How To Start A Multi-Delivery Service Business?

How To Start A Multi-Delivery Service Business?

By Suffescom Solutions

August 25, 2022

How To Start A Multi-Delivery Service Business?

Multi-Delivery Services apps are going to be a future. If you are preparing to launch a futuristic app and grow your business, Congratulations!! You are just one step behind to lead the way…


Launching a multi-vendor delivery service is not a five-finger exercise. You need to bring various licenses under one roof. Most importantly, you have to build a fully-featured multi-delivery business app like Gojek, or Uber like Apps, or Postmates, etc. If you want to go miles, you have to offer more delivery services from your app.

Probably, you have learned a lot about licenses, now it's a turn to build an app supporting multi deliveries. If yes, keep scrolling. You will understand:

  • What is a Multi-Delivery Service Business?
  • Types of services a business can offer under multi-delivery.
  • Benefits of Multi-Delivery app for business
  • Things you need to understand before building a multi-delivery business app.
  • How can you build a multi-delivery business app?
  • How to calculate multi-delivery business app cost?

The blog involves in-depth knowledge about multi-delivery services and multi-service app building. ALSO, Suffescom is glad to inform you that we have formed a body to support budding entrepreneurs. In this blog, we hide exciting gifts for you. Read it till the end to unlock the surprise!!

What is a Multi-Delivery Service Business?

Multi-Delivery Service Business is the future of modern businesses. Why? Instead of struggling with many delivery services apps, users prefer to opt for a one-stop destination. Your multi-delivery app will work as the perfect model for such customers.

Everything can be ordered from a single app, whether they want food, groceries delivery app, flowers, medicine, pizza, fuel, meat, liquor, or anything else. The best part, businesses can use most of the resources to deliver a wide variety of products.

Multi delivery application is just like a supermarket, where everything is listed and waiting for customers to order. Businesses that are eager to step ahead in the market, approach multi-delivery apps.

Start Your Own Multi-Delivery Service Business With Us

You can partner with us to start your own multi-delivery service business. Our platform provides the necessary tools and support to help you succeed in the delivery industry.

Opportunities For Products/Services a Business To Offer Under Multi-Delivery Service App

There is no restriction for businesses to offer delivery products from apps. You just need to add products to the list and shake hands with vendors. A simple strategy lets you enjoy a big chunk of profit.

Liquor Delivery, Babysitting, Barber Beauty service, Boat Rental, Boat Ride, Car rental, Car Wash,Carpenter, Catering Cleaning, Common Deliveries, Computer Repair, Courier Delivery, Cuddling, DJ, Dog Grooming, Dog-walking, Electrician, Fire fighters, The fitness coach

Flower Delivery, Food Delivery, Grocery Delivery, Handyman, Helicopter Ride, Home-painting service, House-cleaning, Insurance agent, Interior Design, Language Tutor, Laundry, Lawn Care, Lawn-mowing, Lawyer, Lock smith, Maids, Marijuana Delivery, Massage, Mechanic, Mobile Technician, Moto rental

Motoride, Online Doctor, Packers and movers Pest control, Pharmacy Delivery, Physiotherapy, Plumber, Psychologist, Real Estate Agent, Road Assistance, Spa, Taxi ride, Tour guide, Tow Truck, Translator, Travel agent, Tutor, TV Repair, Vet, Water Delivery, Yoga Instructor

Benefits of Multi-Delivery Service App for Business

The Multi-Delivery app's benefits are countless. It helps the vendor and retailers to earn hefty profits and enhance their reach. Therefore, it's hard to deny that multi-vendor applications are the future of the new era industry and support to stay longer. Let's throw some light on Multi-Delivery app advantages.

One-stop Destination

No one wants to waste phone space and time installing and scrolling various apps before ordering anything. A multi-delivery app works as a perfect solution for users to get everything from a single app. One way it makes users depend on your app for various delivery, another way it helps enhance multivendor's services.

It Is The Future

Multi-vendor applications that keep the business ahead of the competition for a longer-term. You can add as many categories as possible to the app to make it an excellent multi-delivery app. Hence, it results in increased customers and profit margins.

Reduced Expenses

Multi-services apps are less expensive compared to single service apps. You can add as many as services, but your promotional expenses to advertise an app will be the same. Hence, you can target a larger audience at the cost of a single app.

