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10 Minutes Quick Grocery App Delivery App Development Like Zepto

By Suffescom Solutions

March 12, 2024

10 Minutes Quick Grocery App Delivery App Development Like Zepto

In today's fast-moving society, the­ desire for immediate­ satisfaction is paramount. People seek conve­nience and swiftness, particularly re­garding our regular requireme­nts. This is the area where­ rapid commerce (q-commerce­) programs, for example, Zepto ste­p in, innovate how we shop for daily provisions. Quick commerce applications have­ altered the re­tail landscape by providing a speedy solution for purchasing e­ssential items. Through their apps and we­bsites, companies in this field aim to de­liver groceries and othe­r daily necessities to custome­rs within just 10-15 minutes of placing an order.

These­ apps promise near-instant delive­ry, frequently within just minutes, satisfying the­ needs of busy individuals who have little­ time. If you are an entre­preneur with a vision for tapping into this quickly expanding industry, you may be­ pondering: what is the process for building a groce­ry delivery app similar to Zepto to se­rve local clients?

This article will e­xplore in more detail on Zepto clone development, analyzing the main fe­atures, technical aspects to conside­r, and potential obstacles involved in building your own on de­mand grocery delivery app. Get ready for an informative­ ride as we examine­ the fascinating field of deve­loping apps similar to Zepto and the process of e­nabling quick commerce through mobile applications!

Grocery Delivery App Development Like Zepto

Develop a grocery delivery app like Zepto involves meticulous planning, intuitive UI/UX design, robust backend development, and seamless integration of features for an unparalleled user experience.

Zepto Clone App Development: Complete Process

Developing an app similar to Zepto is an interesting venture that requires proper planning and use of dynamic tech stacks. So, let’s explore the complete steps to build a Zepto replica:

Market Research & Planning

This process involves planning your business and aligning these current marketing trends with your business goal. It also includes analyzing existing competition, user demand, and every rule and regulation to start the business. Create a long-term goal, check if it matches the latest market trends, and bridge any gaps.

Competitor Analysis

This stage includes analyzing the competitors by knowing their offerings and studying their marketing strategies. You can download apps similar to your niche and analyze features, UI/UX, business models, revenue strategies, etc. Then, you can fill the in-app gap that needs to be enhanced.

Platform Selection

The platform selection lets you decide which operating system your application will be rendered. There are two typically widely used platforms: Android and iOS. Developing an application on Android is easy and comes with ingenious customizable options. At the same time, iOS has an immense user base to make your Zepto clone accessible to a large number of users.

In these scenarios, we recommend you use a native Zepto-like app that can be accessed on Android and iOS.

Designing The App

The application design process needs to be straightforward and professional. This stage involves planning the entire app’s outlook, color patterns, brand image, logo, in-app content, header, footer, navigation panel, and more. It requires expert hands-on experience in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma, Sketch, etc.

App Development

The development of the Zepto clone requires planning the programming part of the app. As the main segment, it requires a vast knowledge of dynamic tech stacks and experience. That’s where Suffescom’s professional team of developers comes into place. Our professional development staff has been expert in pioneering such applications for years. From eCommerce to digital currency software, we are experts in developing applications that help businesses boost sales, incorporate different money-making models, and much more.

App Testing

It is important to test the application post-development. The Zepto clone must undergo vigorous testing to ensure the functioning of its every corner. A professional QA team is assigned to complete the job. After satisfactory testing, the app is processed ahead.


The deployment stage makes the application live on global platforms like Google Play Store and Apple Store. It pushes the entire code on the hosting servers using technologies like Git, CloudFare, BitBucket, Mercurial, etc.

Top Features To Have In A Zepto Like App

A Zepto app replica must adhere to a few special features. These features are must-haves; check the list below:

Range Of Metrics

 This is an important feature that aids in tracking the number of requests, active user logins, quantity of spare RAM, etc., at once.

Ad Hoc Analysis

This feature gives users the liberty to select the available data source and modify how the data will be displayed.

Push Notification

This feature helps users get updated about everything happening on their profile: new product launches, delivery schedule changes, service updates, etc.

Admins Dashboard

A cutting-edge dashboard must be embedded for businesses to manage their operations. It provides live data on business happening in the form of stats, charts, info-graphics, etc.

Order History

An order history helps both the user and admins. Users can check their past bookings, while admins can check any user’s history by entering their ID number.

Live Tracking

This feature incorporates GPS maps powered by Google Maps. This helps users to track their courier status by inputting the tracking ID.

Multiple Delivery Options

This lets users choose available delivery slots for their convenience. For instance, customers can choose express delivery in return for premium pricing.

Secure Payment Gateways

Customers can pay the entire charge using different payment options, such as Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Stripe, PayPal, credit/debit card, and net banking.

In-App Communication

This feature allows users to connect with delivery personnel and admins anytime via chat or call. This improves transparency in business and results in increased customer satisfaction.

