How To Build Your Own Blockchain-Based Education Application

How To Build Your Own Blockchain-Based Education Application

By Suffescom Solutions

November 14, 2022

How To Build Your Own Blockchain-Based Education Application

Today, technology has changed the narrative around various realms. With the introduction of blockchain technology, access to things has become easier, and a higher level of transparency is maintained while performing operations. The blockchain use-cases in education sector has resulted in stupendous benefits. The education dApp development has made learning and delivering lectures very easy. The process of sharing information is done in a fun and entertaining way.

Suffescom Solutions Inc. provides an integrated set of tools and resources that underpins adequate knowledge management. We have a top-class suite of solutions that makes us the leading Blockchain Education Application Development Company.

Statistics Related To Blockchain dApp

  • Blockchain apps for education are among the most downloaded applications, which is nearly around 8.5%
  • There is a great demand for digital learning tools and platforms specifically; the latest education dApp is the favorite of investors.
  • Online education takes upto almost 20% of the investment, and 16% is aimed at the mobile learning tools.
  • Incorporating cloud services on smartphones and tablets has eliminated the requirement for desktops. One can access smart cloud storage anytime, irrespective of geographical location.
  • The users are keen on adopting those apps that provide precise information about the topics. This results in the inception of microlearning, allowing users to catch up on topics instantly.

Various Types Of Blockchain-Based Education Apps

For Classroom Curricular

There are regular classes that cover the entire school syllabus. A decentralized platform is provided to the students and faculty to share ideas and develop a better understanding while teaching. There is also the facility to share written content, videos, and images during the ongoing classes.

For Exam Preparation

This platform provides an assortment of study materials to the students that are hard to find normally. Also, dedicated test papers contain MCQs and subjective questions related to normal/entrance exams. The students get access to the ready-made test series, which helps them to have an exam experience before the actual one.

For Programming Language

Programming languages are the new norm in the education industry. It is considered the future where people will communicate with each other. It has become the need of the hour. One does not need to hunt down tutorials on learning to code; just log in to the app and choose the desired language.

For Online Courses

Some students just want to stick to something other than their regular courses. They want to explore everything that comes under the sun. Such apps are categorically designed and contain diverse course materials. The courses are designed carefully, they are both knowledgeable and interesting.

Build Your Own Blockchain Based Education dApp

Suffescom Solutions Inc. provides an integrated set of tools and resources that underpins adequate knowledge management. We have a top-class suite of solutions that makes us the leading education dApp development Company.

Blockchain Education App Development Process

The significant thing that plays a crucial role is choosing the type of application. One thing should be made clear whether the app is built for corporate professionals, teachers, or students. The requirements should be fundamentally crafted before the development so that there is no scope for confusion.

Market Research

There should be complete market research regarding blockchain app development. From a business perspective, it is important to have a thorough knowledge of the decentralized system in education industry. Equal importance should be given to having a deep insight into the competitor's app. Whatever limitations are present in the previous dApps, they should be observed clearly, and efforts should be made to develop a dApp that solves all the issues. Therefore, thorough market research is required to build a seamless app that offers everything that the user demands.

Design And Development

The important aspect of the education dApp development is to focus on the design. This is the prime element that the users notice. So, the design should be outstanding in capturing attention. The UI/UX design should be enticing, and the usage of the programming languages also plays a pivotal role. All the user issues are detected and then solved by the UX design. On the other hand, the UI design helps develop an interactive interface that is creatively pleasing and intuitive.

After designing the outlook, it’s time for the software development process that mostly focuses on utilizing programming languages like React Native, Kotlin, Java, Swift, etc. It also includes the adequate management of the MySQL databases, making the development process convenient. The advanced technological stacks make the application extremely quick to launch. The app is served with a hybrid cross-platform to build a single code base for diverse platforms.


When the development process is completed, then the next stage is to perform testing. This process is also known as the quality assurance test, performed by quality analysts/ software testers. The bugs and errors are detected to prevent the smooth functioning of the application. After the successful identification of the technical issues, they are eliminated.

The testing is performed on almost every sphere to check for the server performance, the working of the features, the user interface, etc. Previously, manual testing was performed, but now, with advanced technologies, automated testing is performed. The various forms of testing are load testing, regression testing, usability testing, device testing, and much more.

Launch and Deployment

After removing the bugs, the application is ready to deploy to the dedicated server. After that, it is launched for the users in the dedicated app stores. Even if there are any problems faced, they are adequately resolved. This shows that our team takes complete responsibility even after the post-deployment process.

Advantages Of Blockchain Education App Development

There are diverse benefits of the education dApp, which is significant to both the learners and the businesses. So let's get to know about them in detail;

Easy Learning

The education app promotes convenient learning by providing easy access to the study material. The students only need to have internet connectivity. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops are available to everyone. Therefore it becomes quite simpler to connect with an approachable learning program. The students can connect with each other via audio and video facilities. There is a massive amount of content that helps in gaining enormous knowledge.

