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Build Banking App Like Moneylion: Alternative Personal Finance Solutions

By Suffescom Solutions

November 18, 2023

Build Banking App Like Moneylion: Alternative Personal Finance Solutions

Irrespective of the best budget plans, most people struggle with funds shortage at the end of the month. It gives opportunities to lending agencies to step into the market and offer loans at handsome rates via apps. MoneyLion app is one of those most popular apps offering lending, financial advisory, and investment services to consumers. Founded in 2013 with a target of 70% American consumers, the company offers loans to groups with less than $2000 savings. The fintech company expects to generate $3,557 million in revenue in 2023, which is becoming a motivation for others. If you are one who is willing to step into the most profitable money lending business. But unable to find desired customers, then this blog is for your assistance. Here we have discussed why your business needs an app similar to MoneyLion only.

Launch Your Own Loan App Like MoneyLion With Us

We can help you launch your own loan app like MoneyLion. Our expertise in app development and financial services can assist you in creating a user-friendly platform with a range of loan options to choose from.

We at Suffescom Solutions have successfully delivered & develop many fintech apps but cannot deny MoneyLion Clone apps are serving superb results in the market. Easy-to-use with modern features and SEO-friendly functionality is winning thousands of investors' interest.

Suffescom Solutions Inc. Follows 3 Simple Steps To Build And Launch An App Like MoneyLion

Book Free Demo

You can arrange an app demo with our technical experts to get an idea, how your app will look. We welcome your suggestions for add-on features in the app.


We accept all modes of payment for quick disbursement. Once you are satisfied with the app and make payment, you will get access to the admin panel.

Go Live

Your fully featured app is ready! It's time to go live and shine in the industry.

Let's get back to the topic, Besides the MoneyLion app feature, we also have curated other apps and their features. These will help you to decide which option is better for your business needs and why? Let’s begin with MonetLion then follow the rest..

Money Lion is a New York-based fintech company well-known for providing low-interest rate loans without credit checks. Customers just need to update their current bank account, and rest verification is completed from the app. Over the years, it has developed a 2 million customer base in the USA. In addition to loan services, it provides tools for customers to track spending, saving, and credit usage.

Why Exactly Are Apps Similar To MoneyLion?

It allows users to receive payday loans instantly without struggling. Your customers don't have to visit the bank or other places for loan process completion. The platform attracts customers for distant locations. You can also expect beyond Moneylion app features in clone apps.
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Features in Advance Apps Like MoneyLion

  • Accounts aggregation
  • Chatbots and virtual assistants
  • Funds management plans
  • Crypto wallets
  • Data visualization
  • Top-notch security and standards compliance
  • Integration with various banks and payment systems
  • Gamification to engage for a longer time
  • Personalization To tailor the user's needs
  • AI-driven financial coaching
  • Reports (including credit score and net worth calculation)
  • 24*7 customer support system
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Categorization and budgeting

Having the above-mentioned features in the app enhances visibility in major search engines and play stores.

Top 9 other Similar Apps Like MoneyLion


Money lending mobile app offers straightforward solutions to iOS and Android device holders. Avant app has features like upcoming payments report generations, checking payment history details, customer records, additional payment scenarios, and payoff quotes. Admin can also separate secured and unsecured loans, accept borrowers with fair credit scores and arrange flexible payment terms from the dashboard. But the app works slow, and customers face payment clearance issues from their end.


The Branch is the simplest and most secure app that provides instant access to money. The App is empowered with customer requesting features where they can request for advances from upcoming paychecks. Branch mobile app transfers funds to users' wallets, that user can use to save or spend anywhere.

App also allows users to create payday, auto bill payment options, easy to transfer money, quick signup process, and real-time customer support. So, you can think about an app like Branch for yoru lending businesses. But the app faces bugs and issues that interrupt the payment scenario.

Start Your Own Fintech Journey with a MoneyLion Clone

We can help you start your own fintech journey with a MoneyLion clone. Our expertise in fintech development can assist you in creating a platform similar to MoneyLion with a range of financial products and services for your customers.


Brigit is a transparent, fair, and simple tools app created to release instant cash advances. The app allows the admin to fix different payment charges like processing fees, late fees, transfer fees, and early payment fees.

