How to Make An App Like Doordash

How to Make An App Like Doordash

By Suffescom Solutions

December 11, 2021

How to Make An App Like Doordash

Current food delivery services work well with the busy schedules of many people. This is an opportunity for many entrepreneurs and a challenge for the developers because they have to build a feature-enriched application. The latest trends show that many people prefer ordering online rather than going to restaurants and waiting in long queues. Apps like Doordash, UberEats Clone, and Postmates clone have made it easier to place orders through an application. Now is a great time to start a business like Doordash. This is where the need for Doordash like app development has increased. Keep reading to know more in detail!

Delivery Apps Like DoorDash Sucess. Make A Move Now To Grow The DoorDash Way

Doordash is a California-based food delivery company that has the only motive to give restaurants an efficient service by delivering food to customer’s homes. This business model is beneficial for drivers who would like to deliver meals across the city and earn in millions.

It is evident that building an application like Doordash is difficult for a single person as it needs a whole team of developers who can work according to the needs and requirements of the client. Doordash acts as a mediator between customers and restaurants which helps in delivering their selected dishes at their doorsteps.

There are so many competitors in the market nowadays which makes it difficult for newcomers to survive. But, we know nothing is impossible if you have determination and zeal in you. Many new entrepreneurs have analyzed the current situation of the market and made strategies according to that which makes it easier for them to compete for the long term.

Build Your Own Food Delivery App Like Doordash

We can help you develop an app like DoorDash that will revolutionize food delivery. With our expertise in app development and food industry knowledge, we can create a seamless user experience and help you stand out in a crowded market.

Advantages of Using an App Like Doordash?


Using a food delivery app is convenient for both customers and drivers. Customers can choose their favorite dishes with just by few taps on the app and drivers can update deliveries and availability through a dedicated driver panel.

Easy Payments:

Customers can easily pay for their orders through multiple payment options. Many existing and new ventures are supporting cashless transactions because, in this new era, everyone is skeptical about stepping out of their houses because of the ongoing infections. Existing businesses are introducing this new way of transaction as well.


Real-time tracking is very important in all on-demand services nowadays. Through this feature, not only restaurants but customers can also track their order after placing it. Moreover, they can receive real-time updates if restaurants approve. Drivers also have the option to track a customer’s exact location with the help of a real-time tracking option.

Discounts and Loyalty Programs:

Through the loyalty programs, discounts and offers more and more customers can be attracted towards your business model. It gives a certain amount of discount on recent or future orders. Customers can also add loyalty points to redeem in the future.

24*7 Customer Support:

Customers can complain or raise any query by writing it down on the comments section which is usually reviewed by the admin and take strict action against their drivers and restaurants if found guilty. Similarly, restaurants and drivers can raise any questions.

These are some of the advantages of using a food delivery app. Not only customers but drivers and restaurants are getting an equal advantage. Now let us look at some must-have features to include while developing a food delivery application. Usually, there are basic and advanced features and the same goes with the technology used. Advanced platform means more money involved but it is worth it because customers get an easy-to-use and feature-enriched platform to order their meals.

Registration and Login:

Let users login into the food delivery application easily. One can use social media integration so that customers can share their favorite dishes on social media platforms.

Secure Payment Methods:

Owners can offer multiple payment options to the customers so that they don’t need to carry cash with them. Customers always look for secure transaction options, especially while making payments online.

Review and Rating:

Let the customers review the dishes they receive at their homes. They can raise queries as well in the comments section which can further be reviewed by the admin.

Push Notifications:

Restaurant owners can stay connected with the customers by sending push notifications. Sending continuous notifications is the best way to communicate with all the customers.

Navigation and GPS Tracking:

In the food delivery business, GPS systems should be incorporated into customer and driver applications so that restaurants and customers can track their orders anytime.

Admin Dashboard:

There will be a separate panel for the admin where he can easily control or manage overall operations. He is responsible for making any changes in any panel of the platform.

These are some of the must-have features to include while developing a doordash application. Let us have a look at the panel-wise features:

Customer app:

  • Easy login and registration
  • Customized search
  • Discounts and reviews
  • Order placing and schedule order
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Rate and reviews
  • Push notifications
  • Live to track

Restaurant app:

  • Manage food items
  • Manage payments
  • Manage orders
  • Accept or reject orders
  • Add, edit or block
  • Order history

Delivery boy panel:

  • Easy signup
  • Update availability
  • Update deliveries
  • Live to track
  • Push notifications

Admin dashboard:

  • Send bulk notifications
  • Manage restaurant and delivery panel
  • Settings
  • Adjust documents
  • Surge pricing
  • Track drivers
  • Reports and analytics
  • Content management
  • Manage restaurants

These are some of the distinct features of the food delivery application. One can also add some advanced features to make it more interactive and easy to use. Door-dash offers distinctive services to the drivers and restaurants who join the platform. It offers flexibility to the customers, a fully customized platform to restaurants, and job opportunities to the drivers.

Next Big Thing in Food Delivery Business: Develop an App Like DoorDash

Leverage the opportunity to develop an app like DoorDash and offer your own delivery services to customers. With a customized platform, by using this cater to the unique needs of local restaurants and delivery partners while providing fast and reliable food delivery services to customers.

What Are Our Solutions For Doordash Like App Development

Since entrepreneurs face many challenges when it comes to starting their ventures or thriving better in the business world, in such circumstances, there is a need to have a platform that can combat all these challenges like a pro. And opting for doordash like app development can be a great start. Like Doordash offers convenience and ease to both customers and business owners, similarly, when you look out to develop this kind of app for your businesses, it will help you grow to the next level. It lets you make your work more efficient, smooth and save time and effort over the things done manually.

