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How Rewarding is STEEM Blockchain-Based 8 Pool Game Development?

By Suffescom Solutions

May 17, 2023

How Rewarding is STEEM Blockchain-Based 8 Pool Game Development?

Multiple games have been developed with the power of blockchain and made immature gamers sharpen their gaming skills to become multi-millionaires. Blockchain-powered games provide the opportunity to combine income with skill. Along with that, blockchain-based games provide a secure environment for a smoother transfer of assets with an immersive experience.

Are you a gaming enthusiast looking for a pathway to create your own blockchain-based game? If yes, then you are at the right place. Suffescom will help you grow your gaming business straight from scratch and ensure you to guide towards a pathway of massive success. Contact us now for your ideal STEEM Blockchain Based 8 Pool Ball Game Development

Exploring New Aged Gaming With STEEM Blockchain

We offer cutting-edge gaming experiences by harnessing the power of STEEM Blockchain, revolutionizing the world of gaming with innovative technologies. Join us and embark on a new era of immersive gameplay and decentralized gaming ecosystems.

To understand the benefits of this new-aged pool game, let us go through this blog in detail.

How Is STEEM Blockchain Based 8 Pool Ball Game better than the regular 8 Pool Ball Game?

STEEM Blockchain Based 8 Pool Ball Game will run in a decentralized mode and will have zero third-party interventions like traditional gaming that runs in a centralized manner. Let us have a look at some of the plus points of blockchain game development.


The blockchain gamers can leverage the play-to-earn gaming model and combine skill with income. The previous pool games were limited to being a hobby and had no scope for monetization. With decentralization, A STEEM Blockchain Based 8 Pool Ball Game will provide gamers with the ownership of their assets. Players also earn rewards in the game itself in the form of avatar skins, native coins, and weapons.

NFT Generation

Non-fungible tokens are an important aspect of STEEM Blockchain Based 8 Pool Ball Game, as they represent real-world digital assets. NFTs will provide the new-age GenZ gamers with the benefit of owning their assets and interoperability. Gamers can earn NFTs and then later sell them on NFT marketplaces and, thus, spawn the gaming economies to the next level.

Transaction Fees

The players will have to pay a certain amount of money to sign up for your STEEM Blockchain Based 8 Pool Ball Game. To purchase the game currency, they will have to register on your platform. This is where blockchain game developers earn money. After a large number of players have already signed up, the value of your native currency will automatically go up.

Cost Of STEEM Blockchain Based 8 Pool Ball Game Development

Development ProcessiOS($)Android Platforms ($)
Design UI/UX4000-80003000$-5000
Admin Panel6000-80003000-4000
Quality Assurance and Testing4000-50006000-8000

The above costing table is an appropriation; the exact cost will always depend on various factors like last-minute customization of the app interface or embedding of certain trending features.

To know more about the cost breakdown read: Blockchain Game Development Cost Breakdown

Main Features of Super 8 Ball Club:

To better understand the development of the 8-pool game, let us go through some of the notable features that will be available for free in the game without any need for investments.

Multiple Themes

The 8 ball pool development on Steem blockchain will create a hassle-free gaming experience for your gamers who can choose the theme of the 8 pool ball game tables, balls, cue, bridge, and much more.


The rewards are a highly important aspect of any blockchain-based game; the rewards can be in the form of a new theme for which, generally, a user will have to spend many coins. However, the daily challenges option for your gamers can help them with highly interesting rewards, which will further increase their gaming experience.

Wallet Embedment

Your game will have an option of a wallet integration separately on the players' dashboard. It can be used for converting your earned coins into decentralized currencies, which can be further exchanged for real money on any other exchange platform.

Super 8 Ball Coins

The coins will serve as the native currency in both of the playing modes of the game, real-time single-player or multiplayer mode. For playing either of the game modes, gamers will have to pay certain native coins. After winning a match, the coins will get doubled, while losing the match will result in an automatic loss of the table fee. Coins will be used to buy assets like cues and balls. We take certain steps to avoid the selling of native coins. These coins cannot be bought. Coins are provided as soon as the user registration is done, and after every win, they will get doubled.

