LoanPro Clone Development: Lending Management Software Like LoanPro

LoanPro Clone: Launch A Lending Management Software Like LoanPro

By Suffescom Solutions

May 19, 2023

LoanPro Clone: Launch A Lending Management Software Like LoanPro

The financial setup across the globe has transformed in many ways. Before digitization, the lending process was difficult. People had to stand in long queues to get their work done. But after the integration of technologies in the financial sector, the daily routine work of the banks has become easier. There has been a great paradigm shift in the financial landscape due to the inclusion of advanced softwares. With each passing day, there is a new addition to how the banking/financial institutions work. Automation is another great example that helps in improving principal business operations. The biggest problem faced by the customer is when they have to lend a loan. The LoanPro clone is the best thing that has ever happened in the history of the banking realm. This has made the whole lending process stress-free for the customers and the banking industry.

Suffescom Solutions Inc. is a top ranked software development company that provides high-end and cost-effective LoanPro clone development services to its clients.

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Key Features Of LoanPro Clone

There are various loan lending and management software available in the market. But the one that has grabbed the attention of the customers and the businesses is none other than the LoanPro clone. They have created a buzz in the tech market because of their salient features. They are absolutely out of the world and have the potential to solve the basic necessities of the customers.

Loan Programs

The LoanPro clone helps customers to acquire every type of loan program as per their preference. These include non-revolving loans, term loans, liabilities, etc.

Digital Access

The user will get access to all the features and functionalities of software like LoanPro. The only thing that needs to be a prerequisite is a steady internet connection, and everything is sorted.

Multiple User Accounts

LoanPro clone has multiple account facilities, enabling them to create various accounts. This is such a great feature that allows the most convenient utilization of the software.

Automated Phone Calls And Texts

In case of any customer inquiry or issue, a pre-recorded phone call tells them about the loan-related information. Similarly, automated texts are sent to the customers providing details related to the loan deals.

Payment Gateways

The seamless transaction taking place on the LoanPro clone is done via cards, e-checks, or even cash. The cards comprise debit/credit cards linked with the bank account, and echeck processors help retrieve capital right from the customer's account. Also, round-the-clock services are provided by the A1 cash payment services.

Interest Methods

This feature gives a free hand to the users to select the interest methods of their own choice. For instance, amortization, simple interest, daily balance, and more.

Payment Time Period

As per the user's convenience, the payment period can be chosen. The duration could be weekly, monthly, bi-weekly, annually, quarterly, etc.

Automated Late Fees

There is a scenario of automatic retrieval of the late fees by the system when the payment is not fulfilled on the committed date. This is done via NSF(non-sufficient fund) processing.


Another fundamental feature of software like LoanPro clone is to make decisions using the accrue either on the first or the last day or, in some cases, both. The value year could be 360,364,365, 366, etc.

Computerized Reports

The reports generated by this software are elementally used to give the customers and the businesses detailed performance statistics. The figures can then be properly analyzed, which is further subjected to evaluation.


This feature of the LoanPro clone is definitely the best of all. It helps remind businesses to view the most relevant details corresponding to the loans.

API (Application Programming Interface)

The role of API is significant as it helps create a superb user experience. The primary reason is to seamlessly integrate the applications with the LoanPro clone software.

Top LoanPro Clone Software Solutions

The LoanPro clone software developed by our professionals is special. We are the masters of providing outstanding clone software solutions to businesses. Depending upon the realm, such solutions are provided at affordable prices.

Loan Origination System

Loan origination is one of the finest characteristics available in the LoanPro clone. This includes verifying the identification proofs(valid ID, credit score, bank statements), loan application, application processing, underwriting, credit decision, quality check, and loan funding. This dedicated loan origination system includes everything necessary to simplify the working procedure.

LoanPro Clone Software- Your One-Stop Solution For Banking Amenities!

Scale up your business solutions with our own loan pro clone at competitive prices. Get fully loaded features and functionalities that come along with our software. We provide comprehensive solutions that are best for such applications. Our software comes with advanced analytics and easy customization, which is responsible for scaling up your business.

Personalized Loan Servicing And Management System

One of the best LoanPro clone software solutions is a loan servicing and management system. We have helped various investment banks develop a platform that provides top-class loan amortization and payout attributes. There is a systematic tracking of several loan categories such as student, personal, vehicle, cash advances, agriculture, home renovation, gold, consumer durable loan, etc. We have efficiently curated well-defined loan types so that the users don’t have to look beyond this software.

Automatic Loan Settlement

The basic purpose of the LoanPro clone software is to introduce automation while performing loan settlement. This requires a dynamic way of collecting e-bills. Our wizards have exceptional expertise in developing an advanced loan settlement platform without human intervention. Even if human mediation is required, it is at a small-scale level. The Electronic Fund Transfer popularly known as “EFT,” transfers money from one bank account to another. This attribute is also well-supported, providing amazing banking solutions for spending and collection.

Custom Loan Servicing Gateway

We provide a fully tailored loan servicing portal in our LoanPro clone software. We offer loan database tools completely integrated with CRM systems. This is done to develop a way for queue management, perfect payment evaluation, and data collection. An intuitive dashboard is developed for both borrowers and creditors. This helps handle syndicated loans, multi-borrower loans, and so on.

