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Develop And Start Earning With Your Own Web3 Write To Earn Platform

By Suffescom Solutions

July 26, 2023

Develop And Start Earning With Your Own Web3 Write To Earn Platform

The next-generation technology- blockchain, has brought a new concept of web3 or decentralized writing platforms. These platforms give opportunities to writers to earn crypto and businesses to get huge ROI and increased brand value.

This new concept of decentralized writing platforms opens endless possibilities for writers to showcase their talents and be rewarded fairly for their work. Additionally, businesses can tap into this innovative technology and engage with their audiences in new and exciting ways.

So, considering the oncoming trend of write-to-earn platforms, businesses can move one step ahead by developing a platform for users. The web3 writing platform development can surely benefit you in the coming future as more and more writers will consider this web3 writing platform the best way to earn cryptocurrency for their writings.

Suffescom Solutions is a leading web3 development company assisting clients in creating decentralized writing platforms per clients' budgets, needs, and requirements.

In this article, we will discuss everything about web3 writing platforms and why you should choose to develop web3 writing platforms. So, let's dive into these concepts from the basics!

Launch Your Own Web3 Writing Platform

Looking for a reliable Web3 writing platform development company? Go with Suffescom Solutions! We have experience in developing blockchain-based projects for our clients globally.

What Are Web3 Writing Platforms?

Web3 writing platforms are decentralized platforms that have revolutionized the way content is created, processed, and shared online. These writing platforms operate using decentralized blockchain technology and allow writers to be in control of their own content without the need for intermediaries.

Traditionally, when writers publish their content on online platforms, they face many problems, such as the possibility of the content being deleted or moderated, or sometimes even other content creators troll writers for likes. This is not the case with decentralized writing platforms. Such platforms allow writers to publish their content in a decentralized, user-owned, crypto-based network.

This offers a whole new level of transparency, accountability, and security in the content creation process. Such platforms create a unique and seamless way for users to experience and engage with quality content while allowing writers to earn cryptocurrency for their writings.

The potential benefits of these web3 writing platforms are immeasurable, and with the rapidly changing landscape of digital content, they are definitely worth exploring. For businesses, it's time to leverage the benefits of decentralized writing platforms to engage with their audience and build their brand value.

Features Of Write-To-Earn Platforms

Write-to-earn platforms come under the category of NFT and blockchain technology which are futuristic. Let's have a look at all the features of such platforms:

Earn Crypto

This is the most prominent feature of write-to-earn platforms. Writers get the chance to earn revenue in the form of cryptocurrency. Writers can turn their content into NFT and sell them at auction or crowdfund their story idea, and there are many other ways to earn crypto on such platforms.

Organizations and companies can launch their own web3 crowdfunding platforms where they can raise funds through the sale of tokens to investors.


Blockchain technology and NFTs guarantee the transparency of such platforms. These platforms allow writers to claim ownership of their writings and content. Blockchain technology stores these content values, which users can then sell or trade.


The blockchain concept offers users security and protection of their content. It is intended to be completely determined by the settings and implementation. When it comes to security, one can blindly rely on decentralized writing platforms.


Digital assets are easily transferable and can be exchanged for cryptocurrency. This is the most salient aspect of web3 writing platforms that many users find appealing.

Authenticated Transactions

Verifiable transactions are an additional element of the web3 writing platforms. The transactions done in real time may be easily verified by developers and users. Since then, this open infrastructure has helped writers feel more confident about publishing their content.


The blockchain stores all of the writing content, which you may access at any time.

Smart Contracts

There is no longer a need for middlemen thanks to smart contracts development, and there is also no risk of hacking or cyber-attacks. Consequently, a safer and more secure blogging platform.

How Do Writers Earn Crypto With Write-To-Earn Platforms?

Web3 writing platforms are platforms where writers can earn a fair income from their work rather than relying on other platforms' gatekeepers.

The payments are only made with cryptocurrency on such platforms. Here's a list of ways writers earn money on such platforms:

Getting Tips From Readers

Writers publish their content on decentralized writing platforms, and readers can tip their writings in cryptocurrency if they like the content.

Turning Publications Into NFT

On decentralized writing platforms, users can turn their writings, content, news, or any other publishing into an NFT. All they need to do is create an account on such a platform and set up the digital wallet, mint NFT and set up a price for it. The users can sell these NFTS at an auction to readers who want to invest in their publishings or even users can sell the story to a publication as an NFT. Each time the NFT gets sold, users will earn royalties on their NFT.

Crowdfund Story Ideas

Besides turning the story into an NFT, users can crowdfund their content ideas similar to cryptocurrency IDO launchpad and ICO crowdfunding platform, and readers can pledge money for the users to write it. Once the story gets published, the readers who pledged money will get a share of the profit.

Embed NFTs

Users have the ability to embed their NFTs or NFTs that are owned by other creators and can earn cryptocurrency from them. The more an NFT is shared within published content, the more value it will have.

Old-Fashioned CTAs

Similar to any publication on the internet, users have the ability to add their CTAs to their articles and any other content. It can link to anything they want to offer, such as an email list, coaching, eBook, or course.

Leverage The Benefits of Web3 Writing Platforms

Let us help you create a user-friendly and secure decentralized writing platform to help you increase ROI and brand value. We have a team of developers who are well-versed with the latest tools and technologies to build scalable web3 writing platforms.

