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Dynamic QR Codes Menu: A Contactless Ordering Solution For Restaurant

By Suffescom Solutions

January 10, 2024

Dynamic QR Codes Menu: A Contactless Ordering Solution For Restaurant

As restaurants reopen, a significant concern for them is limiting the spread of the Coronavirus through surfaces, like physical menus. Switching to contactless options like QR Code menus is the next normal for restaurants of all sizes. CDC in its guidelines clearly stated the employment of disposable or digital menus.

Since printing disposable menus aren't ideal given the rising costs, contactless QR Code menus are a viable option.

It takes but a moment to upload a menu within the PDF format and convert it into a QR Code but it goes an extended way to keep customers engaged and safe

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What is Dynamic QR Codes for Restaurant Menus?

QR Code menus are digital versions of physical menu cards at restaurants. Diners scan these QR Code menus to access the restaurant menu on their mobile phones. Using these touchless menus limits the spread of the Coronavirus through physical objects that undergo multiple hand exchanges.

As restaurants reopen with restrictions, the owner and also the staff have many operational and financial things to take care of. To keep simple things simple, the QR Code menu creation process is absolutely easy and quick. We bet it won’t take longer than your coffee lasts!

Here’s how you'll make an easy yet effective QR Code menu for your restaurant–

Step 1: Head to QR Code Dashboard

To create a QR Code menu for your restaurant’s safe reopening, you would like to possess access to the dashboard. you'll either register for a 14-day free trial or buy an idea that most accurately fits your restaurant needs. Start by clicking on the brilliant blue button on the right-top that reads create QR Code.

Step 2: Select the QR Code Type – Restaurant Menu

A restaurant menu has tailored requirements. To cater to them, Beaconstac has built a dedicated QR Code type for it. Pick “Restaurant Menu” from the Dynamic style QR Codes. This ensures, Your ordering system is bloat-free and therefore the menu never downloads on the consumer’s smartphone

You get a unique choice to add multiple menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Step 3: Upload Your Digital (PDF) Menu

On this step, you're building what your diners would experience on their smartphones.

You either have an all-inclusive menu, or distinguished menus for drinks, desserts, food, brunch, breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Beaconstac’s QR Code menu solution supports both cases.

Create tabs for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and upload your PDF menus for every tab. These tabs are fully customizable, which suggests you'll change the icons, text, and time – anytime. Did I mention without changing the QR Code? Yes, that's true.

Give your restaurant, a dash of your personality to your digital menu index, by adding your restaurant logo, personalized message, and restaurant background with our Web3 Restaurant Management Software.

Step 4: Customize Your QR Code, Aka, Your New Menu!

This QR Code is going to be the replacement for your gorgeous physical menu. We’ll assist you to make it equally or perhaps more attractive. Here are a number of the most popular customizations –

  • Add your restaurant logo at the face of the QR Code
  • Use colors and QR patterns that best represent your restaurant vibe
  • Use a frame or text below the QR Code to guide your diners.

Step 5: Save and Download Your QR Code

Your QR Code is ready for use!

It’s important to know the format you must download the QR Code in. This purely depends on your use case.

  • If you're looking to put QR Code menus on tables, a png format works well.
  • However, if you would like to stick one during a larger size by the doorway or on the restaurant window, download it as an SVG or eps. If you're working with a contract designer, this is often the recommended download format.
  • If you're looking to share the QR Code as a file over email, select a PDF format.

Step 6. Deploy Your QR Code Menu Across Your Restaurant

Print your QR Code menu and paste them on all tables, by the doorway or at the order counter. you'll also slot in the QR Code menu in your existing ordering process. deliver the QR Code to the restaurant staff who moves around displaying the QR Code and taking orders.

Start Your Food Ordering Revolution with QR Code Technology

Our QR code technology provides seamless integration with existing restaurant systems, making it easy to implement without any major disruptions. Additionally, our solution offers real-time analytics and insights to help businesses make data-driven decisions and optimize their operations for increased efficiency and profitability

Why is it Recommended to Make a Dynamic QR Code for a Menu in 2024?

As we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing and limiting contact are at the core of the new normal. When it involves a secure reopening of your restaurant, you would like to create a contactless mechanism that works seamlessly. There are 3 options for a contactless menu –

  • Disposal menu
  • Digital signage menu
  • QR Code menu

Disposable Menu

While this is often a fast fix to the matter at hand, it's not sustainable for the unprecedented COVID-19 future. Printing stacks and stacks of disposable menus add up to the value, which may be a major consideration for the foreseeable future.

Digital Signage Menu

Another massive investment that could not be a feasible option for many small and medium-scale restaurants.

