How Much to Make an App Like Practo in 2022?

By Suffescom Solutions

June 18, 2021

For many of us, healthy living entails both physical and mental well-being, with the goal of maintaining balance or proper functioning as a whole. People all over the world are more concerned about their health than ever before, which is very encouraging. A pharmaceutical company's business development plan began with the introduction of AI technology and has now progressed to a new level. Nonetheless, some of the fundamental issues must be addressed.

What is the point of having an app like Practo?

A patient requires immediate medical attention and treatment. Long lines and crowds at clinics and hospitals, on the other hand, can sometimes result in unwelcome situations. Prioritizing patients is nearly impossible for doctors as well. A patient in a critical medical condition requires immediate medical attention, and there is a risk of casualty somewhere in the midst of the chaos.

What about an app that lets you book a doctor's appointment over the internet? You can also select from a list of specialized doctors based on their experience, reviews, and ratings. For patients who require quick consultations, this is a far more convenient option.

An online doctor appointment app can be used for much more than just scheduling appointments. Patients can search for specialized doctors in their area, schedule lab tests, order medications online, and consult with doctors via chat or video call.

Many of you might worry about how much to make an app like Practo?

But it can help out working professionals with hectic schedules can schedule a doctor's appointment at a time that is convenient for them. To know about the cost, you can directly reach out to the factors that impact the cost of developing the Practo Clone App.

It is also convenient for doctors, as such medical apps are likely to bring more patients to their clinic.. Hospitals, healthcare startups, and clinics can use our smart Telemedicine App Development services to provide a one-stop telehealth solution to all patients.

How Did Practo Come Into Being?

The backstory of this application is fascinating. Shashank ND, the Practo's founder, recalls a 2008 incident in which he needed to find a doctor before his father was operated on. He realized the gravity of the situation and founded Practo, a medical health app in Bangalore, with the help of his business partner and classmate Abhinav Lal.

This web-based medical service app makes it easier to locate doctors who can assist a patient with their health issues. The results are then sorted by city, location, consultation fee, and availability. When you log in to this online doctor consultation app, you can inquire about the practitioner's expertise, doctor's fees, and qualifications.

As of today, more than 10 million patients have signed up for the app. The company has broadened its horizons with "Health Hour." It's a physician-led initiative that includes video consultations and appointments over the internet. With its video consultation facility, Practo is unquestionably leaping to success in this pandemic situation.

how much to make an app like practo

Why Create a Practo-like App?

Every day, the world becomes more digitally intelligent. The latest technologies and trends are diverging in our basic lifestyle every second. One of them is health and medical apps. Given that we are all dealing with the unfortunate situation of a pandemic, this online doctor consultation app is a godsend for those considering a career in app development.

Practo is a service-based information platform that allows doctors and patients to easily communicate with one another. Patients can browse and select doctors to schedule appointments, and doctors can list their services. Practo is an appointment booking app that helps patients schedule appointments and keep track of their medical history.

Practo is a time-saving, informative app that eliminates the risk of visiting hospitals and clinics at such a sensitive time. Let us now have a look at the cost to develop a booking app like Practo.

Factors that Impact the Cost of Developing a Practo Clone App:

The true cost of a mobile healthcare app like Practo is determined by several factors:

Platform for Apps

In Practo like an app, this is one of the most important cost deciding factors. In terms of the cost of developing a medical app, there is a significant difference between the platforms.

Because Android emulators are slower than iOS emulators and there are more devices to test against, the cost of developing a doctor appointment app like Practo for Android is higher than for iOS. As a result, more code lines are needed.

Design of the app

More money is required for a good Practo like Clone app design. The real goal of any good app design is to keep users engaged with a great user interface and experience. Without good design, it's difficult to keep users interested. FuGenX has the proven and sought-after design practices needed to create Practo as an app at a low cost.

Dimensions of the app

The app size refers to the total number of features and functionalities that a health app includes, such as a database of doctors and patients, articles, and frequently posted patient queries and doctor recommendations.

