NFTree Marketplace Development | NFTree Marketplace Solutions

NFTree Marketplace Development | NFTree Marketplace Solutions

By Suffescom Solutions

July 21, 2023

NFTree Marketplace Development | NFTree Marketplace Solutions

Today, the world is facing serious issues concerning global warming. Various conservationists are taking steps towards making an eco-friendly environment, and to take things further, there has been the introduction of NFTree platform development. An NFTree marketplace platform development is a great initiative by the Micorriza Association and Crown Platform, where they will compute the CO2 impressions. An NFTree marketplace development is still in its initial phases and has a long way to go.

Want to join the paradigm for a fully sustainable and ecologically sound NFTree marketplace development? But don’t know who to consult; well, stop worrying; Suffescom is always at your service. We are a worthy team of developers to help you develop a highly scalable and robust platform. You can even consult our fantastic team of consultants, who will guide you about the development process, budget, and how it will impact the environment. Feel free to connect with us!

Before diving deep into the details, let’s have a quick look at the highlights;

Key Highlights Of NFTree Marketplace

  • Absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
  • Purifying the environment
  • Seamless Trading Experience
  • Offsets carbon emissions
  • Tackle climate changes
  • Provides power to users to buy carbon-negative NFTs
  • Generating high ROI and market sales without harming the environment

NFTree Marketplace - Understanding The Concept

NFTree marketplace is an outstanding way of making compensation for carbon emissions. It is one of a kind, eco-friendly NFT marketplace that helps in exchanging, depositing, and even farming cryptocurrency tokens. All this is done without causing any harmful effect on the environment. In this marketplace, a real tree is planted in exchange for every already-existing NFT. It is beneficial for both individuals and companies. Individuals can offset their daily routine activities, while companies can reduce emissions while balancing their project/business-related work.

The Next Big Revolution For Sustainable Future: Build And Launch Your Own NFTree Marketplace

Our NFTree marketplace is instilled with wonderful features and designs that can be customized according to the client’s needs. Make a move and contact our development team Right Now!

Some Of The Popular NFTree Marketplaces

Several companies have come forward and developed the NFTree marketplace for a sustainable future. Here, we have mentioned a few of them below;


Treedefi is popular for environmentally friendly actions to maintain ecological balance without hampering business activities. Almost one-third of the deposit fees go into tree plantation projects. To be more upfront, they have removed the middle parties and are now handling the project activities all by themselves and giving a chance to the firms/individuals to make a move towards offsetting the carbon footprint.

Gain Forest

Gain Forest is a decentralized fund that leverages machine learning, artificial intelligence, and smart contracts to provide rewards for sustainable nature stewardship across the globe. This is an open platform that permits sustainable conservation efforts. Their sustainable smart incentives include investing in the decentralized green fund, automatic payments, and using AI to link payments that cause real-time environmental impact.


This startup is working towards bringing ultimate transparency in carbon offsetting. They sell NFTrees that are backed by a real tree. These trees generate CO2 tokens with complete information about the real carbon absorbed by trees. Moreover, these tokens can be burned in trading off the proof of carbon compensation certificate. The certificate has intricate details about the carbon capture represented by a token ID and QR code for verification purposes.

Earth Wallet

Earth Wallet is another prominent name in the list that has begun with its NFT seed program. In this program, one real will be planted for every new Earth wallet user. It provides NFT domain support along with wallet performance and Ethereum staking. Also, their users can claim NFTree seeds in association with non-profit partners in the near future. Every NFTree seed represents one planted tree that seizes around 15.5 lbs of CO2/year, reinstates 16 sq. ft. of soil, and generates 3.75 lbs of organic produce.

NFTree Platform Development- Essential Features

At Suffescom, we integrate interactive and unique features that make your NFTree marketplace development unique from others. Our features help you to get a competitive edge in the market.

Our developed NFTree platform is embedded with some ultimate characteristics mentioned below.


The sign-up feature acts instrumental while accessing all the vital information. The user just needs to fill up their personal details and get themselves registered on the platform. After successful signup, they can log in to their NFT platform.

Auction Type

There are two types of auction types that come under the NFTree marketplace. One is English, and the other one is Dutch. In the former, the buyers can purchase when they offer a bid higher than the previous one. While in the latter one, the user can instantly buy NFTree as soon as the auction begins. Choose the one that suits your requirements.

Choice Of Trees

Under this feature, you can choose the types of trees according to your choice. Some of them are Afrocarpus falcatus, Arbutus ‘Marina,’ Geijera parviflora, Handroanthus heptaphyllus, Juglans californica, Pistachia chinensis, and more.

Price Selector

The most important feature of this platform is that it allows the users to select the prices or decide the budget for buying the non-fungible token.


A dashboard plays an important role in getting better insights and information. There are details regarding the bidding, auction, and monitoring of what other bidders are doing. This attribute gives a better understanding of the data and aids in better analysis.

NFT Listing

This feature lets the auctioneer list their NFTrees without much hassle. It encompasses details like the category of the tree, its birthplace, and the unique identification number. In the English system, the sellers can set the base price and the expiration time, while in the Dutch system, the sellers can set the starting and ending price and the auction expiry time.

Auction Acceptance And Bid Rejection

This feature allows the sellers to decide regarding the bids and whether to accept or reject them. As two systems are involved, i.e., English and Dutch, the bids can only be accepted in the first case because the NFTrees are purchased immediately in Dutch.

Bid and Buy

Through this feature, sellers can bid for the NFTs, and buyers can purchase the NFTs whenever they want. There is an inclusion of a MyBids page where the users can glimpse their purchased NFTrees.

