Web3 Education Platform Development Cost?

How Much Does Web3 Education Platform Development Cost?

By Suffescom Solutions

December 20, 2023

How Much Does Web3 Education Platform Development Cost?

As technology is flourishing by leaps and bounds, the global digital education industry is among the significant sectors that are also growing daily. Therefore, many companies decided to introduce themselves in the new world with their own solution in the web3 platform. If you are among them and struggling with the cost of Web3 Education Platform Development, then reading this post is completely worth it.

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Looking For The Exact Cost To Build A Web3 Education Platform?

Get in touch with our team if you wish to incorporate web3 into your education system. Our transparent cost estimation approach can help guide you in the right path!

Why Web3 Education?

What are the reasons behind popularity and rapid growth of the web3 education platform. Let's find out about some of them.

  1. Helps learners to access courses or educational programs at any time and from any place in the world.
  2. Study materials are available on any device, even a mobile phone.
  3. No limits to education.
  4. A better understanding of a concept through virtual labs
  5. Rewards earnings in the form of tokenization with the ability to use.
  6. Low cost and higher time savings for learners.

What are the Important Things to Building Web3 Educational Platform?

Blockchain Technology

In web3 platforms, blockchain technology helps to raise the level of trust among network users. It enables the creation of secure and transparent systems without needing a central authority or intermediary. Therefore, every transaction conducted on the platform is secured and free from errors.

NFT Marketplace

Non-fungible tokens provide proof of ownership for things such as digital art, music, data, in-game assets, personal records, and more. The same lies in the web3 educational platform. Providing tokens to Videos and special lectures helps to protect their rights over the internet and enable users to use relevant content.

Web3 Wallet Creation

To access dApps and store NFTs or use DeFi protocols, web3 platforms are being used. Your users can save important lectures, certificates, special tasks, etc., in hot or cold web3 wallets. The best features are that they are easy to secure and control.

Smart Contract

To enjoy the speed and accuracy of data smart contracts backed by blockchain technology in web3 platforms used as a digital signature. The information stored in smart contracts is hard to charge as complex structures back the codes.


Token standards like ERC-1155 and ERC-720 enable the efficient transfer of fungible and non-fungible tokens in a single transaction.

Virtual Reality

VR simulates experience with the 3D near-eye displays and the immersive feel of a virtual world. Learners can explore 360-degree experiences. For instance, rather than reading or seeing pictures of the human body, how can the user watch the human system in 3D and experience every organ like a physical presence? There is a lot more to explore with virtual reality.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is an interactive experience that combines the real world and computer-generated content. In the education and web3 platform, AR helps educators to show virtual examples of concepts and add gaming elements to provide textbook material support.

Internet of Things (IoT)

It enables us to connect things and data from anywhere. In the web3 education platform, teachers can use data from IoT sensors to design their relevant courses. The system motivates students to respond and participate in answering.


As blockchain is the foundation of the web3 platform and guarantees the decentralization of information by replacing multi servers. Hence, it builds a gap between institutions, parents, and policymakers.

All the above technologies are used to build web3 education platforms, and everything adds cost to the platform. Let’s find out how much.

Amazing Features of the Web3.0 E-learning Platform

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing must-have features that enable group meetings, one-to-one meetings, interactive video conferences, and more with students. It helps students to understand the topic more effectively.

Skill and Certificate Tracking

Enables educators to track learners' skills and provide certificates of completion with a few clicks. It boosts user engagement and handling achievement certification.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Introducing multiple payment gateways, including cryptocurrency, ensures your platform's success. The safe and secure platform backed by blockchain technology ensures data security for users.

Assessment Management

Students can check their assessment reports without the threat of hacking or third-party tracking.


For the brilliant students, rewards for their achievement. You can offer rewards in crypto or in NFTs. It also helps in attracting more students.

Self Registration

A decentralized platform helps students to manage their data effectively. They can quickly enroll and pick the desired course of subjects for learning.

Students Information Management

Web3 platform manages students’ profiles, online admission, online exam, attendance, schedules & curriculum, fees, grade books, and many more from a single window.

Daily And Weekly Tests

You can plan daily and weekly tests with complete access to start or end times. Students can practice tests from sessions and find the core strength of the business.

Select Subject Material

A separate section is created for the ease of students. They can select a subject or course from the given option and can start learning.

Community Creations

Web3 educational platform also helps in building communities where students can chat, share resources, or discuss their issues on topics.

