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How to Launch an App To Start a Parcel Delivery Business?

Today, when the obsession with E-commerce business and online shopping has been thriving, it becomes a requisite to fulfill certain standards. These benchmarks include a resilient courier transportation service integrated with rapid delivery. Now, to satisfy every standard, robust software is required for accessible and uncomplicated parcel shipping. It is quite understandable that to have a flourishing parcel delivery business; one must have the latest parcel delivery application.

Want to know more about the parcel delivery app development? Stay with us! In this article, we will give you a detailed analysis of how to launch an App To Start a Parcel Delivery Business;

What is a Parcel Delivery App?

The parcel delivery app enables the users to get comprehensive information about their products. Initially, when the trend of online shopping was not that extraordinary, people were still utilizing the facilities of courier services. Now, when times have changed, the demand for these services has accelerated. With more customers trying to purchase items, the risk of dispatching them to their accurate locations becomes a great responsibility. It also becomes a task to deliver the purchased commodity at the exact time that has been mentioned.

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Nowadays, people have fast-moving lives and want everything in a fraction of a second. The same goes with the product delivery case, as people want uninterrupted updates of their purchased item. This kind of service is only possible with the help of an amazing parcel delivery application. These applications have been advantageous in the swift delivery of goods. The courier delivery app service has attained remarkable growth in recent years. It caters to the customers’ requirements by offering them awesome round-the-clock technical assistance. 

Parcel Delivery Statistics  (In 2020) 

  • It has been reported that 73% of people preferred online shopping compared to previous years.
  • In the USA, the entire bulk of shipped parcels had been hit 20 billion
  • The complete parcel delivery quantity soared by approximately 70% 
  • Online shopping was bifurcated in a way that shows 49% electronic items, 67% of people purchased clothing, 56% groceries, while 60% noted household items, 51% cleaning supplies, etc
  • The e-commerce sales had overtaken the retail sales by nearly 18 percent worldwide. It is now expected to grow by 21.8% by 2024
  • Acc. to a survey, roughly 44% of customers, were inclined to wait for two days for online delivery 
  • Nearly 55% of GenY and 56% of GenX choose online shopping setup over actual stores
  • Over 70% of consumers stated comfort and free delivery as the leading reasons to shop online

The business model for various Parcel Delivery Applications 

Package Tracking applications

Such types of applications track the data coming from different courier services. The USP of this business model is that the vendors send their couriers on a single application. The packages can be tracked by adding the carrier ID to all the packages, which is useful in providing push notifications and prompt updates.

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Postal & courier service applications

The prominent service providers have opted for this business model to take their business to the next level. Various postal departments have launched their application to keep the customers updated about their consignment of letters, documents, parcels, etc.

On the other hand, the courier service provides top-end service in collecting and delivering the shipments in a short period of time. They have also come up with the idea of having a mobile application where users can track their shipment by simply entering their Airway bill number and respective order ID.

Branded delivery methods:

This form of application is used to give high-quality and lucid platforms to clients. Those labels have the edge over their competitors in the market. People, in general, appreciate those brands that provide every update related to the product. From the time of ordering an item, getting processed, packed, and sent, every piece of information is admissible by the customer. They enjoy getting such intricate details of the whole process, and it helps build trust and confidence in the brand.

Uber-like service for movers and packers

There are dedicated movers and packers service providers across multiple regions that help people shift their items while relocating. They make the whole shifting process easygoing. Their application has an inbuilt real-time tracking option that helps users see where their commodity has reached. They encourage people to pay through online mode known as contactless payments. The drivers are also given complete access to the application, where they can update their location.

Parcel delivery app development Process

The building of an on-demand parcel delivery application requires genuine attention. Especially in the case of the courier/ parcel delivery business, where there are already various competitors, a powerful and secure strategy is required to have the upper hand. Subsequently, there are several pointers that need to be fulfilled before the actual creation and launching of an app;

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  • Try to identify the target audience for your niche. See how people are reacting to the established service providers. Check for any limitations and try to make your application customer friendly.
  • It’s important to take the feedback seriously and build a strong relationship with the audience.
  • Marketing plays a vital role in attracting a solid client base to your app. The promotion should be done on a huge scale before launching the app. They must be aggressively met before expecting the return. There should be an immense hype about the application among the audience before its release. Such advertisement can be done with the help of various social media platforms. 

Steps in building an on-demand courier delivery app

Visualize your idea

First of all, a proper flowchart is needed to draft your ideas on a piece of paper. Look into the future purview of the app and how it will be beneficial to the consumer. Along with this, see how it will be advantageous for your business in generating profit. See for the solutions and examine every idea or notion to keep the difficulties at bay while beginning with the app development.