QR Code Menu

this is often certainly the foremost popular menu alternative for many restaurants. Here are a couple of reasons why –

No Apps Are Required to Scan Them

Scanning QR Code may be a natural behavior for millennials in 2020. this is often a result of apps like Google Pay, Snapchat, now WhatsApp; and new-age consumer brands using QR Codes for a contactless product demo.

Extensive use of QR Codes in China and success stories from identical have inspired the planet to do them out.

It is dynamic, which implies restaurants such as you can always modify the menu to their customer’s likings

It is an ideal balance of being cost-effective and delivering rich customer engagement.

How to Ensure Your Restaurant’s QR Code Menu May be a Surefire Hit!

QR Codes are 20 years old, but its usage as an alternative to physical menus became mainstream quite recently. one of the first reasons for the huge surge in QR Codes as a menu, was their ability to be scanned employing a phone’s camera.

To ensure your restaurant menu QR Codes work seamlessly, here are 3 belongings you should consider –

Assist The Older Generation in Scanning The QR Code Menu:

Older customers often struggle with scanning QR Codes. to assist them have an exciting and seamless experience, confirm to print “how to scan” instructions alongside QR Code.

You could either print instructions alongside or print them on a separate flyer.

Customize QR Codes to Represent Your Restaurant’s Personality

Present QR Codes as an extension of your brand. This not only displays the connected experience inside your restaurant but also gives customers the arrogance to scan them risk-free.

In order of leaving a major brand impact, a number of the essential customizations are –

  • Adding a brand logo
  • Placing a call-to-action frame round the QR Code that tells the customer what has got to be through with the QR Code and what to expect when scanned.
  • Modifying the form and color of your QR Codes to represent your brand vibe

QR Code Menu Generator, That’s Powerful Yet Simple –

Why is that this so important? For a really simple reason – build an experience that’s worth remembering for your customers. aside from the essential functionalities, a QR Code solution has, the menu QR Code requires specific features. While choosing a QR Code menu solution, look out for –

What Makes a Good QR Code Menu Generator?

  • When a consumer scans a QR Code, it shouldn't download on the phone. Ghost unwanted files on a consumer mobile is an especially poor experience.
  • The platform should have the potential to upload multiple PDFs. This offers the pliability to feature the. breakfast, lunch, or dinner menus to an equivalent QR Code.
  • Why be static once you are often dynamic! A dynamic QR Code ensures that you simply can change the menu whenever you would like, which suggests, the weekend menu are often different from the weekday menu.
  • The QR Code should speak multiple languages. this suggests when a phone with default language set as Spanish scans the QR Code, the menu displayed in Spanish.
  • If you've got a franchise, lookout for a platform that supports scale, that is, the power to manage all QR Codes under one platform and roll out changes at scale.

Your QR Code Generator Should Have

  • Ability to customize it, especially add a logo, change the color and add a call-to-action frame round the QR Code
  • Unlimited scans/ informed scan upgrades
  • A dynamic QR Code mechanism
  • Robust analytics

Looking For a Deeper Analysis of What Makes the Simplest QR Code Solution?

Working with restaurants and hotels, big and little, like Hilton, Marriott, and Hyatt, Beaconstac ticks all functionalities that help build a seamless experience for your QR Code menu. Read below

How Are The Leading Hotels And Restaurants Using The QR Code Menu?

Marriott restaurants combat the COVID-19 virus with QR Code food menus

Marriott restaurants in Aruba, Texas, California, New Jersey, England, and Florida among others are extensively using QR Codes as menus to limit the touch of physical objects. Being one among the first adopters of QR Code menus, Marriott hotels have built a hit story for the rest of the hotels to replicate.

How to Make the Most of your QR Code Menus – Step by Step?

1) Phase I: Welcome Back Guests With a Secure QR Code Ordering System

As we navigate the pandemic, the short-term goal of all restaurants is to bring back guests. Building a secure environment for them to feel confident and enter is, therefore, the primary step. One of the low effort and high impact changes is replacing physical menus with QR Codes. Either place QR Codes on the tables or pass on QR Codes to restaurant staff. While the guests pick their favorite dishes from the digital menu on their phones, the staff members move around and obey.

Small changes like these have a major impact on limiting the spread of the virus and reassuring the guests that they will be able to enter.

Phase 2: Delight Them With Highly Relevant and Personalized Campaigns

The next step is to continue adding value with a QR-powered digital menu system. Since our QR Codes are dynamic in nature, you'll change the menu to celebrate an event.

Let’s say one among your patrons is celebrating their birthday at your restaurant, make them feel special by renaming a dish on their name. Or, switch up the theme of your digital menu when your favorite team is playing.

