NFTs In Film Industry: Shaping The Future Of The Entertainment Industry

NFTs In Film Industry: Shaping The Future Of The Entertainment Industry

By Suffescom Solutions

August 22, 2022

NFTs In Film Industry: Shaping The Future Of The Entertainment Industry

NFT has massively transformed every section of the market. Right now, it has successfully entered the entertainment industry. It has already made its mark in gaming, art, e-commerce, and music. The movie industry worldwide has deeply rooted methods of film funding.

With the constant efforts in the right direction, the top motion picture companies have taken a step forward and accepted real-world utilities. There are a lot of filmmakers who don't have any connection to high production houses. Helping people like them will raise the bar for directors, producers, writers, actors, etc.

Future of NFT Development for Film Industry

There are many filmmakers who are unaffiliated with major production companies. The bar will be raised for directors, producers, writers, performers, etc. By helping others like them.

This Remodeling Helps Convert this Congested Industry into an Open Market to Bring Alterations in the Standard Film Financing.

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Functioning of NFTs in the Current Film Market

  • When the movie is in the process of getting released, prior to that, NFTs are used to create a fanbase for the film.
  • Then comes the marketing part, where these NFTs are promoted by associating them with the movie.
  • This serves as an opportunity for the fans to not only support the filmmakers but also invest in the project and gain profit. In a way, that individual holds a stake in the production.
  • Apart from marketing, NFTs are useful in fundraising, sales, and distribution of movies.
  • Moreover, assisting the film, the fans make a huge investment in the digital collectibles to support them.

What are the Opportunities Holding for the Film Industry?

Film Distribution

As we know, previously, the films were circulated in the market through various storage devices like CDs and DVD', people can enjoy the content via SVOD (subscription video on demand). Amid all this, the NFTs have proved to be a new method to showcase their content to the audience. The inclusion of NFT in the movie market has existed since 2016.

The first ever movie released as an NFT was "Claude Lanzmann: Spectres of the Shoah."Its first ten copies were sold for US$375,000. Another animated series, "Stoner Cats," made about US$8.4 million through NFT sales. It could be well put that the NFTs are used to bring in more popularity than conventional selling.

For instance: To invite more people to the cinema halls, the makers of "Deadpool 2" released exclusive NFTs.


Now, talking about the film selling concept, the traditional film distribution platform trades the movies in a very limited bracket from their desired platform. To explore more ways of raising finance, one of the notable film financing platforms, "forest road company," closed the funding at US$20 million.

This fund was raised to help the producers monetize the content by converting the existing intellectual property into NFTs.It persuades the investors to sell the artworks from the movie, which enables the producers to raise capital from the fans.

For Example, Trevor Hawkins sold NFTs to invest in the film. About 1K tokens were sold, and each token was sold for about US$1000. It provides profit participation to the recipient by offering access to the online film premiere.

Legal Considerations

When an NFT linked with a movie project is sold, the copyright owner does not get changed. It's because only the virtual work is bought and not the metadata. Metadata comprises all the crucial details of the work and is managed and fully in the owner's control. So, the one who buys the work/content in any form can just sell, buy or transfer the NFT.

This shows a red flag for the purchasers where they are constantly advised to make sure that the person selling the NFT is the real owner of the work or has proper rights to sell. The NFT minting platform also faces some serious things as per the creator's moral rights regarding the right to objection towards nasty treatment.

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Need for NFT in Filmmaking

Almost all filmmakers globally are facing the problem of monetization of their work. The core issue is the amount of money they are making, i.e., movies are made in larger numbers. Subsequently, their value is getting depreciated. This is as per the demand-supply phenomenon. So, one can assume that making a film project in today's time is much easier than getting money from it.

By incorporating NFT into the movie project, if a movie maker makes a short film and sells its copies, it's a great way to earn profit. Now, here the catch is nobody will pay hefty amounts for just a movie; it's the potential they see as an investor in that particular asset.

Every time the film is resold, a good percentage of royalty is acquired as specified. The value will go on increasing exponentially. The revenue generated on resale will be more than the actual amount. This means that it is an ongoing process that acts as a future investment.

