Transform Business With dApp Development Solutions: Use Cases, Cost and Features

Scale Up Your Business With Advanced dApp Platform

By Suffescom Solutions

August 09, 2022

Scale Up Your Business With Advanced dApp Platform

At the current moment, the most desirable thing that a user needs in their application is flexibility and privacy. Another thing that adds a constructive element to the application is interoperability. To cater to such demands, dApps (decentralized applications) are the most suitable options.

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But before that, let’s have a glimpse of the dApps!

What are The dApps?

These are the programs that run on the peer-to-peer or any blockchain network. They don’t fall under a single entity; other than that, it facilitates all the services that are offered by the traditional applications. Also, the interface in terms of design and potentiality are similar.

They develop a deep communication with the blockchain that controls the state of all network members. The essential logic of any decentralized application is the smart contract. These are the building blocks of the blockchain. The development of smart contracts, in their actual sense, process the information from external events.

Talking about the features, these dApps are open-source which means every information related to data and records is available in the public domain. They function on their own without any vital entity managing them. The dApp uses a crypto token to keep the network secure. With the advancement in technology, faith has also increased. The features mentioned above were strongly upheld by the dApp community.

There are two types of programming that take place, one is the frontend, and the other is the backend. Whatever elements of the decentralized application are visible in front of the users, is known as the frontend. In the same way, the logic that is applied to enhance the appearance is known as the backend. There are several business logic represented by one or more smart contracts interconnecting with the fundamental blockchain.

Step-by-Step Guide on Developing a dApp

Selecting a Name for Your dApp

The important thing is to give a valid name to your dApp. One can change the name anytime they want. After that, pick up the elements that can enhance the appearance of the dApp. For that, choose a layout, theme, and other design components. To make it look more attractive, one can do adjustments according to their preference.

Choosing the Top Features for Your dApp

After setting the overall look of the dApp, now is the time to focus on the capabilities of the application. The realistic characteristics are chosen from the top-rated app builders like Appy Pie, Web 3 app maker, etc. It’s necessary to determine the features that suit your app as per the goal.

Testing and Launching the dApp

The final step in the dApp development is to check for bugs and errors. One must not omit this step as it may lead to terrible experiences and even app failure. This is known as application testing. After this, it’s time to launch the dApp for your audience and measure its performance rationally.

Why Should Businesses Infuse Money in dApps?

Businesses are getting smarter than the way they were before. If we merely draw a comparison between the prototype and the decentralized applications, one can see a major difference between them. The traditional applications require a third party to stabilize the transactions and procure significantly from them. To get rid of this state, it’s better to put money into the development of dApps and integrate the decentralized solutions into a digital blueprint.

Decentralized system

dApps essentially provides absolutely flawless and untroubled operation of all commercial processes. There is no governing authority, and thus there is no need to build a connection with the centralized server. With this, the network members will be able to fetch crucial information.

No Single Point of Failure ( SPOF)

The decentralized applications are controlled by a database that is common for all the nodes. Through these nodes, the data is transferred to each member. This means due to the interconnection between all the nodes, even if there is a single point of failure, then also, the system is not affected. On the contrary, the centralized systems lack this feature as they depend on the same server. The centralized servers are prone to issues related to the hardware and hacking attempts.

Supply Chain Management

dApps are the best for supply chain management systems. All the operations are coordinated and reported with cautiousness. There is a proper system for auditing purposes. It provides a great platform for the synchronization and integration of the operations. Blockchain supply chain management solutions enables various companies to connect through multiple regions and provides an efficient supply chain management process. Whoever are the key players in managing complex networks should be completely aware of all the network operations.

Brand Awareness

In today's day and age, brand awareness plays a vital role in attracting millions of users. It all depends upon the market reach. The more the reach, the larger number of people will be influenced by the brand itself. It helps the app owner to generate massive profits and establish a strong brand presence.

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How do dApps make money?

The following are a few monetization techniques you can use to generate revenue for decentralized applications:

Crowdsale and Launching Tokens

The value exchange characteristic is apt for the management of equity and reward-based crowdfunding programs. The crowdfunding campaign “crowdsale” is where the pre-mined crypto-tokens are exchanged for digital currencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, etc., which helps generate funds that are utilized for the additional development of the platform. The participants are able to buy the crypto tokens from the crowdsale. These tokens are equal to the equity and the rewards which are completely dependent on the model.

