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White Label Application Reseller Program: Android, iOS, Software Reseller Program

By Suffescom Solutions

July 17, 2023

White Label Application Reseller Program: Android, iOS, Software Reseller Program

White label Program: Offer Everything Under Your Brand & Add To Current Revenue

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“White label” and “Reseller”. You must have heard the terms lately. For all one knows, the terms have captured quite a lot of attention. But what do they mean? Well! Allow us to tell you that this blog post is all about the white label reseller program- definition, benefits of joining a white label reseller business, program selection criteria, features, and more.

Whitelabel App Reseller Program: Apps On Auction To Use in 2024

We offer White label apps or private-label apps reseller programs. We launched an android, iOS and software reseller program in 2024 to start your business in minutes.

Not the less, we would first like to introduce to you the snippets of information about Suffescom’s white label program.

We have developed an incredible number of 150 white label applications. And we are not done yet! We offer our white label app services at a discount of 80%.

Under our umbrella of clone app development services, we have the following categories under which we develop clone apps:

Food Delivery

Taxi Dispatch

Online Marketplace

Finance / NFT/ Metaverse

eCommerce Marketplace

Social Media & Video Calling

E-Learning App Solutions

The digital landscape is complex and fast-paced, with organizations always remaining overloaded. With limited breathing space left with them, business owners do not get much time to focus on prospecting and scaling.

Fortunately, they can turn tides in their favor with White label Reselling.

Now, let’s get back to where we started and understand the term “White label Reselling”.

Build Your Own Brand with Our White Label Application Reseller Program

Our white label application reseller program empowers you to establish your brand by utilizing our software without the need for extensive development or coding. With our program, you can easily launch your own branded application and grow your business

What Is White Label Reselling?

Before getting into the technical jargon, let us understand the two terms separately.

The term White label can be broken into two words- White & Label.

“White” means clean and blank spaces. “Label” refers to the branding of the item.

“Reseller” has the word resell, which means purchasing an item and selling it again. Adding “er” makes it “reseller,” which refers to the person who resells an item.

White label resellers are pretty common in the modern world. On a general note, a white label reseller licenses an existing technology and rebrands it under their name. The technology is then offered to the clients.

What Is A White label Reseller Program?

The white label reseller partner sells the products and services of the software provider under any brand name. A white label software does not possess any branding of the original developer, implying the white label partner can sell the software to clients under its own brand name or the client’s brand name.

In the case of white label services, the customer receives an invoice under the brand name of the white label partner.

A software development company can join a white label program and become a white label partner. However, the original development organization sets some terms & conditions that the companies must comply with during the tenure.

Benefits Of Joining A White Label Reseller Program

You may now be wondering why anyone would choose to become a white label reseller. The benefits, indeed, are numerous. The very first benefit is that you can access a brand new technology without having to develop it yourself. Besides, you won’t have to maintain the application by yourself. We have listed down more benefits here for you.

Create A New Revenue Stream

White label reselling programs are on the upswing in terms of popularity. Businesses across the globe are looking for the best white label reseller programs to create a new line of revenue.

As the new solution reaches more people, you can gain more customers. Adding marketing tools can increase your offering’s appeal and help it get a wide variety of customers.

Most of your customers operate on a small scale, and almost all of them do marketing activities. By adding ready-made marketing tools to your own offering, you can help small business customers to leverage the potential of these tools. The tools are built-in, which means you do not have to charge for development and testing. This way, you can cater to multiple types of businesses because the costs are low.

Foster Brand Loyalty

You can boost brand loyalty by offering your dedicated customer base top-class solutions & tools and addressing their needs in advance. It surges the brand’s values and ensures the white label partner is able to meet the clients’ exact requirements.

Everything Is Under Your Brand

When you opt for a white label reseller business, everything comes under your brand. You can maintain brand consistency and promote your own business instead of someone else’s. Customers also use marketing tools, and you will get all the revenue generated from it.

Expansion Of Service Or Product Offerings

Planning and development of software is an overwhelming task. However, eliminating the development stage can launch new software much faster. IT companies also get access to a wide range of software that they can sell forward without developing it themselves.

Quick Deployment

Planning to create your own add-on marketing tools means you will have to wait patiently for years for the development process to complete. On becoming a white label reseller, you don’t have to worry about developing your own tools.

You can jump on to the marketing aspect and introduce it to the customers. Choosing the white label on demand app development for reselling is the wisest option for businesses that do not wish to pay for the development and spend time testing the solution.

Faster Project Delivery

White label solutions speed up the project delivery as the development process is eliminated from the project. Moreover, the white label partner handles client-side communication to convey the client’s requirements to the white label provider.

Minimal Risk

If you are building an application on your own, it means you will have to bear the responsibility of detecting and fixing the technical issues. On the other hand, if you are a white label software reseller, you don’t have to take the load of detection and management of issues. Software providers will inspect the issues upon request.

