VR App Development Cost | Virtual Reality App Development Cost Estimation

VR App Development Cost | Virtual Reality App Development Cost Estimation

By Suffescom Solutions

January 13, 2023

VR App Development Cost | Virtual Reality App Development Cost Estimation

Virtual reality is the most talked about technology in the current scenario. It gives the deception of the real-world, and it is surely going to break records in the forthcoming years. It is a transparent bridge connecting the real and the imaginary world.

There are a lot of smart devices that are compatible with VR platforms. VR has gained some insane popularity and adding more to it, the real fans of this technology have compelled businesses to build gadgets that support the immersive view.

Talking about VR software development, one thing is clear that most firms are focussed on developing such apps. These not only provide a mesmerizing experience but also helps in building user engagement and increasing effectiveness.

VR has a wider horizon; its application encompasses numerous industries like healthcare, gaming, real estate, automotive, education, entertainment, art & design, and many more. Now, depending on the industry and the features included in the app, the VR app development cost varies.

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Stats Related To VR Apps

  • There are nearly around 171 million users that use VR technology.
  • The age group of users utilizing VR devices is between 25- 34 years.
  • The largest holder of the VR market is Sony, which holds upto 36.7%., followed by Oculus and HTC.
  • The market size of the VR gaming industry is about $12.13 billion.
  • There has been a 10% increase in operations by various industrial firms leveraging VR technologies.
  • The VR market is worth $7.72 billion worldwide.
  • The spending on VR technology is estimated to be around $72.8 upto 2024.

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AR-VR App Development Time and Cost May Vary Based on Types Of Apps. Generally, non-gaming mobile VR applications Fall Between $60k and $80k, and 3D Games’ costs May Lie Between $50,000-$150,000.

Deciding Factors For The Virtual Reality App Development Cost

Type Of Project

Project type means the application is built like MVP or certain features need to be customized. Now, the difference between the two is that the MVP one will take less time than the customized one. The other thing is that the personalized attributes make the cost of the virtual reality development process expensive.

Conventional MVP-Based App

Such applications are user-friendly, compact, highly intuitive, and build engagement with their target audience. These include the basic characteristics like 3D pile models, rotating, taking snapshots, and more.

Customized VR app

The addition of multiple characteristics in the application leads to more development time. This includes sensory feedback, interactivity, immersiveness, cross-platform compatibility, etc. depending upon the project requirements, the features are added that are directly proportional to the VR app cost.

Here’s a glimpse of the time spent on building the above two categories of apps;

FactorsSimple MVP
Designing18+ hours
3D model implementation2 hrs
Coding45+ hrs
FactorsCustomized VR app
Sign In/Sign up15 hrs
Catalog26 hrs
Back-end DevelopmentDepends on the features added

Now, if we look at the time invested in building applications, then we can see;

Features (Android/iOS)Expected Time
Conventional VR appWithin one-month
Virtual VR app3+ months
Complicated MMORPG1+ yr
3D MAX ModelingWithin 6 months

Here, the time is dependent on the number of VR developers that are working in building the app. For instance, excluding complicated MMORPG, the other features inclusion takes 12+ developers, and the rest of them takes upto 6 developers.

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The cost of AR/VR App development may vary depending upon the industry's domain types and requirements. If You Think You Have a Cool AR/VR app development app idea.

VR App Development Cost Break-Up As Per Features For Industries

Gaming apps is known for providing an immersive experience to the players that requires excellent simulation. This makes the VR game development cost highly-priced. In another scenario, healthcare requires performing various medical operations/surgeries and providing training medical sessions. Similarly, in education, students can learn about the subjects by clearly visualizing the topic and understanding the concepts.


A completely immersive app takes the person from the real to the virtual world seamlessly. The audio/ video is superfine and provides an exceptional experience to the viewers. All such amazing adventures are delivered to the users through an HMD (head-mounted display)VR. So, keeping everything in perspective, the cost varies accordingly. VR gaming gives a realistic experience to the players by entering into a different world and controlling the characters.

Telepresence VR

The use of Telepresence VR is that it puts the person in a distant place with the help of virtual reality technology. It is because of the sensors that control the activities of the users through a certain distance. The most important application of Telepresence VR is seen in drones, disposing of explosives, and exploring undersea elements.

In addition to this, the workplace is another area that allows businesses to maintain an interesting working experience. The collaboration and development of associations with the peers become more convenient. This gives more importance to the teams working remotely. So, in totality, we can say that the more close to the real-world situation, the more time is required.

Web-based VR

Web VR is for developing 3D graphics in your web browser with VR hardware like google cardboard, HTC VIVE, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Google Daydream, etc. This headgear makes it possible for the users to receive an amazing VR experience in the web browser.

ClassificationDevelopment TimeDevelopment Cost
VR Feature For Industries100–150 hrs$2000-$3000
Immersiveness250-350 hrs$6000-$8000
Telepresence VR250-300 hrs$6000-$6500
Web-based VR200–350 hrs$6000-$7000

Salient Factors Impacting The VR Development Cost

The VR development cost depends upon certain factors involving the designing/development of the VR based platforms. There is a proper workflow; the software development companies follow that.

Below is a bit-by-bit analysis of the application development process;

Business Analysis

The very first phase of the VR app development depends upon carefully analyzing the business requirements. It is done via numerous resources, and the functionalities to be included are decided after proper analysis. This act as the deciding factor because everything depends upon it. Moreover, as simple as it may seem but it takes approx. 50-80 hrs for the analysts for deep planning and working towards enhanced efficiency and making the business process smooth.

Architecture Planning

During this phase, the whole picture of the app development project is overviewed. This stage is generally handled by the lead architect, who has the complete work details. Whatever design will be implemented, selecting the tools and technologies, the right frameworks, infrastructure, defining the components, deciding the interfaces, etc.

App Design And Development

After completing the above two phases, it's time for the practical implementation. Application development depends upon the back-end and the front-end development. The front end is mostly concerned with the UI/UX design that allures the users and entices them to use the application. It includes the animation elements and 3D graphic elements.

On the other hand, the backend involves the programming and coding part. This stage takes slightly more time than the backend. Improved code quality is used in C++, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Python, and C#. Unity is also used as an all-purpose media creation tool that offers a base API that has compatibility with numerous devices.

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Quality Assurance

The developed product is subjected to testing. It also goes through various junctures. Different types of testing methods are implemented. It is done to look for any bugs /errors in the software. Also, certain standards need to be maintained for the smooth working/operation of the app. The effectiveness, performance, and reliability are also checked to maintain the product quality.

Project Management

It is of utmost importance that the project manager effectively handles the project. He/She needs to develop great communication with the working/development team by setting the goals and assigning tasks according to the schedule. The team reviews need to be done quite often to check the work progress and detect the areas where improvement is required.

Solving The Complexities

The VR development cost depends mostly on this phase because of the interface. Moreover, the VR app development consists of many complexities, and it becomes quite challenging to solve them. A considerable amount of time and effort is required to resolve the issues and build an intuitive user interface. Various trials are carried out to check out the image resolution for different devices to provide an excellent customer experience.

Key features for Integration

Now, the essential part of the VR app development cost depends upon the integration of the features. The basic admin panel development takes about 24 hrs, and the backend part takes upto 60 hrs. A VR development kit includes the primary functionalities and requires around 160 hours for better implementation.

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In case the add-on features are to be added, the virtual reality app development cost varies correspondingly. It is of utmost importance to note that the prices may fluctuate at any time depending upon the attributes added or deleted. It also depends upon the selected platform, interface, and hired development team.

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