Lenders and loanees can easily track credit, monitor credit scores, and get a full credit report. It's an easy to signup feature highly appreciated by newbies. Even so, the app has amazing features. Still, its slow page loading process and continuous crashing create issues for users.


Chime is the banking app that has customers back. To keep your money and account details safe and secured, Chime controls your account with two-factor authentication, TouchID, or FaceID. A single tap feature enables instant transaction alerts and daily balance updates and blocks cards services. Admin can set or remove hidden charges at fix rate or in money form. With the regular on-time payments, the app helps to increase users' credit scores. As the app is good so far, people still face problems with funds transfers.


Dave app aims to improve users' financial health with breakthrough financial tools. The app provides dual features to users. One: for those who are looking for financial assistance, its easy to navigate interface helps users to get instant cash. Dave builds customers' credit by paying rent and utilities on time. Even with simple tools, organize upcoming and recurring expenses such as rent, utilities, and even trips. Secondly, customers can find various working options to know what suits their lifestyle. Your next option can be a Dave similar app, but the app is not free from drawbacks.

Mainly users face screen issues, and it takes lots of time to verify your bank documentations.


If you are looking for an app that gives reminders to customers for every bill, gas money, or rent due. You can create an app like Earnin. You can offer varieties of services to customers, such as real-time payment tracking, prevention against overdraft, or set cash prizes. Apps like Earnin are a perfect option for your business growth.

Users can verify bank accounts and debit cards in a few steps. The app faces speed issues, and users sometimes need to submit documents more than two times. Still, the issue persists.

Ingo Money

Ingo Money app is a quick solution to get money in your bank, prepaid card, and PayPal accounts in less time. Users can easily purchase and make payments in-store. In addition, you can send credit card bills and alerts, offer an Gift Card*, or split a check and fund multiple accounts. If you are planning to choose an Ingo Money-like solution for your business success.

In that case, your customer will enjoy access location, camera device, external storage, upgraded processor preventing from sleeping, fingerprint hardware, and more. The major pitfall of using this app is that the signup process takes time, and sometimes you are unable to sign up with a Facebook or Twitter account.


FlexWage app is a solution for android and iOS users that are looking for instant cash transfer. The app provides current balance details, funds transfer history and allows customers to set limits for withdrawals. So, if you want to develop an app like FlexWage, you can also set features like mobile financial wellness service features, gamified mobile setup, mobile tracking and notifications, mobile tracking and notifications, tracking and notifications, and peer support through an online subscriber.

But your customers may face fund transfer issues with a lack of a technical support system.

Payactiv Payactiv is a holistic financial-wellness platform that provides employees on-demand access to earned but unpaid wages.

The app is embedded with all ends support like

  • Education Tools- Provides planning and budgeting tips
  • Mobile Tools - Access financial wellness solutions
  • Content Library - assists in budget creation, assets tracking, goal setting, and financial management progress tracking.

Even search platforms help to find important content or files using keywords, metadata, tags, etc. Self-monitors important metrics and sends notifications to users in-app or through email, text message, or otherwise. But some of the verified customers complain about slow processing.

Explore the Future of Finance with Your Own MoneyLion Clone 

Our fintech development expertise can help you create a MoneyLion clone that features advanced technologies such as AI-powered financial management tools and predictive analytics to provide your customers with more value-added services.

Which is a Better Option?

Considering all the options, you may also have observed that everyone has its pros and cons. Still, the choice is yours!! But, if you want to go with our professional's recommendation, it's really hard to beat the features and functionalities of apps like MoneyLion. Your business will get every solution in one app. Clone apps like money lion are empowered with advanced features such as machine learning, Al, and IoT. These features make your customer's task more simplified and serve a better experience.

Are You Ready To Hire Suffescom Solutions' MoneyLion Experts?

Money lending business provides new chances for individuals wishing to deal with monthly budgeting issues. Suffescom offers MoneyLion Clone apps that allow companies to create fully-featured mobile applications. You will have access to add or remove various charges, offers, or discounts on various tenure loans. Sill, you have a question regarding clone app development, cost, or timeline, our experts are always there to answer 24*7. We have also developed other finance apps like OpenSea similar app, Robinhood clone app, Webull clone app, Rarible like the app, Superrare clone script, and more! And achieve my goal. Hence, no reason left to switch the tab without asking.

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