Robotic Mobile Vendor Application

It can be good to say your multi-delivery service's app is a robotic mobile vendor application. On the one hand, it helps in reducing manual work of telemarketing and other ways users can view and order products directly.

Increased Revenue

As everything is available at one online store, hence it comes easy for vendors to sell more products and customers to place. Consequently, it boosts your business and multiple-vendor revenue.

Saves Time And Effort

No one wants to add one more burden to go to a physical store and shop for anything, especially with a hectic personal and professional life. Your on-demand multi-delivery app serves as an aid for them to get everything without getting up from their chair.

Delivery On-Demand

On-demand multi-delivery applications are an excellent option for customers who are looking for scheduled delivery. Even you might be looking for such solutions which are in high demand by your target audience.

Things You Need To Understand Before Building A Multi-Delivery Business App

Your business multi-delivery app is not easy to build. You need to pay attention to a few details that make your app an outstanding solution. Here we have some details for you:

Market Research

Thorough market research is the first step before building a multi-delivery app. Find out answers to a few questions, such as

  • How big is your potential market?
  • Will this market grow or shrink in the future?
  • What other products and services are similar to yours?
  • Who are your top competitors?
  • What market share do your competitors own?
  • What share is available for you to own/take?
  • Demographic questions: gender, age, ethnicity. Include annual income, education, and marital status.
  • Firmographic questions: size, industry. Include annual revenues and other relevant factors.
  • Psychographic questions: habits, preferences, interests.
  • Which neighborhoods and zip codes do we get most of our customers from today?

Answering these questions in advance will let you enjoy business in the long run.

Number of Services On App

Once you have done with all these questions, the next step is to decide the number of delivery products on your app. For instance, if you are considering Postmate like app as a business model, you will see Postmates offer Food, Grocery, and Alcohol Delivery services. You can choose the same or additional services from the above-mentioned list. Just, remember, add as many as possible services in your app to boost customers' engagement levels.

Availability of Nearby Vendors

As a number of services are significant to engage customers, the same way you cannot ignore collecting nearby vendors' information. Find out the number of vendors excited to shake hands on your platform. You should also check their exotic flavor to improve your services category list. It also helps to advertise apps before launching.

Delivery Persons Hiring

Your delivery business goals cannot be completed without enrolling delivery people. Therefore, find out the number of people already working as delivery boys in your serving location and their wage rate. To invite people for a delivery interview, you can also check job websites and select candidates from there.

A Multitude of Revenue-Generating Options

Delivery Fees

You can charge delivery fees from customers and restaurants just like most food delivery companies are offering. Some of the delivery businesses offer plans such as basic, standard, and premium for restaurant owners. These plans have restrictions in terms of area coverage and delivery charges. Like with basic plans delivery charges will be higher and have restrictions to deliver in limited areas.


Each order is processed via the app, therefore it leads to one more approach to monetizing multi-service apps. Depending on your business requirements, you can decide on a fixed or flexible model to charge a commission. For example, Just Eat makes money by charging a commission from restaurants on every transaction. Hence its market capitalization reached $3.5 billion. Deliveroo's revenue increased by 20 to 25 percent in the last three years.

Registration Fee

Listing multiple services and products vendors on your platform lets you enjoy a few extra bucks in the market. For instance, your app services include taxi services, enroll taxi service providers on apps who wish to feature their services and capture the attention. It will give the service provider a spotlight, and in return, you can generate extra revenue.

Advertisement Fee

Advertising third-party businesses is a great option to earn money by charging them as per your requirement. Like you can promote Liquor or flower Delivery business's special offers on your homepage. You can also use service providers to use your platform and promote their product/service.

Start Your Own Multi-Delivery Service Business Today

You can start your own multi-delivery service business today by offering reliable and efficient delivery services to your clients. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and timely deliveries.

How Can You Build a Multi-Delivery Business App?

Now, on the board of building a multi-service business app, let's divide each segment into steps.

Best Planning

You need the best plan to start with a multi-deliver service app. Your strategy will surely be different from a single-owner app, whether it is related to vendors, delivery boys, or marketing. So, you need to think something out of the box to be in the limelight.

Choose Platform

To get the best app, the choice of platform has great significance. So, plan if you are looking for a native app, cross-platform app, or web app. Also, pick the right plan for iOS and Android apps for smart devices.

Select Features

You need to choose the best features in your multi-service app. You can also subtract or add features based on budget.

