Mind-Blowing Metaverse Real-World Use Cases

Mind-Blowing Metaverse Real-World Use Cases

By Suffescom Solutions

August 08, 2022

Mind-Blowing Metaverse Real-World Use Cases

The virtual world has captured the interest of gaming enthusiasts. Many fabulous opportunities are served to the players in the 3D gaming room. This is possible because of the existence of the metaverse. Metaverse has greatly transformed the playing experience and accentuated the aspects of the real world.

The crucial element that works as a firework for the simulated world is the “virtual reality.” It has a wider spectrum in terms of availability to the users. Anyone can have access to this advanced room irrespective of the VR head gears. Numerous digital avatars have become part of this digital world.

To be more precise, Metaverse opens a realm of opportunities for the people. Metaverse has diverse specifications from performing trading, playing games, connecting with loved ones, exploring amazing locations, and entertainment.

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There are unlimited specimens related to this parallel world; let’s check out a few of them as under;

Real-world Use Cases


The topmost application of the metaverse is in the healthcare sector. The healthcare industry is suffering from some serious issues. There is unavailability of medical assistance across the globe. The core problem is that the patients are not getting proper assistance at the time of need.

A metaverse is a place where the patients get the necessary care and diagnosis from specialized doctors. All this takes place sitting in diverse time zones. Knowing its potential, many hospitals and health care centers are trying to enter the metaverse world. Several reputed hospitals are already talking with renowned metaverse development companies to facilitate engagement in the virtual world. Some of them have already implemented this technology.

Undoubtedly, it has played an essential part in uplifting patient care through medical imaging. Another striking thing is tele-presence, where the patients can consult the practitioners virtually. After taking proper consultation, one can perform the required tests and send the report to the doctors.

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Travel and Tourism is one sector that can avail the utmost benefits of the metaverse. The main advantage of using metaverse in tourism is that it could be very helpful in guiding travel enthusiasts. There is the creation of a real-world-like scenario that is highly interactive. It helps travelers get a clear view of the place before visiting. The scenery and landscapes are exactly the same as they exist in the physical world.

The same goes for hotels and airlines, where the owners can show their properties to customers. This gives people a deep insight into the properties by giving them a lucid peek into the whole space with a 3D view. There are multiple advanced solutions linked with metaverse tourism. It has eased the booking procedures by imparting crucial data to customers and providing complete transparency.

People enjoy the digital tours of places or properties as they walk them through huge rooms with mind blowing facilities. It is done through VR tours, commonly known as a 3D Walk-through. It saves a lot of time and cost that could be spent on the physical house tour.

Financial Services

Financial service is a term relatively used for banking facilities. The most important part is to build a strong relationship between the banks and the customers. More often, people feel neglected by the technical assistance of several financial institutions. Including metaverse will provide people with 24*7 customer service like checking balances and transacting money through AR/VR mediums.

The interaction is more personal as virtual sessions correspond to the finances. It also provides online guidance for mortgages, loans, and portfolio reviews. Some of them have already start a virtual bank in metaverse. There are a lot of benefits associated with it, like sharing personal information and having a direct conversation with financial advisors through virtual reality.

The banking industry possesses a slight discord in the real world. Metaverse can easily rectify these situations. The products and services offered by the banks are highlighted in a better way to the customers. Eventually, it facilitates the users with various options to build trust and gain engagement.

Supply Chain Management

There have been numerous instances where some sort of mismanagement is witnessed in the logistics sector. Lately, with everything digitized, customers want to gain every bit of information related to the goods. From choosing the raw materials to producing the final product, they want to go through the whole manufacturing and distribution process. It’s a bit complicated process; therefore, only a futuristic technology like metaverse can give it the right direction.

VR tools are available that help simulates the products at the production level. This will enhance the manufacturing of the goods and develop an understanding of the learning curves. These graphical representations in a 3D environment show a true representation of the costs and production unit.

In warehouse operations, the daily functioning is performed without obstruction. A fully automated environment allows for the exceptional use of space modeling. The store-keeping unit capacity increases with proper slotting and optimization. All these things would rather take more time if physically thought and done. But the virtual outline supports micro fulfillment and managing storage space at a lower cost.

Everything connected to the auto design models, scanning equipment, inventory management, safety tutorials to many more are handled very smoothly by metaverse technology. Also, collaborations are essential in enhancing logistics management, making the whole process streamlined and transparent.

Real Estate

Real estate has seen various highs and lows. The utilization of metaverse is a must to make the sector robust and eliminate any future disruptions. A completely different metaverse real estate development process holds a small group of lands in the virtual space. People can perform all trading-related activities, and these digital groups of lands are incredibly unique.

