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Boost Your Restaurant Startup With Our Whitelabel Restaurant App

By Suffescom Solutions

April 22, 2024

Boost Your Restaurant Startup With Our Whitelabel Restaurant App

Restaurant App Development Company

Leverage our state-of-the-art restaurant app development services and streamline your restaurant operations to the optimum level. Amplify your customer's dining experience with our white label restaurant app embedded with world-class features. Our restaurant mobile app development solutions have the potential to take your business to a wider customer reach and handle the restaurant's supply chain without any hassle.

Restaurant App & Software Development: Key Facts & Statistics

By 2028, the global Restaurant Software market size is expected to reach $8585.8Mn with a CAGR of 16.4%. The key players in the restaurant software are Oracle MICROS, Clover, NCR Corporation, Square, Touchbistro, etc. By 2030, the worldwide food delivery mobile app market size is predicted to reach $62,836.97 Mn. Asia Pacific is one of the top-growing regions in restaurant management software.

  1. Loyalty Programs
  2. More Convenient
  3. Social Media Integration
  4. Gamification
  5. Quick Checkout
  6. Automatically offers rewards

Start Restaurant Business: Whitelabel Restaurant App Solutions

Starting a restaurant business with a white-label restaurant app solution is a promising venture, and as a development company, here's how we can assist you in bringing your vision to life.

How Does Our White Label Restaurant App Work?

Restaurant apps allow all the ordering, making table reservations, and checking their spot on the waitlist. The customers are able to browse menus, recipes, and prices with special offers and promotions. After placing the order, the restaurant owner gets the update, starts preparing the order, and then waits for the pickup. Meanwhile, the customers are kept updated with the details related to their order such as meal preparation, packing, out-for-delivery, estimated arrival time, etc.

Launch a white label restaurant app with peculiar features and make it compatible with different devices, like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc. Consult our experts at Suffescom and develop high-quality applications with fabulous graphics and an intuitive interface.

Restaurant App Development Solutions We Offer

Our customized restaurant app & software development solutions are extremely beneficial. These help in amplified user experience, top scalability, increased efficiency, superior customer engagement, and much more. Utilize our best-in-class restaurant solutions and serve your diners with incredible services with a personalized touch.

Food Delivery App

We will help you develop a feature-rich, easily navigable, and scalable on-demand food delivery app, transforming your dreams into reality.

Dark Kitchen App

Our ready-made solution for cloud kitchens is apt for virtual restaurant owners who don’t have any physical presence but offer top delivery and takeout orders.

Point Of Sale App

We build high-end POS software that will aid you in checking sales data, viewing guest information, and tracking inventory for seamless operations.

Food Marketplace App

Our uniquely built food marketplace app connects both buyers and sellers existing within the food industry.

Features Available In Our Restaurant Mobile App

Building an ideal app with ultimate features is a must-have for every business type.The addition of attributes helps in creating a distinct identity in the market to reach the potential user base. There are different sets of features for restaurant owners and customers, making their whole experience enjoyable.

Admin Panel

Reports and Analytics

Provides in-depth reports about the sales, profits, revenue earned, no. of visitors in a graphical format that helps identify trends and make decisions accordingly.

Payment Settings

Helps integrate different payment methods like credit/debit cards, wallets, etc on a uniform platform to make it easy for customers to process transactions.


Through the interactive dashboard, app owners can effectively manage their business by having a quick glance over their orders and payment details.

Manage & Add New Restaurant

Businesses will be able to add and remove the restaurants along with their contact details, opening/closing timings, discounts/offers information.

Delivery Zone Settings

With this feature, the delivery partners are assigned with the respective delivery locations to maintain swift deliveries.

Restaurant Owners

Kitchen Management

Maintain perfect coordination among the staff to avoid miscommunication and improve productivity in less time.

Social Media Integration

This feature helps in promoting loyalty programs on social media platforms that attract customers by helping them earn massive rewards.

Staff Management

Effectively manages the restaurant staff and keeps track of their performance leading to enhanced efficiency.


