Web3 Real Estate App Cost | Determining Features Of Web3 Real Estate App

Web3 Real Estate App Cost | Determining Features Of Web3 Real Estate App

By Suffescom Solutions

January 18, 2023

Web3 Real Estate App Cost | Determining Features Of Web3 Real Estate App

The owners of physical and digital assets will soon compare and conduct financial transactions in a matter of seconds through the never-ending powers of the Web3 world. The promise of Web3 programming is to streamline data management, transparency, and veracity successfully. Also generating liquidity is an attractive proposition. The next GenZ population cannot be fooled; hence, they prefer the truth over trust.

The new-age technological advances will comprise the development of the readily accessible, permanent transaction ledgers, transparent ownership, and asset tokenization protocols. The future is here for the technology of the Web3 world, ready to revolutionize the documentation of transactions.

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Web3 is the successor of the centralized Web2 that most of us use today. Web 2.0 has allowed users to interact with websites with user-generated content. This web version is dependent mostly on the centralized servers that control the web. Web3 differs greatly from its predecessor as it is backed by user-owned content made by cutting-edge technologies.

The tech stack of the Web3 world starts from AI, AR/VR, IoT, and much more. Now is when people are communicating user-owned content made by cutting-edge technologies backed via holograms and even conducting lectures. Imagine your real estate agent based in California giving you a property tour in Miami through holograms. What a treat to the eyes this will be, isn’t it?

To understand better, let us go through this article and understand Web3 real estate along with the determination of how much does web3 real estate app & platform development costs will be.

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How Much Does Web3 Real Estate App & Platform Development Cost?

There are multiple factors on which the cost of developing any web3-based app will depend, like

  • Scope Of Work
  • The Tech Stack
  • The App Type
  • The App Complexity
  • The Add-On Features
  • Location Of The Base
  • The Expertise Of The Web3 Development Company
  • Team Size
  • Integrated Security Features

There is no generalized answer when determining the Web3 app development cost as multiple factors affect the impact of Web3 development in various spheres.

It is thus a bit tricky to give a standardized answer while studying this question.

So, the former points deserve to be kept in mind before determining the final cost of any Web3 application. It is always advisable to reach a professional’s doorstep even after your own research. And Suffescom is the leading web3 development company, ready to make your dreams a full-proof web3-based reality.

The Web3 Revolution In The Real Estate World

Web3 has already crossed milestones and has become the game changer in the real estate sector. Web3 is the umbrella that covers various technologies like blockchain. And with blockchain technology as its strongest strength, the real estate sector will be free from any third-party interference.

The transactions will be straight from peer-to-peer without any share of a traditional financial institution. How much does Web3 real estate app & platform development cost will depend on a bunch of factors discussed in this article.

The real estate industry can leverage blockchain to create immutable smart contracts that will have secured e-signatures and legal documentation within the blockchain. This makes the process of buying, selling, or renting property more transparent, secure, and faster.

Not just the blockchain technology but another tech stack like smart contracts and NFTs will become the underlying technologies that fall under Web3.

Blockchain will help in providing a storage space that will help in providing hosts for real estate websites and decentralized apps, DApps. It will help in recording real estate transactions and ownership details as well. Blockchain will allow not only decentralized transactions but also ensures complete data integrity. It is almost next to impossible for hackers to manipulate the data stored in the blockchain as the blockchain is tamper-proof.

With the help of real estate NFT tokenization, it is becoming evident that we can tokenize properties and enable fractional ownership of the real estate world.

More than that the smart contracts help in the automation of various processes like ownership, transfer processes, and the rental agreement development and renewal.

The use of AR and VR development solutions will allow the users to take several virtual tours of the properties as they relax in the comfort of their living rooms. This will thus bring about a complete revolution in the real estate sector as the need to book appointments to visit properties will completely be evaded, and people will use the futuristic tech stack of web3 to take house tours.Not just virtual tours but also paperless transfers will be facilitated through web3.

