A Succinct Story For SEO Success -Part 1

By going through the Google plays, many companies decided to go by the pay click traffic capturing methods. However, there is no match for the longevity, consistency and quality of the lead flow you’ll experience from SEO.

The Google, itself claims that SEO is a service to provide maximum benefit to the users and not the bidders and vendors. If the search results are using any malfunction and the unfair methods to be on the top, then also, bringing business to one’s website is purely an act of exhibiting excellence in terms of product quality and price. The market competition is high when it comes to beat with the price. The scenario of prices going up and down keeps changing. The SEO has to keep a track record of the same.
It is a well-accepted fact that the maximum number of companies on the web rely on both the organic SEO and paid search methods. But the fact remains that the organic search results last till months whereas it is not so with the paid traffic.
Basics of SEO:

  1. Define the category of the product clearly. For example, goods, service, product, etc.
  2. Use the feelings of the masses towards that product as a promotional strategy.
  3. Earlier we were hitting the desires by directly implementing the thoughts on TV, newspaper, etc. But in case we get an adverse response from the audience, then the loss was unbearable due to the heavy initial cost involved in the advertising through these media.
  4. The SEO process involves going to the customer and impressing them directly and making them purchase the product. Now you attract the market to come to you whereas, earlier was vice-versa.
  5. The risk involved is very less as the different services are offered to customers having varied choices. At any time, you can change the strategy without affecting the old work done.

SEO: A self Regulating Leader

The SEO can be defined with the help of simple formula:

“(B1 + B2 = DP), DP ≅ Your Organic Strategy = $$$
(Belief + Behavior = Decision Patterns), Decision Patterns;
Your Organic Strategy = Sales”

The SEO strategy can be defined in four simple steps:

  • High Level(search terms, PPC terms).
  • Top of Funnel (indirect content).
  • Blog Level ( blog topics and lead generation tools).
  • Back-end (marketing automation and database marketing).

Level1 – High Level:
The first level of SEO starts from knowing the product and finding the ways of defining the product. By determining the specific terms for your product and a well-defined category of your product will solve half of the required work for PPC.
By creating a market list by the top searches that can be performed, you are close to the word search but the behavior of the customer will be same, this is unpredictable. Searching and buying are two different activities done by the same person and the behavior will be different in the number of clicks. Finding the information does not provide any type of assurance of purchasing the product but it helps in raising the web traffic high.
Level2: Top of Funnel:
The building blocks created by applying the above methods, a list of words can be created. Based on this, webinars, white papers, free reports, etc. types of devices can be created. When we will start the process of creating the SEO reports and start making databases and marketing material for the newly formed SEO policy, these things will be useful to initialize the processes.
The above two levels explain in brief that defining and describing the SEO process before building any SEO work strategy is a must. With the effectiveness of these initial processes, a solid foundation will be laid which will depict long-term results of the SEO processes. This is purely an organic method of starting SEO process.