The amount of time required

Because the application is so complex, it could take months or even a year to complete with all of the features. As time passes, more resources are used, and thus the cost rises.

As you are aware of the factors that contribute to the cost of developing a booking app like Practo, apps like Practo save time, provide information, and eliminate the risk of visiting hospitals and clinics at inconvenient times. Here are some facts and figures to support the previous statement:

Patient Portals are preferred by 43% of Millennials when using their smartphones.

This is a phone-obsessed era. People work long hours and prefer to live in comfort. According to Mobius.MD, millennials find booking and enquiring about appointments via medical phone apps to be extremely convenient. These online doctor consultation apps make them feel safe and provide them with simple procedures.

The Mhealth App Market is Expected to Reach $111 Billion by 2025, owing to its rapid growth.

People today are more responsive to healthcare and modernization, according to Mobius.MD’s studies and research. By 2025, it is expected that the US market will have grown by 50 billion dollars, reaching 111 billion dollars.

Only 15 of the 100 health apps are related to medicine.

Business Insider discovered this, which is fantastic news for anyone considering creating a healthcare app like Practo. People's health-consciousness, on the other hand, gives you a huge advantage when it comes to creating health-tracking apps. However, in today's world, appointment scheduling apps are scarce. Because there is less competition in the market, they have a higher chance of growth and dominance.

According to a survey, 42 percent of users prefer to book appointments online rather than over the phone.

According to, online appointments are easier to make than phone appointments due to automated procedures. On the phone, the person must call and inquire. All of this can be done with a single tap of your finger on the online appointment booking app.

Practo's 10 Most Important Features to Consider When Creating an App

To create an app like Practo, you must first learn about the features and USPs that aid in user acquisition and it also depends on the cost to develop an app like Practo. Let's take a look at them one by one:

  1. Quick and simple app setup

The portal should make it simple to log in and register for the app. Email addresses, phone numbers, and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat can all be used. Simply filling out the form should result in the app logging.

  1. Choosing a Doctor That Is Convenient

Practo has a large database of verified doctors in India, Singapore, the Philippines, the United States, and Malaysia. Patients can select a doctor and schedule an appointment based on the latter's schedule. In order to make possible physical visits, the user can also choose and select a doctor based on geographic location.

  1. Checking Your Medical History

The patient's information should be saved on the app's backend once they have completed the form. Patients' appointments, reports, last visit details, and upcoming visits, as well as prescriptions, should all be stored in the ideal appointment booking app. Medical reports could be added as a paid feature.

  1. Doctors' Opinions

Thousands of doctors from Asia and the United States are listed on Practo. A simple search allows the user to quickly access their information. Doctors' expertise, qualifications, consultation fees, contact information, and reviews from other patients/users can all be found here. If you want to compete with Practo, you'll need a database and storage system that shares useful information.

  1. Consultation via the internet

Patients should be able to get direct consultation from a doctor via online chat, video, or audio call in an ideal online doctor consultation app. It streamlines the process of physical visits, which is a major draw for people, especially during COVID19. Chatbots, video calls, and conferencing are all possible additions.

  1. Convenient Reservations

Apps are used to provide comfort. The app's AI systems should be capable of making scheduling appointments simple. To adjust appointments, this module should be compatible with both patient and doctor panels.

  1. News and Features on Health

It's a feature that boosts the app's popularity. Practo not only keeps track of doctors and schedules appointments, but it also shares knowledge. For self-care and well-being, these health articles assist users in keeping track of their health.

  1. Calendar of Appointments

Create an app that allows users to schedule appointments based on their availability. Show them booking calendars that include dates and times. These calendars will help you avoid double bookings and have a stress-free consultation.

  1. Notifications via Push

When it comes to medical appointments, people prefer apps that send them reminders on a regular basis. If customers receive appointment reminders, discounts, and the most recent medical news, they are more likely to be satisfied.

  1. Quick and Easy Payments

Set up a payment gateway that allows patients to pay the doctor or clinic directly. When booking appointments, include wallets and cards as payment options. This makes for a pleasant user experience.

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