Traffic Emergency Software Development | Traffic Incident System

Traffic Emergency Software Development | Traffic Incident System

By Suffescom Solutions

July 27, 2023

Traffic Emergency Software Development | Traffic Incident System

In many countries, traffic jams and road obstacles are a major issue. The system for moving people and goods by road has worsened because of signal failure, bad law enforcement, and poor traffic management. STEMS, or "Smart Traffic Emergency Management System," is a perfect solution to overcome this situation. Smart management of vehicular traffic, pedestrian crossings, and emergency services are the focus of STEMS.

Computer vision estimates the traffic density in each lane at a junction. This data is used to set the traffic lights according to changing conditions. At each traffic signal that provides audiovisual guidance, pedestrian crossing indicators can be installed to ensure their safety.

Suffescom Solutions, a well-known software development company, offers business-centric traffic emergency software development for event management, everyday operations, and emergency preparedness and response. It brings resources for situational awareness, workflow-dependent information management, and secure communications in real-time.

Let's go into more detail about the traffic incident management system (TIMS).

Incident Management Stats & Facts

  • The incident and emergency management market is expected to reach US$ 229.2 billion by 2032, representing a CAGR of 6.2%, up from US$ 121.4 billion in 2022. (GlobeNewswire)
  • Industry leaders agree that emergency management should be strengthened in 95% of cases.
  • Businesses report using emergency training or simulations in 32% of cases.
  • According to 80% of industry executives, their employees' physical and emotional needs are considered in traffic response strategies.

What is Traffic Incident Management And Why Is It Important?

To reduce the effects of incidents on safety and congestion while ensuring the safety of on-scene responders and the travelling public, traffic incident management involves coordinating the resources of several partner agencies and private sector companies to detect, respond to, and clear traffic incidents as quickly as possible.

Obstacles quickly worsen after an accident, increasing the likelihood of a secondary incident. Traffic lanes can reopen, and conditions can return to normal faster when incidents are discovered early enough for safety personnel to respond and clear them from the roads. Traffic incident management system offers assistance to make a safe work area with the right equipment and signage for emergency crews responding to an incident.

Smart Traffic Management System For Emergency Services With Next-Gen Technologies

Get top-notch solutions with our matchless services to successfully launch your emergency traffic management project. Talk to our experts now!

Advanced Analytics For Safer Streets

Your traffic incident management strategies will benefit from predictive analytics to increase safety, reduce traffic, and clear roads more quickly and effectively.

Enhanced Safety

Maintain pedestrian, driver, and responder safety while using the freeway, arterial, and multiple modes of transportation.

Reduced Travel Time

Enhance trip reliability, shorten clearance times for secondary crashes, and raise public awareness of responding personnel.

Better Operation

From incident detection to clearance on all roads, increase incident mitigation and safety.

Smart Traffic Management System For Emergency Services

Highway Safety

Highway traffic management system positions warning devices and equipment to give motorists a head-up warning, to make personnel highly visible in all weather and lighting conditions, and to offer the most protection to all emergency responders during a highway incident.

Vehicle Inspection

Ensure the equipment is in working order, the vehicles are secure, and the vehicles are prepared to act. Emergency traffic management conducts routine vehicle inspections to prevent fatalities, injuries, and property damage.

Collision Investigation

It is possible to determine what led to a collision and what steps must be taken to prevent one from happening again by conducting collision and near-miss investigations. These inquiries are not carried out to place blame for the loss.

Report Incidents

To ensure that the injured are treated and the specifics are not forgotten, timely reporting of incidents is a crucial step in the loss management process. A traffic incident management system includes a procedure and an employee training component to teach drivers how to react during an incident.

Regulatory & Statute Compliance

Regulations and laws at the local, state, and federal levels must be followed. Conflicts could have serious negative financial, operational, and legal repercussions if the organization doesn't comply. The traffic management system records the licences and insurance of all drivers, including those operating privately owned vehicles.

Motor Vehicle Record Check

To ensure the safe operation of department motor vehicles, department officers should routinely review all drivers' motor vehicle records. To choose and keep the safest drivers for your emergency vehicles, knowing their driving habits and records while on duty and outside work is important.

Manage Resources With Emergency Traffic Management

Emergency Scheduling

Traffic emergency management also includes resource management. Create structures for the flexible assignment of resources that can be populated and used as needed. This software lets staff quickly request or confirm shifts from their mobile devices.

Team Dashboards

Work in the virtual workspace, which includes dashboards and areas for emergency teams like command, operations, planning, and logistics. Setting up a dashboard with the tools your team requires is simple.

Asset Management

Using traffic emergency software’s drag-and-drop designer tools, you can represent and track any asset in the system, from generators to fire trucks to sandbags.

