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Develop Youtube Alternative Like Odysee: Blockchain Video Sharing App Development

By Suffescom Solutions

August 25, 2022

Develop Youtube Alternative Like Odysee: Blockchain Video Sharing App Development

There are lots of video-sharing platforms that exist in this digital world. The arrival of a decentralized video platform has captivated the users' attention. The most significant evolutions are marked in the domain of video platforms. Amongst them, Odysee is the one that acts as a superb youtube alternative for video watching and earning revenue. Odysee clone script encompasses all the functionalities and features which make it a user-friendly platform.

Odysee Clone

Odysee is a video hosting platform whose beta version came in September 2020, and the platform was eventually launched at the end of 2020. The users are enabled to upload the videos on their personal channels, and viewers can view those videos. Odysee is seen as the best alternative to YouTube due to their similar interface.

Odysee Clone Script

Odysee clone script helps in rewarding the users with LBRY credits. This is done every time the video is posted, watched, and commented on. There are predefined categories listed on the left-hand side of the menu. The best part is that all the videos are viewed without disrupting the ads.

Building the Future of Video Sharing: Our Odysee Clone Platform Development

With our odysee clone platform development, we're committed to building a video sharing solution that empowers our clients to engage their communities and achieve their goals with ease.

Key Features of Odysee Clone Offered By Us

Odysee clone is a one-stop place that allows content creators to enhance the quality of the content by optimizing it at every level. It comprises the channel dashboard, comment filters, insights, analytics, etc. To know more about this, let's look at its features.

Channel Dashboard

The dashboard helps in gauging the performance of the videos that are posted by the creator. The viewer is informed about the latest trends, the most buzzed comments, and upcoming news. The dashboard gives a clear understanding of the performance of the videos. It gives a clear insight into the topics.

Channel Analytics

This tab provides the data that ensures the working of the channel. This data does not give a precise number but an all-inclusive outlook about the channel performance. This assists in making comprehensive decisions that tell which type of videos are getting more views.

The analytics tab exhibits the following attributes;

  • It shows the average view times for each video.
  • Channel-specific views and subscribers.
  • Depicts the points to specify the points where most of the viewers withdraw from the video.
  • The number of views on each video is calculated.
  • Complete information about the location of the audience along with their age and gender (Demographic details)

Featured Playlist

The clone engages the viewers by creating a featured playlist that entertains the brand new audience to subscribe to your channel. The playlist contains informative or entertaining content to garner the audience's attention. Simultaneously, more focused content is framed for the already subscribed members. The featured content is customized after every update.

Multilingual Platform

This decentralized video platform offers multiple languages based on geographical locations. This feature enables the users to understand better the attributes associated with the platform. The diverse languages provide comfort and a customized experience to the target audience.

Bank Accounts

The Odysee clone script allows users to link their personal bank accounts with the platform. It helps in receiving the credits and compensation in their native currency.

Odysee clone is built by using LBRY protocol to develop an interaction with the content on the LBRY network. Its working is explained as under;

Explore Limitless Possibilities with Our Odysee Clone Platform Development

We're proud to offer our odysee clone platform development to help clients explore limitless possibilities for video sharing and community building.

Working of Odysee Clone Platform

Whenever a video is uploaded, a minimum amount is uploaded known as library credits (LBC). It starts from LBC. The content creators fix this pricing for watching the video. There is the option of providing a tip to the creators whenever they like a specific video. The only thing that needs attention is that the content needs to be registered on the LBRY blockchain.

The earnings are stored with the help of crypto wallet solutions. The users can also choose to utilize third-party wallets for cash storage. The credits associated with LBRY are not attached with the bitcoin price (BTC) but need to be purchased through the app.

Another crucial thing is that numerous support credits on the videos have garnered more likes. On the contrary, the unappealing videos do not earn any credit.

Featured Odysee Clone Categories

The Odysee clone has several categories that offer users many exploring options. The users are provided with multi categories to keep the viewers entertained and engrossed. The Odysee clone script possesses the following categories;


All the informational stuff is provided under this genre, suitable for the educational perspective. It helps the learners to comprehend something new in a fun way across all age bars.

Pop Culture

The amalgamation of all the latest things related to politics, movies/ films, and popular slang is featured under this category.


