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IDO Token Launchpad Development Services On Any Blockchain: Ultimate Guide

By Suffescom Solutions

July 26, 2022

IDO Token Launchpad Development Services On Any Blockchain: Ultimate Guide

In the past few years, many innovations and advancements have been seen in the technology sector. From web 1.0 to web 3 and web 5, a great revolution has been seen in prominent and small-scale business sectors. The major transformation has been brought by blockchain technology under web 3.0 technology. It offers a fully decentralized environment to the involved parties removing the interference of the central authority.

In this blog, we will discuss the launchpad's current role/popularity, features, development process, and who should you choose to develop a robust and high-performing IDO launchpad. So, let’s dive deeper into these concepts from the basics.

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An Initial DEX Offering Leads To Crypto IDO launchpad Development

The Raven Protocol, the first-ever IDO, took place in June 2019. The protocol's developers decided to use the Binance DEX, a decentralized exchange. Until the hard cap is met, traders may purchase the token at a set price. On most platforms, this is how the initial IDOs happened.

Theoretically, this specific method of fundraising has several significant advantages, such as:

  • Quick trading
  • Instantaneous liquidity
  • Clear and honest fundraising

Investors, though, weren't happy. This was since these token sales would practically sell out in a matter of seconds, giving the typical investor little chance to acquire a stake and participate. The idea that insiders and bots were snatching them up was created, and the market had to change to meet the rising demand.

Understand How IDO Launchpad Is Better!

A crypto launchpad is a digital platform that lists the crypto projects and behaves like a community for virtual assets like tokens and cryptos to raise capital. All investors can explore the IDO  launchpad and invest in the projects’ tokens that best fit their goals and interests. This whole procedure is possible with the Initial DEX Offering model.

The Basic Characteristics of The IDO Launchpad

The platform guarantees that the crypto projects attract the best investors. It is because the platform offers a broader network of investors to the project launchers. The platform implies no restriction based on the geographical location of the investors for the projects listed on the launchpad.

The probability of being successful for the crypto projects increase when they are listed on the IDO launchpad due to the wide reach of the investors. The built liquidity pools make sure that the investors experience high profits when investing their money in the pool.

Benefits of Launching IDO Launchpad

Quick Cash Flow

The buying/selling of the tokens is important and should experience high liquidity. The token value can fall if there is no quick buying/selling of the token. Using a liquidity pool you can access the money without worrying about liquidity loss.

Operation Simplification

If a project's token is traded on a liquidity market, starting a new defi smart contract development only costs a few dollars in gas fees. Smart contracts also manage the asset tokenization and liquidity distribution processes.

Ethical and Secure Fundraising

When using a cryptocurrency IDO launchpad, tokens can be created and liquidated immediately, which is impossible with conventional fundraising techniques. Individual investors initially purchase a significant number of tokens at a discount; additionally, as the token becomes more widely accessible, its value rises.

Launch Your Own Crypto IDO Launchpad With Us

Looking to launch your own Crypto IDO Launchpad? We've got you covered! Our professional services can help you build and customize a platform tailored to your specific needs. Trust us to provide you with a seamless and secure launchpad experience.

The List Of Different Blockchain Networks To Build An IDO Launchpad


Ethereum is considered the pioneer in the blockchain’s evolution phase. It accounts for over 90% of all the transactions across the globe for most of the applications backed by blockchain development companies. Also, the blockchain provides an excellent model that guarantees quality while offering high security. The most demanding market is for blockchain based IDO platforms and Ethereum-based gaming platforms due to their advanced and appealing features while offering superior security.

Binance Smart Chain(BSC)

The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and the Binance blockchain receive the benefits of the other Binance chains. Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain are in fierce competition with each other. If we consider the launch of newly minted coins, the latter is second to the Ethereum developer.


Formerly famous as Matic, the polygon is based on Ethereum’s layer 2 protocol. It can reduce the problems related to the high gas cost and low transaction costs. Working based on Ethereum, the polygon gets the benefits of high-level security, which ensures that the polygon will resolve the issues users face in the Ethereum-based platforms. A crypto IDO launchpad built on polygons can profit from both, allowing their initiatives to pull in a broader type of investors.


Solana can handle around  5,000 transactions per second compared to the other Blockchain networks, which is a lot better than others. Tokens for the business project will be issued at random before investors may claim their IDO tokens in the Solana crypto IDO launchpad. Scalable and decentralized applications are at the Solana design's core. Access to an IDO launchpad powered by Solana is specified to use for the confirmed investors only, and it supports a strict KYC procedure.

Step By Step Guide to crypto IDO launchpad development

An Easy Way to Create an IDO Launchpad is Explained Below:

Recognize The Needs

Every new concept, including developing a launchpad, must first analyze the whole scenario, the market trends, and the users' demands. After determining your needs, consider your idea carefully and choose how to proceed with the project. This includes the blockchain that your application will be based on.

Preparing Whitepaper

Create the IDO launchpad whitepaper in such a way that it presents the global image of your digital business. For your business, a well-written whitepaper can really make the difference between failure and success at an early stage.

