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Blockchain Maintenance and dApp Development Support Services Provider: Bug Detection, Improve Blocks, Nodes and Network

By Suffescom Solutions

May 24, 2023

Blockchain Maintenance and dApp Development Support Services Provider: Bug Detection, Improve Blocks, Nodes and Network

It has long been proven that blockchain is not just another passing trend. It is here to stay and thrive. One of the most prominent ways to identify the overwhelming popularity of blockchain is through decentralized applications or dApps.

As of 2023, there are more than 4000 dApps worldwide, with 1669 of them in the Ethereum blockchain alone. BitTorrent, OpenSea and Axie Infinity are some of the well-known decentralized applications today.

Now, while dApps are most commonly known to have use cases in the gaming, finance and exchange platforms, today, its application has expanded to other business verticals too. And as the need for decentralization seeps into other industries, we see a booming requirement for dApp development companies as well.

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Now, not all companies you find can provide the foolproof solution every business seeks. You may face challenges and issues that need a new perspective and better solution. So, what can you do in that case? We will go through every detail today.

Step 1 - Identifying dApp Issues

Before we begin discussing the issues that you may face when building a decentralized app, you must first be able to identify the issue. For this, it’s essential to understand the features that characterize an app as decentralized.

The report, The General Theory of Decentralized Applications, Dapps, defines these by the following features.

  • dApps are autonomous entities, completely open source and run on the consensus mechanism.
  • All data and records of the dApp must be stored in a public ledger to avoid a single point of failure.
  • dApps must use cryptographic tokens to facilitate any access and contribution to the application.
  • The decentralized application must generate tokens based on cryptographic algorithms.

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How Are dApps Different From Centralized Applications?


The world that most of us know today comprises centralized platforms. From PayPal to your go-to tele-medicine app, everything is supervised by a central authority. Whether it’s the banks or the healthcare institution, intermediaries own user information on centralized platforms.

This is not the case with dApps. With them being decentralized, the biggest change comes in terms of ownership. Every piece of sensitive information is under the control of the user. Without their discretion, no other party has access to this information.

Better Record Keeping

The second major shift is seen in terms of record-keeping. Organizations that deal with huge amounts of data can utilize blockchain technology to segregate the information better and make it more accessible. Most importantly, the immutability of the blocks of information further strengthens security and reliability.

Efficient Operations

All factors, namely organized data, secure information and better privacy, come together to deliver a more efficient output. The transactions are peer-to-peer and, therefore, quicker. Additionally, the lack of centralization makes everything more transparent and traceable, further making business operations efficient.

So, if you are wondering about starting a decentralized healthcare business or building a DeFi platform, you are in the right direction.

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Once this is out of the way, you can better understand if your decentralized application is serving its purpose or not. It also clears the issues and how to fix them.

Common dApp Development Issues and Solutions

A decentralized application is developed by blockchain experts and requires a lot of focus and experience to complete. And as discussed, not all companies can deliver quality output. This is why you need the expertise of professional blockchain developers.

At Suffescom, you get answers to all your problems. Experts can help you identify the issues and present a solution that resolves these issues.

Inability to Meet User Requirements

It’s not new for developers to fail to meet user requirements. This is generally a result of a poor understanding of the target audience and the final purpose of the app. The consequences of such miscalculations show up as failing marketing campaigns and low user engagement and retention.

What’s the Solution?

Thorough research and better evaluation of requirements and target audience.

Suffescom can tackle this issue and point you in the right direction. We offer dApp consulting services which can give you a better idea about what’s wrong. Additionally, we follow a streamlined development process backed by a long thorough research phase.

Before creating a project blueprint, we evaluate the requirements, the end goal and, most importantly, the target demographic. Our team builds user personas and uses them to analyze behavior patterns and motivations and mold the dApp around them.

One of the most effective ways to deal with the inability to meet user requirements is developing a Minimum Viable Product or MVP. We can create an MVP of your preferred features and release it to the audience. It can help understand the pain points and user behavior and even help get feedback for proper optimizations.

