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The gaming industry has witnessed a booming rise in its business after 2019, with the total revenue in 2021 being 180.3$ billion. The world worked digitally through the pandemic era, and the gamers benefitted most. China is the leading blockchain-gaming world, and a billion gamers hail of South Asian descent. The present-day gamers aren’t just […]

  • 29 August 2022
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  • Posted By: Suffescom Solutions

At the current moment, the most desirable thing that a user needs in their application is flexibility and privacy. Another thing that adds a constructive element to the application is interoperability. To cater to such demands, dApps (decentralized applications) are the most suitable options. If you are interested in developing an app like this, then […]

The virtual world has captured the interest of gaming enthusiasts. Many fabulous opportunities are served to the players in the 3D gaming room. This is possible because of the existence of the metaverse. Metaverse has greatly transformed the playing experience and accentuated the aspects of the real world.  The crucial element that works as a […]

A New Landscape Where The Horizons Of The Metaverse Greets Businesses The Metaverse is the immersive platform that functions solely on the active participation of the hybrid and digital worlds. Businesses can take a lot of advantages from the Metaverse by utilizing the virtual world based on AR and VR to popularize their brands. These […]

As uncanny as it may sound, blockchain has revolutionized the digital space. The significant part is that various businesses are taking notice of its supremacy. They are even focused on instilling certain features that add value to their business. Numerous fields have risen to heights by the utilization of this magnificent technology. The industry experts […]

The next generation technology- “blockchain,” has brought a new concept of NFT and Metaverse NFT gaming platforms. Enterprises in the virtual gaming world are flourishing their business by investing in nft gaming platform. NFT has now elaborated itself into play to earn models where players can earn while playing games. Such a concept sounds interesting […]

In the past few years, many innovations and advancements have been seen in the technology sector. From web 1.0 to web 3 and web 5, a great revolution has been seen in prominent and small-scale business sectors. The major transformation has been brought by blockchain technology under web 3.0 technology. It offers a fully decentralized […]

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