Enter the Most Demanded And Vast Industry of Healthcare!

Online doctor appointments, telemedicine, online consultation are being demanded by every individual of the world keeping in mind, the present scenario. Recently, healthcare is one of the industries that is benefitting the most. Many new entrepreneurs and established platforms have shifted their business online to earn some extra revenue. Research shows that health spending in the U.S will reach $5.7 Trillion by 2026. Things are changing very fast and technology is being embedded in every business.

This industry is not only for generating high profits but also to help people sitting anywhere in the world. If an individual is having medical knowledge, he/she can easily set-up an online consultation platform and reach patients through social networks. The only motive of online medical consultation is to provide required care to various patients online. They just need to download an application and book an appointment for the same.

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Why there is an urgency of online medical consultation platforms?

As per the demands, every hospital is increasing the staff and some of them are also shifting their whole business online so that they can have a better reach and create a strong customer base from all over the world. Digital transformation in every sector increases productivity and streamlines processes. People are also demanding online medical consultation because of their busy schedules. Few examples of digital transformation are telemedicine, artificial intelligence-enabled devices, and wearables, etc. if we take a closer look at the industries, it may be seen that healthcare and pharmaceutical industries have lagged way behind when it comes to implementing digital strategies.

Some benefits of on-demand healthcare consultation are:

Real-time availability: Patients can connect with the doctors easily in case of any medical illness. They can easily book an appointment online and receive prescriptions from the doctor or nurse.

Easy reach: It is interesting to know that 4 billion people out of the global population is using smartphones with the internet. It will become easier for a new entrepreneur to reach millions of people just by using strong marketing approaches.

Low medication errors: Before connecting with the doctors, patients can upload the prescription online so that doctor can easily prescribe the medicines and ask you to change some of the dosages if required.

Additional income: An individual having sufficient knowledge about health and medical terms or a hospital can easily generate additional revenue just by creating a feature-enriched application for patients, doctors, and admin.

These are some of the benefits included in the healthcare consultation concept. It gives faster results to the patients because they can be connected in no time through chat or video calls. It also helps them in saving time and money which they waste while traveling to the hospitals. The application through which patients and doctors can be connected has 3 different panels which consist of:

Patient app: Through this application, the patient can upload his/her prescriptions and the illness they are suffering from. They can book an online appointment whenever required and connect with the doctors sitting anywhere in the world.

Doctor app: This is a doctor panel in which he updates his availability timings and can accept or reject incoming requests. He can chat or video call with the patient and enrich his application with other advanced features like digital payments and EMR as well.

Admin app: Admin is usually the controller and supervisor of the whole platform. He can charge a certain amount of money from all the doctors as commissions per transaction. He controls the entry and exit of doctors and can see the reports and analytics on a daily basis to access the progress.

Challenges in healthcare consultation marketplace:

Changing consumer behavior: Patients, nowadays, need convenience and care at their doorsteps that meet their expectations. They are very much interested in having online access to health information and telehealth. Entrepreneurs have to study their behavior in detail to sustain in this marketplace.

Under-investment in marketing: Many hospitals who want to set-up an online platform to help various patients, don’t want to invest in marketing and advertising. Every business needs a long-term strategy and proper investment in the right place. If one is doing this, they will surely receive positive results.

Returning patients: Every consultant has to believe that their product is their brand and they have to advertise it in the right ways to receive desired results. Every individual has smartphones in their pockets nowadays, it only depends upon you how you will attract them towards your business model.

Final Words:

Digitization is being introduced in every field of the industry which is the only way out during this pandemic. In the medical field, online health consultation and medical wearables are playing a huge role in engaging patients. As we know that new technologies are coming in the market every single day, so why these are not utilized at their highest maximum potential? The answer is that people are sceptical in introducing new ways into their business models. If we want to excel in this society, we need to impart new ways leaving behind the traditional techniques.

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