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Start Subscription Based Adult App/Platform Like OnlyFans: Demo Ready

By Suffescom Solutions

January 24, 2024

Start Subscription Based Adult App/Platform Like OnlyFans: Demo Ready

The world is moving fast-paced in terms of technology, and even technology is welcoming every person into their world. The young generation is known for its tech-savvy nature and different types of perception to see the world. The ideas for starting a business platform also changed drastically, and with every day, new ways are coming out to be successful business platforms.

The most profitable business is the marketplace of entertainment. Consider any entertainment platform; you will find that with a large user base and making a good amount of revenue out of it.

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The entertainment business was always a business of profit, either in the era of black and white television or even the era of smartphones. From television to smartphones, our way of looking towards entertainment changed, and the field of entertainment also became vast. Now each of the individuals has its preferences for getting entertained & the best part about the digital era is each kind of entertainment source is available for individuals.

The entertainment sector has grown drastically. Our older generation has seen the limited source of entertainment, either television or radio, but the last decade of the 21st century brought almost a revolution in the industry of entertainment. Now the entertainment source is available from television to radio to phones, & for every individual.

If anyone is planning to join the entertainment sector to boost your economic growth and make the best platforms for the youth to enjoy, then getting an app like OnlyFans can be the best option.

Fan club-like OnlyFans is one of the leading entertainment sectors where the ample number of youth and the multiple age slab find the best way to enjoy entertainment.

Let's begin with the basic idea about the OnlyFans, and then we'll get to know how you can generate revenue from video subscription platforms like OnlyFans.

Growth Stats Of OnlyFans

Celebrities always have an entrepreneurial source of income, but an artist can even generate income by connecting with your followers. As a result, the demand for premium NSFW content subscription apps is increasing. Want to enter this industry? If in doubt, you can see the popularity of one of the most popular content sharing and streaming platforms, OnlyFans.

Build Your Own Video Platform Like OnlyFans and Thrive in the World of Exclusive Content!

Step into the world of private video subscriptions and create a community of loyal fans with your own platform like OnlyFans - let your creativity run wild!

  • The platform's popularity is more because of the adult content available on the platform. Many entertainment stars are available on the platform and provide adult video subscriptions on OnlyFans.
  • Adult stars and multiple stars from different sectors are also available on the platform and turning their fans into subscribers. Gymnasts, chefs, fitness trainers, yoga trainers are also available on the platform & generating revenue with the help of their content.
  • OnlyFans created $2 billion in revenue in 2020 as per the sources. The application pays around $200 million to the content makers per month.
  • The pandemic was a tough time for everyone globally, and then OnlyFans came up as the mainstream earning platform.
  • There are multiple competitors available in the marketplace, but the OnlyFans earned more popularity than others when the world was almost locked at their places.
  • There are around 30 million users available on the platform, and 450000 content makers are actively participating.

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a fantastic milestone of sharing substance on social media with accurate information of OnlyFans appearing to have over 170 million customers and over 1.5 million excellent content creators worldwide.

Content creators on OnlyFans can create selected substances based on the tastes of their target audience and can share them with.

The content makers on OnlyFans can make select substances based on their target audience's likes and can share them with them.

Additionally, there is an alternative for manufacturers to configure the substance for free or for a fee. Either way, OnlyFans deducts 20% of the creator's profit and may withhold 80% of the scene's revenue.

Indeed even though OnlyFans was made to supply a common platform for makers from diverse specialties, it got popularity from the grown-up substance posts that face no confinements within the medium.

OnlyFans' security setting will strain anyone attempting to take a screenshot or video of the substance being posted to media.

Expanding, OnlyFans takes stringent steps to ensure the safety of their creators' posts. Since it contains part of an expressed substance, sponsors must provide official government-issued identification that demonstrates 18 years and older.

White- Label Or Scratch

As a result, many entrepreneurs are interested in developing and launching a copy of the OnlyFans app. You can choose between two common methods to do this. One method is traditional, and the other uses a white label solution. Traditional methods are time-consuming and costly because they have to be built from scratch. On the other hand, developing OnlyFans clone apps using the White Label solution has received positive feedback from many because it offers the following benefits:

Time Conserving

Usually, building an application from scratch takes quite a long time as it needs great attention. But if any business people choose to get an app like OnlyFans with the white label solution, that opens up many of the other benefits.

Instant Solution

The white-label solution is a pre-built solution of the application, and choosing to get that will be beneficial as you don't have to wait for months to receive the project. It hardly takes one or two weeks to get customized as per the client's requirement.

Error Free

As it is a pre-built solution, the developers already make sure that there shouldn't be any bugs at any cost. The white-label solution goes through multiple stages of testing before launching.


Apart from just time-saving, this type of solution also saves a lot of bugs of the business person, which can utilize for marketing.

How Celebrities Can Generate Revenue From App Like OnlyFans

OnlyFans have a great customer base. Many celebrities are generating a good amount of revenue from the application; for some social influencers, an app like OpenFans is the mainstream source of income. As much they earn from their content, the more the platfrom will generate revenue.

