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Unlocking The Potential of Blockchain Use Cases In Real Estate Industry

By Suffescom Solutions

January 25, 2023

Unlocking The Potential of Blockchain Use Cases In Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry has covered the world and has a large portion of the world's economic transactions. According to a report by the MSCI, the size of the global estate market ran at a tremendous amount of $7.4T back in the year 2016 and crossed $8T in 2017. And the numbers kept on rising in the years that followed. Blockchain real estate use cases are thus immense and can totally revolutionize present-day real estate property management.

Blockchain has many practical solutions to complicated real estate problems with various benefits, like tokenizing assets, reduced automation costs, and the efficiency obtained from industry operations. Blockchain will also help users access wider pools for investors as a result of the ownership’s fractionalization. Blockchain will also heavily increase the transparency of user data and conduct peer-to-peer transactions without the interference of any third-party institution demanding its share.

With the help of Blockchain Technology, real estate businesses can have subscribers that will conduct transactions which will include in the form of cryptocurrency. Just as the name itself, blockchain technology is a chain of crypto-enabled blocks that have specific data which can never be changed as the blocks verify upstream transactions. From paper documents to a variety of property registration processes in the digital mode, blockchain will help with no damage and loss. This benefits small investors who don't want any third party to lay their hand on their hard-earned money.

The Future of Real Estate Industry: Blockchain Use Cases

It is important to understand the potential impact of blockchain on the real estate industry. Embracing blockchain technology can help improve transparency, security, and efficiency in property transactions, ultimately benefiting both buyers and sellers

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To know more about the benefits of Blockchain in real estate, let us have a look at this article.

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Blockchain Real Estate Use Cases

Both enterprise-level industries, as well as the smaller ones, shall switch to the powers of Blockchain to totally revolutionize the real estate sector. Acquiring dream homes will be much safer and free from third-party moderation.


The process of Real estate tokenization will cut down costs at a high level as well as issue and exchange assets. Innovation will be an important aspect of in-depth customization. The in-depth customization, along with rapid issuance facilities, enables the users to innovate digital assets as per the investors’ demands and reduce the risks to a large scale.

Reduced Costings

The reduced costs will help the users to decrease their minimum investments and open the doors to a much wider pool of investors. The increased connectivity between these digital assets and the associated networks will expand the secondary market quite vividly. These benefits for both the investor and the issuer will carve promising and cheaper real estate for the future earth.

Project Financing

The finance source for establishing a real estate project is a challenging task. As a real estate business owner, you must already be aware of such complicated problems. The development firms that master property development get interests as high as 29% while working with bank institutions. They face numerous challenges with varying loan sources because crowd financing becomes a bit difficult in these cases.

The power of blockchain technology depends on how to provide alternative financing models which are facilitated by developers. It is not unknown that blockchain-based products can be easily distributed globally, and a blockchain-based real estate app will surely change the way real estate functions.

Loan Securitization and Mortgage

Loan origination needs to be standardized and only limited to a bunch of paper documents. Security is left unnoticed, and a lot of effort has to be applied to protecting assets. The servicing decisions mostly get based on outdated data. As well as lastly, cash reconciliations incur settlement delays which further affect the cash flow.

Property Management

Large-scale firms manage a huge amount of global portfolios and create inefficient oversights based on a lot of inaccurate data. With the help of Blockchain technology, data securing will become easy and later result in higher operational efficiency. It also generates substantially better data to empower improved decision-making.

Property Registries

The land paperwork still exists and is a lengthy process that will take weeks and even months in remote locations. The same goes for property transfers that will need a lot of cost and time to lock the desired land of your customer.

Payment and Lease

The distributed ledger technology will enable the lease to be signed as well as paid on the chain. This will remove the need for fraud involvement and costly legal procedures. The smart contract will also help in automating dividend and rental payments to property dealing business owners.

Cryptocurrency usage

Paper deeds in the form of heavy documentation stay mostly with the mortgage company for the entire duration of hte mortgage, and a lot of categories like inspection reports, bills of sale, sellers' certificates, and disclosure statements are included. With the help of blockchain integration, this can be done easily by smart contract automation. The required documents can be saved in the form of e-signatures from each of the two parties.

Solution for Blockchain-Based Real Estate Industry

We offer a comprehensive solution for the blockchain-based real estate industry, enabling secure and transparent transactions. Our solution streamlines the entire process from property listings to closing, providing a more efficient and cost-effective option for all stakeholders involved.

