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Implementing Blockchain Solutions To Prevent Examination-Related Problems

By Suffescom Solutions

February 09, 2023

Implementing Blockchain Solutions To Prevent Examination-Related Problems

Blockchain is the contemporary technology that is ruling the world. Looking at its influence on various industries, it’s not surprising that it will soon become the next big thing in the forthcoming years. It integrates advanced tools and technologies that aid in analyzing and storing data. More precisely, as we would say, the education sector will avail the top benefits from this blockchain-based decentralized system.

The education sector is suffering from a huge crisis. Every now and then, we hear news related to the exam paper leak. If we analyze the veracity of the situation, there are trivial pitfalls. It might not mean much on the broader landscape, but if we try connecting the dots, these minor things will eventually collapse the entire education system. Various software has already been used to solve the issues for assessment and management. But somehow, the purpose was not solved. Thus, blockchain, with its ultra-modern capabilities, has the potential to solve the problems related to the education industry.

This is a bigger problem in the education industry; the only solution is the blockchain platform. Suffescom Solutions is the top Blockchain Education Application Development Company that provides its clients with superior Blockchain Education Development Solutions. We have a talented team of experts to help you build your desired platform.

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Previous Paper Leaks

If we look at the case history of the examination, there have been cases of question paper leaks on 1st April 2018, of 12th standard (CBSE) in Haryana and Delhi. This incident occurred just before the examination was supposed to take place. After that, the exam was canceled, and the re-examination took place after 25 days.

The same scenario occurred in the UK, where the A-level math paper leaked. So this shows the inconsistency and the loopholes associated with the entire system.

Key Problems Faced By The Examination Systems And Their Respective Blockchain Solutions

The core problems of any examination globally are the alteration in the grades, paper leaks, and man-made errors. This huge ruckus is created regarding how content is created, distributed, and assessed. Let’s discuss them in detail;

Creating Examination Papers

Firstly, the exam papers are created by the examiners in various sets. These question papers are generally more or less made with the same difficulty level. Now, the examiners who are appointed to curate the set of papers are obviously highly qualified and are chosen by the team of moderators.

When the desired number of question sets is selected, the problem of providing security to them occurs. At this point, there is a chance that the questions might get revealed.

Blockchain can help in this scenario by automatically uploading papers; after that, the hash value in the encrypted format is stored in the blocks. Following this, the authorized people in the blockchain network are provided with the timely access. The creators are removed as soon as the papers are uploaded, and the access comes back to the moderators to review the situation. In this way, the blockchain helps in hiding the identity of the creators.

Distribution Of Papers

After successfully creating the exam papers, the paper distribution is next in line. The papers from the headquarters are sent to the regional centers and then to the exam centers. In ideal cases, the papers reach the centers during the night. This is the point where information leakage takes place.

Blockchain-based decentralized systems completely remove the role of regional centers, and access to the papers is provided on the examination day. After the exam ends, the access is taken straight away.


The evaluation techniques in a purely centralized network are subjected to numerous discrepancies. There is the manipulation of the scores either by the inner/external people or by the students themselves. They can make these changes by accessing the database or the administration. These small groups of people manage this entire centralized database that is always at risk of threats or manipulations.

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Here There are Two Frameworks

The first is to give the exams in the traditional method, and the other is to give the exams in the digital format. Let’s discuss them in detail;

Conventional Pen And Paper Examination

The examination is held in the traditional form, but the marks are uploaded on the blockchain. Here, smart contracts come into play. On successful evaluation, the access is then taken back from the evaluators. There is an automatic viewing feature given to the users, after which the access is taken from the students also.

The re-evaluation is performed in the same way. But the evaluator needs to make an edit request, and if there are any changes in the marks, then access to update the marks is allowed for a given time period.

Digital Examination

The other mode of giving an examination is the digital mode. Here, every answer is stored in the blockchain in an encrypted format. There is a difference in the evaluation process. To maintain security, the evaluators are given different questions & answers instead of the whole answer sheet. This way, the assessment procedure remains reliable and safe. The uniqueness it offers is that these answers are then combined, and the outcome of the paper is evaluated without human involvement.

The process of viewing the result and the re-evaluation is exactly the same as mentioned in the conventional mode of examination.

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Transforming Education with Blockchain: A Solution to Exam Cheating

Our blockchain platform offers a tamper-proof and immutable record of exam results, providing students with a verifiable and credible transcript that can be easily shared with potential employers, academic institutions, and other stakeholders.

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Tracking Results

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Final Words!!

Blockchain’s popularity is at its peak right now, especially in the education domain. Blockchain development solutions stores data in sequential order, making the data verification and the tracking process easier. The blockchain rightfully solves the flaws in the conventional examination and provides the full proof structure within which there is no room for any error or inaccuracy.

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