IDO Platform Development Services: Boost Effectiveness of Digital Assets

IDO Platform Development: A Secure Way of Venturing Into The Crypto World

By Suffescom Solutions

July 14, 2023

IDO Platform Development: A Secure Way of Venturing Into The Crypto World

Today the world has greatly inclined toward crypto space. More than anything else, digital assets are enjoying inclusiveness because of blockchain technology. According to the experts, the IDO (initial dex offering) is going to revolutionize business growth. There are various ventures that have come forward for the IDO Platform Development. To launch a platform like this, Launchpad Development Company is the best place to create a fundraising model.

Crypto fundraising is equally in great demand by the investors. This IDO deals in every type of crypto asset that is introduced by the DEX (decentralized exchange).

Before discussing IDO in detail, let’s discuss the other types of fundraising models!


An initial exchange offering (IEO) is an excellent fundraising tool in the blockchain sector that has captured the interest of millions of users in a short period of time. The IEO operates on a centralized network that enables cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing customers to purchase at the highest pricing value. It is highly secure for transactions, but it is also vulnerable to dangers such as theft.

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An initial coin offering (ICO) is a popular fundraising mechanism that involves releasing utility tokens/coins on the blockchain platform. It is completely decentralized and has surpassed traditional financial systems such as banks. It provides investors with strong liquidity with the launch of CEX.


Security token offerings (STO) have a higher value and demand in the cryptocurrency industry. It is because they offer the greatest fundraising concept to the investors for gaining returns in a short span of time. These tokens are used to raise capital for the initiatives or launch a public offering of company shares. It has passed the Howey Test and is highly secure, enabling consumers to benefit from seamless transactions.

What is an IDO?

One of the most popular forms of crowdfunding is where an issuer allocates IDO coins with the help of a decentralized liquidity platform. Now, this decentralized liquidity exchange is an asset that allows the trading of tokens. Here, the liquidity pools are used that comprise crypto-assets and coins. The best example of the liquidity pair is the USDT/ETH. Based on the market trends, the traders have a complete choice to shift pairs between multiple crypto-assets and stablecoins.

The irregularities in the stablecoins are extremely minimal. This gives a fair prospect to the traders to manage the inflated volatility of the crypto tokens and assets by interchanging them. Therefore, the decentralized liquidity exchanges enable the enterprises to immediately issue a token and acquire access to funds quickly.

An IDO is a fresh concept of fundraising that assists cryptocurrency exchanges. It is totally decentralized that allows the investors to raise money for their business growth. To capture a large pool of users, it generates liquidity and enables trading on DEX. in this way, the investors are benefitted via an endless token stack.

How is an IDO Project Conducted?

Launching your IDO platform development requires a few steps to be followed. Some of them are discussed as under;


In the beginning, there is a proper analysis of the IDO project. It follows by describing the detailed technical documentation of white and yellow paper. Such things fall under the preparation phases.

Decentralized Generalization:

After adequate review, the project is forwarded to a DEX startup platform. Here, it is examined and chosen by the exchange users. If the project is accepted then it straight away goes to the launchpad exchange. The launchpad exchange is a place where startups are able to raise funds. Now, where the matter of the capital is associated, validation is necessary. This is done to provide security against trash IDOs.


The sponsors and the venture capitalists are responsible for amplifying the financial resources. Firstly, they are suggested to purchase new coins at a lower rate. It is done to encourage them to take a risk in the initial phase in the hope of getting paid more later on. Most commonly, one needs to register on the whitelist and then sign up for the startup social network. Special token debts are bought and tokens are received by the investors throughout the Token Generation Event (TGE).

Public Sale:

After following the above processes comes the public sale that is held on the decentralized crypto stock exchanges. The funds are raised with the combination of ETH and stable coins like USDT, DAI, USDC, etc.

There are two techniques through which the public sale of the tokens takes place;

  • The tokens are sold in groups by the emitter. This contributes to the increase in the token price at every step. This procedure helps in gathering the attention of the investors. It results in getting the tokens at a discounted price.
  • Another way is that the tokens are sold via auctions as opposed to selling them at fixed rates. Auctions are a better way of public sale as the selling price is directly proportional to the supply and demand.

Token Listing:

Following the IDO and the token generation event, the tokens are suggested for trading deployed on the automated market makers (AMM). Some of the examples of AMM are Balancer and Uniswap. Both of them are decentralized platforms; therefore, no extra fees are charged during the listing of tokens. A liquidity pool is created by the emitter with the help of the tokens leading to the launch of the liquid secondary market.

