Substrate Blockchain Framework Solutions - – A Comprehensive Guide

Substrate Blockchain Framework: Building A Modular Framework For Enterprise

By Suffescom Solutions

August 25, 2022

Substrate Blockchain Framework: Building A Modular Framework For Enterprise

Blockchain is a decentralized network whose presence in the virtual ecosystem has transformed every aspect with incredible characteristics. Various use cases offer exclusive levels of strengths and security. There are specific modules that are included in the framework to enhance the performance of the system.

Blockchain is a ledger distributed over every node, and the consensus model validates the transactions. The network members handle every single transaction in a completely structured way. This blockchain platform is extremely interactive and restricts the alteration made by any intermediaries.

This article will provide blockchain ideas with a more in-depth emphasis on the Substrate Framework.

So, let’s begin!

What is a Substrate Framework?

A blockchain framework is a set of libraries and tools that are capable of running a highly interoperable, secure, and fully packed with a complete set of characteristics.

Talking about the substrate blockchain framework, they are categorically used for building customized blockchains. The plus point is that they do not require any extrinsic technology for their functioning.

Integrating the substrate framework with Polkadot is compatible as it gives a valid technical support. This is because the same company, "Parity,” developed the Substrate and the Polkadot network," and successfully allowed cross-blockchain communication among the network members.

Thus, it must not be incorrect to state that Polkadot is used as a bridge among various blockchains to develop an interaction between them. The substrate framework's most significant aspect is offering forkless runtime upgrades. It is the capability to upgrade the runtime logic without splitting the code base.

Building A Modular Framework For Enterprise Blockchains

Substrate blockchain is an open-source framework which helps to building create future-proof blockchains, It is safe, faser and easier.

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Working of Substrate Framework

The working of the substrate framework encompasses its extension points and dedicated parts that help in decentralized peer-to-peer networking. The node inside the client has all the essential components for the stable functioning of the system. This includes block processing, storage, P2P networking, and blockchain interaction logic.

Now, to initiate a brand new substrate project, there are basically three core components;

  • Substrate Node
  • Substrate FRAME
  • Substrate Core

Substrate Node

This includes all the prebuilt functionalities with relatively less technical freedom. Whatever components it possesses, they are completely runnable with default implementations. The components included are consensus, account management, privileged access, and so on.

Substrate Frame

It stands for Framework for Runtime Aggregation of Modularized Entities. The substrate runtime is built from the pre-existing libraries with more freedom to ascertain the blockchain logic. One can add the pallets with the library modules starting from the node template. This helps customize the blockchain, i.e., data type, state, and logic. These customized substrate projects are free to enjoy every aspect, from technical freedom to the ease of development.

Substrate Core

The execution of the runtime takes place in a way till the time it targets the web assembly and clings to the elementary principles that are responsible for the block creation. This is one of the best methods needing the greatest technical freedom. This also helps in the smooth working of the substrate ecosystem.

All this is developed by utilizing the pallets where rust crates are hosted. Talking about the substrate pallets, these are, most important, the self-reliant rust libraries that are incorporated into the substrate project. The foremost thing is the code auditing and being mindful of depending upon the external coding.

Why Is There A Requirement For The Substrate Blockchain?

The blockchain development process is a complex procedure because of the complicated technologies. These technologies must be mastered to offer a more secure platform that helps the applications function properly. Consumers depend heavily on advanced cryptography and shared network communication. Greater demands related to the system's scalability and user-friendliness need to be resolved.

The substrate blockchain is capable of developing a highly advanced blockchain platform that possesses the following characteristics;

  • The blockchain system created is dependent on a specified use case
  • Ability to get updated and enhanced gradually
  • Serving compatibility and the interaction with several blockchains
  • Customized with already existing modular elements

There have been lots of talks related to the customized blockchains, but the substrate is more like an SDK framework that is not a seperate blockchain. This means that the substrate blockchain is among the best for creating a customized blockchain.

Choosing The Correct Blockchain Development Company For Modular Framework

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Features Of Substrate Framework


The substrate framework's architecture and toolkit are distributed as an open source. The open protocols such as libp2p and JSON-RPC give immense freedom in building the blockchain architecture. There is an active community that has immense contributions to the ecosystem. With the increase in the community, more advanced features are enforced in the blockchain.


The substrate framework is very flexible and scalable, unlike the conventional ones. Some couplings can weaken the entire blockchain network. Using a framework like a substrate helps build a modern system and allows gathering the blockchain with split-up components. As per the requirements, the substrate blockchain is customized and can be modified further.


The interoperability attribute is not found in traditional blockchain networks. But in the case of the substrate blockchain framework, the cross-consensus messaging allows the smooth functioning of the blockchain. With the inter-operability characteristic, the disadvantage that occurs is the loophole in the security. The Parachains are attached to the substrate to build the single chains to prioritize security.