Write-To-Earn Platform Revenue Streams For Businesses

When writers sell their content on a write-to-earn platform via NFT, businesses charge category listing fees from creators. Companies can set the charges based on price, demand from readers, or other details.

Initial Start-up Fee

Businesses charge initial start-up fees from users who want to list their content as NFT on decentralized writing platforms.

Minting Fees

NFT minting is simply a process of converting content into a digital asset that is represented in the form of NFT. For this activity, the write-to-earn platform charges a certain amount of fee from the user.

Transaction Fees

Once the NFT is listed and open for sale, readers or buyers will make a bid on that NFT. When the owner of the NFT agrees to sell it to the buyer, the buyer will make the payment. A 2 or 2.5% of the final amount will be charged by the decentralized writing platform as a transaction fee. In this way, businesses can generate revenue and higher ROI.

Multiple Sales Charge

Another way businesses can generate revenue from write-to-earn platforms is by going for multiple sales charges. Often, writers put a lot of content on the platform as an NFT for sale. But in order to complete these sales, the platform has to pay for gas and other blockchain network charges. Businesses can charge such fees from the content creators.

Benefits Of Web3 Writing Platforms

  • Web3 writing platforms will be a boon for entrepreneurs who wish to stand out among competitors in web3 and blockchain technology.
  • Write-to-earn platforms are transparent, which increases their usability among writers.
  • Writers can sell their content as an NFT, applicable for monetization.
  • Decentralized writing platforms provide ownership of the content, which writers can trade for more profits.
  • Transactions are safe and secure due to smart contracts and decentralization.
  • Earning through these platforms is far more than any other publishing platform.
  • Organizations and companies can generate good ROI and increase their brand value.

Some Of The Web3 Writing Platforms

Launched in 2020, was the first-ever decentralized writing platform created for writers who want to publish their work and earn money. This platform enables writers to have total ownership and control over their creative assets. The platform is powered by Ethereum blockchain technology and offers the opportunity for writers to earn in cryptocurrency. Additionally, users can turn their poems, news, stories, blog posts, or any other content into NFTs which can be sold over and over again. is a web3-based writing platform where writers can earn Bitcoin currency for their content. Users have access to blockchain-enabled infrastructure that assures privacy and security for writers. On this platform, users can send newsletters, comment on posts, follow other users, and build subscription lists.


Publish0x is another decentralized writing platform where users can earn cryptocurrency for blogging. It is known as a crypto-agnostic publishing platform like Medium, but instead of getting praised, you earn revenue in the form of cryptocurrency. Users who register an account on this platform can get tips that are obtained from Bount0x tokens offered by Publish0x.

Readers on this platform have the option to either take the 80% tip or give it all to the author of the content they are tipping.


SteemIt is a write-to-earn platform that is powered by steem blockchain technology and STEEM dollars. Similar to a social media and publishing platform, it allows authors to post their writing together with other types of media. You must become a curator in order to receive tokens. Finding and favoriting later-trending pieces is the greatest approach to achieving this.

Decentralized News Network

If you are a journalist or have an interest in composing news stories, Decentralized news network gives you the place where you can publish these stories and earn cryptocurrency. Moreover, writers can earn more by content curation of other journalists.

Bounty Hunting

Bounty hunting entails undertaking actions with a set payoff. Bounty tasks typically involve creating and publishing an article about a fresh project. These articles can be promoted on Medium as well as other websites like Publish0x or Steemit. A fantastic option to combine writing with extra income! The websites Bounty0x and Crowdholding are two excellent starting points for finding bounties.

Harness The Potential Of Our Web3 Expertise

Suffescom Solutions is well-versed in developing web3-based platforms with spectacular attributes. Contact us today for additional details about the web3 writing platform development process.

Why Choose Suffescom Solutions For Web3 Writing Platform Development?

The future belongs to decentralized writing platforms, which give the opportunity to earn crypto from writing content. If you want to build considerable future assets, start investing in write-to-earn platform development.

Suffescom Solutions can help you build your own write-to-earn platform by leveraging the latest tools, technologies, and frameworks. We have a proficient team of developers who know their job well. Marketers, developers, and designers are skilled in their respective work. We have been in the business for 10 years and have expertise in blockchain technology for over 6 years.

Team of Blockchain Experts

We have experienced and skilled teams of blockchain developers that are dedicated to providing the finest development solutions. We have worked on various blockchain and cryptocurrency-based projects for various clients all around the world. The company’s experts have expertise in implementing blockchain frameworks such as BSC, Solana, Ethereum, and many more to offer you high-end development solutions.

Agile Development Process

To complete projects on time, our business uses an agile development process. This method simplifies the procedures and divides them into manageable sections. Additionally, the expertise of our team allows us to deliver high-quality solutions to our clients.

Confidentiality Agreement

Suffescom Solutions works hard to establish enduring connections with each of its clients. In order to prevent project information and details from leaking, we sign a secret contract with the clients.

Post-Launch Support Services

Once your write-to-earn platform is developed, you can still contact us to address any questions or technical problems that may come up. You also benefit from post-delivery technical assistance while working with us. Contact us for additional details about our web3 writing platform development services, and we'll get back to you right away.

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