Liquidity Stimulation:

After the token listing is completed, incentives are created to capture the attention of the people. Tokens are earned with the help of special programs by becoming a liquidity provider.

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Significance of the IDO Platform Development

The importance of the IDO platform is mainly due to its successful model. The elements that are directly responsible are the quality and the promotion of the project. It would not be wrong to state that more than the usefulness, it’s the marketing that takes all the credit. This thing was missing from the initial ICO, STO, and IEO projects. Alternatively, if an IDO project is just completed and is ready for the demo (having the functional features), then also, it will be a sure shot hit.

Another important thing is that the limitations of the former platforms are addressed in this new model. The core element is that it does not need any authentication while arranging a fundraising event. This event is performed without taking consent from anyone because of its decentralized ability.

Reasons Why Crypto Investors Find It Convenient To Invest In IDO

IDOs possess all the qualities that give them an edge over others. Due to their popularity, they have a fabulous future in the crypto industry. The biggest reason is the inclusion of the control mechanisms in the pre-existing IDO architecture. These are helpful in removing the price variations in the tokens and the execution of the KYC norms.

Now comes the rationale behind being the favorite of the investors!

  • The foremost thing is the affordability factor. The low-cost factor is the dominant aspect because of which anyone can buy the tokens. There is absolutely no need to perform any verification. Besides this, the iso does not create any restriction corresponding to the authority of the investor.
  • The best part is the security, where the investors are not supposed to shift their funds to the internal accounts of the exchange platform. Every transaction takes place peer to peer through smart contracts. This decentralized exchange platform does not keep a record of any sensitive data related to the user’s money or private keys.

These are some of the reasons that make them in demand in the world of cryptocurrency as compared to the other projects.

Benefits of IDO Platform

Fast Liquidity

The foremost condition in an IDO platform is the token's liquidity. This is undoubtedly very important. If a token is unable to offer instant liquidity then it could be overwhelming for its value. At all price levels, a liquidity pool offers liquidity without any negligence. There is a certain value attached to the tokens that helps them in obtain liquidity. For that, the project initially needs to enable token swapping in the liquidity pool.

Higher Transparency:

The crypto IDO launchpad development is done with full precision and integrated with robust features. The strong platform is enough for attracting investors. Whatever happens on the platform is visible to all and hence a greater level of trust is built in the users. Hence, greater transparency is maintained on the transaction-related details.

Quick Trading

As soon as the project is launched, the investors start trading the project's token. There is no wastage of time in the trading process. The investors who had bought the tokens in advance are able to sell them when the market prices are high. It has been seen that whenever there is the purchase of any token, then the prices begins to change drastically.

Minimal Costs

A new smart contract is deployed in lesser gas fees when the project's token uses a liquidity exchange. Besides this, there are massive asset tokens and liquidity pools that are handled via smart contracts.

Steady Fundraising

An IDO launch is slightly different in terms from the conventional fundraising methods. It provides immediate token production and liquidity. To begin with, individual investors buy a large number of tokens at a discount. Also, the value of a token shoots up when it is offered for sale to the general public. This is one of the most efficient ways to raise money in an upright and steady way.

Security Protocols

There is an integration of the higher-level security protocols such as HTTP authentication, end-to-end encryption, 2-Factor authentication, and so on. These protocols are enough for maintaining the security of the platform so that no unscrupulous activities take place. They also push away any attack from the hacker's side.

Economical and Fully Customizable

The IDO platform can be customized according to the requirement of the customer. The platform can be made extremely adaptable, scalable, and flexible. Whatever the trend is, the alterations are made then and there. Also, there is no need for any third party that could take advantage by charging more fees. Its development is very economical and the users are charged with lower gas fees with reduced waiting time and quick transaction speed.

It will take time for the IDO ecosystem to tackle these difficulties and IDO is the finest alternative that is accountable for raising capital. As this model is still in its initial stage, so a lot of improvement is required. Still, it has all the qualities that have taken the market industry by storm. It has successfully taken over all the trading models in terms of working and providing facilities. With an evolving platform like this, they are able to strike a balance between decentralization and enabling security. The performance delivered is just spectacular.

If you as a business want to explore the how to build ICO crowdfunding platform, then get in touch with our experts. They will guide you through the entire business model. Do let us know if you are interested in knowing about its characteristics, functionalities, and budget.

So, before taking too much time, it’s time to get things rolling!

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