Launch The Web3 Crowdfunding Platform | Web3 Launchpad Development

Launch The Web3 Crowdfunding Platform | Web3 Launchpad Development

By Suffescom Solutions

January 25, 2023

Launch The Web3 Crowdfunding Platform | Web3 Launchpad Development

Web3 is a trending technology and has sorted implementation in various sectors. It has generated massive opportunities and a lot of businesses want to invest in web3 projects. These projects cost enormous and thus require crowdfunding.

Talking about crowdfunding is a way to raise money to finance projects. The people participating in the fundraising are called fundraisers. They are responsible for collective money through various platforms.

Initially, people used to take conventional routes like seeking help from venture capitalists or angel investors. There are centralized e-platforms like Patreon, Ulule, Wefunder, etc. The conventional forms of crowdfunding have some serious limitations. The angel investors ask for equity, and the online platforms ask for a certain percentage of the project. Another cause of concern is that while pitching your idea in front of investors, there are chances that the idea might get stolen.

These flaws are carefully analyzed; therefore, decentralized platforms have been formed. The biggest example is the web3 crowdfunding platform, which has restructured the entire startup funding prospect.

Before getting into the details, let’s first know the basics of the web3 crowdfunding platform.

Here we go!

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What Is A Web3 Crowdfunding Platform?

It is a decentralized platform that is capable of raising funds through asset tokenization. Also, the company that wants to raise money needs to create its own tokens on a blockchain network of its choice. On the contrary, the investors get the shares/equity in the form of tokens. The key difference is that the investors that provide funds before anyone else get to enjoy extraordinary advantages. Essentially, it is a distributed network that is secure and is not vulnerable to hacking. Moreover, it does not require third-party intermediaries for the verification of the transactions.

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How Web3 Crowdfunding Works?

In this type, the startups are allowed to raise funds by the sale of the tokens to the investors. Once the project gets started, these tokens are utilized by the investors to possess access to the services/products of the project. When the project starts to make a profit, then the value of the token also increases. So, the investors are ready to make capital out of the investment they have made via crypto exchanges.

This form of crowdfunding operates on various tokens via several offerings; now, it really depends on which type is picked for raising money.

  • Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)
  • Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)
  • Initial Dex Offering (IDO)
  • Security Token Offering (STO)
  • Web3 Digital Crowdfunding Platform Solutions
  • Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)

This is a fundraising model that involves the capital-raising activities in the form of a crypto environment. It is mainly used by startups and eliminates third parties. The profits of every party are taken into consideration. Any project that requires fundraising is able to provide an ICO. Now, it can be any product, service, developing exchange, creation of coins, etc. So, what happens is that the crypto coins are developed and released on the ICO website. From here, the investors can buy the tokens that exhibit perks for the holders in lieu of having some stake in the crypto project. It includes white paper creation, token creation, listing, ICO marketing, etc.

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

This type of fundraising model was created when people experienced some pitfalls in ICO. It was related to the scams that took place in the ICO. So, IEO development platform was created that acted as the alternative to the initial one. The biggest advantage it offered was trust and security. It is the investors' fundamental requirement, and IEO makes the whole process seamless. Here, the tokens are listed in the centralized exchanges.

Initial DEX Offering (IDO)

This is the favorite of investors as it enables the tokens to be launched on the decentralized exchange. Most entrepreneurs are inclined towards this fundraising model globally. It is similar to the IEO, but the listing mechanism is poles apart. Crypto IDO Launchpad removes the chances of fraudulent activities or scams. The capital is raised like an IPO(Initial Public Offering), but the equity is not shared among the stakeholders. Rather, it allows the token holders to utilize their tokens more safely. Things that make it attractive compared to other models are instant trading, liquidity, and affordable costs for the token listing.

Security Token Offering (STO)

In this model, the security tokens are issued on the permission/permissionless blockchain network. Government entities issue these with the same application as regular bonds, equities, and stocks. They are absolutely scam free and have lower transaction fees. It offers greater liquidity and possesses larger market efficiency. The Securities and Exchange Commission Rules govern it, so the trust of the people on the platform is obvious.

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Web3 Crowdfunding Development Process

Market Analysis

Starting any project from scratch requires thorough market research. In developing the crowdfunding platforms, a deep market survey is necessary. There are already a lot of decentralized crowdfunding sites/platforms. One needs to see what features they possess and how they are going to be different from the competitors. While developing a successful platform, the requirements of the investors should be kept in mind to make the project successful.