The funny memes compilation, stand-up comedy, comic podcasts, and comedy shows all fall in this sub-category. This imparts relaxation and a sense of enjoyment among the users.


Fitness and health-related videos have been in-demand for a while now. The content related to weight loss, stress relief, anger management, healthy recipes, and more are included.


Music enthusiasts can find an escape from their highly tensed routine by listening to music. This category is created to offer a variety of music such as pop, classical, jazz, folk, etc.


Viewers who are sports fans, be it cricket, soccer, badminton, or tennis, can watch the relevant content on this platform. It presents the game's highlights and the information corresponding to the sports celebrity.


The game lovers are provided with the gaming stuff and the reviews linked with the ones in demand. In addition to this, the live gaming stream is also broadcasted to the viewers.


Technological information has become the hot favorite of the people. Under this bracket, all the details are associated with the metaverse, decentralized artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, blockchain algorithms, and much more.


These videos show many ways to earn and invest money in the safest possible ways. It gives knowledge about bitcoins, stablecoins, and the future of decentralized systems.


The consciousness and the spiritual awakening-related content have become the talk of the town among the viewers. This genre gives a detailed analysis of meditation, amplifying cosmic and divine power in people.


News related to politics, finance, healthcare, real estate, travel industry, etc., are shown to the audience. The viewers can fetch all the necessary details happening across the globe.

Launch Your Creative Journey With Our Odysee Clone Platform Development

Our Odysee Clone Platform Development is designed to support clients as they launch their video sharing initiatives, providing a reliable and customizable platform for their needs.

Perks Associated With The Odysee Clone Script

Open Source Software

The biggest advantage of the Odysee clone script is that it is completely open-source. It is not handled by any high-fi corporate companies but by public developers. This makes the data highly secure while maintaining the utmost transparency. Apart from this, the authority does not lie with any government agency.

Income generation model

This serves the users with three alternatives for monetization. They are listed as under;

Earnings Per View

The users whose accounts are verified can receive payments as LBRY credits in their respective wallets. This is actually a form of reward system.

Donations From The Public

A support function is present on the videos with various amounts in the LBC. Such donations are redeemed by unlocking LBC. Subsequently, the users are advised not to redeem the whole amount in one go as it can limit their user content in the search results.

Application/Website Promotion:

Implementing social media marketing, purchasing search ads, and creating an effective content marketing plan helps generate successful income. The customers are also presented with some advertisements while using the app. These are specially designed to create revenue at quick intervals.

Charging no Fees From Creators

This platform does not charge any rent from digital creators. This is the greatest move to attract more users to this platform. There is absolutely nothing charged from the users for posting the video.

Transparency and Security

The odysee clone script develops the platform with complete transparency. The protocols and algorithms used are supremely robust. The aim is to prevent hackers from hacking the system.


The application developed should be easily navigable and comprehensible by the users. They should not find any difficulty in operating the app. The inbuilt features and the integration of channel buttons should be for the smooth functioning of the app.

No Regulation in Voicing Opinion

This decentralized platform allows users to express their views without any restrictions. There is no fear of getting spammed or blocked, even if some accounts want to showcase their outlook in the public domain openly. The person can have free will in supporting any political ideology and spreading the word about the same. The only time a restriction is applied on the account is when any illicit activity is propagated through any platform.

Our high-end Odysee Clone Script possesses phenomenal functionalities. Check them out now!

Functionalities of Odysee Clone Platform


The scope of customization is very high on this platform. There are tailor-made solutions for the theme, color, design, and add-ons as per the user requirements.

High ROI

A massive amount of profit is generated by this platform. The return on investment (ROI) is superb in this case. Besides this, the gain is acquired in a shorter span of time.

One-Stop Solution

It acts as a one-stop solution where the user manages everything from features, transactions, and security aspects without any hindrance. Besides this, the deployment process is super fast and easy. This is achieved through proper documentation, designing, development, and testing process. Cutting-edge technologies are utilized to make the development process flexible and intuitive.

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We are a noteworthy Clone Platform Development Company that has all the potential to meet your business requirements. We have expertise in building white-label Odysee clone scripts. Our professional team will provide you with exceptional technical assistance with the extraordinary Odysee clone platform. We have top-notch experts that possess specialization in developing decentralized video platforms like Odysee.

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