Loan Decision Support Software

Taking a loan is a big thing. So, a well-informed decision needs to be taken. A lot of times, it has happened that the customers are not able to make rightful decisions. Therefore, this software has come as a savior. It has all the information related to the risks and possesses the relevant background examination. Looking at the criteria, this loan decision support software gives a basic insight into whether to take loans or not.

Loan Amortization Calculation Software

This software has the capability to evaluate different credit and interest rates, such as the compound interest measurements. If the traditional methods are applied to calculate such high values, then certain errors can occur. Therefore our LoanPro clone comes with the functionality of performing calculations without any mistakes, maintaining accuracy. Validity and precision are supported by programming the loan rates like step rate, variable, fixed, contract pledge, credit lines, etc.

Advantages Associated With The LoanPro Clone Software Development

LoanPro clone comes with a wide variety of features that have eased people’s lives. Along with the customers, businesses are also enjoying the perks because of the surrounding opportunities. Loan management is nothing but a top-precision job in terms of permitting loans to customers. Below is a complete list of benefits of LoanPro Clone. Check them out below;

Minimized Computational Errors

The biggest benefit of the LoanPro clone software is the elimination of errors. The businesses suffer from huge losses due to inaccurate details. The best loan management software can only be the one that is free from all faults and flaws.

Reduced Debts

For businesses, the extensive problem is the inability to receive money back for several reasons. This loan management software helps detect faulty accounts before everything seems too late. Such situations are avoided ideally by this phenomenal LoanPro clone. It persuades the dedicated company or the department to take cognizance of the whole situation and take necessary steps before it's too late.

This software allows regular cash flow, prevents losses, and basically tracks the money, avoiding delays in payment gateways. All of this is possible via sending texts and alerts to the borrowers.

Saves Time

It's quite understood that the takeover of the manual task by automation has ended up in the profitable decisions. If done manually, late payments, tracking, charging fees, re-evaluation of the payment, etc., will probably take much longer. On the contrary, when all the operations are automated, a massive amount of time is saved, and daily activities are simplified. It is capable of processing magnificent files that otherwise are impossible. So, it's evidently more time-saving and accurate in producing results.

Scalability And Security

The LoanPro clone software solution has the power to scale up under any circumstance. Here, categorically it means adhering to the workload to perform loads of work and even handle gigantic amounts of data. This also includes adding and deleting the users without hampering the cost. In addition, the scalability process does not impact the security, whether or how many changes occur.

The security exhibited is outstanding and protects the information stored in the software database. The software is entirely foolproof due to the standard security protocols that prevent fraudulent activities. It is due to the cutting-edge technologies that are applied during the SDLC and, most specifically, during software testing. Making the software environment free from the malicious and destructive attacks is the most distinguishing feature of the LoanPro clone.

Increased Revenue

The systematic tracking of loans, and payments, detecting risks, and avoiding all unforeseen situations result in the smooth functioning of the operations. The quick and safe way of functioning attracts new customers and gives a strong chance to the existing ones to retain using the software. This way, the companies using this incredible software generate high revenue.

The optimized revenue is a consequence of receiving quicker payments. Payments are received quickly as the procedure is basic, and anyone can follow them. The first-class loan management software gives a precise view of the revenue projections, whether long or short-term. It makes error-free cash flow estimations and formulates easy implementation strategies.

LoanPro Clone-Technological Stacks

  • LINUX- Operating system
  • MBSTRING- PHP extension
  • PHP- Programming language
  • REDIS- In-memory data structure store
  • OpenSSL- Software Library
  • Node.Js- Cross-platform, open-source server environment
  • MongoDB- Cross-platform document-oriented database program.
  • MYSQL- Relational database management system

Why Choose Us For Your LoanPro Clone Development?

Suffescom Solutions Inc. is a leading software development company with a total experience of 13+ years in the IT industry. We have developed several softwares that apply to different industries. Here are a few reasons that have made us the NO. 1 choice of the businesses. Let’s have a look!

Best Roadmap

Our team creates an excellent roadmap that varies according to the project. Our specialists have the potential to build a development plan that is supported by creative ideas. The strategies are created and then executed with the proper technique, thereby resulting in the finest outcome.

Relevant Expertise

We have developed similar clone applications for extensive businesses with top-class features. We are among the leading companies that provide fintech software development services and solutions to clients. Our development process encompasses all the standards in accordance with the banking frameworks. It includes AML(Anti-Money Laundering), KYC (Know Your Customer), customer identification verification, etc.

High-Level Transparency

Our company stands for providing increased transparency for every project. The clients are kept in the loop with a dedicated team consisting of the project manager, a business analyst couple of developers, and a software tester. Whatever progress or issue occurs in the middle of the project is communicated directly to the client.

Result Oriented Approach

We are not mere speakers but doers, and whatever steps we take in favor of the project are always goal-oriented. This is purely the passion of our entire team that keeps us motivated to meet the client’s expectations. Our holistic approach to combining experience with expertise is the main reason behind achieving success.

Timely Project Delivery

We have created milestones for every project that helps us gauge the approximate time to accomplish the task. Our company is known for delivering projects on time or before the set deadline. This shows our working methodologies are awesome and eventually responsible for developing clients’ trust.

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