Let's see what can be the best way through which one platform can generate revenue from.

Pay-Per-View Model

This source of revenue allows content creators to set their subscription fees. You can charge users who subscribe to your content any percentage of the amount.

The OnlyFans Clone app does not have a built-in detection or recommender system, so you can make promotional campaigns available.

Subscription For Live Streaming

Live streaming is a feature worth considering, as it allows content authors to host live sessions. Show off your talent in real-time. Chipping live streaming is up to you. You can allow users to watch live content for free or pay a certain percentage.

An app like OnlyFans also allows adult content, so even providing an adult video subscription platform will also help to generate great revenue.

Subscription For Messages

This app allows content authors to send messages to their subscribers using paid messaging features. In this way, they get a significant percentage of the amount from their subscribers.

You can also implement a paid post-revenue stream if you don't want your content to be behind the paywall. There they can set the price of a particular contribution.

Fund Raising

Being an artist, they have a huge fan base and can turn this into gaining profits in favor of the popularity and a good amount by fundraising. The celebrity can ask their fans to join the platform and can arrange an exclusive show for raising funds in favor of the social causes.

Being A Business Owner How You Can Earn Money from OnlyFans

OnlyFans provides a great platform for content creators, and even you can make a video subscription platform like OnlyFans to make more and more income. But the question is, how will you be able to generate revenue from the platform?

Launch Your Own Video Subscription Platform Like OnlyFans

Unlocking the Future of Entertainment: A Look into the Explosive Growth of Video Subscription Platforms like OnlyFans.

Allow Us to Explain a Few Ideas:


Apps like OnlyFans and other such adult video subscription platforms like OnlyFans earn revenue from the celebrity's income available on their platform. The more the entertainers get from their subscribers, the more the platform will get the commission. The platform owner can set up a fixed percentage for the content creators; usually, the platform charges commission of 10-20% of the total revenue the creators are getting. It is upto the business platforms what amount of percentage they want to charge from the celebrities available on the platform.


The next option that you can keep for generating revenue as the business platform is multiple packages for the users and set up some benchmark for each type of package. The idea is similar to any OTT platform in which there are multiple packages either based on the monthly charges or based on the contents. If you are planning to make such an application, this could b a good idea. You can provide the option for the users to pay for the content based on celebrity popularity and the time/month/year.

Packages For Celebrities

The package option for celebrities can be a huge option for the platform to earn more. The platform can set up multiple packages for the content creators based on the number of contents they can provide on the platform in a month or the year. If the content creators have a huge fan base, they will try to make more videos or creations for their fans. This could be a great idea for the platform to generate revenue.


When the platform is the talk of the town, then more of the companies will approach the platform to show their advertisement on the platform. The advertisement avails a good amount of money for any platform. Once the platform gets in touch with the users, the other companies automatically approach the platform for popping up their ads. On the related platform.

Choosing The Correct Video Subscription Platform like OnlyFans Development Company

Unlock exclusive content and connect with your favorite creators on our premium video subscription platform, just like OnlyFans.

What Type Of Content Creators Can Join The Platform

The platform should be open to all types of creators. On the OnlyFans platform, there are stars available from multiple industries.


The podcast is rising as one the best profession, and youth are listening to the podcasters interestingly. The podcast providers are available on apps like OnlyFans for generating revenue. With the help of the subscription model, the podcast provider can come up with an exclusive creation for their subscribers.

Fitness Trainer

The world is running fast, and people have less time for being fit. After pandemics, most fitness freaks love to get everything on an online platform. The fitness trainers are providing their exclusive sessions on platforms like OnlyFans.


Gaming can be a huge industry with packets of cash. Everyone is currently broadcasting game sessions using video streaming services such as YouTube. High-end gamers admire the performing arts and the performing arts as much as they do. At this stage, well-known game pros can share information with other community members.

Adult Video Providers

OnlyFans does not restrict any content, especially in the adult industry. The platform allows semi- adult videos, and with that, the sensual creators love to be the part of an app like OnlyFans. This could be a win-win situation for the platform owner as they will develop adult video subscription ideas.


Today, influencers are a fundamental part of any business's time-limited process, especially for Gen Z businesses. The membership stage allows you to create and distribute high-quality content that watchers subscribe to and evaluate.


Individuals appreciate writers who work all over the world. They have a lot of support because they positively impact the community. By using the stage, viewers can get to know the writers better and learn more about the stories they cover and the stories associated with them.


Designers and art lovers love to meet executives, whether the latest unique graphic designs or fashion designers' favorite designs. Designers can make better revenue sources by making their work available to their followers. Designers have already used this platform to announce their launch and sell great designs.


The decision to build an app like OnlyFans will be a great choice for boosting the economy and turning it into a brand. We built video subscription platforms for changing the experience of the entertainment world.

Don't hesitate to contact us for any queries about the marketplace or the scope of the app like OnlyFans.

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