
  • Users can buy different products based on the lowest to highest prices strategy in the list.
  • There are multiple payment options such as plastic cards, mobile payments, or wallets to complete the order process.
  • Once the order is placed, the products leave their home by trained delivery professionals to reach their destination.
  • The customers receive their order based on delivery details such as immediate or fixed date oriented through professional delivery personnel.

What Products Idealo Similar Apps Offer?

Ideal offers a wide variety of products that guarantee to meet customers' expectations. Users find top in-fashion brands and their hottest deals, home decor items, gadgets, flights and hotel booking, and many more options!! Your users just need to;

  • Search for products through deals of the Day, Hottest offers, or whatever name you have given to sell products like hotcakes.
  • You can add a huge variety of products such as clothes, electronics, or services to widen the customer base.
  • 24*7 customer support protects your customers from shopping for the wrong product. Your users can ask them for better and effective suggestions.

What else,...

Idealo Flights!!

Idealo like apps for flights is the fastest growing online traveling business, especially after the pandemic. Sound bemusing? The flight ticket fares were observed to rise in many countries after the opening of international borders. Therefore, people's expectations to choose the online flight booking options and grab the best deal is hard to ignore. But it is providing a great deal of business to online traveling companies. Learn more;

  • Travelers can find the best deals on flight booking to various worldwide destinations.
  • Users can search departure city, arrival airport, or duration of stay from filter options.
  • Check out the cheapest listed deal on the app and compare the features with the other 1000 options.

Charge Up & Optimize Your Idealo App Clone

Our digital eCommerce solutions let you give flawless shopping experiences to your customers, from simple order processing to facilitating payments around the world. Contact us to get started with your own Idealo like app.

Idealo Clone App Benefits for Your Business

Apart from broad customer reach and diverse comparisons, there are numerous other reasons that motivate you to build your business platform, like the Idealo clone app.

High Conversion Rate

Idealo clone app users actively hunt for the best deals on this platform. Once users find the desired product at compatible prices, they cannot wait anymore for placing orders. Therefore, apps similar to Idealo somehow result in impulsive shopping and boost conversion rate with an increasing number of clicks.

Direct Checkout

Apps like Idealo allow not only different retailers to sell their products on this platform but also join other native platforms to add products. Joining many platforms in one place increases chances for selling than only comparing listed retailers' products. Hence, it improves 42% of conversion chances.

Cross-Border Entry Point

Idealo clone app is a perfect option to enter the international market. If the language is becoming the biggest obstacle, the app translation can build your customer trust. They can understand the checkout gateway, features, and functionalities before finalizing the product or services. Hence, it builds a positive reputation among various competitors.

App Optimization

An Idealo has more than 1 million users making it the 5th most popular app in Germany. You can experience the same features in your app, and top of all, the app is fully optimized from google and SEO results. It will result in a constant increase in conversion rate like the original Idealo app.

Fully Secured

When the app is developed by professional developers like Suffescom experts, you can expect results beyond expectations. Your app will be end-to-end encrypted with blockchain development that leaves no scope for cybercriminals to deal with your app.

What Are Your Payment Options On the Idealo Website?

Ideal offers two major options such as cash on delivery or card payments.

Cash-On-Delivery: You can set cash on delivery for certain locations where the plastic card, internet banking, or mobile payment market is not at its peak. Customers need a privilege to pay for delivery.

Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express can be accepted. With this, do not forget to check add-on options.

Build Your Own App Like Idealo With Us

Give your business a boost which is much needed. Build a app like Idealo with expert and bring success to your business. Our expert will help you create Idealo clone which meets your business goals.

What Problem Does Your Idealo Clone App Solve?

Nobody wants their hard money to be wasted on a single product, especially when they have an option to buy products at a lower price. Therefore, the Idealo clone app provides a platform for shoppers to save money while shopping.

Customers can set an email alert for a specific product or price. When it reaches a definite level, users can buy from an alert. The strategy brings back your customers.

Apps like Idealo clone, not only for saving money but also the best deal to send birthday presents on a specific date. Customers appreciate customized pickup and delivery solutions options that send gifts to their loved ones on a specific date or time. It helps businesses to get advance orders.

Wrapping Up

The emergence of e-commerce platforms in the market promoted deep discounts cultures among shoppers. Products are being sold in the market at lower prices compared to brick and mortar stores. You can also enter the fruitful market with a clone app development company like Suffescom Solutions Inc.

The company assists leading and aspiring entrepreneurs in gaining competitive edges in the e-commerce industry. Our Idealo clone app is entirely secure to do transactions and keeps things up-to-date with the latest market. So, don't lag to have an intelligent platform for providing the best deals; get it today by connecting with us instantly.

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