Framing a business model for the app

After visualizing the idea, the next step is to select the best business model for your application. One can have a look at the above business models and accordingly go for it. The choices can be made while considering various factors such as available resources, long-term goals, business specifics, audience, etc.

Decide on the features you want for your application

After considering the theoretical concepts, it’s time to implement the features properly. Following are some of the features that are a must for the parcel delivery applications; let’s have a look below;

Admin chat

One of the fundamental features that any app requires is the admin chat option. Here, this attribute allows the admin to have a dialogue with both the user and the delivery guy. This is done to upgrade the service quality and maintain a smooth communication process.

Interactive UI/UX Design

Customers fell in love with the amazing look of the app. It should be entirely customer friendly and should incorporate the best navigation tools. Navigation helps people in exploring the whole app without any limitations. Another thing that should always be on point is the loading speed. The website should load within 2-3 seconds. The more time it takes to load, the more frustrated the user becomes. So, all the necessary considerations should be taken care of, and if any sort of glitch appears, then it should be corrected ASAP.

Round the clock real-time tracking

The on-demand courier delivery app comes with the feature of a barcode. This code is assigned to a particular product package with scanning abilities. Also, there is a specific identification number allotted to the package that possesses a unique ID. This ID is used to identify the status of the order. This application comes with the GPS feature that updates the customer about the vehicle’s live location set for delivery.

The customer’s satisfaction can be intensified by involving this tracking feature. It gives assurity to the users, where actually the package has reached with exact location names. Besides users, 

It gives the opportunity to the admin to connect with the nearest driver available for delivering the package.

Push notifications

All the things that we had talked about receiving updates are made possible by the push notifications button. This feature enables the users to acquire live updates of their delivery. These notifications give users critical information about the estimated delivery time, contact number of the shipper and the driver, updates regarding changed delivery routes, etc. Apart from delivery information, they notify the customers about wonderful offers and coupons. 

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Convenient Payment gateway

While proceeding further, the essential part of any app development is the payment gateway. In the case of cross-platform, a third-party payment integration is utilized. So, a trustworthy third-party service provider is chosen to ensure a hassle-free payment method. The various modes of payment include debit/credit cards, online banking, mobile wallet, etc.

Reviews Section

The review section employs the customer feedback corner. The customers can give ratings and share their experiences, feedback, and reviews, which is beneficial for both, i.e., the application and the company.

Fast Delivery

To make your application unique from the rest, the fast delivery characteristic is a must. Customers are a fan of quick delivery. They want their product to be delivered as soon as they order it. Even one can include the fastest delivery of the application on purchasing the premium service. There are certain service providers which deliver the products on the same day. These fall under local delivery tasks. The delivery includes other offers as well, like issuing discounts on shipping when the bill crosses a certain amount.

Launching the MVP

Before launching the application in a full-blown manner, it’s better to develop the minimum viable product (MVP). Make it available on the play store for both apple and android. It will give relevant insights and user feedback about the app.This information can act as a guide in analyzing reports and making business-driven decisions.

Benefits of Parcel Delivery App

The digitization has immensely helped facilitate the outstanding delivery services and limit the caseload on the business enterprises. Some of the benefits of the Parcel Delivery App are shown as under;

  • Systematic online booking with clearly mentioned pickup and delivery details 
  • Seamless real-time tracking to identify the status of the shipment package
  • Diverse payment gateways to help the customers in making the transaction by using a mode of their choice
  • Digitized documentation with every detail related to the package 

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Cost to Develop a Parcel Delivery App for Courier Business?

Before calculating the cost of parcel delivery app development. Below are a few deciding factors that affect the cost estimation of a courier delivery app.

  • The app development company which you are going to hire
  • The platform where you want to launch the app, i.e., either android or iOS
  • The features which you would like to add to your application
  • The type of UI/UX design, admin panel structuring, testing techniques, advanced tracking system, etc
  • It will also incorporate the charges being given to the developers(frontend and backend), project managers, analysts, testing engineers, etc
  • Services that are offered post the launch of the application
  • Developing an MLP or MVP type application

With all these characteristics, a Parcel Delivery App For Courier Business’s estimated cost ranges from $15K to $40K.The price could extend with more additional features.

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Bottom Line:

The on-demand applications have outshined the conventional form of business with their wonderful services. Their popularity is splendid customer engagement, soaring opportunities, exceptional features, etc. In this article, we have given comprehensive information on parcel delivery services. At Suffescom Solutions, you can hire versatile, skilled developers to launch apps related to starting a parcel delivery business.

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