Streamline Internal Process

Following standardized development procedures can be daunting at times for companies. However, the white label reseller program brings the internal departments on the same page by outsourcing development and testing procedures.

Access to Better Talent

The process to find appropriate talent for startups and SMBs is overwhelming. To make things easier, software development companies also hire remote developers to meet the complex software development requirements. Sadly, there are times when they don’t come across the right talent, leading to more talent search issues. A white label program can really help the companies. The software products are mostly readymade and do not put the burden of finding the talent on the reseller partner.

Requires Less Programming Expertise

In most cases, startups, small & medium-sized businesses feel the need to hire experts when they come across some complex project requirements. However, the services are out of reach, especially for people residing in developing countries. Thus, white label software makes it easy for companies to get the right solution at the right time.

What Makes A Good Software Reseller?

Having A Marketing Plan

The most critical challenge that a company faces is finding a way to reach its potential clients and make the business grow. They must know the marketing and sales activities they need to undertake for achieving the goals.

Having a solid marketing and sales plan is of utmost importance to become a smart software reseller.

Possessing Market Understanding

Make sure that there is a market niche for your product or service. Also, the market must be large enough to support your goals. Identify the pain points of your customers and position your software as a solution to their issues.

Brand Development

To compete against well-established brands, develop a brand that’s unique and powerful. Keep the logo in front so that your customers can recognize your brand.

Create Your Own Customized Applications with Our Reseller Program

With our reseller Program, you can create customized applications that cater to your unique business needs. Our program provides the tools and resources necessary to design, develop, and launch your own applications, allowing you to take your business to the next level.

How To Select A White Label Reseller Program?

Joining a white label program without aforethought can lead to divergence from the ultimate goals and client satisfaction. It would be best if you acted wisely to prevent inconveniences from obstructing your growth. Here are a few things you must do while selecting a white label program.

Price Control

White label providers fix a price ceiling that limits the partner’s profits. Various while label companies impose pricing restraints in the name of maintaining tiered partnerships. Other reasons can be balancing demand and fair pricing strategies amongst the partners.

Price ceilings vary from tier to tier and encourage white label partners to sell more and move to the next level for profit maximization. We would recommend you to join a reseller program with minimum pricing controls. Additionally, you must also pay close attention to the terms of tiered programs.

Range Of Offerings

Know the simple logic: The greater the number of products and services in the white label program, the greater your value proposition. With comprehensive offerings at your service, you can push various requirements and get them delivered in time.


Software documentation is the component that supports every project. It includes aspects like boarding manuals like database documentation, troubleshooting information, installation guides, software requirements, and more.

Generally, the project delivery involves a copy of documentation given to the client. However, one copy must be provided to the reseller for better understanding.

Technical Support

Software resellers must confirm whether or not the program is inclusive of the technical support. There are companies that charge for providing technical support, which means you will also need to charge your clients to cover the costs. On the other hand, there are companies that offer tech support for free.

Delivery Time

White label providers offer different delivery frames for different partners. You must go through the terms and conditions to check the delivery frames and their reasonability. The delivery time must also include customizations and customer support.


Confirming the functionality and quality of the software is of utmost importance. You can ask white label firms to provide you with a one-on-one product demo.


You can find user reviews on websites like Clutch, G2, and TrustPilot. Admittedly, finding the partner reviews can be difficult because companies sign an NDA to protect the source of development from the partner company’s clients and competition.

Who Can Become A White Label Reseller?

Reselling, indeed, is an excellent option for making money for entrepreneurs. The only condition is that you must be a marketing lover to take your white label reseller business to the next level. After all, you need to build and hustle in the space of your expertise.

Established businesses can also leverage the potential of white label reseller opportunities. They can launch a service faster by skipping the development process.

How To Become A White Label Reseller?


Get in touch with us, and our project manager will get in touch with you to gather your business requirements and goals.

Partner With Us

We tailor our software package to suit your business requirements. Our team will take you through our white label solutions and assist you by training you to certify you as our new business partner.

Reach Out To Clients

Reach out to prospective clients using multiple sources. Our experts will always have your back to support you for business growth.

Launch Your Own Branded Applications with Our Help!

Our program can assist you in launching your own branded applications with ease. We provide the necessary support and resources to ensure that your application is successfully developed and launched, giving your business a competitive edge in the market

We are Technology Partner With Top Tech Giants

We are Technology Partner With Top Tech Giants

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With the benefits mentioned above and ways to select an ideal white label reseller program, joining the program is a lucrative option. The most crucial part is you can focus on your goals and manage complex tasks smartly.

Give some time for the partnership to nurture, and you will see the results in the long run. Master the art of reselling, and you can reap multiple benefits.

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