Future safe

The basic elements of the substrate are upgrading, scaling, and modularity. The substrate runtime is essentially a web assembly object. Now, depending upon the situation, the nodes are given the power to change the runtime by themselves. This causes the runtime upgradation in the complete network. It also causes the forkless updation, possibly due to the latest runtime. The network protocols have the potential to meet clients' needs.

Programming Language Used in Substrate Framework

The substrate framework uses the "Rust" programming language, which is very quick and efficient. It is also known as the compiled language that helps the developers in debugging and increasing the power performance. The other perk that is associated with "Rust" is that it has an easily utilized compiler with outstanding documentation along with tools like top-notch editors that are fully integrated.

Additionally, it is secure and prevents crashing. There is a representation of several standard models without any defects. Its performance is more dynamic and impressive as compared to "Rust".

Certain apps require adaptability and vast extensibility. The two distinct elements that are a part of the substrate architecture are the exterior node and the runtime. In the exterior node, asynchronous and multithreading are applied that is centered on the node.

Steps Involved in Building Proof Of Existence Blockchain With Substrate Blockchain Framework

The PoW act as a highly loose indicator of ownership. The blockchain network does not accept the uploaded files. So, directly all this is not possible, but ideally, a file is created, and after that, it is placed on the network with the user's wish of uploading time. This file digest is created repeatedly by accessing the source file and verifying the on-chain proof of existence.

Step 1

Install the Runtime Cargo.toml.

Step 2

Updating the runtime's std

Step 3

Implementation of the and then macro the code poe:: {module, call, storage, event}

Step 4

Now, view the substrate PoE reference documents.

Concepts Linked With Substrate Framework


The most important aspect of this framework is the runtime. It possesses all the necessary information about the current state of the logic and chain. It also leads the way for the blockchain to shift from one state to another. It is popularly known as the state transition function. one can suppose this blockchain is a state machine; inadvertently, the runtime acts as the heart of the system, helping the developers spend most of their time customizing the substrate blockchain.

With the customization related to the custom runtime, the substrate is often considered open licensed. There is a lot of freedom corresponding to both creative and technical aspects, but in specific cases where compatibility between the interfaces is not present, some issue is created; otherwise, all goes well with the implementation. FRAME is utilized to formulate the existing modules.


Blockchain is a peer-to-peer (p2p) network comprising various nodes but not having a particular alignment between them. Now, if several participants are allowed to be a part of the network, there are certain changes as per the transactions and the validity. All these things could also lead to some discord in several network parts. These issues must be rectified to maintain the smooth functioning of the network.

There is the usage of the consensus engines by the blockchain systems. They successfully execute the rules that explain the state transition process and solve the conflicts. Also, these rules emphasize the transaction process's totality, block creation stages, and the resolution of disagreement related to competing states.

The substrate framework offers multiple consensus alternatives. But to attain higher standards, it's important to pan out things according to the user’s needs. The changes include mixing and matching the pre-existing solutions.


The substrate does proper account handling. It can be well explained by taking into consideration various use cases. Additionally, there is a stake and controller key. In case of any storage of funds, the stash key and the controller key. A stash account is created to store large funds, and the stash key maintains the security. There should not be a direct interaction between the chains while using the stash account.

In a certain use case, the controller accounts are used if interactions are required constantly. They are picked up as proxies with the help of stash keys. Direct interconnection and maximum funds are required to compensate for the transactional fees. Security of such keys is also very important, but it all depends upon the stake its holds.

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Benefits Associated with Substrate Blockchain Framework

The Blockchain development is a tedious job. Several network protocols are complicated to execute. So, the substrate, also in that manner, is not something that helps create a platform from the word go. But in comparison, the substrate does make things easier.

To get into the tiny details, let's go through its benefits ;

  • It is based on a decentralized network, which means no one has the central authority; instead, all the network members hold an equal position in making any modifications or keeping check of any transactions in the entire network.
  • The transactions take place quickly, and the entire process is hassle-free. Also, there is no issue regarding the safety of any transaction.
  • The user is not pressurized to invest a hefty amount in the beginning. Only the configuration of the JSON file is required. The development process is started by using the RPC endpoints.
  • These endpoints are incorporated in javascript, python, and ruby, thereby increasing the utilization of the substrate.

Tech Stacks Involved In Substrate Blockchain Framework


PHP is a scripting language used to create flexible and dynamic blockchain ideas solutions with top-class object-oriented characteristics.

PHP Curl:

It's a library that acts as the most potent extension of PHP and helps send transactions on the blockchain network.


An app development framework that uncomplicates the development of the hyperledger fabric blockchain applications.

It helps the person with no technical skills in the presence of a blockchain developer to create desired features.

Substrate RPC:

Its futuristic blockchain framework is a remote procedural call that creates a path for interaction with the substrate nodes. The storage values are evaluated, and substrate RPC submits transactions.

Final Thoughts

Substrate is an emerging framework, but in a short span of time, it has successfully created its space in the blockchain domain. The advantage of this framework is that with the ever-changing ecosystem, there will not be any adverse impact on its working. Everything related to the multichain connectivity and issues related to the previously generated networks is all addressed smoothly.

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