Chat Box For Customer Support

A customer support chat box is designed for quick user support. If the educator or learner faces any challenge while using the platform, the quick feature helps to support it.

News Updates Section

News sections on the platform enable users to keep updating what is trending on their platform. Users can also find their interested subject-related news on the platform.

Push Notification

Push notification keeps the users informed about what is trending on the platform. For their subject, remarkable material addition, classroom timing, or else. It helps to know users instantly.

Virtual Classroom

Prerecorded components such as presentations, lecture slides, and videos help make learning more effective. A single click can transfer a video clip to a user's account.

Live And Recorded Session

Reach out to the students with live and recorded sessions to create impactful learning experiences in the form of text, audio, video, and animation.

Adding all these features adds cost to your platform. If you have more in mind or the platform has specific business requirements, you can discuss them with experts.

Advanced Functionalities in the Web3 Educational Platform

DAO And Web3 Wallet

Decentralized autonomous organizations act as a great learning experience for learners where they can join, and in return, it helps them to earn tokens. With unlimited skills and knowledge, the opportunity of employment helps them to exchange tokens or other resources that they obtained from DAO. in addition, the web3 wallet helps them to restore their certificates, work details, and more!

Micro And Semantic Blogs

To enhance readers' skills, educators can ask students to come up with micro-blogging and share information. It boosts learners' skills with easy and unique content. Semantic blogging helps learners to search for information from huge amounts of data and locate necessary content.

3D Wikipedia And Encyclopedia

Beyond imagination, Wikipedia, with the integration of visuals, auditory, spatial elements, and more, helps users interact more effectively with learning material. It also assists them in understanding every aspect easily.

Choosing The Correct Web3 Development Solutions For Your Business

We can offer you best-in-class web3 solutions based on your custom business requirements and integrate preeminent technologies that can work wonders for your business.

Virtual Labs

Virtual labs make the learning experience more impactful and comprehensible. Apart from theoretical explanations, students can learn from viewing real project views with practicals and quickly design their projects.

Advanced Search Engines

Apart from struggling to search throughout the platform, advanced search engines are more impactful. These support learners to reach the last content in a few clicks only. Just type and go, as simple as it seems.

Other Factors That Impact Your Web3 Education Platform Development Cost

It takes enormous time and effort to create a web3 e-learning platform with cutting-edge features and security measures. If you are already familiar with blockchain-based project development, you would be aware that web3 platform development requires additional integrations to function securely. Here we have a comprehensive list of settings that are primarily associated with wed3 education platform development.

Web3 Tech Stack

Tech stacks play an essential role in cost assessment. Web3 platform developers use standard tech stack for blockchain, frontend platforms, and storage platforms. And each varies with cost. Here’s a list of a few analyses;

Blockchain Platforms

Binance, Solana, Polkadot, Polygon Cardano, Ethereum

Storage Platforms

IPFS, Pinata, FileCoin

Token Standards

ERC-1155, ERC-721, ERC-20, BEP-20

Frontend Frameworks

React, Vue, Angular

Web3 e-learning platform is also based on project complexity, development features, third-party integrations, and other supporting backend services.

Web3 Education Platform Development Team And Process

Web3 platforms are high-tech platforms and require expert knowledge and experience of experts while developing. Therefore, you will need below mentioned web3 platform development team:

  • Project managers
  • Web3 developers
  • UI/UX designers
  • Solution Architect
  • Business analysts
  • Quality assurance officers etc.

The average cost of web3 education platform development cost ranges between $100-$200 on an hourly basis. It can also vary based on the location of developers.

Coming to the development process, design, development, and testing team costs;


Web3 Education Platform Maintenance Cost

The maintenance and support cost of the web3 e-learning marketplace platform is necessary, especially if you are looking to develop web3 educational solutions in the long run. The maintenance and associated costs will include the following factors:

Platform updates
Server costs
Third-party integration
Security patches
Bug fixes

This brings us to the end of the costing aspects of web3 learning platform development. Do not hesitate to call our experts to get a precise picture of your platform development.

During development, the most acute question within the educational web3 platform is the revenue stream. So here we have mentioned several monetization strategies you can follow to make money using marketplace web3 educational solutions.

Monetization Strategies For Web3 Education Platform Development

On the journey of understanding the cost of developing a web3 learning platform, do not forget how you can make money. Here we have highlighted some revenue-generating features of the platform.

