7 most distinguished paid search developments in 2014

In so far it’s a great year for PPC ads on Bing and Google. Bing and Google Adwords both are firmly used as an influential online marketing technique for a wide range of businesses. New online advertisers are getting into the board fast, but promptly find out that it is not so as easy as first thought. Now that only 1/4th of year has been lest, let’s go back and changes what has took place up till now in paid search.

These were the 7 biggest proclamations and changes that occurred in Google AdWords and Bing Ads in the first half of 2014.

  1. Introduced Product Ads in U.S., Mobile Version in Beta

Bing and Google AdwordsIn the month of March, Bing launches Product Ads in the USA. It allows merchants to display their products in an interesting ad format by adding the name of company, images, prices and attractive text. Putting Product Ads on the Yahoo Bing Network allows you to reach approximately 31 million retail seekers that don’t browse Google in the U.S

  1. Bing Ads Fine-tunes Its Tune: Combined Desktop/Tablet Traffic, Adding Tablet Bid Modifier

Microsoft stated that it would be merging desktop as well as tablet traffic because by doing so, it will make Bing Ads more engaging for advertisers that are importing ad campaigns from Google AdWords in order to have greater uniformity between the two platforms.

  1. Bing Ads URL Auto-Tagging Finally Arrives

A month ago Bing Ads introduced auto-tagging destination URLs for ads with UTM tags in order that performance metrics can followed in Google Analytics. Earlier, advertisers have had to add tag URLs manually or depend upon a third-party solution each time they uploaded new advertisements in their Bing Ads campaigns.

  1. Google announced shopping campaigns for PLAs

Google announced shopping campaigns for PLAs to all Adwords users so as to get more participation and clicks from retailers and users respectively. It is an innovative retail-centric method to handle and promote your product on Google and highly developed reporting to assess product performance directly in Adwords.

  1. More ads coming to Google Knowledge Graph

We saw quite a lot of examples of Google trying out diverse ad types in new patterns within its Knowledge Graph panels. This style of testing new techniques to infuse ads into the search engine results, using features that were in the beginning designed only for promoting organic content, is probable to continue.

  1. New features for app ads

Google endows app developers with advertising opportunities via AdWords search ads and its mobile ad network AdMob. AdMob ad and search ad features are coming with app download ads on YouTube and the Google Display Network. It will allow visitors to open an installed app directly from a search ad instead of going to the landing page of app.

  1. Google announced new Adwords editor version 10.5

Most Recently Google has launched the new version 10.5 of Adword editor according to which users can upload & check changes, make edits in bulk, download product groups and do other time-saving chores throughout Shopping campaigns, online and offline.

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