Lieferando Clone App: Quickest Way To Start Food Delivery Business in Germany

Lieferando Clone App: Quickest Way To Start Food Delivery Business in Germany

By Suffescom Solutions

April 19, 2022

Lieferando Clone App: Quickest Way To Start Food Delivery Business in Germany

Are you planning to start your food delivery business in Germany? Hurry!! You have picked the right post.

Venturing into a new business is not an easy task, especially when you are not technically sound. A wrong choice of app, its features may create delivery hassle like inability to track customer’s or delivery boy’s location or many not accept orders on time due to app downtime.

That’s why we at Suffescom Solutions have FORMED A Body to support budding entrepreneurs like you. We help young entrepreneurs to leverage our worldwide connections to connect them with the right people & products to help them grow. Get in touch with our support team today and take the step forward to shape your Lieferando like app development dream into a reality.

Now, back to the topic.

So the real question is - What’s so unique about this post? Well, to keep it simple, this post discusses every aspect that helps you launch a food delivery business with a Lieferando clone. To know more, Just keep on reading further!!

What is Lieferando Clone, and How It Works?

The Lieferando clone app is a functional replica of the Lieferando app with the scope of personalization as per specific business needs. Our Lieferando clone app allows users to order from their favorite restaurant and food store. Registered restaurants and food chains with our Lieferando clone app can upload their menu and list of available items to make it easy for users to order from them. Admin monitors all the activities on the platform with an admin dashboard.

  • Our Lieferando clone provides a platform for users to order food from their favorite restaurant and pay for the same from the comfort of their homes.
  • After receiving the order, the app sends a notification to the store, and they will start preparing for the order.
  • While the food is getting prepared, the app assigns the delivery request to the nearby delivery agent to pick up the order and drop it at the location specified by the users.
  • Users can track all these activities from the user interface and receive notifications about accepted orders, delivery time, food status, and track delivery agents in real-time.
  • All the activities, from ordering food, preparing food, and final payment to final delivery at the user’s location, the admin monitors the entire process.
  • Admin earn profits as they provide users an easy and hassle-free way of ordering food from their favorite location and enjoy from the comfort of their home.
  • In-app advertisement and brand promotions are another way admin can generate revenue from our Lieferando clone app.

Now you know how the Our Lieferando clone works, it's time to move on to the next section, where you will read about the features. These are vital features that you will get from our software solution and ensure the success of your food ordering application.

Launch Your Food Delivery App with Our Customizable Lieferando Clone Solution

With our Lieferando clone solution, you can streamline your food delivery operations and provide your customers with a seamless ordering experience. Our solution comes equipped with advanced features such as real-time tracking, secure payment options, and easy menu management, ensuring that your app stands out from the competition.

Revenue Model Of Our Food Delivery Lieferando Clone App

With the popularity of the on-demand food delivery apps like Lieferando clone, there are multiple ways in which you can generate money from them. We have discussed some of the revenue generation methods for your Lieferando clone application. You can choose a revenue model for your application depending upon which meets your specific business requirements.

Delivery Fee

Admin can charge a delivery fee depending upon the order quantity, delivery location, and availability of the delivery agent. Usually, the delivery charges are between 10-15 percent of the total order value. This is one of the most revenue-generating methods for food delivery applications.

Commission From Restaurant

Food delivery apps like Lieferando can move up restaurant sales by about 20–30 percent. You can charge a fixed commission from the restaurant owners as commissions and earn direct revenue.

In-App Advertisements

To boost their sales, restaurant owners pay a certain advertisement amount to promote their restaurant. With in-app advertisements, you can generate revenue from your Lieferando clone app.

Subscription Fees

This method is one of the most efficient ways to keep users engaged with the food delivery app and order food from their favorite restaurants. When users pay a subscription fee, they enjoy additional discounts, free delivery, or other amazing offers, thus enhancing their overall experience.

Paramount Features of Our Lieferando Clone Script

The features play a pivotal role in the success of any application. With our Lieferando clone script, you will get features that we have discussed below that allows you to stand apart from the competition. Our Lieferando clone script features include:

Access To Data

There is no wrong in saying that Data is the king in the 21st century. The more registered restaurants and food chains on your food delivery platform, the more chances of users getting engaged with your application. All these relevant data on your platform give freedom to the users to order food from any of the registered restaurant and food chains.