Crypto Wallets

With crypto wallets solution embedded in our developed platform, the users can hold the cryptocurrencies to participate in the NFT process.

Carbon Offset Amount Selector

This NFTree platform development has a slider feature representing the emissions in the form of their volume, like “kg/year.” It shows the amount of carbon dioxide each tree absorbs, allowing users to offset the amount they emit in the atmosphere.

Make An Impact On The Environment With Our Sustainable NFTree Platform Development!

Collaborate with us and take one step forward to plant a tree with our NFTree marketplace development. Take guidance from our team of experts and start your development journey Today!

NFTree Platform Development Process

Developing an NFTree platform requires great precision, so our talented team of developers follows a sequential process.

Research And Planning

Our development team will perform the required research and find the requirements necessary for the platform development. We will calculate the pros and cons that will come in the way of project development. All the things will be analyzed carefully by our team of analysts, and simultaneously we will find out the already existing key players in the market; after probing, we ensure the inclusion of the characteristics that are missing from the already available platforms.

Devising A Roadmap

Our product manager will create a roadmap to start the project, considering what the target audience wants. It is a well-documented plan that includes everything from the NFT platform’s functionalities, features, design, tech stacks, and more. These things are subject to change if the client wants. Our development plan is quite flexible; any customization type is welcome. One thing that’s our top-most priority is that our drafted roadmap is always visually compelling and unique that grabs users' attention.

Highly Secure Platform Development

We focus on developing an NFTree marketplace platform that is user-friendly and secure. A secure platform is the prime concern of businesses, and we always work to fulfill our client’s expectations. After the client gives us the approval, then we move forward to implementing the blockchain development services and performing smart contract development that makes sure that transparency is maintained at all levels.

Interactive UI/UX Design

Our developers build an intuitive UI/UX design that is completely user-friendly and has attractive graphic designs. Also, the navigation should be simpler so the user does not get confused while exploring the different sections of the NFTree marketplace. We also include exceptional features such as push notifications, a search bar, filters, a dashboard, sign-up/login, etc. Our designed interface also provides real-time data updates to the users so that they enjoy a seamless experience.

Development And Testing

Our developers use cutting-edge technologies and develop the platform by implementing cutting-edge technologies and choosing the appropriate tech stacks. We use several front-end and back-end programming languages like Javascript, Python, Ruby, PHP, Django, etc. Besides this, we use top-tier frameworks that make the platform faster and more reliable.

After NFTree marketplace development, it is then tested for bugs and errors. Our quality analysts perform several coding techniques and help in bug removal so that the performance of the developed platform is not ruined. After multiple tests, the platform is set to get launched.

Launch And Maintenance

When the platform is tested, it is launched on the dedicated server. Now, the product is open for public consumption, and if any issues impact the working of the platform, then the users can provide us with feedback that can be rectified by our talented pool of experts.

NFTree Platform Development- Business Model

The business model of an NFTree platform is extremely simple. The main focus is reducing carbon emissions; for big companies, it's quite a task to plant trees. To make things convenient, there is a platform that will help organizations to play a pivotal part in making an eco-friendly environment.

  • Firstly, the user will log in on the platform, and upon their choice, they can purchase an NFTree.
  • After the whole minting process, the concerned authorities will plant a real tree.
  • Here, the tree ownership is safely recorded on the blockchain network.
  • The business owners can generate revenue from the minting process. Also, when the sellers list their NFTrees, they are charged the listing fees. Not to forget the bidding charges and the commission fees that contribute to revenue generation.
  • The premise of the NFTree platform development is to reduce carbon emissions and promote environmental purity.
  • Later on, they can add the QR code for tagging a tree, which on scanning, will tell people about the person’s contribution towards the environment through NFTree.

Hire Our Blockchain Experts To Develop A Seamless NFTree Platform

Talk to our team of experts and take guidance related to developing a phenomenal eco-friendly platform that is built with a focus on reducing carbon emissions present in the atmosphere.

NFTree Marketplace Development- Cost Estimation

Our development team has the potential to build an impeccable NFTree marketplace. Usually, the price ranges from $40K-$100K, but the cost varies depending upon numerous parameters, a few of which are mentioned below;

  • Project complexity
  • Integrated features
  • UI/UX design
  • Size of the development firm
  • Location of the developers
  • Timeline of the project
  • Experience and expertise of the development company

Here, one thing is also to be considered: development cost is directly proportional to development time. An important point to note here is that the more time consumed, the more the development cost will be.

Hire Suffescom As Our NFTree Platform Development Partner!

Suffescom Solutions Inc. is a leading White Label NFT Marketplace Development Company that has helped several businesses launch their own NFT platform that can be fully customized as per client’s requirements. Certain pointers make us unique from the rest of our competitors; a few of them are mentioned below;

State-of-the-art Technologies

Our development team uses state-of-the-art technologies to develop exceptional platforms for our clients. The developed apps are highly intuitive, user-friendly, interactive, scalable, and engaging.


We provide customization to our clients by including or removing certain enhanced features and functionalities. We are also open to adding sophisticated designs and changing the layout in any form.

Project Delivery

We are the best when it comes to delivering the projects on time. Our team performs the work in milestones, and upon completing the work, the project is successfully delivered to the clients.

Rich Industry Experience

We have over a decade of experience in the IT industry, specifically 6+ years of experience in adopting modern technologies.

Availability Of Technical Assistance

Our tech support team is available 24*7 to our clients, listens to their queries, and resolves the issue as soon as possible.

Hurry up and talk to us through an email or call!

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