6 Latest Digital Marketing Trends Post Covid 19 Pandemic

The covid 19 pandemic has drastically changed the world, the business and professional world. In the corporate sector, marketers are scrambling hard to adjust to the new normal. 

Nevertheless, it’s human to adapt quickly to all and our digital marketing experts have chalked out better and most adaptable digital marketing techniques in post covid scenarios.

The “stay home, stay safe”  concept during the covid 19 pandemic,  has escalated the demand for the mobile and web applications for shopping groceries, food, apparel, etc. The spike in the digital marketplace has boosted the importance of digital marketing to a great extent. 

It’s of imperative importance to take up to those marketing trends which are suitable to the post covid pandemic situation.

Let’s focus on the few latest digital marketing trends post covid 19 pandemic 

  • Featured snippets: when it comes to digital marketing, snippets are the best. During the covid,  people have searched digitally almost everything. The snippets that appear for every search result, providing the brief but exact information needed are extremely coveted.

The instant answer to the queries increases the click rate by a twofold rate, which means more traffic and conversion of potential customers to loyal customers. Thus, features snippet is one latest trend of digital marketing post covid 19 pandemic. 

Make sure, your featured snippets should answer very clearly and precisely.  If you are wondering what people are searching for most, Google and find out the latest digital marketing trends post covid 19.

  • More user-friendly and optimized mobile website: With Coronavirus infection, isolation, and quarantine, people are going more and more for mobile browsing. Even the desktop version in mobile is used a lot. With more requirements for home shopping, gaming, and all, people are restoring to mobiles.

Post covid, you need to take care of the site speed factor of the page. A page taking more than a second to load have less conversion rate of 7%. While a page with a sub-second loading time has a successful conversion rate by 15% to 30%.  It’s time to build better mobile versions of the applications by providing easy login, page transition,  quick loading and a user-friendly interface. 

  • Take up to marketing on social media: The whole world is on social media, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. And to one recent study,  72% of people on Instagram have purchased something on the platform.  So, taking up to marketing on social media platforms can draw huge attention for your business. Additionally, post covid, the number of people, and their screen time have risen tremendously. It’s the need of the hour that you promote your business on multiple social platforms and gain the advantage of the huge crowd over there.
  • Agile and custom marketing: post covid pandemic, companies with a “one size fit all” approach will surely have a tough time to reap the benefits. In the post-pandemic era, companies wanting to be on the top of the game should resort to agile and custom marketing. Top brands and companies are now embracing the agile market to provide real solutions to real problems first hand.
  • Content is the powerful marketing king: content marketing is an age-old digital marketing tool and continues to grab the hold. Yes, with the world and business going completely digital, content that educates, provides valid information, and brings about awareness in people is the most fetched one. Companies now in post covid pandemic should take up to content with good safety measures so that they win the heart of the audience.  For example, the lifebuoy ad, it says not necessarily you should use lifebuoy soap, it could be any. So, such smart content can win heart and business. 
  • Latest SEO trends: With advanced technological innovations, now people are searching using voice search instead of writing. This changes the SEO technique and the way your content is search optimized. In voice search, generally, a complete sentence is spoken to search like ” which is the best food delivery app” instead of just a one-word search like “food delivery ” etc. So, this generates a new SEO algorithm.  Post covid, when people have to search online for every petty thing, voice search comes into operation. Outdated SEO will leave you back in the race. So, keep adapting to the latest SEO techniques.

Wrapping up:

One thing is very clear that “change is permanent”. This holds true in the digital marketing industry which is absolutely volatile. The covid 19 like pandemic situation, drastically impacts the way digital marketing was done just prior to the pandemic.  The covid 19 pandemic has provided enough fuel to the digital marketplace and digital marketing is the name of the game to succeed in the digital business. Hence, this covid 19 pandemic has revolutionized the whole concept of digital marketing, taking up to those, adapting them, and being on the top of the game.