Advanced Learning

There is plenty of information available online. Students are already gaining knowledge from free sources. But the idea of blockchain education apps is to promote progressive learning. Such applications are readily available on smart devices that's ultimate motive is to optimize advanced skills and encourage a futuristic form of learning. These apps are responsible for offering strong server support with extensive storage capacity. Due to the characteristic of such learning formats, an ultra-modern level of thinking and skill-sets are ingrained in the learner's mind.

Focused Learning

This educational dApp is facilitated with fun and knowledgeable quizzes, entertaining MCQs, and exclusive study modules to enhance learning. Moreover, the aim is to make the students self-aware of their capabilities. This helps evaluate their IQ, expand their learning bandwidth, and enhance their memorizing power. At the end of the quizzes, scores are provided, encouraging them to perform more. The other aspect is that, after successful attempts, the students can go ahead with the enrolled program.

Maintaining Student Records

The most pivotal role of these apps is to offer record keeping. There are enormous numbers of student records, which is time-consuming. The other conventional apps also provide such a facility. Still, due to heavy load, sometimes the app crashes. Blockchain technology removes this limitation and offers infinite diplomas, digital badges, and certificates with unique credentials.

There are several complications formed during the transfer across different educational institutions. There is a systematic case-by-case verification of the documents. With blockchain technology, the costs are reduced drastically, and the verification process is accelerated. This saves time and money. Thus, the student transfer records are evaluated rapidly.

Seamless Payment Methods

Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize the educational ecosystem. The most hectic thing is systematically managing student fees, which is time-consuming. There is the involvement of various parties like businesses, educational institutions, students, teachers, parents, scholarship organizations, and accounting and financial departments of schools/universities. This shows that there is a long list of main parties and intermediaries.

Blockchain can streamline the payment method with the implementation of the smart contracts. Not only that, the best form of payment method is the cryptocurrency wallet which makes the payment system a trouble fee process. The administrative expenses and remuneration costs are minimized considerably.

Higher and modern education has two purposes. The first is to make education reach millions of people globally. The second is to conduct further research on already existing knowledge. A substantial amount of time is spent while performing research work. After that, the outcomes need to be published. All the boundaries surrounding the relevant fields are pushed, making a way into the future.

There needs to be an organized manner that could keep track of research work and how it is impacting people. The education dApp will help the researchers submit their work without any constraints. The researchers will be able to track who has reused their study and how often it is referenced and utilized by the teaching staff. This enables them to see how their research is influencing the respective domain. It's necessary as it leads to gaining recognition and future funding.

Technological Stack For The Blockchain Education App Development

The blockchain-based dApp Development is responsible for the most innovative technologies, frameworks, tools, and programming languages.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is the simulation of actions performed by humans in machines. It improves trust and helps in making decisions and solving high-level problems. Blockchain and AI work hand-in-hand in fetching usable insights and controlling data usage to create a transparent platform.


IoT allows the devices to transmit data into the private blockchain network. The data is properly customized and analyzed among authorized partners. The smooth process helps create and upgrade business values in the ecosystem.

Virtual Reality

The integration of 3d graphics makes a case for the real-life digital world. The students can grasp more as compared to the ideal education mobile apps. It helps educate the learners by instilling core practical knowledge in their minds.

Front End Technologies

The biggest perk of front-end technologies is to accelerate speed. This is due to the usage of advanced frameworks. The coding is entirely secured, and there is no need to panic about the app functioning.<

For Example:

Android app: Kotlin, C#, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Dart

iOS app:Swift, Objective C, React Native, flutter

Back End technologies

Back-end technologies allow the seamless transference of files among servers, clients, and databases. There should be an enhanced back-end development process so that the app functions perfectly.

For Example:

Python, Ruby, Php, Perl, Scala, .Net

Features Of Education dApp Development

Push Notifications

Some important messages related to the rewards, subscriptions, or new learning programs, are shown to the users in the form of pop-up messages. Such notifications are sent to smart devices and represented in images, emojis, logos, and titles. These gentle reminders capture the users' attention and create engagement.

Learn To Earn

The most important feature of blockchain-based Education apps is that students can earn while learning. There are small quizzes and MCQs to check the knowledge of the user. After giving the test, certain points and rewards are provided to the users depending upon the score. These rewards can be converted into fiat currency.

Payment Gateways

While purchasing any subscription from the education dApp, various payment gateways are available. The payment gateways include point-of-sale terminals that accept all sorts of cards, such as credit/debit. These checkout portals are secure and do not leak transactional information to any third party.

Choosing The Best Blockchain Education Application Development Company

We offer blockchain-based education solutions to provide a secure, reliable transaction channel with transparency and enhanced performance which in turn enhances the educational system.

What Do We offer?

Suffescom Solutions Inc. has over 6 years of experience in web3, blockchain, NFT, and metaverse development services. By using advanced technologies, we have successfully built diverse blockchain platforms.

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Support and Maintenance

Our tech-savvy enthusiasts are ready to provide round-the-clock support and maintenance services.

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