The most common features needed to build a Marketplace app are:

For customers

  • Ability to find vendor and service provider
  • Categorize sellers based on different filters such as province, city, type of service, popularity, and …
  • Insert customer points and views
  • Quick to create account and log in with mobile number
  • Popular products to users
  • Ability to pay through safe gateways
  • Multi-currencies payment methods
  • Flexible search
  • Find the nearest store according to the customer location
  • Track order and delivery status
  • Wish list to add goods, buy in one click
  • Receive notifications about discounts and loyalty program
  • Support of multiple localizations

For Sellers

  • Vendors join the marketplace with an authentication system
  • Independent management of all services or products by vendors
  • Complete management panel for each vendor
  • Accurate reporting of each store individually and in groups
  • Add unlimited products
  • Managed by multiple managers
  • Detailed reports
  • Single and wholesale sales
  • Add required features for the products
  • Stock management
  • Ability to specify a variety of shipping methods
  • Determine the geographical area for delivery through the map

For Multi-Vendor Marketplace Managers

  • Record the orders that the sellers delivered at different times
  • Discount coupons for customers
  • Send instant SMS and personalized push notifications
  • Ability to define different couriers and different shipping methods for each store
  • Ability to automatically settle accounts for stores
  • The technology used: what features and technologies do you want to add in your app? The answer to this question is solely based on the features and functionalities used in your super application.
  • Testing: Once your app is developed, testing can clear all the bugs and issues in the app. Therefore a professional's approach is essential to enjoy a secured and smooth functional app and take action against your competitor.

How to Calculate Multi-Delivery Business App Cost?

How much does it cost to build a custom app" is the most asked question on Google and to our professionals. So, here is your answer.

If you see everything on price tags, remember the cost of app development is not the same all the time. The cost of multi- delivery or multi-services apps is based on features and functionalities. Let's illustrate it, the price of each TV model or brand is not the same. There are numerous factors that define its costs, such as technology, functionality, and picture quality. The more you will pay, the better you will get.

In the same way, you cannot expect a world-class app only for a few dollars. Let's discuss some essential factors deciding your multifunctional app cost.

Development Team Size

The development team size divides into two categories as - Standard development team and extended team.

A standard development team includes:

  • Programmer
  • Project Manager
  • QA Engineer
  • UI/UX Designer

An extended team consists of

  • Project Manager
  • Two to four App Developers
  • One Back-end Developer
  • One to Two UI/UX Designers
  • A QA Engineer
  • A System Administrator
PersonRoles & Responsibilities
UX/UI DesignerDesign the app layout, look and feel of different screens, perform optimization tasks
DeveloperWrite the code to create app functionalities, perform data integration, fix bugs
Back-end DeveloperEnsure smooth communication between the application, the server, and the database
QA Engineer or TesterCheck every functionality of the app, check the quality of code, design quality, and ensure your apps fulfills business motto
Project ManagerEfficiently handles the project, ensure deadlines are followed by everyone, ensure there is discipline and proper communication within the team

App Features and Complexity

  • Registration and Login
  • Navigation
  • Push Notifications
  • Media
  • Maps
  • In-app Purchases
  • Streaming
  • Security and Data Encryption
  • Platform choice - Android, OS or Both

Launch Your Multi-Delivery Service Business with Us

With our proven business model and robust technology infrastructure, you can quickly establish your own delivery service business and tap into the growing demand for fast and reliable delivery services in your area.

App Maintenance Cost

Mobile app maintenance usually includes:

  • Fixing bugs
  • Updating your app to the latest OS versions
  • Upgrading app
  • Code optimization
  • Improving app stability
  • Scale up the server infrastructure

Mobile app development is an ongoing process. Therefore, you should keep upgrading it to reap the benefits of advanced technologies.

Partner With An Application Development Company

Developing a multi-service app is an exorbitant process. And you must know that it takes specialized skills in multiple dimensions and rich experience to build a successful mobile and web application.

If you seriously want to flourish your multi-delivery/service business idea through a mobile app. You need an experienced technology partner to turn your ideas into modern reality. What else you will get from us:

  • Quality assurance
  • Efficient project management
  • All-inclusive services
  • Schedule and discipline
  • Deep involvement
  • Ease of communication
  • Accountability

We at Suffescom Solution Inc. is an award-winning clone app development company, helps budding entrepreneurs to grow. So if you have an extraordinary idea, Exploit our services.

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