There are certain regulations that help in the smooth working of the crowdsale. Some of the terms associated with the crowdsale are soft cap and hard cap. Softcap is the minimum raised amount, whereas the hard cap is the maximum money that is raised via crowdsale.

The business model for dApp is in demand due to the crowdsale and launching of tokens. The procedure followed by the token launch includes certain key factors. For example: acquiring access to the network, predominant performance, and the profit distribution to the token holders

Transactional Fees

The most common way to earn money through an application is by charging a good amount of transactional fees. This is the most recommended way through which the owners of the dApp are able to charge money from the cryptocurrency dealers. The transactions taking place through the platform are very secure and highly transparent. This means that the users can perform the dealings without any obstruction or worry.

This process works in a way that every time the execution of the tokens takes place, the business needs to pay for the services. The riskiest part is the monitoring of the transaction, which is handled by the platform. Hence, whenever the buyer purchases something from the dealer with the help of the app, then a commission fee is charged.

This could be well explained with the help of an example;

Suppose “X” is the customer and “Y” is the vendor. If “X” wants to purchase something from “Y,” then the service provider will charge “P%” of the transactional return, “Y” will be able to get “100-P %” of the amount.

The success of any model depends upon the “%” amount charged in the form of a transaction fee. So, it is imperative to charge such fees that are not overly priced. The reason behind this is that this platform is open-source, so there is a high risk that people will duplicate the smart contracts. They can even release the services in the open market at exceptionally reduced prices.

Premium Services

The customer gets attracted to the services that are provided by the app. The higher the quality, the more will be the retention rate. There are amazing services that are available to the users free of cost. In addition, if they want to experience something out of the world, they need to pay for those exclusive features. These services are only available to a particular pool of users.

For instance;

In the case of a dApp related to gaming, the goal is to surpass every stage. but with the progression, the game's difficulty level starts to increase. To bypass some specific stages, it's better to pay certain premium fees. This is a great way to move ahead in the game without wasting your time.


The process of providing subscriptions by the applications or any platform is a form of revenue model. The subscriptions that are charged from the users are mostly on a monthly or yearly basis. In this way, the users are in full charge of gaining access to the app.

Such a category of the revenue model is very commercial for the one whose focus is on earning money eventually.

This subscription attribute needs to be affixed in a proper way, and that too at a place that is visible to everyone. Firstly, to gain the users' trust, some special services should be made available to them for free. After enjoying the functionalities, the full range of services should be made available to the customers quarterly, monthly, or annually. There is also some customization related to the utilities. In this scenario, the end user needs to pay for the services as per the utilization.

Affiliate Marketing

In this digital era, there are numerous opportunities for earning money. One great option is affiliate marketing. This model allows the owner of the app to get a reward or earn money in a swap for offering a link or ad to the site of the owner. This is a straightforward form of getting a promotion. Having a tie-up with the local ventures and developing an affiliate collaboration with them helps increase the traffic and upgrade the market research.


Advertisements are one of the best ways to gain popularity and earn money incessantly. This also serves as the best way to expand the business in a shorter period. There are numerous kinds of ads like native ads(incorporated inside the app), video ads (usually rewards ads in the game), banner ads (at the top or bottom of the screen), interstitial ads (appear on opening /closing app), incentivized ads (in the form of the poll to build engagement). PPC (pay-per-click) is also one of the best ways to generate a massive amount of money. Every time an ad is clicked the advertisers need to pay some fees.


Such type of model is also known as the digital sponsorship model. It has all the innovative strategies that can help earn huge profits. Now, this model works fine for apps with a popular audience and targeting a specific niche. In this way, those who get sponsorships can earn loads of money. Similarly, watching these subscriptions brings the audience to the platform, and deals take place. This profits the owner of the application as they get to earn a gigantic sum of money. The key objective is that the sponsorship should be as per the category.

Referral Marketing

As we know, marketing is often related to commercial businesses, whether traditional or online. But it is equally popular with decentralized applications. This model is still in its development stages, but it has all the chances to achieve success in the near future. Referral marketing is a method of spontaneously promoting a business's products and services to new customers by word of mouth. This can happen through a variety of channels such as email, mobile, and social media.

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Bottom Line!

In this blog, we have compiled a list of various ways through which dApps can make money. Providing privacy to the users is the prime element present in the dApps. Hacking- the biggest concern of the users is resolved via these apps.

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