Multi-Payment Integration

Simply creating a platform that allows users to order their favorite dish or restaurant is not enough. It is equally vital to provide app users the freedom to choose a payment method with a multi-payment integration method. Credit cards, debit cards, cash payments, and Paypal are popular payment methods that you can have on your Lieferando clone app.

Delivery Estimation

Providing users an estimation of the time it will take to prepare food and deliver it to their set location. This feature provides users the convenience of knowing their food's approximate arrival, thus balancing their expectations and lowering their anxiety.

In-App Live Tracking

With the in-app live tracking feature, you allow users to track the exact location of their ordered food and delivery agent. You can easily find this feature in all leading food delivery apps like Postmates and Ubereats. This feature is mainly focused on delivering the finest service to the end-users.

Rating & Reviews

Rating & review is one of the most vital things that will get our Lieferando clone app script. As there are a lot of freelance delivery agents, new dishes and restaurants are linked with our platform. Ratings and reviews are crucial for your food delivery app as they ensure that everyone does their job right and gives you feedback to improve your services.

Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are essential to attract more customers to your food ordering app, and with loyalty points, you can keep them engaging with the platform. Customers will reorder via the platform and attractive loyalty platform to take your services more frequently.

Create Your Own Food Delivery Empire with a Lieferando Clone App from Us

We offer you the opportunity to create your own food delivery empire with our Lieferando clone app. Our app is fully customizable and equipped with all the necessary features to help you launch your own food delivery business in no time.

Food Delivery Model of Our Lieferando Clone App

Depending upon your business goal, you can choose a business model for your Lieferando clone app. There are two types of food delivery models:

Order the Only Model

In this food delivery model, the application is designed simply to accept or reject incoming orders, and there is no provision for food delivery. The partnering restaurants solely handle the delivery part, and the fees are charged as per the number of orders received online.

Order And Delivery Model

As the name suggests, in this food delivery model, everything from food order to the final delivery is the responsibility of the food delivery app.

Our Lieferando clone app is fully customizable as per specific business needs. However, it is vital to choose the food delivery model according to your business plan, investment level, and sources.

Key Features to Consider During Lieferando Like App Development

If you plan to venture into the food delivery business and look for Lieferando like app development, these key features need to be on your list. The first thing you need to know about on-demand food delivery app like Lieferando is that it has three app interfaces:

  • Customer App
  • Delivery Agent App
  • Admin App
  • Restaurant App

Now, let us discuss each one of these app interfaces in detail.

Your customers will frequently be using your food delivery app, so it would help if it is intuitive and easy to use. The customer app should allow your customers to find the right restaurant or dish that they wish to order. After ordering, the payment process should continue to be seamless.

Customer App


The registration process of the platform needs to be easy and allows users to register with the application easily. With social media integration features, users can register with the platform within minutes and start ordering food from their favorite restaurant.

Manage Profile

With this feature, a user can login to the profile to edit, remove or add information on the platform.

Advanced Search Filters

This feature makes it easy for users to find their favorite dish or restaurant with advanced filters such as location, delivery time, ratings, etc.

Rating and Review

With this feature, a customer can give their rating regarding a particular restaurant., dish, or delivery agent as per their experience. They can also view ratings of a particular cuisine or restaurant, thus helping them order the best from them.

Schedule Orders

This feature of food ordering apps like Lieferando allows users to order their preferred restaurant and schedule it later.

Easy Payment

With the multi-payment integration feature, you can provide ease to users to pay for their orders. Credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, iOS wallet, etc are some of the common methods of paying for orders.

Contact Details

The restaurant and delivery agent's contact details are available on the application. Customers can contact restaurant owners for specific cooking instructions or call a delivery agent to inquire directly about the ordered food's status.

Live Tracking

This feature allows the app users to track the location of the delivery agent in real-time and know when their food is going to be delivered.

View History

With this feature, users on the platform can view their previous completed orders and even reorder with just a click of a button.

Add-on Features

Add-on features such as Push notifications, promos, in-app promotions, offers, etc are an excellent way of increasing user engagement.

