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Create A Powerful Metaverse Social Media App: Access On Oculus Quest 2

By Suffescom Solutions

March 14, 2023

Create A Powerful Metaverse Social Media App: Access On Oculus Quest 2

To carry out social activities, you are no longer dependent on the physical world; it is all possible in the virtual world, the reflection of the real world. The technologies that empower the virtual world are AR & VR and blockchain. In other words, the metaverse has been possible with the emergence of these cutting technologies. And businesses are taking up the opportunity to explore the potential of metaverse to generate high ROI.

From the gaming industry to healthcare, every business domain is leveraging the benefits of metaverse space to expand their business in the digital landscape. If you are also interested to build metaverse social media, you need to read this post until the end. Here we discuss the benefits you get by having your own metaverse space and other related details that can guide you better to start your own metaverse development process. Let’s dive into the details.

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Perks of Launching Metaverse Social Space For Social Media Businesses

How can metaverse benefit enterprises? The benefits a metaverse can offer to businesses in the digital world are enormous. Still, various are under the surface as the concept of the metaverse is still at a nascent stage. So, here we will have a quick look at the top benefits for businesses for setting up a virtual world for their brand:

Innovative Marketing Strategies

People always look forward to exploring innovative ways to get new experiences. And metaverse has created a big buzz among them. So, when business takes up the idea to build metaverse spaces, it creates hype among the target audience to explore this modern infrastructure. This way, you can catch the audience's attention in the first go.

Stepping into the Future: Launch Metaverse Social Media App

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Reduced Cost/Resources

The metaverse world for all business domains cuts down the cost spent on maintaining offices and resources in the real world. In the metaverse, simulation effects offer outstanding features that are required to train employees and students. In other words, there is nothing less in the virtual world compared with the real world.

Enhanced Visualization

Users can experience things in an enhanced and efficient way showcasing immersive realism. For example, metaverse game development platforms have created an immense craze among the players to explore the new gameplay environment.

Interesting Features Of Metaverse Social Media App

Decentralized Environment

The users can move freely and are not under the control of any third party. They can create their own user experience by moving across the platforms and creating ownership and value for their digital assets on the metaverse platform.No third parties are required to trade the digital assets on the metaverse worlds. Decentralization is the key feature that makes it unique from centralized systems.

Real-Time Experience

The users can get a wide range of real-time experiences under one virtual roof. The users feel like exploring the real world while sitting in the comfort of their homes. Every experience in the physical world is now possible in the metaverse. The availability of different layouts makes the visualization in the metaverse feel real, and users can experience the variety of backgrounds in a particular metaverse space.

For instance, players can share the gameplay screen with multiple users and earn rewards by owning different in-game digital assets. This way, players can enjoy the collaborative experience in one place. Another excellent example of the best real-time experience can be a collaborative learning experience providing an exciting and real-time experience. Above all, every user in any type of metaverse space gets hands-on experience while learning something new.


The long-standing challenges of traditional systems are the security and safety of the users. So, the metaverse development company prioritizes the security feature of the metaverse world during development. The clients' security concerns are the biggest challenge for metaverse development companies. The metaverse platforms offer security features to secure the digital identity of the users and related data and offer high-class safety standards for users' protection against cyber crimes.

How to Create a Metaverse Powered Social Media App?

Know Your Target Audience

Once you decide to tap into the metaverse world, you can begin by defining your audience so you can clear what you need to focus on. Knowing the audience and all the market analytics will help you understand your metaverse platform's current trend and scope in the coming time.

Develop Right Strategy

Building the strategy includes reaching your audience, building a relationship with them, gaining their trust, features, monetization ideas, tech stacks, and other strategies for marketing and growing the business. Overall, we can say to prepare a layout for the development process and build a significant number of sales conversions.

Select the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Metaverse is empowered with the right crypto and blockchain framework choice, depending on the business needs. All the transactions are done with the cryptos to avail of the services or unlock the features. Therefore, understand the pros/cons of using a certain cryptocurrency and the blockchain network.

Choose the Right Metaverse Development Platform

Making use of the right platform will do half the job to build successful metaverse spaces. Technology is advancing daily; the market is loaded with numerous metaverse app development platforms. Examine what can work for you to develop a metaverse world that caters to your target audience.

Different platforms can fulfill the criteria for developing different types of the metaverse, from creating a gaming metaverse to an educational metaverse. Compare the USPs and cost of the metaverse platforms, then make the right choice.

Offer High-Quality Content and User Experience

Offer an immersive experience to the metaverse users by loading the metaverse with high-quality content and attractive UI. It can help to build user engagement. Users should have the flexibility to do the activities and buy/sell the things they want seamlessly.

Consider the Following Steps While Choosing the Metaverse Platform:

Level of customization: Choose a platform that allows you to implement the idea with full customization.

Level of decentralization: The future is about a decentralized ecosystem in every business domain. A platform that offers to implement everything that contributes to enhancing decentralization should be your selection.

Better User experience: Level up the user experience of your metaverse world so that you stand out in the market. You will surely capture the audience's attention when it offers better visualization, a 3D ecosystem, a handful of features, and real-time activities.