Stating Some Future Trends For The Real Estate Sector

The future of the real estate sector is already facing the road to sucess, and all credit goes to the powers of blockchain. Here are some trends that will surely impact the future of the real estate sector:

The Popularity of Cryptocurrency

We have all witnessed the growth of the world of cryptocurrency and how the NFT storm engulfed the entire digital world. It gave new hope to different industry sectors, and people traded them to earn millions of dollars within a matter of minutes. Many NFT collections, which are basically digital art, were sold heavily on NFT marketplaces. The digital wallets in the blockchain world are already using it at a high pace and facilitating the exchange of crypto money. This can later be converted to fiat money. With the entry of crypto as the payment mode, users can protect their identities, and the middle party or hackers cannot access the customer’s personal data.

The Rise of IoT

The rise of the Internet Of Things has made creators create smart products. Smart TV, Smart Washing Machine, and Smart Speaker like Amazon Alexa are all a result of the Internet Of Things. The way how the internet can change its functionality or increase its prior efficiency is commendable.

Still, this heavy machinery requires a mass-scale security solution to completely loosen the wrath of power. Until 2030, almost every home will have a smart device. Well, it's no surprise that lifestyle changes take place comletely as per the advancing technological changes.

Increased Security Measures of The Property

The present-day properties are mostly heavily guided with security cameras and alarms. Not only this but motion sensors are also installed that can capture the smallest of unrequired movements across the customer’s property. With the entry of Blockchain in property surveillance, the breakout or robbery videos will be stored effectively on the system of blocks and can never be deleted.

New Urban Planning Measures

With community planning, many of the property development modes are left unnoticed. This causes the project to fall far from off balance. But many of the master plans, features of infrastructure, and token-powered incentives are made easy when under the shadows of Blockchain technology.

Thus it becomes quite easy to drive the community with different measures kept in check while managing their properties.

Discussing Some Blockchain Based Real Estate Projects


This platform can enable buying and selling of properties across borders and in a decentralized way through the powers of blockchain technology. This platform is an active blockchain user enabling property registries and storing mortgage information. Along with this, the platform also stores much other relevant information like owner data and executes real estate transactions through the help of the functionality of smart contracts.


This is a blockchain-based real estate platform allowing secured payment and transparency of ownership alterations. The main goal of this platform is to help people sell, buy or trade properties by providing an infrastructure that can be used globally for conducting risk-free transactions. The application also records property ownership right into the blocks of the blockchain, further evading recurring frauds common in the real estate world.


REX is an entirely blockchain-based real estate platform that will enable purchasing, selling, and renting properties with the aid of cryptocurrencies. The platform allows easy transactions among the buyer and seller along with the tenants and landlord. Blockchain technology is used for storing relevant data like deeds and other documents.

Maximizing Profitability in Real Estate Through Blockchain Adoption

Our blockchain-based real estate solution also offers a tamper-proof record-keeping system, providing an immutable history of property ownership and transaction details. This enhances the level of trust and confidence among buyers, sellers, and investors in the real estate industry. we strive to bring innovation and transparency to the real estate market.

What Will Suffescom Provide Your Real Estate Business With?

Efficient Search Systems

Integrate a quick search option in your real estate app, which will help in finding properties in a faster way. The search systems will have filters that will filter the searches per the user’s request.

Listing Of Property

Have real-estate connections and list many properties across the globe with blockchain verification.

Panel for Seller

Get a fully functional panel that will ease the complexities of property management.

Ad services

Get a variety of promotional services and create ad campaigns to promote your platform on a mass level.

Wallet services for your users

Wallet integration will enable users to pay directly from the platform in the form of cryptocurrency.

Cart and Wishlisting

The blockchain-based real estate platform users can wishlist their properties and even start property-based registrations directly from the cart.

Property Locators And Maps

The users of your app can locate multiple properties from anywhere around the planet and get insights.

Contract Storage

The contracts can be made and submitted as well on the blockchain itself. The seller and the buyer can seal deals with e-signatures recorded and stored on the blockchain.

Virtual Tours

Select properties on the basis of interesting virtual stores and give your users an immersive set of experiences in 3D.

Concluding With A Future Impact And Vision

The most practical use of the powers of blockchain technology as far as the real estate industry is concerned is the usage of smart contracts that reform design and real estate purchase documents.

With the help of blockchain technology, the future of real estate will have sensitive data locked in immutable blockchains while providing a way of evaluating the data for real-estate valuation.

Thus the future of blockchain in the real estate sector is highly secured, and a real estate reformation is underway.

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