IDO Launchpad Customization or White-label Solution

For your crypto IDO launchpad, you can make a choice between crafting a solution from starting or personalizing the white label solution. If you want to enter the market quickly, then going with a ready-made solution can be the best fit for your business.

Token Creation

The creation of your launchpad's tokens is done in this phase. You must make a choice for the characteristics you want to include in your tokens.

Testing Phase

You must carry out a rigorous testing process, which includes assessing various test cases to make sure your platform is bug-free.

Finally Deployment

In the final stage of deployment, your crypto IDO launchpad must be deployed on the blockchain network. And it also includes the required updation and resolves the technical issues if any occur during the installation of the final product.

Features Of IDO Launchpad development on Binance Smart Chain

The BSC-based Initial DEX Offering Launchpad offers practical launchpad services to the expanding crypto ecosystem. A Binance Smart Chain IDO Launchpad fosters improvement and growth within the cryptocurrency community. The characteristics of this solution are:

Superior Security

In order to compensate for the attacks and hacking attempts, the IDO launchpad offers highly advanced security features. Additionally, superior sign-up methods will reduce the chances of money laundering and malicious activities. The IDO launchpad can also manage the high traffic loads while performing the best without any fail.


A third-generation web-based wallet is incorporated into this cryptocurrency IDO launchpad. The distribution of tokens and investment process in a given IDO is revved by the in-built digital wallet.

Fully Responsive Backend system

The BSC network offers an IDO launchpad that has a robust and responsive backend. The backend of the IDO launchpad enhances the overall management and effectiveness of the front end. The platform gains most users from a user-friendly front-end.

Advanced Features Of Solana Powered IDO Launchpad

  • Only confirmed investors would be permitted on a crypto IDO launchpad in the Solana chain due to a strict know your customer (KYC) policy and cryptographic security measures.
  • IDO tokens on the Solana-based IDO launchpads are distributed instantly when the project becomes live for sales, removing the need for investors to wait to claim tokens for a fabulous project.
  • With the use of Automated Market Makers (AMM),  an IDO  platform has automated and high liquidity guarantees that liquidity would never be a concern for the users.
  • These IDO launchpads also have various search criteria so that the users can customize their searches based on their tastes. There are various filter options to get the specified results like expensive, cheap, trending, upcoming, and many others to look for the projects of your own interest.
  • The Solana-powered cryptocurrency IDO launchpad enables the users to have an integrated wallet account or log in with the alternative crypto wallet at their own convenience.
  • The platform allows multi-level token staking depending on the project type and the total amount of tokens staked on the platform.

Build a Successful Crypto IDO Launchpad from Scratch Contact Us Now

We specialize in helping you build a successful crypto IDO launchpad from scratch. With our expertise and knowledge, we can guide you through the process and ensure a successful launch. Contact us now to get started on your journey towards success in the crypto world.

The Most Popular IDO Launchpad Platforms


Polkastrater is considered the pioneer in the launchpad industry as it is the largest platform. The projects listed on this launchpad get high funds from investors. And the community is spreading fast than anything. 


The DuckDAO launched the cryptocurrency IDO launchpad called DuckSTARTER. And it has various high-profile investors. With this platform, various crypto projects have been bootstrapped successfully. And various projects are lined up on the platform to succeed in the future.


The BSC pad is the first crypto IDO launchpad for the crypto projects built over the BSC. Users get guaranteed allocations for tokens they can own. The cryptocurrency IDO launchpad offers a simple user interface with all the required information placed on the storefront. It includes all the required features for the users while paying attention to maintaining the security of the users.

Now it's your turn to grab the opportunity by launching your own IDO launchpad with advanced features to attract the best investors and make the crypto projects successful. Don’t Wait! Tell us your demands and concerns. We feel proud to work for you!

Why Choose  Suffescom Solutions for IDO Launchpad Development?

 Collaborate with us to develop your blockchain-powered solutions built over the blockchain framework you want. Here is the list of reasons why choosing us is the right decision for you:

Team of Blockchain Experts

We have skilled and experienced teams of blockchain developers that are honestly dedicated to their work and listed on 1st position as top launchpad development companies. We have delivered cryptocurrency-based multiple projects for various clients across the world. Our team holds sheet expertise in implementing the different blockchain frameworks from Solana to BSC to offer you high-end products.

Confidentiality Agreement

We at Suffescom solutions strive to build long-term relationships with our clients. We sign a confidential contract with the clients to save the information and details related to the project from leaking.

Agile Development Process

Our company follows an agile development process to deliver the projects on time. This approach makes the processes easy and divides them into a well-structured form to handle. And the expertise of our team members makes it possible to deliver high-quality results to our clients.

Post-Launch Support Services

Once you get your cryptocurrency IDO launchpad launched, you can still get in touch with us to resolve the queries and the technical issues, if any arise. Therefore, when you collaborate with us,  you get the extra advantage of post-delivery technical support. Get in touch with us for more information and crypto launchpad development services; we will get back to you in no time!!

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