It's not necessary to pull out the whole film as an NFT; one can take out a series of movie clips, some still images, or some music videos. There are a number of ways to use NFTs for your content.

The popularity of the creator results in the huge success of the NFTs. Whatever work the demanding creator garners, their work is counted as an exclusive one. The people are gravely interested in the creator and not in the movie. This is because of the massive fan following that helps garner the investors' attention to invest in your work.

It's a proven fact that to reach the masses, NFTs cannot be taken as the replacement for quality work. It just acts as a boost to accelerate distribution and's definitely not the replacement but an add-on. NFTs have lots of potential that generate huge profits as compared to conventional ones.

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Reasons to Use NFT Development for Film Industry

Encouraging Community

The main role of NFTs is to put a permanent stop to privacy. The objective is to perform better trading with no unscrupulous means. On the NFT film distribution platform, the audience can watch the movie. This is considered a platform to build community and generate enormous engagement.

Giving Power in People's Hand

Blockchain has given rise to transparency and henceforth, the deciding power is slowly shifting towards the audience. This means now the power is transferring from the studios to the viewers. With this shifting, it's the audience who will decide which type of content should be streamed.

Unconventional movies are created whose content is not seen before. This also paves the way for new talent that has not been introduced before. This works in a way that the fans invest in such projects as the producers themselves.

These NFT studios are taking the place of the traditional platforms that are going to bring immense changes to the entertainment industry. The older methods are on the verge of getting removed because of the rise of streamers on virtual platforms.

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Capital Talks

Filmmakers have already seen the potential in the NFTs, and this can be justified as the biggest motion studios are continuously posing their bets on the blockchain. Recently, we have seen that a major studio, "Fox Entertainment," invested an amount of $100 million in building a studio and creating NFT business. Similarly, the popular "Warner Bros" have sold the matrix NFTs to advertise their franchise (science fiction). More instances like these show the intensity of its profitability just at the start.

Gaining Attention of the Celebrities

This is a no-brainer that we are talking about the entire media industry and film actors are not a part of it. Due to the sheer demand for the NFT marketplace clone, it was seen that the most famous personality, "Reese Witherspoon," has also set their foot in this NFT world. She is keen on making content revolving around women.

There has also been an announcement from their production house regarding the same subject. Another thing was made clear that the women who are already a part of the NFT holdings will be allowed to voice their opinion on this subject.

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Some Popular NFT Marketplaces Belonging the Celebrities

There is a drastic change felt in the entertainment sector as it could be seen that they have launched their own NFT marketplace platform.

ArtOfficial ---- By Gary Vaynerchuk (American Businessman)

WENEW---------- By Minklemann (Digital Artist)

BeyondLife Club---------------- By Amitabh Bachchan (Indian Actor)

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Benefits of NFTs for the Film Industry

  • The monetization of the components such as images, music, or video that are present in the film.
  • Creates a perception in the film globally within a short span of time.
  • Removes the barriers from celebrities and their fans by giving them an equal opportunity to have a say in their working project.
  • It provides fantastic proof of ownership and obtaining a huge profit that could serve every solo artist and even fund the entire film.
  • Receiving access to the movie premiere, after-party entries at renowned film festivals such as Berlin, Cannes, etc.
  • The silver ticket holders receive NFTs from famous production houses with their names mentioned in the credits.
  • Having red carpet access at film premieres and getting opportunities to have a cameo appearance in the said production company.

Winding up!

The movie NFTs offer various profitable elements, and due to this, there has been a massive demand for NFTs in Film Industry. The craze for the NFTs has taken the industries by storm. The traditional way has completely been overthrown, and NFTs have resulted in the major success of the film industry.

It will create all the latest ideas that could be further taken on to the implementation. It is beneficial for both the industry and the people associated with it. The upcoming talents who are set to be debuting as filmmakers are encouraged to move forward by raising capital. It has successfully crafted a beautiful and strong relationship with its fans.

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