Executing The Business Plan

When all the major things about the project are easily comprehended, now it's time to craft a robust business plan. It consists of a well-written document that includes the goals and objectives of the crowdfunding project. There is the inclusion of the time frame within which the platform will be developed. The strategies, planning, and blueprint are made. After that, these things are practically implemented to achieve the targets. Basically, the ideas are aligned and carried out in a proper way.

Developing UX Design

The designers ensure the user experience does not go for a toss. The design teams develop the platforms to provide an amazing experience to the users. Uplifting this attribute allows for more prospects, enticing investors, producing more sales, increasing profits, and developing client retention. This aspect plays an essential role in intensifying customer satisfaction. Attention to detail is provided while selecting the interface, the color combos, and the appearance of the platform.

Platform Development And Testing

Our skilled web3 developers will help you through the Web3 Crowdfunding Platform Development process. The prerequisites are the necessary tech stacks, programming languages, frameworks, and blockchain infrastructure, including tools and technologies. When the platform is developed, it goes through the testing phase. The platform's performance is checked, and testing is performed to make it error or bug-free. After testing, an incredible crowdfunding platform is developed, which is then available for raising funds for your business.

Launching The Platform

Finally, the developed platform is launched when all the steps are fulfilled. After that, the platform is readily available for fundraising coherently.

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Top Features In Web3 Crowdfunding Platform

Smart Admin Panel

The admin panel is a vital feature that enables users to create and manage marketing campaigns. The user can handle the marketing campaign conveniently.

Smart Contracts

The role of smart contracts helps simplify the business and eliminates the part of the intermediaries. Smart contract development services helps in cost reduction without making any compromise on credibility, security, and authenticity. This also assists the parties in entering into agreements without any dependency. There is a trustworthy environment that is apparent to the members of the web3 network.

Social Media Integration

The developed platform is integrated with social media platforms that help fetch massive numbers of people. Social media is the easiest way to promote anything. The same goes for the crowdfunding platform. Those profiles or groups are targeted that have a connection with investors, crypto enthusiasts, and web3 entrepreneurs.

Easy Sign-up

The smooth and seamless sign-up interface is provided, making it convenient for fundraisers and investors to navigate the platform uncomplicatedly. The sign-up interface should be absolutely intuitive and hurdle free.


The availability of multi-languages helps the platform in reaching out to numerous people. The audience is then diversified as it covers every people globally. The advantage of different languages helps investors take advantage of the opportunity to fund crypto projects.

Private Messaging

This attribute helps in sending private messages to investors or interested people. It gives a personal touch to the targeted audience and makes them feel special to participate in the crowdfunding process. Such a feature assists in developing smooth communication among its peers.

In-built Search Module

The search feature helps users in performing searches in the easiest way possible. Whatever queries they have related to staking, NFT, earning, IGO, etc., everything is provided to the users.

Payment Modes

The payment gateways are crucial in crowdfunding. There is an e- payment portal that helps in performing transactions with all sorts of modes, such as wallets, credit, and debit cards. The platform should be able to accept different currencies that will entice the stakeholders. This helps in gaining trust among the users.

Top Tech Stacks We Offer:

  • Blockchain platforms
  • Ethereum
  • Avalanche
  • Polygon
  • Binance

Programming Languages

  • Node.js
  • Php
  • Java
  • Python

Javascript And Web Framework

  • React
  • Vue.js


  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • Redis

Cost Estimation Of The Web3 Crowdfunding Platform

To develop a robust web3 crowdfunding platform, there is no set price. But there is a range that sits perfectly for the crowdfunding development project. Depending upon the following factors, the budget of the project is decided;

  • Location of the company
  • Size of the firm(in terms of employees and revenue generation)
  • Features to be included in the platform
  • Complete set of Technological Stacks

Development phase breakdown (time and money spent on the planning, developing, testing, and maintenance )

If you are interested in starting the web3 crowdfunding project, contact our business team. They will clear your doubts and provide effective solutions to your problems.

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We have a team of experts that know their job well. Right from this, the developers, analysts, marketers, and designers all have expertise in their relevant roles. This makes them complete and delivers the projection before the deadline.

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