Such applications or platforms are delineated with intelligent features and technology and built with top-notch expertise, making them a prominent option for businesses to innovate their services and improve overall productivity. Along with it also offers opportunities for employees to work in a smooth tech-based environment.

Points To Consider When Starting Doordash Like App Development

Now, if you are planning to have a doordash like an app for your businesses, here are a few factors that you must consider in order to have successful doordash like app development. Let’s explore one by one!

Must Offer Quick Ordering With Scheduled Deliveries

Customers love when they get quick deliveries of their orders and are satisfied by their food deliveries. And things become more satisfying for them when they get in just a few taps. So, when creating a doordash like app, you must work on quick ordering and scheduled deliveries to satisfy your customers and build long-term relationships with them. With this, it will enhance the credibility of your businesses to the next level.

Real-time tracking is a Must

In this modern world where analyzing everything is quick and real thus your doordash app like development needs to be the same. Your app should provide real-time updates of everything, be it delivery persons, fast deliveries, time duration, ratings, the time needed in food preparation, along with the addresses. With this, you will be able to provide your customers with a more trusted platform.

Hassle-Free Payment Solutions

During this pandemic scenario where contactless payments are on the rise. While building an app like DoorDash, you must delineate it with a feature of contactless and hassle-free payments. Whether a customer wants to pay through UPI, PayPal, ApplePay, Stripe, your app must cover everything. Thus, look for multi-payment features within your app to address the needs of a broad audience at the same time.

Customization at Peak

Give your customers a dashboard, menu, and delivery systems to customize and schedule it according to their convenience. Your doordash app must help them add or delete food items within their orders, change addresses, and scroll the menu. Also, if they want to have group orders, your app must include a group order feature. The higher your app is customized, the more it will be good to have successful doordash like app development.

Take your food delivery business online with our white label DoorDash like App. We have successfully built a DoorDash Clone App beyond original that is more powerful, feature rich and capable to prosper your business.

Doordash Like App Development Cost

Generally, the costs to develop an app like doordash lies between $4k to $10k depending upon various factors. Let us have a quick look at them:

Location of the Company:

The overall estimation of cost is decided by the location where the developers are located. If the developers are situated in China or India, the cost will be comparatively less than in some American states like California.

Experience of Developers:

More experienced developers means more money involved. There are usually two different ways through which one can hire developers i.e. freelancers or a team of app developers.

A Number of Platforms:

If an entrepreneur is choosing one or two platforms, the cost will be less and if an application is launched in all the available platforms, the cost will be more. It is advised to launch it on all the available platforms to reach more customers.

Features and Functionalities:

There are basic and advanced features that one can incorporate into an application. Basic features mean less money involved and if one is including the advanced features as well, the cost will be more. It is always advised to include both of them to make an application more interactive and easy to use.

UI/UX design:

The cost of developing an application also depends upon the designs and templates chosen to integrate while developing an application. Entrepreneurs should choose such designs which have the capability to attract new customers on a regular basis.

These are some of the factors which together decide the cost of developing an application. It can fluctuate according to the needs and requirements of the client. Entrepreneurs can either build an application from scratch or purchase a doordash like app that needs only some customization.

Challenges Which Entrepreneurs Have To Face:

Target Audience:

The very first challenge in front of the entrepreneurs is which persons to target so that they can offer their services. In the case of food delivery platforms, owners should target such people who are either working or doing their studies because they are the ones, who usually don’t like to cook after a hectic day at work.

Collaborating With Restaurants:

Every new food delivery service needs to work to get noticed and expand its reach. In order to do so, they need to collaborate with the restaurants nearby. A wide network of restaurants and drivers gives the owner what he wants when he is new in the market. It is always advised to start with a small number of people and once the customer base is created, then he can move forward and expand their customer reach.

Hiring Drivers:

This is yet another challenge faced by the food delivery platform owners. They can either hire the drivers on the payroll as Uber Eats does or they can hire freelancers or contractors who have the option to work according to their own schedules.

Selecting the Right Features:

Choosing the right stack of technology and features is a challenge when the entrepreneur is new and doesn't have enough knowledge about features and functionalities. In this case, most of the entrepreneurs take help from the app development companies where they usually have separate teams to handle the pressure of work.

Every entrepreneur has to overcome these above-mentioned challenges in the right way so that they can work in the market for a long time. This is only the overview of challenges, many other things will come in front of new online ventures which they need to overcome on a daily basis like implementing the right strategies, ensuring the smooth functioning of the work, taking care of reports and analytics, etc.

For building a feature-enriched application, one should look for app development companies with good reviews and entrepreneurs can ask for app quote for doordash before handing over the project. This gives the cost estimation and process of app development by the chosen company.

Revolutionize Food Delivery Business With Your Own DoorDash-Like App

An app like DoorDash that will enable you to provide seamless and efficient food delivery services to your customers. With our app development expertise, we can help you create a DoorDash-like app that is tailored to meet your business needs and goals.


All in all, we can say that this is the right time to enter the food delivery market because, after the pandemic, many individuals choose online food delivery services instead of driving to the restaurants and waiting in long queues.

It seems like the food delivery market is here to stay which is the main reason why they are growing at a steady rate. This industry will always be in demand no matter which challenges show up. So, gather all your ideas and hit the market with a unique business model.

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