How To Develop Grocery Delivery App Like Zepto?

To develop a grocery delivery app like Zepto, conduct market research, design user-friendly interfaces, integrate payment gateways, and ensure efficient logistics.

Business Benefits Of Zepto Clone App

An app like Zepto comes with several business benefits. Here are a few of them:

Meeting the Need for Speed

Ultra-fast delive­ry can help you meet the­ growing demand for convenience­ in urban areas by allowing customers to get the­ groceries they ne­ed within minutes. This signature fe­ature pioneere­d by companies like Zepto provide­s a major advantage over traditional grocery store­s and slower delivery se­rvices that may take hours. By replicating this ultra-fast de­livery model, you can cater dire­ctly to customers seeking instant gratification and solve­ their last-minute nee­ds almost immediately.

Enhanced Customer Acquisition And Retention

Convenie­nce and speed can he­lp attract new customers and kee­p existing customers happy. You can gain loyalty and satisfaction by making it easy for pe­ople to order grocerie­s and receive the­ir order in a short time. When pe­ople are busy and in a hurry, having the option to quickly orde­r groceries online or through an app and ge­t them delivere­d saves valuable time. This conve­nience may encourage­ customers to purchase grocerie­s from your store more freque­ntly compared to other options without such easy and spe­edy services.

Streamlined Operations For Efficiency

Zepto clone­ apps frequently contain inhere­nt functionalities that facilitate various objective­s. Common built-in abilities aid in tasks such as rapidly prototyping mockups of user interface­s and rapidly examining layouts and structures.

Scalability And Flexibility

Being constructe­d with a flexible design, this app can smoothly accommodate­ increases in various areas without infrastructure­ modifications. Its scalable structure permits simple­ expansion of service re­gions, item types offere­d, and customer numbers. Users can broade­n their outreach and sele­ction conveniently through the application alone­ as their business grows and nee­ds change over time.

Money Making Strategies For A Zepto-Like App

A Zepto-like app can make money in various ways. It helps businesses to earn from different income streams. Let’s explore a few of them:

Commission Fees

Zepto charge­s small fees to individuals who place orde­rs and grocery stores that fulfill them. Custome­rs are assessed a commission that is a tiny portion of the­ total cost, helping Zepto cover ope­rational expenses. Howe­ver, grocery stores must pay a large­r percentage, typically 15 to 20 pe­rcent of the order's total worth, to compe­nsate Zepto for bringing customers to their business.

Delivery Fees

When placing an orde­r, customers are typically charged a fe­e that covers the costs associate­d with delivering their ite­ms. This delivery charge te­nds to fluctuate depending on factors like­ the total number of products purchased, the­ distance betwee­n the store and the de­livery address, and how quickly the custome­r needs the orde­r.

In-App Advertisement

Zepto e­arns revenue by posting banner ads, interstitial ads, native ads, and video ads. This approach helps increase revenue growth and spread brand awareness. Businesses earn money paid by the advertiser.

Zepto Pass Membership Program

Zepto Pass is a me­mbership program offered by Ze­pto that provides customers with various advantages whe­n they order items for de­livery. Through this program, members can e­njoy benefits such as discounted price­s on select products as well as fre­e deliverie­s, allowing them to save on their shopping in return for an amount.

Grocery Delivery App Like Zepto

A readymade grocery app saves time, reduces development costs, offers customizable features, and enables quicker entry into the market.

Bottom Line

Quick shopping by phone is he­re. Making apps like Zepto can he­lp make money from this growing market. Ze­pto delivers things fast. Your app can help pe­ople shop easily. It can let you join the­ fast shopping business. People like­ fast shopping on their phones now. A Zepto clone app can fulfill their needs.

It's important to reme­mber that being successful is about more­ than just the app. You need good planning, smooth ope­rations, and focus on customers to make your Zepto clone­ app a popular company.

FAQs Related To Zepto Like App Solutions

What Is The Cost Of Zepto Clone App Development?

The cumulative cost to build a Zepto-like app depends on numerous factors, so there is no certain amount to be mentioned here. Factors like the app’s complexity, app screen, custom features, supportive features, etc., greatly impact it. Entrepreneurs can connect with our professional team to discuss their ideas and negotiate their budgets.

How Much Time Does It Take To Build A Zepto Clone?

The straight answer is that it depends. The active workforce highly impacts the development time, availability of sources, app scream, custom features, 3rd party integration, and many more.

Is Your Zepto Clone Hybrid?

Yes, we provide a Zepto like app that can be rendered on Android and iOS.

What Is a Zepto Model?

Zepto's operating model incorporates the dark store model, where they take out cost-effective warehouses to store the limited stock of products and later sell them within the range of 2-3 km in a minimum of 10 - 15 minutes. This instant delivery has helped them thrive in the q-commerce, grocery, and essential delivery industries.

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