The real estate sector is also set to transform with the introduction of cryptocurrencies as payment modes. Next-generation brokers will give virtual tours to their clients, create documents through smart contracts and facilitate payments in the form of cryptocurrencies.

The documentation process will be a weekly process through banking but the payment will be done instantly through cryptocurrency. And the best part about crypto payments is that the buyer can be anywhere around the globe.

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Web3 App Cost Estimation

Web3 App TypologyThe Cost Estimation
Basic Level Web3 Applications$20,000-$50,000
Medium Level Complexity Web3 Applications$50,000-$100,000
Complex Level Web3 Applications$100,000-$200,000+

Discussing The App Complexity

The complexity of the web3 real estate application is a crucial factor which will determine the cost of the application. The factors that determine the complexity of a web3-based app will be the tech stack used, APIs, UI/UX, consensus mechanism, and many more.

Complexity Level The Cost Estimation
Low-Level Complexity App$15,000- $35,000
Medium Level Complexity App$30,000-$90,000
High-Level Complexity App80,000-$150,000

The Features And The Designs

The development cost of your app will largely depend upon the features and the design you wish to embed in your app. If you want to develop an application with a completely basic design and features, then the cost of development will be comparatively low if compared to the ones with design and features that are complex.

Complexity Level Of The AppCost Estimation
Simple Level Design & Features$30,000-$50,000
Basic Level Design & Features$50,000-$100,000
Medium Level Design & Features$60,000-$120,000
Complex Level Design & FeaturesAbove $200,000

Features Of A Web3 Real Estate App

Virtual Tours

The real estate app based on the powers of Web3 will provide photos and also virtual tours of the property along with the price details. The information, including the client review, will be processed in real-time, which will help in creating a perfect property record and enable buyers to get a complete insight into the property.

Integration Of Maps

This feature will allow users to get the exact property insights which will include both property history and directions to reach it. The users can also acquire legal documentation related to the property.

Creation Of Wishlist

Your real estate Web3 application will have the option of creating a favorites section or wishlist creation that you see in any normal app.

Alert Messages

Send users alert messages when there is a change in your property listings, such as a new listing, a price adjustment, or any other market updates.

Price Estimators

The price estimators will enable the users to determine the amount that depends on variables like taxes, loans, loan payback, and much more.

Scheduling Appointments

Enable your users to make timely appointments straight from the comfort of living rooms. This can be easily integrated by creating calendars in the real estate app.

Performance Tracker

Your users should keep track of their performance of the Web3 real estate app with review comments. Integration of analytical tools will also ease this. This will help study the different versions of the apps along with some suggestions from the customers.

Benefits Of Web3 In The Real Estate Sector

Usage Of Data

The semantic web that falls under the umbrella of web3 is sometimes used simultaneously with web3 itself. Right from tracking the national and international property markets, the real estate world will surely govern future payments. Data Automation through smart contracts will benefit payment procession with the speed of light.


Web3’s most important feature is truly, decentralization. The Web3 data can be held on multiple blocks or different locations at the same time. While studying decentralization, the two points that matter are speed and efficiency.

Safety Of User Data

Blockchain technology is secure and does not entertain any third-party interferences. Business clients will indeed prefer their data safety more than anything. Smart contracts that fuel the procurement of e-signatures will enable users to feel safer as far as their selling or purchasing is concerned.


Web3 development in commercial real estate has to be fueled by the tokenization of houses by securing their details digitally. There will be a lot of deductions in the paperwork, and the users will benefit from the in-person verification.

Flexibility And Transparency

The Web3 apps that are quick and efficient provide the highest level of flexibility and transparency in the era of the web3 world. The entire property agreement can be automated, and the payments will be instantaneously validated and received with the help of smart contracts. The support that web3 will offer will evade the mediators and make the payee and payer the main players in the value transfer. The decentralized applications work to create transaction logs and NFTs that help in trading on the blockchain.

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