External Integrations: The platform should allow the integration of third-party applications to serve different purposes. For example, wallets, ticketing platforms, CRMs, chat-bots, eCommerce platforms, etc.

Launch Your Metaverse Social App Platform?

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Top Notch Features of Metaverse Social Worlds

Metaverse Infrastructure

When it is about the infrastructure of the metaverse, we refer to the technologies that power the whole virtual ecosystem. It incorporates cloud computing,3D & 5G, and other high-tech components. The metaverse spaces may expand as per the needs. Therefore, the infrastructure should be scalable. It should be the least latent and offer hassle-free experiences to the users.

Metaverse Digital Avatars

Another highlight of the metaverse world is creating virtual avatars that reflect the users' physical appearance. The metaverse avatars can express their emotions and feelings just like people do in the real world; they can express themselves. Also, if you want, you can choose any celebrity avatar or your favorite superhero’s avatar for yourself. So, this feature offers full customization.


Every metaverse world must contribute to the virtual economy apart from offering fun and joy to users. The biggest role in upgrading the virtual economy is metaverse crypto. There should be a logical reason for people to enter the metaverse and invest their time, and it cannot happen when the VR environment does not help them level up economically.

The users can design digital assets and trade them. Making hefty profits. The high demand for the metaverse tokens also raises their value. This is how metaverse adds value to the future virtual economy.


It is one of the top required features of a virtual environment. In the persistent virtual world, users can interact directly, irrespective of their physical location. The user can start from the same point even after leaving or logging out of the metaverse world. In the VR world, you must put on the supported headsets to experience the environment; even if you take them off, the virtual world still exists.

Like multiplayer games, other players carry on the game when you leave the game. It does not stop. In simple words, we can say that it is the most prominent feature of the metaverse world, which keeps it running at all times.

Technologies To Empower Your Metaverse Space In 2024 To Shape Better Future


Blockchain technology is one emerging technology that empowers the Metaverse with smart contracts, NFTs, cryptos, etc. Blockchain technology mainly offers speed, scalability, high performance, high security, efficient transparency, decentralization, etc.

Blockchain makes possible use of cryptos in trading digital assets and buying the tokens and services in the metaverse world. And also frees the users from the interference of any third party to earn and control their data/assets.

Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

The technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality enhance the features and power of the metaverse world. Users need to wear Virtual glasses to enjoy the virtualization of the metaverse space.

Users experience the interactive atmosphere due to the use of virtual technology. Different metaverse spaces for gaming, real estate, event organization, entertainment, learning, etc., are possible with the role of these two technologies.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence holds great importance in maintaining the effectiveness of the metaverse for users. AI contributes to the security offered by the metaverse space. It enables the virtual environment to execute smart and quick responses if we say that AI is the primary technical component to address security concerns and offers great protection against cyber-attacks.

If we can list the top qualities that AI provides, it includes Interactive UI, Realistic avatars, Improved accessibility, Cybersecurity, etc.

Edge Computing

Edge computing is responsible for data transmission in the technical infrastructure of the metaverse. Modern infrastructure focuses on fast speed for transferring data, so edge computing is the reliable path to fulfill the requirement of this future-proof virtual world.

Distributed edge computing is the new extension of edge computing with which the users can enjoy the features without putting extra effort into setting up the hardware infrastructure.

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Popular Metaverse Social Media Platform Use Cases For Different Industries

The metaverse world is beyond our imagination. Metaverse for experiences like office meetings, collaborations, conferences, and metaverse for event organizations is what will be standard for us to experience in the near future. Here we have enlisted the top use cases of metaverse for many popular businesses.


The metaverse trend is on the way to completely revolutionizing social media marketing services and content-sharing channels. It is the time when social media networks evolve into the fully-fledged metaverse virtual worlds. Rather than connecting with the chat-bots and scrolling the media post, the users can connect directly with avatars and clones in the metaverse.

We will use various social media giants entering the metaverse in the coming time. In contrast, Facebook has already rooted its presence in the virtual world and getting amazing responses from users.

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Real Estate

The real estate business with metaverse is full of possibilities and offers a hassle-free experience to the users. Real estate business in the virtual world saves the clients time and effort to visit the sites physically. Virtually, the clients can explore all types of options they enjoy in the real world. For example, they can take virtual 360-degree tours of the sites in less time. Depending on their needs, they can personalize their properties.

In the real estate business, virtual platforms like Sandbox, Decentraland, etc., are doing great business and are expected to proliferate in the coming 4 to 6 years, as per the studies.

Virtual Events

Metaverse for events is the new buzz in the market. Businesses are approaching the Metaverse Space Development Company so that they can offer the virtual event platform to their users and generate huge returns. Metaverse for experiences like attending virtual concerts, live music, and gaming nights is what people look for these days. Also, metaverse for the exhibition is the new trend where users like to present their digital creations to others and sell them at good deals.


The metaverse use case of finance is the most flourishing industry. People can enjoy financing services in the comfort of their homes. People can access financial services with metaverse without any third-party control. The users can avail of services like insurance, lending, borrowing, etc. Also, they can deal in digital currencies as well.

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