One of the foremost popular uses of dynamic QR Codes however is upgrading the menu on weekends.

3) Phase 3: Analyse and Optimize Your Restaurant’s Ordering Mechanism

The best campaigns are driven by customer intent. QR Codes unlock the chance to collect data and customer insight from your physical space. Here are some insights worth exploring –

  • Spot the hotspots in your restaurant supported time and day. This helps you optimize resources within the restaurant premises.
  • Validate the spots that gather maximum eyeballs. For eg, are more people watching a coaster vs a billboard behind the table. This helps you list the foremost strategic locations for a crucial advertisement.
  • Understand your guest better – gender ratio, devices they use, their income range, age bracket, and more.

Build Your Brand with Our Customized Food QR Code Solutions

We offer customized food QR code solutions to help businesses build their brand and engage customers in a meaningful way. Our advanced technology allows for personalized branding and messaging, enabling businesses to create a unique and memorable experience for their customers. With our solution, businesses can increase brand recognition, loyalty, and ultimately drive revenue growth.

How Much Does it Cost to Make a Dynamic QR Code Menu For a Restaurant?

It costs $60/year to make a QR Code for menus. However, the worth varies supported feature requirements and therefore the number of scans you would like on an annual basis.

Dynamic QR code Hacks for Your Restaurant Marketing

One of the problems that marketers have had with QR codes in the past is that when the QR codes are downloaded and printed, it's impossible to form changes. The dynamic QR codes entered the image in an effort to beat the disadvantage of the static QR codes. With dynamic QR codes, you'll schedule multiple campaigns to an equivalent QR code supporting the time of the day or the day of the year. you'll also change the campaigns attached to every QR code as and once you update your offers thereby reducing the value and hassle of getting and printing new QR codes for every campaign you launch.

QR Code Campaigns Based on The Time of The Day

Most restaurants have different menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with specific offers attached to each of them. Delivering these offers via dynamic QR code campaigns where the customer scans an equivalent QR code to urge a special offer whenever may be a brilliant way of making fascination among the purchasers. Dynamic QR codes also are a superb way for restaurant owners to urge to obviate changing menus and offer on chalkboards on a day to day and replace the chalkboard menu with a scannable QR code-based menu instead.

Restaurants ideally schedule offers supported the high traffic and low traffic day of the week. for instance, a cheerful hours offer is valid only on a weekday with less traffic in order that it helps the restaurant boost its sales on such days. Creating a replacement QR code campaign for every day to update the offers and menu of the day may be a hassle that restaurants can avoid by choosing to choose a dynamic QR code instead.

QR Code Campaigns Based on The Day of The Week

Dynamic QR code campaigns also allow restaurateurs to vary campaigns supported the audience for weekdays vs. weekends. for instance, a restaurant near a university might get more students over the weekdays but families over the weekends. The campaigns can change support their tastes and offers tailored for every user segment..

Seasonal And Festival Based QR Code Campaigns

With dynamic QR codes, you'll deploy the QR codes on your menu or the store window once and keep changing the menu and offers on the back-end by replacing the URL linked to the QR code.

For example, if the QR code on your menu results in offers on lemonade or an iced tea during summers, you'll change the URL linked to steering to offers on a cocoa drink during the winters.

Another promotional strategy employed by most restaurants where dynamic QR codes convince be useful is during the festival or occasion-based offers and discounts on the restaurant menu.

Fine-Tune QR Code Campaigns On-The-Go

With dynamic QR codes, you'll fine-tune your campaigns on the go supported the customer analytics data. Continually refining your restaurant marketing campaigns is beneficial to stay up with the changing trends and customer buying patterns.

How to Found Out Dynamic QR Code Campaigns?

There are two ways during which you'll adapt to vary your campaigns for your dynamic QR codes supported which use-case you're looking to implement.

  • Update information: one-time or continuously: Create a replacement campaign markdown card or URL and replace the prevailing URL linked to the QR code with the new one.
  • Schedule campaigns for days, time,and seasons create a schedule consisting of all the campaigns you would like to circulate and schedule each campaign to a special time/date counting on once you would like to display which campaign. Add the schedule to the QR code in order that when the QR code can display a replacement campaign whenever counting on when it's being scanned.


QR Code menu may be a crucial piece within the contactless puzzle at a restaurant. And as we march towards a digital-first and contactless world, restaurants got to marry QR Codes or other similar contactless technologies with their traditional processes. Making dining safe and contactless won't just usher in diners but also win restaurant loyalty.

If you're a restaurant owner, looking to create a contactless ecosystem, Contact Suffescom Solutions Inc. team for On Demand Food Delivery App Development to built exclusively for restaurants.

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