There is a dedicated virtual trading platform that is reliable and authentic. All the dealings of virtual lands take place here. The customers establish trust as all the transactions, and sales details are made available to them. The customers can get genuine evaluation costs before making the purchasing decision.

The brokers do the purchasing of the metaverse land, and compared to the real-world scenario, they do not require any license to perform such activities. The construction of commercial buildings or residential homes is simplified by implementing futuristic metaverse tools. This ever-evolving technology fully meets engineering design, building fixtures, and interior architecture.

Exploring the Metaverse Layers

Metaverse, in its actual form, works on a variety of layers. This mesmerizing world of enormous opportunities has no physical limits. These layers are significant because they provide strong interconnections to procure users' trust.


People are slightly confused regarding virtual interaction and the three-dimensional virtual environment. Users need to have a taste of this amazing world. It takes the person to the actual place without getting displaced from his position.

For instance: If someone needs to try out some accessories like shoes. Then with the help of the virtual gears, one can try out the shoes with their actual size. One can even go for the desired color and design by getting their foot into the shoes. It is just fantastic as a lot of time gets saved. Similarly, the implementation of the metaverse is the same for other realms as well.


This layer comes into action when the users are involved. Also known as the push and pull layer where the users look out for the information. More categorically, it can be called “inbound and outbound methods.” In the case of inbound, the users pursue the information, whereas, in outbound, the information is dispensed out to the users directly.

Content Creation

Metaverse is all about creating content in web applications like photos, webinars, e-books, etc. This is directly proportionate to economic creation. A lot of traction is gathered from social media by producing marvelous content in the form of blogs or art. With all things working in order, there is a successful transition of the people to the metaverse.

A lot must be done while crafting seamless content, and efforts should be put for skill enhancement. Few things like presenting and selling NFTs, brand promotions, avatar creations, and organizing events to develop a strong relationship to boost interaction and sales.

Spatial Computing

In this layer, the fusion of 3D reality, augmented /virtual, and extended reality is seen. Spatial computing has the power to build interaction with the real and the virtual world at the same time. This is achieved using certain softwares such as Unity and Unreal Engine, voice recognition/ biometrics (for identification), data consolidation, and spatial analysis for evaluating the world.

For example: In the case of metaverse gaming, spatial computing works in a way that interaction is developed with the gameplay and its physical surroundings. So, there is the detection of the nearby objects where the user is sitting.


To garner more users, the concept of decentralization is adopted, which provides security and privacy. The exploration of the metaverse to its full capacity lies in integrating the blockchain and defi-based solutions. These technologies mentioned above offer transparency and trackability features.

Human interface and Infrastructure

Metaverse is about enabling individuals to enter into the virtual land. This means that the role of humans is vital in this whole scenario. Real-world experience can be gained from using smart glasses, VR headsets, VR PlayStations, etc. The only thing they have to do is to create a 3D avatar and launch it directly in the digital landscape.

Specific technical infrastructures are required to create a metaverse world that is functional to its utmost potential. This layer encompasses modern GPU technology, cloud computing facilities, 5G/6G networks, and WiFi network. Infrastructure plays a crucial role that allows metaverse to operate smoothly on dynamic networks, hi-tech computers, automated display structures with top resolution cameras, and high-class communication elements.

All these above-stated layers have certain functionalities and offer positive support to the intact metaverse entity. They can also be categorized under the core, utility, services, and application layers.

The core layer is the foundation of the digital infrastructure; the utility layer focuses on building connectivity, the services layer performs the enforcement of the utilities, and the application layer includes the analytics part. All the content linked with gaming or entertainment is supported in this section.

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Vital Elements of Metaverse Strategy

Keeping Extensive Insight

Metaverse is a progressive technology and is here to stay for a longer time. Its implementation is seen in various realms, and other fields will utilize this technology in the future. Thus, a range of alternatives should be wide-open so that every domain is explored to the fullest without any limitation.

Building Virtual Assets And Creating Digital Twins

Before diving deep into the metaverse, it's important to discover the existing loopholes. Try to eliminate them by executing some promising strategies. Also, create digital twins from the latest facilities for managing, designing, and development purposes.

Using AI

The amalgamation of the AI and metaverse creates a superb offering. To boost the business in these sectors, one needs to get hold of these key specifics and increase the ability to understand the customer’s requirements. All this leads to delivering highly personalized user engagement and attention.

Bottom line!

Metaverse is an outstanding technology that has a lot to offer. It has found its full potential in certain fields, but a few remain untouched. Talking about the advancements, it's clear that the implementation will be mindblowing. Metaverse is still a nascent technology, so its capabilities are yet to be traversed. Still, we have gathered from its current state that it’s not going anywhere and has full potential to reach the farthest peaks.

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