1. Paid Courses

Users who want to acquire knowledge have to pay for the courses selected. Some part of the fee goes to the developer and the rest to educators. This is a major revenue-generating opportunity.

2. Subscription Method

Subscription services are also great options for online learners. They can access specific material by paying a subscription fee.

3. Paid Certificates

Many organizations integrate learning and enable apps to issue certificates for fees. You can also generate revenue from the same source.

4. Corporate Collaboration

Collaborating with your institute or university and organizing corporate collaboration events can help you to drive more learners. You can organize a special session and charge a nominal fee for it.

5. Affiliated Model

Integrating the NFT marketplace with your web3 platform to offer exclusive study material can let you enjoy new revenue-generating opportunities.

Remember, Before Building the Web3 Education Platform

We have lined up some questions to better understand the platform. These will help to build better projects and contribute to costs too. Find out these;

What Makes Your Product Unique?

Answer these questions….

  1. What are the unique features that your platform offers users?
  2. Why should students use your platform only?
  3. In what ways will it differ from competitors?
  4. What are its most essential and strongest features?

From perspective: Think about

  1. What difficulties do you think students have?
  2. What do other platforms lack?
  3. What would students like to see?
  4. In what ways does your platform relieve their pain?
  5. How does it help them achieve their objectives?

Steps That Add Cost To Web3 Education Platform

Every step followed during development adds cost to web3 platform development. Here we have listed some commonly used steps during development;

Defining the Niche

The first step toward building a web3 learning platform is to define a niche. The proper definition of niche lets you enjoy key business success. For this, it is essential to be aware of current market trends and learners' expectations. Whether it will be for a specific audience (professionals) or for students. For complete market research, experts charge a price.

Documentation of the Project

The next step is to create in detail documentation of the project, which is of immense importance. It involves lots of expert time and effort but helps to save time during designing to development. This is also the stage where you will pay for documentation.


In a highly competitive era, when users have lots of choices, prototyping plays a crucial role in delivering efficient and effective solutions. The stage mainly defines the solution with UI & UX experience. In other words, a mock-up is created to define the look and feel of your project. Many companies choose to pay especially for a mock-up before starting an actual project.


It is the stage where the entire development works take place, and the owner decides the type of framework for the project. The development of the platform is kept in mind while keeping optimum performance, functionality, efficiency, reliability, and operation.

Testing and Execution

Another significant stage is where the web3 education platform is put to the test and executes errors for fixing. This stage aims to find bugs and fix them to achieve the highest quality results.

Deployment ­

Deployment or called the final stage of building web3 educational software where testing is implemented for use. After deployment, the software serves its intended purpose of use.

Why did Suffescom Solutions Inc. build the web3 education platform?

Looking for the best web3 education platform development team? We at Suffescom Solutions Inc. are a perfect fit for all your needs. We have everything under one roof, from key industry drivers to key business requirements. Check out some of our traits;

Update Technology

We keep updated with the technology and use only the latest version of trusted tools. It ensures your platform compatibility on all devices and business success in the virtual world.

Blockchain Consultancy Services

With custom blockchain development, we provide blockchain consultancy services too. It helps you to decide the perfect fit blockchain between Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Polkadot, and more!

24*7 Support System

We are ready to serve you around the clock. You can email, call or WhatsApp us anytime for any query or discussion.

Web3 Tech Experts

While hiring, we pick the best in industry developers to build your desired platform. From designing to developing, we have a team of experts handling critical tasks easily.

Delivered Similar Technology Projects

We have already developed and delivered similar technology projects like play-to-earn, move-to-earn, NFT marketplaces, crypto wallet development, etc. You can find many in the Testimonials section.

Develop Your Own Web3 Education Platform At A Right Cost

We can help you with better estimates of the cost of developing a web3 education platform project. Let us try now!

How Do We Build Your Web3 Education Software?

Basically, we work on 2 models to build your desired solution. Deciding the model will help you to choose your price. For instance;

One-shot payment:

As the name defines, you will pay a single shot payment to the company. Experts decide the price based on project requirements, completion timeline, the technology used, features, and functionalities of the platform.

Hiring a developer

In this model, you can hire our developer on an hourly basis. This is the easier model, especially for complex projects or platforms that keep on updating. Clients can define their needs, and our developers keep in touch with you with weekly progress reports.

Both models vary from a costing point of view, as the first involves a single payment, whereas, in the second model, charges could be flexible depending on project requirements.

To know more, you can contact our experts.

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