Multiple Gaming Modes

Suffescom offers two different gaming modes, a multiplayer and single-player, quick-fire mode which can be played by paying a fee in the form of gems. These gems can be used for playing a quick match.


Shares are convertible to STEEM or SBD. Each time one wins a real-time multiplayer match, one earns shares. The top scorers in the daily Quick-Fire match can convert their shares to STEEM or SBD. Note that shares cannot be purchased, just like coins.

Rewards In Suffescom’s STEEM Blockchain Based 8 Pool Ball Game Development

The STEEM blockchain claims to process 10,000 transactions per second. This blockchain utilizes a DPoS consensus mechanism which provides 10% of rewards. We maintain a flexible reward structure for the liquid funds in which the SP will be a profitable sum for the delegators.

Suffescom will be charging just 20% of the reward pool of the game for creating tremendous gameplay videos to post them online. This will also serve as a great marketing technique to get more users to register for the game.

The liquid part of the game rewards will be distributed amongst the gamers, which will count to 80%.

Why Choose Suffescom For STEEM Blockchain Based 8 Pool Ball Game Development?

Time and Cost Efficiency

Our STEEM Blockchain Based 8 Pool Ball Game Development will be less expensive and work efficiently handling your business needs. We ensure complete transparency in our products with our highly seasoned developers, who will cut short, many processes like market research and strategy implementation.


Our scripts are readymade and can scale business numbers in a shorter time span than your competitors, with unmatchable features that are made as per the market trends and components.

Cutting-edge Technologies

We use MangoDB and Node.js for improved game statistics and performance. These technologies will carve an apt gaming environment for the gamers of the new-age generation, and our master coders are already seasoned enough to do so.

250+ Developers

Our developers are equipped with years of experience in game development and can create fantastic games both for iOS and Android platforms. Their expertise in blockchain-based game development is the power that you can leverage to scale your business massively.

13+ Experience

Being a notable and award-winning blockchain development company around the globe for the last 13 years, Suffescom Solutions Inc. can create a jaw-dropping gaming product utilizing the powers of the STEEM Blockchain.

5-star rating on Clutch and GoodFirms

Our company has worked with thousands of global clients who have given us a 5/5 rating on Clutch and GoodFirms.

Steps For An Efficient Steem Blockchain Based 8 Pool Ball Game Development

There are many phases comprising the Steem Blockchain Based 8 Pool Ball Game Development. Each stage holds a certain amount of importance, or else the game will not be able to do well in the market. Have a look at the steps involved:

Research And Strategies

The first step that comes up in a Steem Blockchain Based 8 Pool Ball Game Development is market research. Lately, many creative blockchain-based games have already taken over the market by storm. So for a new game to lead the blockchain market, effective research and strategy implementation are highly important.

Implementation Stage

An efficient game development will include top-level coding as well as UI/UX designers, artists, and game specialists to create this momentous game. As millennials already loved this game, and GenZ is eager to play it with their elders. This game will be developed with absolutely no chance of a glitch.

Testing Stage

The testing stage is the most important step in the development stages, as the game will finally be labeled as error-free. Every aspect of the game is checked and fixed like lagging issues are fixed so that the game is fast and the gamers don’t lose out on money.

Deployment And Marketing

Once the game has undergone multiple tests, the final launch stage is reached. The game will be released on both iOS and Android game stores. After the game is released, steps should be taken to effectively market the game.

Walking Down The Bottom Line

Millennials have played 8 Ball Pool for years in restaurants and gaming centers; GenZ is here to spend time developing gaming skills and earning along the way. Suffescom is the leading blockchain development company that supports new-age digital billiards players with a STEEM Blockchain Based 8 pool ball game development. Our 250+ blockchain developers will create a game. Your gamers won’t stop playing.

Contact Suffescom Solutions Inc. and get your effective Steem Blockchain Based 8 Pool Ball Game Development and get ready to rule the gaming world.

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