Delivery Agent App

Delivery agents are another important part of your user base. The entire delivery aspect of the business is directly dependent on them, and thus it is vital to add more delivery agents to the platform with these easy-to-use features.

Registration and Verification

The registration process of the platform needs to be easy. It should allow the delivery agents to register with the application easily. After completing the registration and verification, the process delivery agent can start accepting orders.

Manage Orders

This feature allows the delivery agents to manage (accept or reject)the incoming orders with just a few touches on the screen.

In-Built GPS

With this feature, it is easy for the delivery agent to find the user's location and deliver the order at the right time.

Order Status

The delivery person will update the order status, such as in progress, delayed, or delivered, and keep them updated with push notifications.

In-App Wallet

This feature allows the delivery agents to receive money and tips directly in their wallets. They can view their total earnings from the platform and later withdraw the money directly to their bank account.

Delivery History

Delivery agents can check out their previously completed deliveries and payments with this feature.

Tech Support

With this feature, delivery agents can directly contact the admin or support team if they face any issue with the application.

Admin App

The admin is the central governing authority of the on-demand food delivery application and will monitor everything happening over the platform. Here are some key features for the admin app that will assist in the smooth running of the platform.


The registration process will be the same on all the platforms. Admin can assist delivery agents or restaurant owners if they face any issues to complete the registration process.

Managing Profile

This feature allows the admin to manage (edit, add, or remove) registered users with the platform.

Assigning Orders

Admin can assign orders manually to the available delivery agent to speed up the process.

Admin Dashboard

It is easier to manage users, restaurant owners, and delivery agents on a single app screen with an admin dashboard.

Managing Content and Orders

With this app feature, the admin can easily manage content on the platform for a better UX experience and manage orders to provide a smooth app experience to users.


This feature allows the admin to critically analyze the food delivery app's performance. They can view the exact number of customers, orders completed, total transactions, and other details daily, weekly, or monthly.

Push Notification

These are a great medium to interact with users and inform them about the latest offers, promos, and app updates.

Know The Revenue Model of Our Lieferando Clone

Registration and Verification

The registration process of the platform needs to be easy and make it easy for new restaurant owners to register easily. After completing the registration and verification, they can start accepting orders.

Manage Orders

This feature allows the restaurant owners to manage (accept or reject) incoming orders with the application.

Order Status

With this feature, the admin on the platform can manage or update food status. Such as in-process, delayed, out for delivery, and keep customers updated with push notifications.

Manage Product

Restaurant owners can use this app feature to manage (add, delete or update) item prices. In Addition to this, the other details make it easy for users to order food.

Order History

With this app feature, restaurant owners can view the history of completed, rejected orders, total deliveries. This includes total earnings on a single app screen.

Tech Support

With this feature, restaurant owners can directly contact the admin or support team if they face any issue with the application.

Transform Your Restaurant Business with Our Cutting-Edge Lieferando Clone App

Our Lieferando clone app is designed to provide a seamless ordering and delivery experience for your customers, helping you build brand loyalty and increase revenue

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Lieferando Like App?

So, now you have everything related to food delivery apps like Lieferando development, it's time to talk about money. The development cost of an application depends upon various factors such as app features, app development partner, geographic location, total expertise, hourly rates, and more.

Some of the vital factors that directly impact the cost to build a Lieferando clone app with similar features to Lieferando are as follows:

  • Native Android/iOS
  • Tech-Stack
  • App features & functionalities
  • App complexities
  • Expertise and ability of the development team
  • UI and UX Design
  • Maintenance Plan

Connect with our support team today for a FREE 10-minute demo call and discuss further our Lieferando clone app. Our team will ASAP share the complete project cost estimation, so you can move further with the app development.

Final Words

Many startups plan to enter this soaring business opportunity with the rising popularity of food delivery apps like Lieferando. But with fierce competition in the food delivery business, only the one with top-notch security features and functionality will survive. This is why you need a reliable Lieferando Like App development partner to launch your own food delivery business in Germany. We help our clients worldwide to outshine competitors and survive the tough challenges of the food delivery business.

Hope this post has cleared all your doubts about the Lieferando clone.

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