Help analyze the customer behavior and based on suggestions help build a strong relationship with their user base.

Food Items Management

With this feature, the restaurant owners have the power to add new food items to the menu to attract more customers.

Customer App

Push notifications

Offers instant alerts to the users and updates them about the latest rewards, coupons, and discounts.


The gamification feature rewards the app users to reward their users and increases engagement on the completion of challenges.

Real-time Tracking

Users can track their orders in real-time right from ordering, packaging, dispatching, and constantly checking the location of the delivery personnel.

Table Reservation

Allows users to make table reservations for themselves thereby avoiding long queues and enjoying their meals without waiting for long hours

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Search Restaurants

Helps users to find their favorite restaurants through a varied list of recommendations and avoid any last-minute hassle.

How Much Does It Cost To Build Restaurant App?

The cost of developing a restaurant app depends on its features, complexity, and the number of resources used by the company. Also, these days, restaurants are purchasing ready-made and Whitelable restaurant apps to quickly settle their business online. Average restaurant app development cost lies between $25K to $60K, but whitelable restaurant app cost lies in $15K to $50K. 

Business Benefits Of Restaurant App

Our white label restaurant app offers top benefits that will increase your business growth. Building customized software and apps not only improves the dining/delivery experience but also conducts smooth business operations.

Powerful Brand Identity

Our restaurant app will create a strong business identity by providing top-notch services to clients at affordable costs. With valuable insights, a comprehensive understanding of the target audience helps improve the quality of services.

Customer Interaction

Sending constant notifications about promotions and sales alerts helps build stronger connections with customers. Moreover, with social media integration, you can connect with customers on social platforms to attract new ones.

Boosted Sales And ROI

The app is embedded with intuitive features and design that highly entices large customers, which aids in boosting sales and gaining high ROI.

Customer Loyalty

Our restaurant app offers loyalty programs that help amplify revenue. Features like rewards and discounts entice customers big time.

White Label Restaurant Software: Top Revenue Models

The pivotal part of building software and apps is to gain maximum popularity and make huge money. There are several ways of revenue generation; have a look at some of them below;

In-app Ads

The advertisements posted on the app generate increased money, resulting in massive revenue generation.

Subscription Fees

Our white label restaurant software comes with premium functionalities and to acquire that access, a subscription plan needs to be purchased.


By adding sponsored content to your restaurant app, the app owners can enjoy amazing revenue benefits.


On your white label app, you can provide space for the promotions and in exchange for that charge money.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A White Label Restaurant App?

The restaurant app development cost ranges from $20k-$80k. This pricing is based on estimation, and there are "n" no. of parameters that impact the whole budget. Some of the factors are mentioned below;

  • Development Process
  • App complexity
  • UI/UX Design
  • Integrated features
  • Tech-stacks

Time to book a consultation with our team and avail yourself of custom-fit restaurant app development solutions.

Why Choose Suffescom As Your Ideal App Development Partner?

Suffescom is a top mobile app development company with experience in building innovative apps with fantastic features. With proficiency in ultra-modern tools and technologies, our experts develop robust front and backend infrastructure supporting interactive and visually appealing apps.

  1. On-time Project Delivery
  2. 24*7 Customer Support
  3. Skilled Developers
  4. Cost-Effective Prices
  5. Customization
  6. Proven Results
  7. Transparent Pricing Policies

Hurry up and get all meaningful insights related to the project right from conception to fully functional app development.

FAQs Related To Restaurant App Development

How much does it take to build white label restaurant app?

It takes around 2-3 weeks to build such an app and it out-rightly depends upon the personalization.

Is the app compatible with different platforms?

Absolutely! Our developed apps are compatible with frameworks be it Android, iOS, web, etc.

What are the benefits of white label restaurant software?

The advantages include ease of payments, transparency, brand loyalty, high ROI, and tremendous convenience.

What are the various types of restaurant apps?

Restaurant finder apps, dine-in & pay restaurant apps, and loyalty apps are some of the restaurant-type apps.

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