Evaluate Essential Services

You can keep tabs on the most recent community lifeline status or important metrics with the traffic incident system. To monitor vital infrastructure, utilize specialized tools such as impact analyses and busy areas.

Beyond Emergency Management

However, emergency management isn't all we do. The platform is useful for much more than just traffic management. We address all risks and incidents involving worker safety, building security, and business continuity.

Drag-and-Drop Workflow Creation

Put your processes into action as a flowchart that reacts to a trigger, such as a new incident. Simply drop in a workflow node to send an SMS, produce a new report, or publish an update.

Emergency Traffic Management Evaluation Criteria

We suggest several scenarios and products for the assessment. The IMS for traffic emergency response assessment will be planned with the help of these recommendations.

GIS Files Handling

It describes the capacity of a piece of software to read common geographic information system (GIS) file types.


It describes our software's capacity to seamlessly integrate with other software or sensors without manual data import.


It speaks to the software's reliability and usability in the working conditions necessary for the missions of emergency responders.


It has to do with how easily changes can be made within our software and how easily software features can be tailored to a specific user's needs.


Ad-hoc user growth and unexpected or planned increases in the data exchange volume can be quickly accommodated.

Technical Support

It refers to the expedited, round-the-clock technical support we offer while the software is in use.

Ongoing Costs

It alludes to expenses for data storage, training, professional services, and software maintenance fees necessary to keep the software in use.

Offline Usability

When offline, it involves accessing important reference data that might be stored locally on a device and, once the data connection is restored, automatically updating and synchronizing any data logged while offline.

Location Tracking

It is the capacity to view and modify a map-based location for resources that have been dispatched and are currently available. This includes real-time GPS broadcasting of vehicle locations via automatic vehicle location tracking.

How Does Traffic Incident Management System Benefit Businesses?

The advantages of traffic emergency software go beyond features alone. What are the advantages specifically, then? The top advantages of emergency traffic management software include the following:

Enhances Preparedness

Organizations can significantly strengthen their readiness strategies with the help of emergency management software. Our solutions streamline preparation and planning efforts with powerful features like real-time incident tracking, content management systems, and automated notifications.

Response Coordination Efficient

Effective coordination is essential to reducing damage and saving lives during emergencies. Incident management software centralised the coordination and communication between response teams, stakeholders, and outside agencies.

Enables Decision Making

Traffic emergency software can meaningfully gather, examine, and present data. Organizations can gain important insights into patterns, trends, and potential risks by using software that aggregates data from various sources, including sensors, weather forecasts, and historical incident records.

Streamlines Communication

During emergencies, communication must be effective and clear. Traffic emergency software development streamlines communication by offering specific channels for exchanging news, instructions, and updates. Quick team communication is made possible by real-time messaging, video conferencing, and mobile apps, ensuring that crucial information reaches the right people at the right time.

Accelerates Recovery

Emergency management software ensures a seamless transition from response to recovery during an emergency. The software speeds up recovery efforts by automating damage assessment, resource tracking, and recovery planning while reducing downtime and financial losses.

Build And Launch Your Traffic Incident Management System Platform

Join your hands with us and venture into the next-gen traffic emergency system business and upscale your growth. Leverage our expertise and build a highly secure, scalable, flexible, robust, and user-friendly traffic incident system platform.

Highway Traffic Management System Development Process

To help your company grow, we specialize in developing highly responsive and performant platforms. As a well-known custom app development company, we apply contemporary technologies to provide the best results.


After identifying and analyzing the systems' crucial features, our business analysts will begin the development process.

UX/UI Design

A traffic incident management system with a simple UI/UX design will attract more devoted users. Suffescom can better assist you in making the platform more appealing and user-centric.

Architecture Design

Creating cutting-edge apps helps businesses grow and expand more quickly. Things happen because our professionals can create applications and set priorities.

Testing & QA

Suffescom's QA team offers you the highest level of product quality assurance, including unit testing, performance testing, load testing, security testing, and code reviews.

Choosing Suffescom For Traffic Emergency Software Development?

Suffescom Solutions Inc. is a top-rated traffic emergency software development company that has created several emergency system projects for customers worldwide. Check out a few factors that give us an advantage over our rivals.

Secure Platforms

We develop extremely secure emergency system platforms supported by security features and never compromise security.

Quality Services

Because we give our customers high-quality services, they continue using us for all their future service needs.

Quick Launch

Our developers create solutions for them to launch quickly and avoid delays.


Due to the low cost of our services, our solutions are affordable for all our clients.

On-Time Delivery

We provide solutions on schedule to guarantee they hit the market at the appropriate time and according to the client's expectations.

Expert Team

We are a group of qualified designers, developers, quality analysts, and project managers who guarantee smooth project delivery.

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