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Poor User Experience

Poor user experience is a direct consequence of improper design. Irrespective of whether your business idea is great or not, the UX/UI of any dApp will ultimately determine the success of your application. Some signs indicating poor UX/UI are:

  • Overly complex navigation.
  • Misuse of the app features and functionalities.
  • Limited accessibility.
  • No user feedback on actions performed on the application.
  • A low number of users.

What’s the Solution?

The solution is simple. Improve the UX/UI.

At Suffescom, we consider a few factors that enhance user experience. For example, a simple navigation and quick registration process greatly impact the user's feelings about your dApp.

Along with providing multi-wallet support, we create a simple interface to let users connect their wallets to the platform hassle-free. Additionally, we create confirmation screens to ensure that the user is not left in the dark about the process they are performing.

Our designers and developers are well-versed in front-end and back-end technologies. This ensures that the app's framework offers a good experience not just to your target audience but also to the admins.

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Use of Obscure Technology

Blockchain is an emerging technology with huge potential. It must be backed up by a highly advanced and latest tech stack, or it won’t deliver as expected.

If the developers end up using a technology that’s not in use or has low demand, it will translate to high maintenance costs and low scope for scalability.

What’s the Solution?

The solution here would be to work with a team of industry experts. These professionals can guide you on whether to go for Ethereum dApp development, Binance or any other blockchain. Additionally, they are up to date with the year's trends and keep the tech stack relevant and of the latest versions. For instance, a project built using MongoDB v4.4.12 or NGINX v1.18.0 will be more scalable than the outdated versions. But only an expert is meticulous and professional enough to ensure this.

Suffescom Solutions Inc. has been working with blockchain developers familiar with the development process of popular blockchains like Solana, Binance, Ethereum, NEO and TRON. Additionally, the team is constantly working with international clients, which lowers the scope of using obscure tech.


Mobile applications are prone to bugs and vulnerabilities even after deployment. Your decentralized application may face a software breach, security glitches or random app crashes. In the case of decentralized applications, errors can also occur when the blockchain drops pending transactions. This can create problems in the on-chain and off-chain synchronization.

What’s the Solution?

It is essential to have a team of developers on standby to correct all the issues before they become major issues.

Suffescom’s team provides dApp quality assurance services and bug fixes. Our team will go through each aspect of your application’s framework. Whether it’s related to app compatibility, inadequate configurations or user experience, we will identify and eliminate the bugs. We also offer DeFi smart contract development services, which can help you create and deploy a contract with better coding.

Poor Marketing

Building a dApp is one thing. Marketing is another. Without proper market research and marketing strategies in place, even a well-built dApp can fail. The success of a dApp will depend on how well it is exposed to the community and consumer market.

What’s the Solution?

Hire a dApp marketing company like Suffescom Solutions Inc. Expert marketers know their way in the consumer space. Whether it’s community marketing, influencer marketing or paid campaigns, the marketing campaign is molded to your business.

These experts know which dApp listings to target and how to build communities on Discord or Twitter.

Hacking/Security Issues

Dapps store sensitive information of users, which people with malicious intentions always eye. As a result, hacks and security breaches are common in most apps. One famous example of a dApp hack is Pancake Bunny $SUNNY token fraud. The attacker jacked up the token's price and made $45 million!

What’s the Solution?

Third-party dApp audits.

All successful dApps undergo thorough audits by third-party firms. Smart contracts are audited to identify any centralization issues or node vulnerabilities. Advanced security protocols are also implemented to protect all wallets and private keys.

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Suffescom Solutions - One Answer to All Your dApp Issues

Suffescom Solutions has been leading the blockchain market for 5.5 years. It has been recognized as the top blockchain development company by GoodFirms and Clutch. The team is adept at solving all dApp issues and with excellence. You don’t have to look further to get a solution for your project.

You can avail of the following services-

  • Smart contract development
  • dApp marketing services
  • Smart contract auditing

With our expert blockchain developers, we will give you all the solutions you need. Contact us and schedule a free consultation today.

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